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Felicitation to Comrade P.Karunanidhi:

Grand Farewell to Comrade P. Karunanidhi on 26-04-17 at Kodambakkam.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Farewell meeting at Anna Road on 25-04-17:

To felicitate Comrade S.Sundaramurthy, NFTE's divisional Union President who is retiring on 30-04-17 a grand function was organised today. More than 300 comrades attended this function.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


British Politics is beautiful!:

British Prime Minister Mrs. May has called for snap poll in June 2017. The opposition Labour Party leader sarcastically remarked " Make June the end of May ( Prime Minister Mrs.May)". How poetic but pointed speech. In our country Politicians are abusing each other the moment Election dates are announced. Our Democracy is still not matured enough to boast about. What to do?.  Click1,


Programs ahead in the week:

24-04-17/3pm: NFTCL Kanchipuram District EC Meeting at Guindy union office.
25-04-17/11 am: Farewell function to Comrade S.Sundaramurthy at Anna Road & 3 pm: Circle EC meeting at Flower Bazaar.
26-04-17/11 am: Farewell Meeting to Comrade P.Karunanidhi at Kodambakkam & 3 pm: Meeting with GM(Hr&Admn).
27-04-17/ 11 am: Farewell function to Comrade Devadoss at Chromepet exge & 3 pm: Farewell function to Comrade C.Mani at Maraimalai Nagar.
28-04-17/11 am: Farewell function to Senior leader S.Papanasam at Tirunelveli & 2 pm:NFTCL State EC meeting at Tirunelveli.
29-04-17/ 11 am: Farewell function to Senior leader P.Sundaram at Karur.
01-05-17 / 10 am: May Day Flag hoisting & Meeting Kalmandapam exchange & 6 pm: At Thiruvallur Comrade S.Rajendran's family function.
O5-05-17/ 3pm: Comrade Karl Marx 200th Birthday celebrations & May Day celebrations at Anna Road exge.


Lokpal Act not operationalised even after 3 years?:

We all know Modi came to the power only on an anti- corruption wave. It was not a wave for Modi or BJP in 2014 but the serial of Corruption charges against the UPA government under Dr. Manmohan Singh which helped both Modi and BJP .During UPA's tenure all sorts of corruption including huge scandals in 2G Spectrum allocation, Coal mines License and Common wealth Games were exposed .Anti- corruption crusader Anna Hazare utilised this situation ( for the political growth of BJP of course) and launched many massive agitations against UPA government. All these helped Modi to secure a landslide victory in 2014. But what he is doing now? Why Anna Hazare and his team are silent and conspicuously absent in public protest against corruption in NDA Governments both at Centre and Several States? Why they are not demanding the immediate implementation of Lokpal and Lokayukta Act which was passed by Parliament several years ago?.
Although the act for constitution of both Lokpal and Lokayuktas was passed by the Parliament even before Modi became Prime Minister of our country till this day it was not operationalised . Such is the involvement and commitment of BJP In rooting out corruption from the country. Anna Hazare also not worried. May be his assignment to make effective Propaganda against Congress was over and completed. The Attorney General of Central Government very recently argued in the Supreme Court that the court has no power and authority to direct his government how and when a Law should be implemented. This means his masters are not in a mood to implement the said anti- corruption Laws in the near future. But Modi will as usual roar on TV / Radio and declare a war on Black Money and corruption. Shame!.
Further deliberately BJP government at the centre is withholding an amendment to the said Lokpal Act only to delay further and prolong the non implementation of the said Act. In the meantime BJP government tries to dilute the original Act by changing certain provisions. Earlier there is no need to obtain prior approval/ permission to prosecute a public servant on corruption charges. Similarly even the assets of wife and family members need to be disclosed by the public servant. But all these provisions are being changed now. Prior permission had to be obtained from government before prosecution of a public servants. Same way Public Servants need not disclose the assets of other members of his family including wife. This is how Modi and BJP are relentlessly fighting against corruption and proving their unflinching patriotism towards our country. May God ( Ram) Save this great country from his own Bhakts.


BSNLEU's False Propaganda:

Without accepting the mistakes once again BSNLEU Circle Union has indulged in mischievous propaganda against NFTE and its tallest leader Om Prakash Gupta in its website . It has written that due to the negative propaganda by NFTE only Com. Namboodri signed the Second wage Revision agreement under compulsion . That is the reason for accepting the management's dictation on Ten year Periodicity for wage revision and 68.2% Merger of IDA. Our employees better know the truth. We can list out the betrayals of BSNLEU since its birth/ formation:
1. Com. Namboodiri betrayed the historic 3 days strike under the leadership of OPG by NFTE/ FNTO/ BTEF for continuation of Government Pension even after corporatisation.
2. Although Com. Namboodiri happily signed the first wage revision agreement along with all unions he shamelessly blamed NFTE union only for Pay anomaly due to Point to point fixation and abolition of 5 day week work pattern and unleashed false propaganda in the Second membership verification in 2004.
3. BSNLEU leadership opposed Restructuring of cadres since employees need to write an examination. They promised five promotions and assured our employees that without any examination employees could become TTA( now JE) and JTO. But the management has refused to allow our non matriculate employees even to write the said promotional examination. Yet BSNLEU despite being a only recognised union and winning all the verifications since 2004 did not fulfill its promises and cheated our employees.
4. Bonus right was surrendered to the Management for seven years. Com. Namboodiri accepted the contention of the management that without Profit no bonus payment. Com. Abhimanyu went one step further to declare that no one could get bonus in BSNL. But after winning back the recognition in Sixth verification NFTE tried hard and compelled the management to agree for reviewing the faulty formula. Due to our efforts only Bonus right was won back to our employees.
5. Only due the wrong and foolish attitude during the second wage revision BSNLEU agreed for the ten year periodicity for wage revision and merger of 68.8% IDA instead of 78.2% IDA. Nearly ten percent of IDA was permanently lost to our employees which is calculated as a loss of approximately 600 crores of rupees to our employees. 6. Medical allowance, LTC etc were snatched by the management all of a sudden. But BSNLEU was sleeping and dreaming about Revolutionary things. Even the BSNL Medical Reimbursement Scheme which was implemented during NFTE 's recognition time was spoiled deliberately by the management with the silent support from BSNLEU leadership. 7. SC / ST reservation was abolished in NEPP promotions. BSNLEU signed agreement for this. While executives got promoted once in every five years, Non- executives got promoted only after eight years. This is a clear case of discrimination.
8. BSNLEU promised even in 2004 that if it was elected as a recognised union it will restore the Five day week pattern in all administrative offices. But despite being a recognised union since 2004 it did nothing during the 13 years. Now it has changed its tune and demands holiday on fourth Saturdays. Is it not a clear case of betrayal of administrative staff?.
9. BSNLEU was boasting that it was elected continuously for six times since 2004 . But what is the result? BSNL is the worst sufferer. Our gigantic company is in ruins with losses. The development activities of BSNL were deliberately stalled to favour few private telecom companies. Winning the election is not the proof of one's capability and commitment. If Winning in a election is the only proof for measuring one's talent then Communist parties are to be blamed for not winning elections and Congress/ BJP have to be accepted as a capable political organisations working relentlessly for the welfare of the people.
Due to time and space constraints we had to end this article now. However we will write up next instalment of article exposing the betrayal and under performance of BSNLEU utterly wasting the status of a recognised union in a PSU for such a long time.


New branch union of NFTCL?:

On 18-04-17 a grand inauguration of Ambattur branch union of contract Labourers in Avadi was held in which hundreds of CLRs of Avadi-Ambattur-Poonamallee actively participated.Leaders of both NFTCL and NFTE particularly from Thiruvallur District spoke and greeted the newly elected NFTCL branch union office bearers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Crocodile tears for Muslim Sisters.?:

Prime Minister Modi shed crocodile tears yesterday during his speech at BJP National Executive meeting in Bhubaneswar. He is a very good actor. He was worried about the difficulties faced by Muslim Sisters on account of Triple Thalak. It is not our intention to support or agree with this rotten practice among Muslim Community that one get easily a Divorce from his marriage by saying Thalak three times. But why suddenly BJP leaders and RSS people now started worried about the Muslim Sisters. Since when they began to treat Muslims as fellow humans and equals as any other Indian Citizen. First let them try to wipe out the tears of Hindu Sisters who are facing grave threats from Sangparivar people for loving and marrying their lovers who of course belong to Dalits or Muslims. In the whole of India the number of honour killings due to caste arrogance is on the increase. Dowry demands and deaths are most common in Indian Society particularly among Hindus who are 84% of the population. But Modi & Co did not cared about those Hindu Sisters so far. Therefore it is unbelievable and ill motivated. Their aim may be to get votes of Muslim women in future elections or an attempt to tamper with the Muslim personal Laws using this weak and very wrong custom.
Lastly in 2002 when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat during the shameful communal riots more than 12000 Muslims were killed whereas the Police force was instructed not to act against the killers. Thus thousands of Muslim Sisters became widows in Gujarat during those riots under the very nose of Modi. He has no moral authority to criticise others . His acting is to further the political interests of BJP nothing more.


127th Birthday celebrated on 14-04-17::

At Taylor's road Telephones staff quarters compound on behalf of NFTE/ Chennai Telephones the Ambedkar Jayanthi was observed. The statue of Bharat Ratna was jointly garlanded by Comrades M. K. Ramasamy & C. Ravi. Seven contract Labourers were gifted sarees by NFTE/NFTCL unions. Comrade CKM in his presidential address recalled the sacrifices of Br. B. R. Ambedkar.Com.K.Sabapathi spoke about the intellectual highness of Dr.Ambedkar.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Medical Reimbursement for out- door treatments only for the retired employees:

BSNL Corporate office has issued an order on 11-04-17 to revive the Without Voucher Medical Reimbursement for out- door treatments only for the retired employees as an experimental basis. However this will be reviewed after six months. In 2011 when BSNLEU was the single recognised union in BSNL it meekly accepted the management's arbitrary decision to withdraw certain facilities on the plea of expenditure control. Now after six long years the wrong done by the management to our employees is partially removed with regard to retired employees. But still the quarterly Medical Allowance granted to the serving employees for out door Medical treatment is not restored.This will have to be restored sooner. We thank the CHQ of NFTE-BSNL for achieving this.


Flip- Flop of Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan.?.!:

After the end of five days fast by the family members of the murdered engineering college student Jishnu Pranoy on Monday, every one was happy and relieved. But on Tuesday the utterances of the Chief Minister of Kerala in a Press Conference spoiled the atmosphere once again. His bloated ego was in full display at the Press Conference which may ultimately will not do any good for the LDF Government in Kerala.
Every one knew how the awkward agitation by the mother, sister and uncle of the murdered student was ended yesterday. It was a belated effort by the government as CPI( M) central leadership was much embarrassed at the turn of events and adviced Com. Pinarayi Vijayan to end this agitation which both Congress and BJP seen as an opportunity to campaign against the LDF government.Further CPI State Secretary Kanam Rajendran played the role of a mediator and met Mrs. Mahija , the mother of the murdered student at the hospital on Sunday to finalise the settlement. After all these the CM also spoke to her over phone and assured her of speedy action both to nab the killers as well as the police excesses on her at the State Police Headquarters. But in today's Press conference Com. Pinarayi ridiculously spoke ill about CPI and the family members protest fast. We think he has to be more civilised in Public at least.
The other side of the story is that the brother of Mrs. Mahija, Comrade Sreejit, who was also on fast with her sister is actually a CPM party member. He was till yesterday employed in CPM party's daily Deshabimani. He was working in its Editorial board for 16 years and now out of it as he was expelled from the CPM yesterday. If this is the treatment for a dedicated party cadre we can very well imagine what was in store for CPM dissidents like M.V. Raghavan and T.P. Chandrasekaran ? Even after all our experience if we act intoxicated while in Power the Left in India has a very bleak future.


Debar the Candidate and not postpone the Election:Two Shameful incidents in a week!:

It is a shame for Tamilnadu twice this week. First On Sunday the Election Commission cancelled the byelection for the R. K. Nagar Assembly constituency from where Miss. Jayalalitha was elected in 2016. The second was on Monday the agitating Farmers ran nakedly in New Delhi roads after Prime Minister refused to meet them despite their agitation for the last 28 days in Janthar Manthar.As a Tamil citizen I am sad and hang my head in utter Shame and Shock.
1. Tamilnadu has earned notoriety in the country for bribing the voters with both cash and gifts. No doubt earlier also Election was canceled in two constituencies in 2016 for the same money distribution. But now what happened in R K Nagar is beyond anyone's imagination. Ministers including the CM involved in distributing the work of money dispersement is not to be condoned and all involved in this affair must be brought to book and punished. Otherwise people will lose confidence in the very purpose of Election and Democracy will suffer beyond repair. Hence merely cancelling the election is not a solution. The persons involved including the Candidate must be arrested and put behind the bar in addition to their disqualification to contest in at least next two Assembly or Parliament Election as the case may be. These people have enormous money at their disposal and will face any number of Postponement and Cancellation.
2. The group of farmers under the leadership of Mr. Ayyakannu are there at Janthar Manthar for nearly a month. Their demands are not insolvable. As their demands are genuine and correct the Modi Government must have met the leadership and sorted out the issues by now. But BJP government has ignored- insulted them and hence failed to address the issues of agitating Farmers over a month. They are desperate and on Monday we all saw that. India is basically a Agricultural country. But here Farmers are the most ill treated and worst affected. During the last 10 years throughout the country several thousand Farmers had committed suicide due to poverty and loan repayment . Yet the Governments at the Centre are unmoved and did not display any sympathy towards the Agricultural community. This has resulted in the Naked run by our Farmers on the roads of Delhi. It is high time BJP government shed its ego and discriminative attitude towards the Farmers and meet urgently the leaders of the Delhi agitation and offer acceptable solutions to their just demands so that this agitation comes to an end immediately.


Bharat Ratna Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 127th Birthday on 14-04-17:

As usual the Circle Union of Chennai Telephones NFTE will garland the statue of Dr. Ambedkar at 10 am on 14-04-2017 in side the Taylor's road BSNL staff quarters compound. All are requested to participate in this function in time with out fail.


Circle Executive Committee Meeting:

The meeting of the CEC will be held on 25-04-2017 at 3 pm in the Union Office at Flower Bazaar complex. This meeting will finalise the arrangements/ preparations for the 2017 Mayday celebrations and 200 Birthday celebration of Karl Marx on May-05 at Anna road exchange compound in which our General Secretary Chandeswer Singh along with several sister union leaders will participate . Hence all Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries and invitees are requested to attend this CEC meeting in time. The meeting shall be presided over by Com.M.K.Ramasamy, Circle Union President.


Biggest contributor to Corruption!:

NDA Government at the centre boasted that it has curbed Black monopoly circulation effectively by the Demonetisation of rupees 1000 and old 500 notes . But now that claim of Modi government has fallen flat. Not only hundreds of Crores of New notes were found in few rich and powerful people but also counterfeit notes in New 2000 and 500 rupees are widely in circulation throughout the country. So it is back to the Square again for BJP and its leadership.
But the Government itself committed a grave mistake which will encourage and enhance corruption.Few weeks ago the Government of Narendra Modi willingly allowed the corporate companies to donate any amount of money for Political parties. The conditions and limitations hitherto in practice were given a neat burial by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley through introducing the non- money amendments deliberately bypassing the upper house of the (Rajya Sabha) Parliament, where Government has no majority. By rushing through the Finance bill Modi government proved that its stated aim of eliminating corruption is nothing but a hoax or fraud.
Before the present amendments a corporate company could donate only 7.5% of their average profit in the preceding three years. But now a corporate company can give any amount of donations to political parties without limits even if it was not running on profit. Nothing will be shown in records. The company need not tell anyone to which party it gave donations. Similarly Political party need not inform any body how much amount it received as donation from the particular Corporate Company. This is the BJP style of fighting corruption . Every one knows fully that only ruling party will get the major share of Corporate Donations. In 2015 alone BJP received Rs.437 crores which is more than all other political parties donation amount in that year.
The hue and cry raised by BJP about corruption and Black Money come to an end with the pushing through the amendments and passing the Finance bill in Loksabha alone.


Don't close your eyes and ears!:

Today I read the news of Com. Prakash Karat speaking to the media at Kozhikode in Kerala. The former General Secretary of CPI ( M) gently reminded the leaders of CPI in Kerala that they are not in Opposition but within the ruling coalition. He told this in public knowing the impact. He was irritated probably by the CPI 's criticism of Kerala Police particularly in dealing the incident of protest by a mother and other family members of a Student who was murdered for questioning the private management of the college. Police is always trained to be a brutal force . But Left parties will never unleash police attack on innocents and working people. Whenever and wherever this thumb rule is violated naturally Left suffered heavily. We can cite the brutal police attack in both Nandigram and Singur ( West Bengal) sealed the fate of Left parties there . Hence giving free hand to Police by any Left Alliance Government is suicidal and against our attitude towards the people struggles and peaceful agitations. In Kerala no doubt the present L D F Government under the CM Pinarayi Vijayan is not upto the mark on handling the Law and Order situation. This is being used by Congress and BJP to direct the anger of people towards the LDF government. Even veteran CPM leaders V.S. Achuthanandan and M.A. Baby expressed publicly their dissatisfaction about the recent Police action . So as a responsible alliance partner CPI expressed its objections the way DGP and other high ranking Policemen dealt the recent protests by the affected family. For this Com. Karat got irritated is nothing but intolerance to even constructive criticism by CPI and other parties. This big brother attitude only landed CPM to this present precarious position. The Left leaders should realise the mistakes and draw proper lessons from the past mistakes instead of shunning the criticism from within. Let me remind Com. Karat that while fully supporting the Congress led UPA government, we never silent but did criticise when the government did some faults/ mistakes and deviate from accepted Common Programs.So please heaven sake don't close your eyes and bury your heads under sand when ever we form the government.


Imperialism (USA) must stop bombing Syria:

Once again American Imperialists acted against a country to punish its government for not surrendering to U.S.A. President Trump ordered bombing of Syrian towns for the alleged use of Chemical weapons by Syrian government forces against the terror groups supported by Americans. Even if some thing has happened as alleged what is the need for US to attack Syrian towns ? The matter could have taken to United Nations. Taking international law in to its own hands without the approval or authorisation by UNO, bombing is a crime against the people of Syria who are already suffering for years due to the ongoing civil war. If killing of innocent people has provoked USA to act like this, then why they were silent when Lakhs of Tamils were massacred by Sri Lankan army in Northern parts of Sri Lanka few years ago? Why America was silent when Palestinians were systematically being killed by Israel Military ? Will It accept an attack by Russia on USA for alleged killings of Black people there ? The attack on Syria was nothing but a naked military aggression on Syria, which all peace loving people of the world must condemn .It is irony that Saturn quoting the bible. USA had bombed North Vietnam during infamous Vietnam War. It used the destructive chemical defoliant Agent Orange in that war against the innocent people of Vietnam and the Communist Vietcong fighters who were fighting for liberation of South Vietnam which was ruled by the puppets of USA. Hence Shedding Crocodile tears for human rights and the suffering of people in a civil war by UA is only a drama.


Comrade OPG-96:

Today on behalf of Chennai Telephones circle union comrades garlanded the statue of OPG to pay their respects on his birthday. In the picture Comrades Vananchezian ( TLR Division Secy),Elangovan( ACS),Ramasamy (CP), Ragunathan (TLR District Secy) and Rajendran ( ACS) are seen.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Com.O.P.Gupta's 96 th birthday on 08-04-17:

The genius of Indian Trade Union movement was born on 08-04-1922. His 96 th birthday falls on 08-04-17. Chennai Telephones circle union will garland his bronze statue installed at Thiruvallur exchange on 08-04-17 . We fondly remember his service and sacrifice to the Working people particularly P&T employees. Even after corporatisation of DOT/DTS his single minded efforts ensured Government Pension to all the employees of BSNL who were opted to It on 01-10-2000.We will continue his work to uplift the most exploited contract Labourers.  Click1,


Solidarity Demonstration at Ambattur on 07-04-17:

As per the decision of General Council Meeting of the Circle Union of NFTE on 06-04-17 a Solidarity Demonstration was held today evening in support of All India Kisan Sabha Dharna on Farmers demands. A sum of Rs.10000 was handed over to the leadership of AIKS for their agitation expenses which is going to continue up to 12 th of April at the same venue. Com.CKM spoke at the Dharna greeting the farmer's agitation. CPI leaders R.Mutharasan, C. Mahendran, D. Lenin, Duraimanickam, S.Gunasekaran, Lagumaiah , Sethuraman and many others were also at the Dharna to express their support. Nearly 100 comrades including Ramasamy, Rajasekharan, Rajendran, Elangoven, Ravi, Palaniappan, Kothandababu, Nagarajan, Ragunathan, Arumugam participated. NFTCL comrades also participated along with us under the leadership of Com. S.Anandan, State Secretary, Tamilnadu NFTCL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,  Click11,  Click12,  Click13,  Click14,


1829 postcards were sent to Prime Minister:

Asper the decision of the National executive meeting held in Kozhikode Chennai Telephones circle union sent 1829 postcards signed by our employees to the Prime Minister of India on 06-04-17 demanding;
1) Rejection of Niti Ayog's recommendation for selling BSNL shares.
2) No separate Tower company for BSNL mobile towers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


General Council Meeting:

On 06-04-17 at Dinroze RSU exchange the NFTE 's circle union's General Council Meeting was held. The meeting unanimously decided to drop the planned one week Dharna from 24-04-17 at CGM's Office compound since the negotiations with the CGM/ GM( Hr) / DGM( Hr) was satisfactory.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Each One Rs. 500/- for a cause!:

Thanks for the following 29 Comrades who contributed five hundred rupees each to support the Farmers agitation being conducted at Ambattur by AIKS from 06-04-17.
15.Kirubanandam,16.V.Suresh,17.T.Dhansingh,18.S.Kothandapani,19.E.Sampath,20.Boopaul,21.Chidambaram Pillai,22.G. Mahendran,23.Mani,24.A.Ravi,25.V.Rathinam,26.T.Sathya,27.M.Kabali,28.S.Rajendran.


A Fraternal Solidarity with agitating Farmers!:

Today the General Council Meeting of NFTE expressed its deep concern on the agitation of Tamilnadu Farmers for the last 23 days at Newdelhi Janthar Manthar . It decided to organise a Solidarity demonstration at Uzhavar Santhai, Ambattur on 07-04-17 ( Friday) at 3 pm at the very venue of One week Dharna in support of T. N. Farmers agitation by All India Kisan Sabha ( AIKS). On Comrade CKM 's appeal for financial assistance to the one week agitation in Chennai comrades of NFTE and NFTCL immediately attending the General Council Meeting handed over a sum of rupees fourteen thousand five hundred within ten minutes. Really it is a very good fraternity by our comrades.The Circle Union thanks everyone who contributed to this noble cause.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Meeting with GM ( HR) on 05-04-2017:

Our Circle Union team met the GM(Hr) along with DGM( HR) , AGM( A) & AGM( E) on April-05 . It discussed the new and old pending issues with the management. Four request transfer orders are ready to be issued to our members today. We followed up the issues discussed with CGM on 27-03-17 in the presence of GM( HR) . As a first step local request transfer orders for 17 employees will be issued shortly. The meetings for redeployment of staff in general and particularly in Cable Construction Division will be convened before 14-04-17 and both the recognised unions will be invited to express their opinions. CGM may participate in these meetings.
The case of 52 TSMs, Request for treating the ten year period of dismissal of Com. K. Anbu as duty period since both the conviction and punishment were set aside by the Hon'ble High Court of Madras & few other individual issues were also discussed in this meeting. We reiterated the demand for fixing certain basic conditions for including hospitals in the empaneled list under BSNLMRS. On the whole today's meeting was a purposeful one. We thanked the GM( HR) &DGM( HR) for their cooperation and understanding.Our team included Comrades CKM,Ramasamy,Elangovan, Rajendran & Ravi.


From COW to FISH?:

Hindu fanatics of our country now emboldened to raise their voice loud and clear on any issue with the sole aim of dividing the people of our diverse country purely on religious basis. They are now very much encouraged and hence emboldened to set their agenda of One Country- One Religion.
Now they concentrate in Bengal and Kerala where they could not gain much politically. In Bengal BJP's vote share of 17% in 2014 Parliament Election has in fact dropped to 10% in 2016 Assembly election. Further they are facing difficulties in expanding the Hindustani Cow Belt area inside Bengal. For this they are pumping lot of money in to hate campaign. One such campaign is on protesting FISH eating by Hindus and other communities.They propagate that FISH is one of the ten avatars of Maha Vishnu. Due to the Matsaya avatar of Maha Vishnu they say FISH is also a God like COW.
These fools don't understand the fact that both in Kerala and Bengal, Fish is a daily food of the people without it no meal is complete there. The Omega-3 which is abundantly available in Fish and other Sea foods are very much needed for brain development of people. Opposing Fish eating is unscientific and suicidal. On Fishing crores of our people do business and earn their livelihood. Fishermen Community exist only on Fishing. Apart from attacking the fish eaters the Hindu fanatics began a ugly campaign against the Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, who is indeed a Bengali icon. They abuse Tagore as a characterless person and a stooge of Secular British. One can't understand what is going to happen to this country of multi lingual- multicultural people.
They first killed people in North India for eating beef and for selling/ storing beef meat. Now they start a brutal campaign against Fish eating. Are the BJP/ RSS elements think that due to some election victories they were given authority to decide upon the food habits of Indian people? No. There are non- vegetarians among Hindus and vegetarians among Christians / Muslims. Food and eating habits were never linked to any religion any were . It is a personal choice of the people as per their taste and likes. Then why these dirty people poke their ugly nose in to the Food habits of our people unnecessarily? Bengal and Kerala will certainly not allow their cultural/ historical pride to suffer on account of these mad people.


Lenin - 2 .... ?:

In 1917 Comrade V.I.Lenin captured the power through a communist revolution in then Russia which was popularly known as Soviet Union after 1917. Exactly after 100 years now (2017) another Lenin was elected as the President of Ecuador, a country in Latin America. In a fiercely contested election Comrade Lenin Moreno secured 51.12 % of votes and was declared winner in the Presidential Poll by the National Electoral Council of Ecuador.
Since 2007, Ecuador was ruled by leftist politicians belong to "21 st Century Socialism " Party.The Present President of Ecuador Rafael Cortes declared Comrade Lenin Moreno as his political successor even before the current Presidential election. Thus the leftist rule in Ecuador will continue for another term uninterrupted. We wish on behalf of NFTE & NFTCL the newly elected President of Ecuador Lenin- 2 all success in his endeavour to banish Poverty and Unemployment completely from Ecuador. American politicians were naturally sad and upset at the victory of a Leftist Politician once again in Ecuador as they were expecting a victory for their candidate as it happened in certain other countries of Latin America in the recent past especially in Peru, Brazil and Argentina where Left parties were defeated by Rightist parties mostly supported by USA. But that victory run for USA ended in Ecuador. One more reason for American's disappointment was that their supporter's victory in the present Presidential election would have ended the political asylum granted to the WikiLeaks founder Assange who has been staying in the Ecuador's embassy in London for more than 5 years since 2012. Latin America once the cradle of Socialism at the very backyard of USA, once again proved that Socialism could not be destroyed or dislodged easily by American Imperialism.


Unnecessary link up of Executive Pay revision with that of Non-executives may repeat the costly mistake of BSNLEU!:

In CPSUs pay revision method for Executives and Non- executives are entirely different. For all the executives in all the Central PSUs one Pay revision committee will be there and the executive Associations need to submit memorandums on their pay demands to this PRC individually. Of course there will be no bilateral negotiations on Pay revision with any association of Executives.
But the Non-Executives Pay revision is decided through bilateral negotiations with the concerned CPSU management by recognised unions individually. So linking Executives with Non- Executives for Pay revision is wrong . During the Second pay revision talks in 2008/2009 the then recognised union BSNLEU committed a grave mistake in linking the Pay revision of Executives with Non- Executives.In fact the Executives got their Pay revision before the Non- Executive employees got Second pay revision in 2009. However Com. Namboodri insisted that the next Pay revision should be when the Executives get their next pay revision. Thereby he sacrificed the Periodicity of Five year for Pay revision.
BSNLEU also harped on parity with Executives and meekly accepted a low 68.8% IDA merger for pay revision instead of 78.2% IDA merger since the Executives earlier got their pay revision only on 68.8% . This resulted in the loss of nearly ten percent of pay to the Non-executive employees for a very long time till 2013. Without learning proper lessons from its past ( costly) mistakes n once again Com. Abhimanyu joining with Executives Associations and linking them to the Pay revision of Non- Executives in the present third Pay revision also. He should not repeat the past mistakes of his predecessor and NFTE Leadership should play a corrective role at least now as NFTE is equally responsible for a fair Pay revision to our employees in its capacity as a recognised union in BSNL.


Usefull talks with Management:

Usefull talks with Management,  Read,


Better late than never?:

BSNLEU is Organising a Call attention Day program on 05-04-2017 throughout the country as was already observed nationwide by NFTE / National Forum on 21-03-17 itself. We found one of the demand for this trade union action is FIVE YEAR periodicity for the third pay revision due from January-2017. In this connection we wish to elaborate on this particular demand for the benefit of our employees and union members.
DOT/ DTS was corporatised on 01-10-2000. The first pay revision was effected with effect from 01-10-2000 by BSNL management for all non- executive employees who had opted and absorbed in to BSNL, a CPSU . The first pay revision talks were led by NFTE which was the only recognised union in BSNL after the first membership verification conducted in December 2002. But Comrade Gupta shown his generosity in accommodating all unrecognised union leaders including Com. Namboodri of BSNLEU. Our union was firm in joint negotiations and joint agreement on pay revision with the signatures of all unions in BSNL despite Non- recognition . Com. Gupta was very firm in mentioning the FIVE YEAR periodicity for pay revision and ensured the next pay revision for our employees in 2007( after 2002). BSNLEU leaders by virtue of signing the first pay revision agreement claimed credit for every good thing and as usual blamed NFTE and OP. Gupta for every wrong or Short coming. For example they took credit for handsome pay hike. But blamed for abolition of 5 day week pattern for Administrative employees and Pay anomalies erupted in the pay fixation of Telecom Mechanic cadre employees. They jointly signed the Pay revision agreement accepting every thing in it. But yet they blamed NFTE for every wrong.From 2004 December till 2013 April, for a period of nine years BSNLEU won all the membership verifications and it was the only recognised union in BSNL during this period. When talks were to begin with the BSNL management for second pay revision due from January 2007, the leadership of BSNLEU which was intoxicated due to the continuing status as the only recognised union in BSNL seldom respected the Leadership of NFTE. It entered in to Second Pay revision negotiations alone and without any experience of course. The management very cleverly twisted them and forced them to sign on the dotted lines . BSNLEU signed the second pay revision agreement accepting a low 68.8% IDA merger instead of 78.2% IDA merger as was the case with many other CPSUs. BSNLEU abandoned the FIVE YEARS periodicity of the pay revision and accepted the TEN YEAR periodicity. That is the reason we didn't get Third Pay revision in 2012 (After 2007) and are now demanding it in 2017 belatedly.
But BSNLEU now Organising a trade union program on 05-04-17 to demand Five year periodicity for pay revision to BSNL employees as is the case in other CPSUs . When we protested during the second pay revision itself against the BSNLEU for surrendering to the management sacrificing the demands hard won rights of the employees their leaders abused the leadership of NFTE in choicest words . But now after 8 long years they are correcting their mistakes/ wrong approach on Pay revision like they had corrected the very wrong stand on Bonus formula. Better late than never.


Grand Farewell:

On 30-03-17 at Kodambakkam exchange compound a grand farewell meeting for two comrades,
1.NFTCL Tamilnadu State Treasurer E.Sampath,
2.Ex.South Chennai District Organising Secretary K. Udayakumar,
On their retirement from service on 31-03-2017. Comrades CKM, Anandan, Ramasamy, Nagarajan, Ragunathan, Ekambaram, Babu, Kabbali, Rajasekaran, Elangovan, Sabapathi spoke about the comrades and wished them a very happy retired life.
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Best wishes to Comrade S.Sundaramurthy on his retirement on 30-04-17:

Anna road Divisional union President S.Sundaramurthy, T T is retiring from service on 30-04-17 after 29 years of regular service. He entered the P&T in the year 1978. He was a dedicated and a loyal comrade of NFTE. He worked as the Division Secretary of Anna road NFTE for more than 6 years. Today he was honoured by Com. CKM. He has donated a sum of rupees five thousands for the Circle Union. We thank him and wish him a very happy retired life. We hope he will continue his trade union work as usual.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


May Day-2017:

NFTE & NFTCL unions are planning to observe this year's May Day on 05-05-2017 at Raja Annamalai Mandram in Chennai in a grand manner. This year May -05 th is the 200 th Birth Anniversary of the greatest thinker Karl Marx. NFTE General Secretary Chandeswer Singh will be the Chief Guest. NFTCL National President Asiq Ahmed will deliver the Key note address. AITUC leader and All India Construction worker's Federation General Secretary K. Ravi , Tamilnadu Farmer's Union President and CPI leader S.Gunasekaran, Ex MLA and many other leaders will participate in this function which will be dedicated to Comrade Marx who gave a clarion call even before hundred years to the workers of the world to unite and oppose the exploitation of their Labour by Capitalists. A Special programme will be organised as a part of the May Day to highlight the struggles and sacrifices of Karl Marx who was chosen as the best thinker of 20 th Century by an international opinion poll conducted by BBC, London. We are thinking of inviting almost all the union leaders of National Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations including the National President of SEWA-BSNL, P.N.Perumal and Dy. General Secretary of TEPU, J.Vijayakumar.We hope to make this year's May Day a memorable one.


Meeting with CGM on 27-03-17:

Circle union had a very useful meeting with the management today on the demands notified for one week Dharna from Monday (27-03-17) . CGM and GM ( HR) represented the management. Comrades CKM, Ramasamy, Elangoven, Rajendran represented NFTE. Com. V. Babu ,State President of NFTCL participated in connection with the Contract Labourers issues. CGM was very much receptive throughout during the 3 hour long discussion and agreed to all our demands. We hope orders will be issued in due course on all agreed points. The details of this meeting will be presented before the General Council meeting of the Circle Union slated on 06-04-2017. We thank the CGM and GM( HR) for their understanding of the issues raised in the meeting and for their cooperation to sort out 12 other issues pointed out during this discussion apart from 10 demands notified for the said Dharna.


General Council Meeting on 06-04-2017:

The next meeting of the General Council of Chennai Telephones circle NFTE will be held on April-6( Thursday) at 2 pm in the compound of Dinroze RSU under the presidentship of Comrade M. K. Ramasamy, Circle Union President.All Circle Office bearers , Divisional/ District Secretaries and Branch Union Secretaries along with Special invitees should attend the meeting in time. The following shall be the agenda points:
1.May Day Celebrations-2017
2.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar birthday celebrations on 14-04-17
3.Karl Marx : 200 th Birth Anniversary on 05-05-17.
4.Reporting of Discussion with CGM on demands notified for the One week Dharna; Decision on holding the said Dharna from24-04-17 as per the decision of Secretariat meeting held on 21-03-17.
5. Review of All India Call Attention Day- Post card campaign to Prime Minister.
6. Pending staff issues.
7. Any other item Kindly ensure the presence of each and every member of the General Council in the meeting.


Com.K.Udayakumar,T T/PCM-Kodambakkam retirement:

Com.K.Udayakumar, T T/PCM-Kodambakkam was honoured on his retirement (31-03-17) at Circle Union Office by Comrade CKM on 25-03-17. He has donated to the Circle Union a sum of rupees ten thousand. We thank him and wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,


Com.P.Karunanidhi,Divisional Secretary/ Kodambakkam retires on 30-04-2017:

We wish him a very happy retired life. He has donated five thousand rupees to the Circle Union.  Click1,  Click2,


எதிரொலி ? (His master voice):

ன் வழக்கப்படி BSNLEU மாநிலசெயலர் அவரது அறியாமையையும் அனுபவக்குறைவையும் தன் பதிலின் மூலம் மீண்டும் வெளிப்படுத்தியுள்ளார். இந்த பதில் அவரின் தயாரிப்பு அல்ல என்பதை உறுதியாக நம்புகிறோம். தமிழ் மாநில BSNLEU சங்கத்தில் உள்ள - அவர் சங்கத்தின் மிக உயர்ந்த நெடிய மனிதரை நாம் சமீபத்தில் வெளிப்படுத்திக் காட்டியதின் காரணத்தால் காயமான, நம் மேல் கோபம் கொண்ட ஒருவரின் தயாரிப்பே இந்த பதில்... எப்படியோ ! அகில இந்திய தலைவர்கள் தொழிற்சங்க செலவில் மகிழுந்தில் (CAR) பயணிப்பதற்கு அனுமதி அளித்துள்ளார். அவரின் அனுமதிக்கு நன்றி பாராட்டுவோம். ஆனால் மதிவாணன் அதையே பயன்படுத்தினால் அது மாபெரும் பாவச்செயல் ! தொழிற்சங்கப்பணத்தை வீணடிக்கும் காரியம் ! என்னேஅருமை !!
தொடர்ந்து பல காலமாக சென்னை மாநில NFTE சங்கத்தை காரியசித்தியுடன் மதிவாணன் செயல்படுத்திவருவதால் அவருக்கும் அவரின் தமிழ் மாநில சங்க எஜமானருக்கும் ஏற்பட்டுள்ள பயம், அச்சம் நமக்கு நன்றாகவே புரிகிறது.
என் பணிநிறைவுக்குப் பின் அகில இந்திய அளவில் இளைஞர்களுக்கு வாய்ப்பு கொடுத்து, நான் பின் நிற்பதைப்போல் அவர்களின் அகில இந்திய பொதுச்செயலர். தோழர். அபிமன்யூ இளைஞர் ஒருவருக்கு தன் பதவியை வகிக்க வழிகொடுப்பார் என்று சொன்னால் தோழர்.கன்னியப்பனின் ஆலோசனையை ஏற்று நான் மாநில செயலர் பதவியை இளைஞர் ஒருவருக்கு கொடுக்க பரிசீலிக்கலாம். முதலில் தோழர். அபிமன்யூவை கன்னியப்பன் சமாதானப்படுத்தி புரியவைக்கட்டும் .
ஆரம்ப காலம் தொட்டு ( 1980ஆம்ஆண்டு முதல்) ஒரு பிரதிநிதியாக மாநில அளவிலோ அல்லது அகில இந்திய அளவிலோ அது NFTE யாக இருந்தாலும் சரி NFPTE யாக இருந்தாலும் சரி, தொழிலாளர் நலப்பிரச்சனைகளில் அது எந்தத் தலைவராக இருந்தாலும் எதிர் கருத்துகள் வைக்க நான் எந்த நேரத்திலும் தயங்கியது இல்லை என்பதே உண்மை. (சொல்லப்போனால் அந்த காலத்தில் கன்னியப்பன் நிரந்தம் செய்யப்படாத ஊழியராக இருந்திருக்கலாம்). தொழிற்சங்க மேதை குப்தா கூட பல நேரத்தில் நான் வைக்கும் கூரிய எதிர் வாதத்தை உன்னிப்பாக கவனித்தார் என்பதற்கு ஏராளமான உதாரணங்களை அடுக்க முடியும்.
1) வாரிசுக்கு வேலை திட்டம் :
இந்த பிரச்சனை தேசிய செயற்குழுவில் 2003/2004 ஆண்டுகளில் விவாதத்திற்கு எடுத்துக்கொள்ளப்பட்டது. தோழர். குப்தாவால் அதன் உயர்நிலைக்குழுவில் தோழர். மதிவாணன் இடம் கொடுக்கப்பட்டார் என்பது வரலாற்று உண்மை.
2) பத்து ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன் சென்னை அண்ணாநகரில் நடைபெற்ற சிறப்புக்கூட்டத்தில் போன் மெக்கானிக் பதவி உயர்வில் கல்வி தகுதி பிரச்சனையில் மெட்ரிகுலேசன் தேர்ச்சி என்பதுகூடாது என்று விவாதம் வைத்தோம். தோழர். குப்தா அவர்கள், ஒரு தேர்வு நடத்துவோம்; அதில் தேர்ச்சி பெற்றோரை மெட்ரிகுலேசன் தேர்ச்சி பெற்றதற்கு இணையாக கருதி பதவி உயர்வு கொடுக்கலாம் என்று இறுதி முடிவு செய்தார். நல்ல விவாதத்தின் காரணத்தால் இந்த முடிவு ஏற்கப்பட்டு குப்தா புதுடில்லி சென்றவுடன் உயர் அதிகாரிகள் மட்டத்தில் பேசி ஆணை பெற்றார். அதுவே பின் லட்சத்திற்கும் மேலான மெட்ரிகுலேசன் தேர்ச்சி பெறாத போன் மெக்கானிக் தோழர்கள் பதவி உயர்வு பெற வழிவகை செய்தது.
விவாதம் செய்வதற்கு உரிய மரியாதை என்பது NFTE சங்கத்தில் இந்த அளவிற்கு உயர்வாக மதிக்கப்பட்டது. யார் ஒருவரும் தலைமையில் உள்ள எந்த ஒரு தலைவரையும் விமர்சித்து விட்டு NFTE தோழனாக பத்திரமாக தொடர்ந்து இருக்கலாம். நான் சவால் விட்டுக்கேட்கிறேன். தோழர். கன்னியப்பன் அகில இந்திய தலைவர் அபிமன்யூவை ஒரு முறை விமர்சித்து விட்டு அந்த சங்கத்தில் தொடர்ந்து இருக்க முடியுமா ? பின் விளைவுகள் எப்படி இருக்கும் நினைத்துப்பாருங்கள்-- கணித்துப்பாருங்கள். அபிமன்யூ ஒரு ஜனநாயகப்பண்பற்ற சகிப்புத்தன்மையற்ற தலைவர். தலைமையின் மீது விமர்சனம் என்பது அங்கே ஒரு சகிப்புத்தன்மையற்ற செயலாகக்கருதப்படுகிறது. யார் ஒருவர் விமர்சித்தாலும் அவர் தூக்கியெறியப்படுவார் என்பதே வரலாறு. பளிச்சென்று அதற்கு ஆயிரம் உதாரணங்கள் உண்டு. தோழர். P.S. இராமன் குட்டி, D. கோபாலகிருட்டிணன், J. ரங்கநாதன் G. ஆனந்தன் R. குணசேகரன் என்று பட்டியல் நீள்வதை காணலாம். கைப்புண்ணுக்கு கண்ணாடி தேவையில்லை.
கன்னியப்பன் அவரின் எஜமானரின் குரலை பிரதிபலிக்கிறார். அவருடைய நிலைமை எங்களுக்கு புரிகிறது. இப்படி ஏதும் தரக்குறைவாக எழுதவில்லையென்றால்அவரின் எஜமானர்கள் அவர் அமைதியை கெடுப்பார்கள் என்பதும் நாம் அறிந்ததே.


Meeting with General Manager (Finance) on 24-03-17:

The Chennai Telephones NFTE- BSNL Circle Union Leaders CKM, Ramasamy, Elangovan, Rajendran and Ravi met Sri. Kalyan Sagar, GM(F) today and had a very detailed discussion on the following 3 issues.
1.Arrangement for regular salary every month for the two reinstated Employees in T T cadre by suitable allocation of HR numbers etc. - Sri.K. Anbu, Perumalpattu
- Sri.Palani, Virugambakkam
2. Immediate Stoppage of wrong/ excess recovery ordered from the employees on the verge of retirement in the light of Supreme Court Judgment.
3. Immediate Payfixation to nearly 100 newly promoted T T cadre.
4. Extension of extra increment in lieu of Family Planning operation to TSMs as in the case of RMs.
The GM ( F) along with DGM(F) and CAO gave a very sympathetic hearing to our views and assured us of positive settlement of issues raised by the union.


His Master's Voice?:

As usual the BSNLEU circle secretary exhibited his ignorance and inexperience through his reply .We firmly believe that he didn't actually penned this reply but was of some persons in Tamilnadu BSNLEU who are angry at us for exposing their tallest leader . Any how Kanniappan has kind enough to permit All India Leaders to use cars spending Union money/ fund. Thanks for his approval. Of course only when Com. CKM use car it is a sin and wastage of union funds. Fantastic reply. We could feel the fear of himself and his masters in Tamilnadu for Com. CKM's continued stewardship of NFTE in Chennai Telephones. If his General Secretary Abhimanyu hand over his post to any younger comrade as I did ( after my retirement) I will consider the request of Kanniappan positively and hand over the CS post to some younger Comrade.Let him convince Abhimanyu first.
As an office bear of NFPTE/NFTE at National level / Circle level Com. CKM since 1980 s never hesitated to criticise the leadership for genuine issues in the interest of employees &their welfare. (At that time probably Kanniappan was not even a regular employee and in fact worked as a Casual Labourer. )Even Trade Union genius like comrade OP Gupta was very receptive to Com. CKMs criticism and suggestions.
Few such examples are:
1. Voluntary replacement Scheme --- This issue was taken up at the National Council in 2003/2004 . In fact Com. CKM was accommodated in the high power committee formed by the National Council by Com.Gupta.
2. At Annanagar Special Meeting decades ago Com. CKM suggested to Com.OPG to change the educational qualification for Telecom Mechanic promotion. His suggestion for an entrance examination to permit the employees without any educational qualification( A Pass in Metriculation) and after passing this entrance exam one should be considered as possessing a qualification equal to Matriculation and permitted to appear for Telecom Mechanic Promotion Examination. This was readily agreed to and Com. OPG took this issue very seriously after his return to New Delhi with the DOTand finally order was issued for entrance examination which paved the way for promotion to Lakhs of Non- Matriculate employees as Telecom Mechanics.Such was the respect for criticism inside NFTE. One can criticise any leader in NFTE and safely still continue in the union. I dare Kanniappan to criticise Abhimanyu at least once and see the reaction after that. He is in a most undemocratic union where no criticism of leadership is ever tolerated. If someone attempted he was thrown out. Glaring example Comrades Raman Kutti, D.Gopalakrishnan, J.Ranganathan, G.Anandan and R. Gunasekaran etc.
Kanniappan is echoing only His Master's Voice. We understand his position. If he has not written abusive replies like this his Masters in Tamilnadu may not allow him to live peacefully.


Discussion on Dharna demands:

The management has called our Circle Union for discussions on the demands notified for the proposed but postponed one week Dharna at CGM's office from 27-03-2017. Accordingly we will have a meeting with CGM on 27-03-17( Monday) at 2.30pm.


Grand function at Madurai:

On 23-03-17 at Tallakulam telephone exchange compound a grand meeting was organised to felicitate the new state office bearers of NFTCL and to pay homage to the martyrdom of Young freedom fighters Bagat Singh, Suga Dev and Rajaguru .Comrades K.Ravi , Dy. GS/AITUC and R. Thirumalai, GS/ AIYF addressed this function.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,
Comrades K. Ravi and R. Thirumalai at Madurai function organised by NFTE and NFTCL at Madurai on 23-03-17.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Madurai & Karaikudi NFTE joint District EC meeting on 23-03-17 at Madurai Tallakulam exchange:

Joint EC of Madurai and Karaikudi District union was held at Tallakulam exchange.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Comrade 75 today:

I wish our senior leader R. Krishna Murthy on his birthday today on behalf of NFTCL and NFTE comrades. Let him attain century with good health and Happiness. I spoke to him over phone and greeted him as I am away in Madurai to participate in the NFTCL and NFTE functions organised by Madurai District unions.


At Madurai Union Office :

Today morning I reached Madurai along with 40 Chennai comrades to participate in the Felicitation function for NFTCL State office bearers and 87th Martyrdom of Bagat Singh and his comrades. Com. K.Ravi, Dy. GS of Tamilnadu State AITUC and Com. R. Thirumalai, GS of All India Youth Federation (AIYF) have already reached Madurai to participate in these functions. I along with Comrades M. K. Ramasamy, M. Balakannan, D. Sendhil Kumar, Kalaselvan, T. Veerapandi, V. Paramasivam, V. Velusamy, Ramesh Babu, Gopalakrishnan etc visited Madurai District NFTE union office and exchanged views.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Letter to CGM from Circle Union:

Letter to CGM from Circle Union  Click1,


Powerful Demonstration by National Forum on 21-03-17:

The National Forum of BSNL unions and Associations in Chennai Telephones held a powerful lunch hour demonstration on Tuesday at CGM's office in Purasawakkam. Com .CKM presided.ComradesJ.Vijaykumar, Dy.GS/TEPU, G.Masilamani,GS/PEWA, V.Babu, State President/ NFTCL and S.Loganathan, CS/ SEWA addresses the Demonstration. Com.G.Magendran, Kanchipuram District Secretary/ NFTCL shouted slogans which was repeated by hundreds of comrades gathered.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Urgent Circle Secretariat meeting decides to postpone the One week Dharna from 27-03-17:

After the Demonstration at CGM's office on 21-03-17 the secretariat of circle Union met urgently to discuss the appeal of management to drop the agitational programme beginning from 27-03-17. The meeting after elaborate discussion unanimously decided to postpone the proposed agitation for four weeks ending on 23-04-17. However if the notified demands are not settled by that time our agitation will automatically begin on 24-04-17 at CGM's Office. All are requested to note the postponement and accordingly advice our branch members.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Secretariat of Circle Union to meet on 25-03-17:

The Chennai Telephones Circle Secretariat of NFTE-BSNL will meet on 25-03-17( Saturday ) at 3 pm in Flower Bazaar Union office under the chairmanship of Com.M.K. Ramasamy,Circle President. The following shall be the agenda:
1.Review of Call attention day observed on 16/03/17.
2.Preparations for collecting & dispatching the post cards signed by our members/ employees addressed to the Hon'ble Prime Minister.
3.Proposed One week Dharna from 27-03-17 at CGM's office to demand settlement on ten important demands.
4. Any other item.
The management has appealed to withdraw the agitation beginning on 27-03-27. The CGM intervened and ordered for keeping in abeyance of two controversial decisions of GM( HR) on Thiruthani TT posting and Thiruvallur store issue. We are going to meet the CGM on 21-03-17 to discuss the settlement of our notified demands. However the final decision on our One Week Dharna will depend upon the management's attitude towards our just demands.
Hence all the Secretariat members are requested to attend this meeting without fail and in time.


Circle Secretary, BSNLEU tried to hide but failed!:

We wrote about certain indecent talk of GS/ BSNLEU at his union's Chennai Telephones Circle conference on 12-03-17 with regard to NFTE General Secretary, NFTE Circle Secretary and CGM. The newly elected CS of BSNLEU has replied to our write ups with the sole aim of cover up the uncultured and indecent behaviour of Com. Abhimanyu. Com.Kanniappan has justified the attack on Com.C.K.Mathivanan & CGM by his GS but he was silent about his General Secretary's unprovoked and awkward attacking remarks on our NFTE's General Secretary Chandeshwar Singh. This itself proves our contention . Anyhow he has no other choice except to support and defend his General Secretary's antics . Otherwise he will have to face the adverse consequences like his former circle Secretaries R. Gunasekaran & K.Govindarajan who were humiliated and removed from the post of CS for the simple reason of opposing Abhimanyu.
Com. Kanniappan at last now became Circle Secretary and fulfilled his life's ambition. But before criticising others he should think of himself first. He is a number one casteist person in Chennai Telephones who organised one particular caste of employees in the pseudo name of "Democratic Forum"inside BSNLEU in Chennai Telephones for a very long time . He was using this caste based clout / group to bargain for union posts in many District / Circle conferences of BSNLU. Now this Saturn is quoting the scriptures like unity of the trade unions and unity of the working class etc. etc...
Let him first attempt to unify the members of BSNLEU with out caste prejudice and discriminations. Thereafter let him preach on Unity between all Trade Unions and Unification of working people.Will he or not?.


Thank you very much Com.Abhimanyu!:

On 11-03-2017 , at the invitation of Circle Secretary of BSNLEU Com K. Govindarajan I participated in their seventh circle conference held in Chennai. I was allowed to speak in the opening session along with the circle secretaries of SNEA, TEPU, FNTO etc . In my brief speech I emphasised the need for all out unity of unions in BSNL in the present political scenario wherein the rabid communal forces and pro -rich elements are having upper hand. I also touched upon the issues like third PRC , Bonus, 78.2% IDA merger and the poor condition of contract Labourers. My speech was received well by the delegates and many congratulated for that at the conference hall itself. After I left the conference it seems Comrade Abhimanyu criticised com. Govindarajan for inviting me to the conference . Though he was at the conference Com. Abhimanyu was hiding nearby when I was in the Dias and it seems he was hearing my speech fully . But he was not present on the Dias till I left the conference hall.I was informed by few comrades that later.
On 12-03-17 morning once again Com. Abhimanyu addressed the delegates session and spoke very bad about myself, our General Secretary C. Singh and CGM Miss. Kalavati.He stooped too low to express his objection to the invitation extended to me for that circle conference. He then sarcastically commented on Com. C.Singh that , "NFTE General Secretary is under his full control and C. Singh will sign any were obediently if he asked him to do so. Further he boasted that when he is keeping the GS / NFTE under his tight control why BSNLEU leaders in Chennai are not able to control NFTE circle Secretary in Chennai Telephones like himself." He also expressed his displeasure at the fact of many BSNLEU members joining NFTE in Chennai. He thereafter thundered whether CGM Kalavati is Jayalalitha ? Why she is not settling the demands of BSNLEU?.
I got all this news through some comrades of BSNLEU who were there at the conference when Com. Abhimanyu behaved indecently publicly . One of the comrade has uploaded the whole thing in his Facebook also. I do not understand why and what was the reason for Com. Abhimanyu's outburst against NFTE leaders ? But I will never fail to point out his betrayal of our employees on Bonus, Denial of SC/ST Reservation in NEPP, 78.2%IDA merger agreement, Dilution of BSNLMRS, Non- participation in the historic Pension strike during Sep/ 2000 on the eve of BSNL formation and Signing Second wage revision agreement in 2009 for ten years( 2007-2017) period there by changing the old formula of wage revision every five years etc. Even after getting the recognised union status for BSNLEU for the last 13 years continuously he could not fulfil his union's promises like,
1.Promotions without any Examinations ; Particularly TTA promotion to all TMs without exam/ test.
2.Five day week pattern to administrative office staff in BSNL.
3.Settlement of Pay anomaly.
4.Bonus of Rs.10000.
5.MTNL pay scales for our employees.
Naturally he is very angry with NFTE leaders particularly with me as despite his best efforts his union could not win in Chennai Telephones in the last membership Verification . He may be upset at hundreds of his members regularly joining NFTE in Chennai Telephones. But my view is that as he is holding a very high post in his union now he should be matured at least to some level and should not publicly air such insulting and degrading cheap opinions about CGM and Com. C. Singh for no fault. Any how he got himself exposed before his own delegates for rude behaviour and low level maturity and his disrespect to sister union leaders . For this I sincerely thank once again the General Secretary of BSNLEU.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Media should not indulge in spreading half truths and untruths:

I found in India both the Print and visual media is just craving for government advertisements and Big money contracts to thrive in the field. They often forget their original role to educate the people and enlighten them with facts and figures. Now loud noises are being made ( as per plan & strategy ) about the greatness and popularity of BJP and particularly its Prime Minister Narendra Modi's invincibility.Five state Assembly elections have come out and needs proper analysis and conclusions.
1. UP:It was ruled by SP and it was badly defeated.
2. Punjab:It was ruled by SAD-BJP for 10 years continuously. They were very badly defeated.
3. Goa:It was ruled by BJP.In the present election it was badly defeated and its CM lost in his constituency. Congress party emerged as the single largest party.
4. Uttarakhand:It was ruled by Congress party. But very recently BJP organised (?) split in Congress Legislature party and even promulgated Governor's rule for a brief period. When the Supreme Court intervened then only Mr.Harish Rawat government was restored once again.Here BJP has emerged victorious mainly due to defections and split in the Congress party.
5. Manipur: It was ruled by Congress party for the last 15 years . In the present elections also it emerged as the single largest party in the Assembly. In this state BJP government at the centre played dirty politics in colluding with the Naga rebels and did not help the state government to lift the blockade of main entry point to Manipur state for several months which resulted in Skyrocketing of prices of all essential commodities.Narendra Modi Government used Naga card to harass the state government only to gain politically.
We can very easily come to a general conclusion that in all the five states anti- incumbency has worked against the ruling parties which resulted in the defeat of all the ruling alliances and even 3 CMs were defeated in their constituencies.Such was the magnitude of Anti- incumbency. Then where is the so called wave of Modi ? Why his magic was not worked in Punjab , Goa where his party fared very badly? In UP the victory for BJP was due to many reasons essentially the following: 1. Family Politics of Samajwadi party and the split between Mulayam and Akhilesh.
2. A Prime Minister addressing road shows for three days in a state election which has never happened in the past.
3. Communal campaign and polarisation of Hindus to the maximum. BJP not fielding a single Muslim as a candidate in the whole 403 constituencies although Muslim population is more than 21%.
But our Media is spreading utterly false and fabricated stories as News to hoodwink the people. They declared already that in 2019 Parliamentary election there will be no challenge to Modi's Prime Ministership. What nonsense ? Some people draw the conclusion that people have supported Modi's Demonetisation gamble . Is it correct ? Media should be very responsible while reporting and must be careful to tell only the true news. They should not behave like storm troopers of ruling parties ever.


Prepare for the agitation which begins on 27-03-2017:

Comrades,Prepare for the agitation which begins on 27-03-2017.  Click1,


Decisions of the General Council (Extended Circle Executive Committee) meeting held on 10-03-17:

At Dinroz RSU complex today the General Council meeting was held and attended by 157 comrades. Our Circle President MKR presided over the meeting. At the out set one minute silence was observed to console the death of Com. Rana of Punjab and others.
1. To observe Nation wide call attention day on 16-03-17 wearing badge throughout the day while on duty.
2. To Send post cards addressed to the PM of India on Our demands. All signed post cards had to be anded over by District Unions to Circle union before 20-04-17 so that in bulk posting of cards done in a single day 22-04-2017.
3. Demonstration at CGM office to protest the Unjust order issued by GM( HR) in the case of T T postings during lunch hour on 21/03/2017.
4. To demand settlement of pending issues a relay Dharna for a week ( Monday to Saturday ) will be organised at CGM office from 27-03-2017 by District Unions by turn. Union's monthly journal Sangamuzakkam was distributed . Printed badges were also distributed to branches to wear on 16-03-17 to observe Call attention day.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Deep Regret:

With Deep Sorrow we, the Chennai Telephones NFTE comrades convey our sincere condolences to the death of Com.Rana, District Secretary of NFTE in Hoshiarpur ( Punjab).We pay our respectful homage to the departed leader of the working class and a dedicated CPI party leader.


Kerala State Committee of NFTCL meets on 15-03-2017 at Ernakulam:

As the present NFTCL Kerala State Secretary Mohankumar was elected as the Circle Secretary for NFTE in Kerala at the recently concluded Kozhikode Conference , the State Committee of NFTCL will meet on 15-03-17 to reorganise the state body with some changes in the state office bearers list to enable the state committee to function effectively. I will attend this meeting along with our National Vice- President T.V. Paulose.The meeting shall begin at 4 pm at Sikshak Sadan near Ernakulam South Railway Station.  Click1,


BSNLEU Circle Conference:

The Chennai Telephones Circle Conference of BSNLEU will be held in Chennai Purasawalkam on 11/12 th of March 2017. Com.Govindarajan, CS invited me to address their conference at 4 pm on 11-03-2017. I agreed to attend as this is the first time BSNLEU Circle union is inviting a NFTE leader in Chennai Telephones to its conference since the formation of BSNLEU. Last year NFTE invited Com. Govindarajan to address our circle conference . He came with hundreds of his comrades as well as greeted our conference. May be this is the reason for their invitation to us . Anyhow trade union unity is paramount today in the present challenging political and economic conditions prevailing in India. Let us build unity of all working people despite petty differences and animosities.


NFTE Greets all Women on the International Women's Day!:

We convey our sincere and respectful Greetings to all women particularly to all women employees and executives working in BSNL / Chennai Telephones. We are happy and proud that a very capable and committed Women as a CGM in Chennai Telephones and number of GMs , DGMs, DEs , SDEs , JTOs , JEs and thousands of women as OS, AOS, T T, ATT etc are contributing to the development and growth of BSNL. We greet all our Comrades and Sisters a very bright future and happy career on this year's International Women's Day.
Our country has a very sizeable women population . But their living conditions and social status is not completely free from Discriminations and exploitation. The violence against women are increasing and the task of educating women is neglected . To kill the women child even before birth is atrocious . All these to be eradicated from our society. We, the Men are to contribute much to the upliftment of women in all sphere of life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Successful District Conference of NFTCL:

On 05-03-2017 the district conference of Ahmed Nagar in Maharastra was held under the Presidentship of Com.Hampe. It was attended by 169 Contract Labourers . Advocate Vishnu Dhoble of Aurangabad , District Secretary of Solapur NFTCL Vijayakumar Khevekar , Maharastra NFTE Circle Secretary Ranjan Danni , Circle Treasurer R.P.Joshi and Senior Leader Adone and many others addressed the conference . I explained the challenges before the Telecom Contract Labourers. District Union Office bearers were elected unanimously . At this Conference I nominated Comrades Khevekar and Vishnu Dhoble as the Coordinators for Maharastra State and they will ensure the State Conference of NFTCL with in 6 months after holding the remaining District Conferences.I thanked Com.Ashok Hinge , a dynamic District Secretary of NFTE for making this Conferance of Contract Labourers a huge Success.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Call attention Day on 16-03-2017:

The meeting of Circle Union's Secretariat held today took the following decisions. 1. To wear black badges with demands ( including early guidelines by DPE for third Pay revision )printed on it by each and every member on 16-03-2017 throughout the day to highlight our demands to general Public as well all our employees in BSNL.
2. To send thousands of Postcards signed by our members to the Prime Minister requesting him to stop disinvestment in BSNL as per Niti Ayog's order and stop formation of Separate Tower Company.
3. To hold a massive lunch hour demonstration at CGM's office on 21-03-2017.
The postcards will be distributed to all our branches at the forthcoming General Council meeting on 10-03-17 in Dinroze compound. All these postcards must be handed over to Circle Union after obtaining the signatures of members/ employees on 21-03-2017 positively so that they are posted to the PM. All are requested to take note of these decisions and take steps to implement them very effectively.


Secretariat Meeting of the Circle Union:

Secretariat Meeting of the Circle Union was held on 01-03-2017.Out of 15 members of the Secretariat 14 were present. Only Com. Bose was absent as he was out of Tamilnadu.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


3rd Pay Revision Committee report submitted:

The 3rd Pay Revision Committee for the revision of pay and perks for the Executives/Non unionised supervisors of central CPSE's is now submitted the report to the Govt of India on 21.11.2016.  3rd PRC Report,


Circle Union's Secretariat meeting on 01-03-17:

Circle Union's Secretariat meeting on 01-03-17 at 11 am in Flower Bazaar complex will discuss the implementation of decisions taken at the recently concluded NEC meeting of NFTE-BSNL in Kozhikode(Kerala).
1. Observing Call attention Day on 16-03-17.
2. Postcard campaign from 16-03-17 to 15-04-17.
The General Council meeting of the Circle union will be held on 10-03-17 at 3 pm inside the Dinroz RSU Compound. Union Journal will be distributed to branch unions at the General Council meeting.


Flag hoisting and Farewell function for Com.K.Chittibabu:

Flag hoisting and Farewell function for Com. K.Chittibabu, Asst. Divl. Secretary of NFTE in Madhavaram at Perambur Exchange on 28-02-17.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click4,  Click5,


Farewell to Com.G.Masilamani, General Secretary,PEWA-BSNL:

On 27-02-17 a meeting was organised in Chennai by National Forum to Felicitate Com. Masilamani on his retirement on 28-02-17. Com. C. K. Matthivanan represented NFTE-BSNL and TEPU General Secretary V.Subburamam, Dy. GS Vijayakumar and Secretary ( CHQ) NFTE, T. R. Rajasekaran and many other leaders of NFTE, SEWA, PEWA, OBCEWA spoke at the function.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Meeting with Com.G.Masilamani,O.S.Mambalam & General Secretary,PEWA-BSNL:

Today visited Mambalam exchange in the morning to meet Com. G. Masilamani, O.S. Mambalam & General Secretary, PEWA - BSNL and Wish him a very Happy retired life on behalf NFTE-BSNL on his retirement on 28-02-17 after completing 36 years of eventful service in P&T, DOT, DTS, BSNL . I thanked him personally for his help to form an alliance at national level which Supported NFTE in the past several membership verifications in BSNL. A Separate farewell function is being organised by National Forum of BSNL unions and Associations in Chennai Telephones to felicitate Com.Masilamani on his retirement.  Click1,  Click2,


Great Achievement by NFTE:

Today the management in Chennai Telephones has issued order promoting 49 RMs( A T T s) of erstwhile CPT area who were waiting for 16 long years as Telecom Technicians( T T).We are rightly proud as NFTE leaders as due to our persistent hard work only this has now happened. We thank the management for this.Today the management in Chennai Telephones has issued order promoting 49 RMs( A T T s) of erstwhile CPT area who were waiting for 16 long years as Telecom Technicians( T T). We are rightly proud as NFTE leaders as due to our persistent hard work only this has now happened. We thank the management for this.


NFTCL leaders Meeting at Chennai:

On 25-02-17 the leaders of NFTCL from North Chennai, South Chennai,Thiruvallur & Kanchipuram gathered at Flower Bazaar reviewed the State Conferance held in Karaikudi .They planned for attending the Madurai Felicitation function being organised for the NFTCL State Office Bearers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Com.K.Murali's Farewell on 25-02-17 : :

t Flower Bazaar exchange complex a farewell function was organised for Com. K. Murali , North Chennai District NFTCL Asst. Secy . He is retiring on 28-02-17 and was a branch Secretary of NFTE continuously for 37 long years in Duct Cable Maintenance. We wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Farewell meeting at Gandhinagar RSU on 25-02-17:

To celebrate the retirement of Com . Kirubanandam a meeting was organised by Vadapalani Divisional union. We wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Meeting with Senior Leader R.K:

On 25-02-17 myself along with comrades Subbarayan, Anandan and Ravi visited the residence of Comrade R K and had a useful discussion with him. We also expressed happiness for his speedy recovery after the surgery.  Click1,  Click2,


Seminar: Role of the employees in Development:

At the district Conferance of NFTE in South Chennai a seminar was organised. It was addressed by GM( Central) and DGM(Anna road).  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,


South Chennai District Conference-24-02-2017:

Impressive beginning of South Chennai District Conference at Egmore inside the Jeeva Jothi auditorium the District Conferance of South Chennai NFTE has just begun with flag hoisting. Com. L. Subbarayan , Tamilnadu Circle Union Treasurer inaugurated the Conferance. Com. K.Sabapathi, District President presided over the Conferance.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Felicitation to Kanchipuram District Union office bearers:

Felicitation to Kanchipuram District Union office bearers was held on 23-02-17 and all the district office bearers were felicitated.  Click1,


Happy retired life to Com.E.Sankar:

We wish a very happy retired life to Com. E.Sankar, O.S. Who is retiring on 28-02-17.He has donated two thousand rupees to the circle Union.  Click1,


TSM officials-Meeting:

Today the TSM officials came to our office and expressed sincere thanks to NFTE for protecting them from retrenchment. It may be noted that 52 TSM s who have completed more than 20 years of service were not regularised due to Supreme Court directions in 2006. Further due to discrepancies in the date of birth they were ordered to be removed from service by the corporate office. However due to our circle union's persistent efforts that order was kept unimplemented until further orders. They need to be protected permanently.  Click1,  Click2,


Grand Farewell to Com. E.Kamalakannan:

Grand Farewell to Com. E. Kamalakannan at Kalmandapam exchange on 22-02-2017.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Get Well Soon!:

om. Prabhakaran , Divisional Secretary of K. K. Nagar NFTE met with an accident last week and was injured badly. His right fingers were smashed severely . Doctor advised rest for a month. After my return today from Kerala I went to his residence in Kundrathur along with Comrades T. R. Rajasekaran,Rajendran and Nagarajan.  Click1,


Wish a very Happy retired life!:

Com. K. Chittibabu, T T and Assistant Divisional Secretary of Madhavaram NFTE today visited our union office to welcome for his retirement function being arranged on 28-02-2017 at Perambur Exchange. He has also donated Rs.2001/- to the union. I honoured him with a shawl. Comrades S.Rajendran, ACS and M. Devendran, Divisional Secretary, Madhavaram were present at that time. We wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,


Is it correct?:

I read in a news paper that Sri. Dinakaran met her aunty Sasikala who is under going prison sentence for Corruption and criminal charges for five long hours to mainly for political consultations. If it is true I think it is totally wrong to allow such a long meeting with a convicted person. Bengaluru Prison authorities should be more careful in allowing such political consultations. However she can meet her lawyers no doubt but that too for such a long time is not fair. If this is the situation in Bagaluru jail one can imagine if she was transferred to Chennai Puzhal Central Prison what will be the position. May be Tamilnadu will be ruled not from Fort. St George but from Puzhal central prison. Further I was also told that the CM and his cabinet Colleges are planning to visit her in Bangaluru prison shortly to get her blessings!. Clearly Tamilnadu State politics is going bad to worse ! A CM meeting a convicted person in jail is not proper for him who took oath to uphold the constitution of India.


Modi's Cheap tactics that does not fit in to his high constitutional post:

Modi's Cheap tactics that does not fit in to his high constitutional post of Prime Minister of India! Narendra Modi is in the very bad habit of projecting himself as a candidate for the respective State's Chief Minister post in the Assembly elections wherever and whenever it is held forgetting the fact that already he is the Prime Minister of the whole Country. By such gimmicks he has not only brought bad name for his own party but also creates a very bad reputation for the position he holds at the moment.
On the other day while addressing a election rally in UP he himself declared that he was a adopted son of Uttar Pradesh . To garner votes he could have explained his achievements or welfare measures implemented by his government or explain the measures and promises if his party formed the government there after winning the election. But telling nothing like this he only abused the opposition leaders and declared himself an adopted son of UP. This approach is a parochial one and aimed at provoking the regional tendencies. When UP has / had very illustrious sons and daughters like Nehru, Sastri, Bahuguna, Ram Manohar Lohia, Indra etc it does not need a adopted son that too a mischievous son like Modi Who betrayed his own wife and who failed to save innocent Muslims in thousands during Gujarat communal riots in 2002 while holding the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat.


Rohit Vemula: A year after his death!:

Many would not have forgotten the death of Research scholar of Hyderabad Central University a year ago which evoked a strong outburst throughout the country against NDA government at Centre for its anti- Dalit attitude. Actually he was forced to commit suicide at a very young age due to his expulsion from the University on false charges and discriminations heaped on the SC/ST students studying there. But even after a year is over no action was taken against any person so far for this cruel murder of a promising young research scholar belong to the SC/ST community. However all attempts are being made to dilute the whole case so that the accused go scot free. For this they are going to the extent of issuing so cause notice to the family of Rohit Vemula calling for explanation why the SC community certificate already issued should not be withdrawn from them. Hey Ram! In Modi's rule this and many more are expected for the SC/ST and weaker and minority communities since BJP is trying to establish a Hindu - Upper caste Majoritarian Government in India. If only we wake up to face this communal / casteist challenges from RSS / BJP we may stop them executing their plan. Otherwise?.


On 23-03-17 Madurai Calls for:

1. To pay homage to the Freedom Fighters and martyrs Bagat Singh , Rajguru & Sugadev who were hanged on March-23 for fighting against the British Government.
2. To Felicitate all the State Office bearers of NFTCL who were elected at the massive and impressive Tamilnadu State Conference held at Karaikudi during Feb'2017.
3. To the Formation Conference of Madurai district Contract Labour Union( N F T C L).
This three in one function will be organised by our Madurai District comrades under the leadership of NFTE -BSNL District Secretary Sivagurunathan. Com. R.Thirumalai, General Secretary of AIYF will deliver the Bagat Singh memorial speech. Prominent AITUC and NFTE leaders will participate in this function . The signature Campaign that was begun among the contract Labourers in the presence of AITUC leaders H. Mahadevan, K. Ravi, J. Lakshmanan and PL. Ramachandran will come to an end on 23-03-17 and the signature forms thus obtained from all over the state will be handed over to the Dy. General Secretary of Tamilnadu AITUC and the Coordinator of all Contract Labour unions/ Federations, K. Ravi at this function. Please book your bus/ train tickets to reach Madurai on the morning of 23-03-2017 to make this function a huge success and also to shower our best wishes on the newly elected State Office bearers of Tamilnadu NFTCL. From the CHQ of NFTCL myself, Com. Erode Mali ( Vice-President) and Com. L. Subbarayan ( Asst. GS) intend to attend this function. Let us make the organisers of this Madurai function doubly happy by ensuring large participation of Telecom Contract Labourers from the near and adjacent districts.


Memorable event:

On 12-02-17 , the second day of Tamilnadu State NFTCL conference a procession was organised in the morning from A.P. Mahal, where the conference was held from 11-02-17 to the statue of Periyar EVR in Karaikudi. I had the opportunity to garland the top most social reformer and a valiant fighter for ensuring Social justice in South India. I consider it as a big honour given to me by Comrade Mari, Murugan and other comrades of Karaikudi . I will ever keep this golden event in my memory for life.  Click1,  Click2,


General Council Meeting on 10-03-17( Friday):

The monthly meeting of the General Council of NFTE-BSNL in Chennai Telephones will be held on 10-03-2017 at Dinroze Exchange compound under the Presidentship of Com .M. K. Ramasamy , Circle President. The meeting shall begin at 2 pm.The following shall be the agenda. 1. Decisions of the NEC meeting held in Kozhikode.
2. Decisions of the Circle Council held on 08-02-17.
3. Felicitation to the newly elected State office bearers of NFTCL who were elected at the State conference held in Karaikudi on 11&12 th of Feb'17.
4. Pending Problems.
5. Redeployment of staff as proposed by the management. (A meeting with both the unions is called by GM ( HR) on 02-03-17).
7. Review of all 4 District Conferences held so far.
8. Any other item ( with the permission of President) At this meeting the circle union journal Sanga Muzhakkam will be distributed to the branches. Hence all branch and Divisional Secretaries are requested to attend in time.
The Secretariat of the Circle Union will meet on 01-03-2017(Wednesday ) at 11 am in Flower Bazaar union office . All the members of the Secretariat are requested to attend this meeting with out fail.


NFTCL Tamilnadu State unit office bearers met CPI and AITUC leaders on 14-02-17 at Chennai:

The newly elected state office bearers of NFTCL at the just concluded State Conference in Karaikudi met the Senior Leaders of CPI and AITUC comrades Amarjit Kaur, R. Mutharasan, T.M. Murthy , K. Ravi and Waheeda Nijam at Chennai and briefed them about the State Conferance deliberations and decisions. Our comrades honoured those leaders of the Indian Working class. The national Secretary of AITUC , Amarjit promised all help and appreciated our efforts to collect Signatures from thousands of Telecom Contract Labourers for the Signature Campaign organised by AITUC.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Decisions of informal meeting of the office bearers of NFTCL on 14-02-2017 at Kozhikode ( Kerala):

During the recess of ongoing National Executive meeting of the NFTE - BSNL an informal meeting of available NFTCL office bearers was held and reviewed the activities of the Federation and took the following decisions.
1.It congratulated the Karaikudi comrades under the Dynamic leadership of Com. V. Mari for conducting a very massive Tamilnadu state conference on 11 & 12 th of February,2017 in Karaikudi in which nearly 1300 comrades of contract Labourers enthusiastically participated. The meeting also congratulated Com. S. Anandan , State Secretary and all other office bearers who were unanimously elected by the delegates.
2.The state Conference of NFTCL in Jammu& Kashmir will be held in Srinagar during September 2017.
3.The convention of Contract Labourers to be held in Ahmed Nagar (Maharastra) during March first week should be attended by the General Secretary of NFTCL. 4.In view of indifferent health and advanced age it was decided to relieve the National President R.K. Kohli as per his request with immediate effect. Com. Ashaq Ahmad ( Srinagar/ J&K),our Senior Vice-President was unanimously nominated to the post of National President till the next national conference in 2020.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Com.N.D.Ram addressed the NEC on 14-02-17:

The National executive meeting is continuing today for the second day. Yesterday Com. Vijayakumar, Dy. GS of TEPU spoke at the NEC meeting in Kozhikode . On 14-02-17 the General Secretary of SEWA , N.D. Ram addressed the NEC meeting.  Click1,


NFTE-BSNL National Executive meet began at Kozhikode on 13-02-17:

NFTE-BSNL National Executive meet began at Kozhikode on 13-02-17.Com.CKM with Senior CPI leader and AITUC national Secretary Amarjit kaur at the national executive meeting of NFTE in Kozhikode ( Kerala) on 13-02-17. With him is Kerala Circle President Radhakrishnan.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


NFTCL காரைக்குடி மாநில மாநாட்டு நிகழ்வுகள்:

NFTCL தேசிய தொலைத் தொடர்பு ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர் சங்க தமிழக முதல் மாநில மாநாடு காரைக்குடியில் பிப்ரவரி 11, 12 தேதிகளில் மிகச்சிறப்பாக நடந்தேறியது.
11.02.2017 அன்று மாலை வாழ்த்துரை நிகழ்ச்சியுடன் மாநாடு துவங்கியது. மாநில செயல் தலைவர் தோழர்.மாலி தலைமை ஏற்றார். வரவேற்புக்குழுப் பொதுச்செயலர் தோழர் சி.முருகன் வரவேற்புரையாற்றினார். தமிழ்நாடு வணிகர் சங்கங்களின் பேரவைத் தலைவர் T.வெள்ளையன், தமிழ்நாடு போக்குவரத்து ஊழியர் சங்கப் பொதுச்செயலர் தோழர் J.லட்சுமணன், NFTE சம்மேளனச்செயலர் தோழர் T.R.ராஜசேகரன், NFTCL சம்மேளன உதவிச்செயலர் தோழர் L.சுப்பராயன், முன்னாள் NFTE மாநிலப்பொருளாளர் தோழர் K.அசோக்ராஜன், BSNL துணைப் பொதுமேலாளர்(நிதி) தோழர்.P.சங்கிலி, NFTE திருச்சி மாவட்டச் செயலர் தோழர் எஸ்.பழனியப்பன் ஆகியோர் வாழ்த்துரை வழங்கினர்.
மாநாட்டின் ஒரு பகுதியாக “ருஷ்ய புரட்சியின் நூற்றாண்டு விழா – பாட்டாளி வர்க்க கடமைகள்” என்ற தலைப்பில் கருத்தரங்கு NFTCL-ன் அகில இந்திய பொதுச்செயலர் தோழர் C.K.மதிவாணன் தலைமையில் வெகு சிறப்பாக நடைபெற்றது. இந்திய கம்யூனிஸ்ட் கட்சியின் சிவகங்கை மாவட்டச் செயலர் தோழர் எஸ்,குணசேகரன், AITUC மாநில துணைப் பொதுச்செயலர் (உள்ளாட்சி) தோழர் P.L.இராமச்சந்திரன்.. NFTE சம்மேளனச் செயலர் தோழர் G.ஜெயராமன், NFTE தேசிய செயற்குழு உறுப்பினர் தோழர் K.M. இளங்கோவன் ஆகியோர் பங்கேற்று கருத்துரையாற்றினர்.
12.02.17 அன்று காலை 9 மணிக்கு மாநாட்டில் பங்கேற்ற ஆயிரம் ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர்கள் மாநாட்டு அரங்கிலிருந்து மிக்க எழுச்சியுடன்… தோழர்.C.K.மதிவாணன் அவர்கள் தலைமையில் ஊர்வலமாகச் சென்று தந்தைப்பெரியார் சிலைக்கு மாலை அணிவித்து மரியாதை செய்தனர்.
மாநாட்டு அரங்கில்.. தேசியக்கொடியினை AITUC தலைவர் தோழர் P.L.இராமச்சந்திரனும், சங்கக் கொடியினை NFTCL மாநிலச் செயலர் தோழர் S.ஆனந்தனும் உணர்வோடு உற்சாகமோடு ஏற்றுவித்தனர். நாடி நரம்புகள் புடைக்க… உணர்ச்சி மிகு கோஷங்களை மூத்த தோழர்.நாகேஸ்வரன் முழங்கினார்….
மறைந்த தோழர்களின் நினைவுகளைப் போற்றி.. தோழர் பூபதி தலைமையில் தியாக தீபம் ஏற்றி மலர் அஞ்சலி செலுத்தப்பட்டது. வரவேற்புக்குழுவின் சார்பாக தோழர்.மாரி வரவேற்புரையாற்றினார்.
மாநாட்டினை துவக்கி வைத்து தமிழ்நாடு AITUC கட்டிடத்தொழிலாளர் சங்கப் பொதுச்செயலர் தோழர் கே.ரவி அருமையானதொரு உரையாற்றினார். மண்டல வைப்புநிதி ஆணையர் திரு.சங்கரலிங்கம், EPF திட்டங்களின் அம்சங்கள் குறித்து உரையாற்றினார். தோழர்களின் சந்தேகங்களுக்கு பொறுமையாக அருமையாக விளக்கவுரையாற்றினார். ESI துணை இயக்குனர் G.கணேசன் ESI மருத்துவ வசதிகள் பற்றி மிக மிக விரிவாக விளக்கிப் பேசினார். தொழிலாளர்களின் அனைத்து சந்தேகங்களுக்கும் அயராது விளக்கமளித்தார்.
மாநாட்டில் செயல்பாட்டு அறிக்கை வாசிக்கப்பட்டு விவாதிக்கப்பட்டு முழுமனதாக ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளப்பட்டது. NFTE காரைக்குடி மாவட்டச் செயலர் தோழர் V.மாரி, மாநிலச் செயலர் தோழர் ஆனந்தன், மாநிலப் பொருளாளர் V. பாபு, ஆகியோர் கருத்துரையாற்றினர். NFTCL அகில இந்தியப் பொதுச்செயலர் தோழர் C.K.மதிவாணன் சிறப்புரையாற்றினார்.
“சமவேலைக்கு சம சம்பளம்” என்ற உச்ச நீதிமன்ற தீர்ப்பு குறித்து AITUC அகில இந்திய செயல் தலைவர் தோழர் H.மகாதேவன் அவர்கள் மிக விரிவாக எளிமையாக தோழர்களுக்கு விளக்கி சிறப்புரையாற்றினார்.
மாநாட்டில் புதிய நிர்வாகிகள் ஒருமனதாகத் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டனர். மாநிலத்தலைவராக தோழர் பாபு, மாநில செயல் தலைவராக தோழர் V.மாரி, மாநில செயலராக தோழர் S.ஆனந்தன், மாநில பொருளராக தோழர்.E.சம்பத் ஆகியோர் தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டனர்.



We congratulate the newly elected Tamil Nadu state office bearers of NFTCL at the conference held in Karaikudi for two days from 11 to 12th-Feb-2017 in which 1300 comrades participated enthusiastically.The following are elected as state office bearers.
State President: Com.V.Babu,Chennai
State Wkg president:Com.V.Mari,Karaikudi
State Secretary:Com.S.Annandan,Cuddalore
State Tresurer: Com.E.Sampath,Chennai


Signature Campaign by AITUC to demand equal pay for equal work:

Signature Campaign by AITUC to demand equal pay for equal work as per the Supreme Court judgment was inaugurated today at NFTCL State conferance in Karaikudi in the presence of Comrades CKM, Mahadevan, Ravi, Lakshmanan and Anandan and other leaders. Nearly 1000 contract Labourers participating in this Conferance very enthusiastically signed the memorandum.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,


Second Day of NFTCL state Conferance at Karaikudi on 12-02-17:

Conferance began with a procession and garlanding of Statue of EVR Periyar and Flag hoisting and homage to martyrs. The Conferance was inaugurated by AITUC leader Ravi and addressed by com. H.Mahadevan, all India AITUC working president. EPF commissioner Sankaralingam and Enforcement Officer of Labour department Saseetharan also addressed the Conferance.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,  Click11,  Click12,


State Executive Committee meeting of NFTCL:

On 11-02-2017 the SEC meeting of National Federation of Telecom Contract Labourers in Tamilnadu has just begun in Karaikudi . All the state office bearers and District Secretaries participated in this meeting approved the Report on Activities to be submitted to the State Conferance of NFTCL by the State Secretary S. Anandan.  Click1,  Click2,


The State Conferance of Tamilnadu NFTCL:

The State Conferance of Tamilnadu NFTCL begins tomorrow in Karaikudi in which nearly 1000 contract Labourers of Telecom Sector in Tamilnadu will participate enthusiastically.AITUC National working President and a veteran leader of World Federation of Trade Unions( WFTU ) H. Mahadevan address the delegates on 12-02-17. A consistent anti - imperialist traders association leader Vellaian greets the Conferance on 11-02-17. AITUC Tamilnadu state Dy. General Secretary Ravi inaugurate the Conferance. CPI party leaders Veerapandian and Gunasekaran speak at the seminar organised to commemorate the Centenary of Russian Revolution in 1917. I welcome all the leaders and delegates to this State Conferance.


District Executive Meeting of South Chennai:

On 09-02-2017 at Dinroze RSU exchange was held under the presidentship of Com. T. R. Rajasekaran, Secretary( CHQ) . Com. M. Nagarajan , District Secretary submitted the draft report on activities since the last District conference . Comrades CKM, Elangovan, Dhansingh, Kabali , Venkatraj, Kothandababu and Babu( NFTCL) took part in this DEC meeting. Com.G.Masilamani, GS/ PEWA addressed this meeting. This meeting reviewed the arrangements for the ensuing District Conferance on 24-02-17.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Circle Council Meeting:

On 08-02-17 at CGM 's Conference hall the first meeting of the Circle Council after the seventh membership verification was held in 2016 . CGM presided over the meeting. NFTE was represented by Comrades CKM, MKR, Ravi, Rajendran and Elangovan. It was decided to hold two separate meetings with both the recognised unions on February-27 and March-02 to discuss about the redeployment of staff of Cable construction staff and all other non executive staff respectively. Next Circle Council meeting will be held in May 2017.
Accepting the request of the staff side CGM agreed to permit two Observers from each recognised union for future meetings of the Circle Council. We requested the management to convene all the Local councils and Works Committees at the earliest. The management also agreed to review the staff position in each Business Area with in few months.
GM area level Melas will be organised on 16 and17 th of February to promote the sales of our company products like Land line,Mobile, F T T H and Broadband services. Our comrades particularly the District Union leaders should actively involved in theseMelas. CGM was congratulated by both the Unions for achieving positive in Landline segment after a long period. We need to continue this trend without any let up in the coming months also.


Big Thanks Com. Kamalakannan!:

oday at the district conference of Kanchipuram NFTE comrade Kamalakannan, a retired T T enthusiastically participated and hoisted the National Flag. He has donated ten thousand rupees towards the expenses of the district conference. I was doubly happy to honour him on behalf of Kanchipuram District Union.  Click1,


Kanchipuram District Union Conference:

Kanchipuram District Union Conference of NFTE was held on 07-02-17 at Chengleput in which both the GM( South) and GM (West) participated and greeted. Comrades CKM , Anandan( State Secretary-NFTCL), Rajasekaran and others spoke. Nearly 300 delegates took part in the District Conference.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Onward March to Karaikudi Conference:

Yesterday all the four district unions of NFTCL in Chennai Telephones met under the presidentship of Com. V. Babu , State Treasurer of Tamilnaduu NFTCL and reviewed both the fund collection and Delagates mobilisation for the forthcoming State Conference that is beginning on 11-02-2017 at Karaikudi. Asper the information given approximately 260 delegates and 20 visitors are expected to participate the State Conference from North Chennai, South Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts . Hence we expect nearly 1000 contract Labourers may participate in the Karaikudi Conference of Tamilnadu State NFTCL. Com. V. Rathinam of Koyambedu has donated 15 red sarees to all 15 women delegates who are attending the conference from Koyambedu .Everyone is very much enthusiastic and active to make the State Conference at Karaikudi a huge Success. It is a news that gives us unlimited happiness and encouragement .Keep it up Comrades. I salute you all.


Circle Union Executive Committee Meeting:

On 04-02-17 at Flower Bazaar building the CEC meeting was held under the presidentship of M. K. Ramasamy. Two resolutions were passed to recommend to the National Executive Meeting for its consideration.One resolution was to demand Rs. 2000/- as interim relief from 01-01-2017 to all non- executives in BSNL and merger of 100% IDA ( out of total 119% IDA as of now) with pay for all purposes with effect from 01-01-2017.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Anna road Division Conference on 03-02-17:

The division conference of Anna Road under South Chennai District Union was held today.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Why Presentation of Budget for Fiscal 2017-2018 on February-01 itself?:

Normally the Central Budget will be presented only at the end of February. This timing was observed generally to include the financial inputs of third quarter ( October-December).Only when the three quarters inputs are taken into consideration for preparation of the Budget it will be a realistic one . But deliberately Modi government ignoring even the direction of the Election Commission to postpone the presentation of Budget after the completion of Five state Assembly elections enacted a drama yesterday in Parliament. What's the urgency? What was the motive or reason for advancing the Budget presentation by a month? Some say that Modi government didn't want to show the third quarter inputs into the Budget figures as it will expose the central government with poor economic management . We all know the disaster caused to the Indian Economic scene by the policy of Demonetisation announced by Modi himself on 08-11-2016.
The decision to declare Rs 1000/500 notes on October-08 has in fact damaged our country's economy considerably. The markets were down. Banking System got collapsed. Industrial growth and economic development suffered heavily. Modi and Jaitley didn't like to show the real picture of our economy after Demonetisation by including the data from the third quarter. They wanted to create a rosy picture of Economic situation and also announce few benefits to the people to get rich harvest from the voters of Five States which are facing the elections as of now. By advancing the Budget presentation BJP government conveniently hidden the adverse effects of Demonetisation and on the other hand misused the presentation of Budget for its political benefits in the Assembly elections of Goa, UP, Punjab, Manipur, Uttarakhand. I read already that Hitler burnt down the German Parliament building and blamed innocent Communists for this and unleashed atrocities on the main opposition to establish his Dictatorship. If Budget Presentation is misused for benefiting BJP and its Prime Minister in such a blatant manner I am afraid days are not far off in India to witnesses the severest attack by Facist forces on our Parliamentary Democracy itself. This may be a trailer and main picture may come at any time from now.


New NFTCL branch union at Karur:

A new NFTCL branch union at Karur in Tiruchi SSA was opened on 24-01-17 for Contract Labourers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,



The Cirle union to day met Smt Uma DGM (HR) and wished her a happy and peaceful retired life and honoured with Shawal.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Demonstration in Support of Students agitation:

All unions in BSNL held a demonstration on 23-01-17 in support of agitating students and against police attack on the peaceful agitators.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Demonstration in Support of Jallikattu on 23-01-2017 at Flower Bazaar:

All unions / Associations in BSNL will hold a lunch hour demonstration on 23-01-2017( Monday) during lunch hour at Flower Bazaar complex in Support of the following demands:
1. Permanent solution to hold Jallikattu by suitable amendments in Law by Central Government.
2. Ban on the organisation called PETA.
All unions including NFTE and NFTCL express solidarity with the Students, Youth and the people of Tamilnadu in their just and peaceful agitation for the protection of Tamil culture and nationality traditions against the continuous assault by Northern Hindu - Hindu rightist forces which systematically try to destroy the federal structure of the constitution and the status of multi lingual and multi cultural India.
We request all our employees and executives to participate in this protest to bolster the support to the ongoing agitation at Marina beach and other towns all over the state. We also demand urgent action by both central and state governments to resolve the issue by engaging the leaders of the agitation through meaningful talks to find a permenant and acceptable solution to the issues raised by the students and youth with out any further loss of time.


NFTCL Tamilnadu State Conferance at Karaikudi-Delegate Session:

NFTCL Tamilnadu State Conferance at Karaikudi invitation for the second day session on 12-02-17- Delegate Session.  Click1,


Circle Executive Committee on 04-02-2017:

The executive of the circle union will meet at Flower Bazaar compound on February -4 ( Saturday) at 2 pm under the presidentship of Com. M. K.Ramasamy, Circle President to discuss the following agenda.
1. Draft Resolutions to be placed before the NEC meeting beginning on 13-02-17 in Kozhikode.
2. Circle Council Meeting on 08-02-2017.
3. Non functioning of Local Council / works Commi ttees even after 11 months.
4. Pending issues.
5. Any other issues.
All CEC members and Special invitees are requested to attend this meeting in time.


Welcome to new members!:

On 16-01-2017 in Chennai Telephones circle 57 new members have joined NFTE-BSNL after quitting BSNLEU/ FNTO etc. We welcome all the new members into NFTE and thank all comrades who persuaded them to join our Union.


Thanks comrade V.Gowthaman, Retired T. T.:

At today's District EC meeting of North Chennai Com. Gowthaman handed over 4000 rupees as donation for the NFTCL State conference at Karaikudi. I honoured him and thanked for his gesture. Many comrades expressed optimism about sending at least 200 contract labourers to Karaikudi state conference from all the four district in Chennai Telephones.  Click1,


North Chennai District EC meeting:

On 12-01-2017 the District EC meeting was held under the presidentship of Com. K. Venkatesan, District President. Com. R. Arumugam introduced the agenda points. As a special invitee Com. S. Kothandapani , the District Secretary of NFTCL participated in this meeting and spoke about the ensuing State conference at Karaikudi and requested all help for the success of Karaikudi conference. All the five Divisional Secretaries and District union office bearers took part in the discussion. Circle Union office bearers M.K. Ramasamy, C.K. Mathivanan, C.Ravi , T.Jayajothi, G.Palaniappan, M.Sendhil addressed the meeting. It elected six comrades as Special invitees to the District EC meeting as this was the first meeting after the recent District Conference.
The executive adopted a resolution on demanding interim relief of 2000 rupees or merger of 100% IDA with pay with effect from 01-01-2017.The Circle Secretary appreciated the District Union for adopting this resolution and promised to pass on this draft resolution for adoption at National Executive meeting to be held at Kozhikode during February 2017.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Happy and proud to see the people of Tamilnadu state:

I am very much happy and proud to see the people of Tamilnadu state particularly the student community and young people doing struggles without anybody's prodding or instigation to remove the ban on Jallikattu ( Bull fight) during Pongal season. But I am astonished to feel why the same intensity of feelings/ emotions/ struggles were absent till this day against the atrocious policy of Demonetisation by Modi Government which is affecting the day today life of millions of people throughout the country including Tamilnadu? May be we Tamil people are best at fighting for non-issues and ignore the real bread and butter issues! This doesn't mean anyway that I minimise the importance of fighting to save our cultural practice and Tamil Identity. But only I express my dismay and disappointment over the near absence of any worthwhile struggle against Demonetisation by any political party or organisation which are now in the forefront of the struggle for conducting Jallikattu.  Click1,


Com. Kamalakannan, T.T of Kalmandapam retirement:

Com. Kamalakannan, T.T of Kalmandapam external unit is retiring on 28-02-2017 after an eventful 31 years of service. He is our Union's staunch and loyal member. Today he came to our Union office along with Kalmandapam Divisional Secretary E.S.Anandadevan and donated Rs.5000/- to circle Union. I honoured him and thanked for his donation. We wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,


To demand Interim Relief is no Sin:

Today I addressed the Kanchipuram District Executive meeting. I explained the present position of Third Wage Revision for the non- executive employees of BSNL. As BSNLEU leadership surrendered before the management in 2009 during the Second Wage Revision talks by not insisting for 5 years periodicity and 78.2% IDA merger but meekly accepted 68.8% IDA merger and Ten years Periodicity for Wage revision. That is the reason our employees could not get Third Wage Revision in 2012. Now we may get the same with effect from 01-01-2017 if everything goes on well. But the attitude of the BSNL management is creating doubts about it. On 26-12-2016 the management has notified the formation of five members committee for third wage revision under Mrs. Anuradha Panda, PGM. The said committee has no representatives from both the recognised unions in BSNL. This proves the arrogance of the management. Furthermore the management is dragging its feet by announcing that only after getting necessary guidelines from DPE the Pay revision committee can begin its work. There is no guarantee or time frame for getting these guidelines from DPE. But the pay revision committee for the executives of all CPSUs including those in BSNL has already begun its work. How that committee got necessary recommendations from DPE so early? The management in BSNL may try to delay the Wage Revision for non- executives further. Our suggestion to the National leadership of all Unions is
1. Demand Interim Relief of at least Rs. 2000/- to all
non- executive employees with effect from Jan-17.
2. Demand inclusion of two representatives each for NFTE and BSNLEU in the third wage revision committee
I will certainly raise theses demands in the forthcoming NEC meeting of NFTE at Kozhikode in Kerala.  Click1,


Kanchipuram District Union EC meeting:

At Guindy office of GM( South) on 10-01-2017 the District EC meeting of Kanchipuram District Union was held to finalise the arrangements for the ensuing District Conference on 07-02-2017 at Chengalpet and approving the conference report. It was attended by all most all the District Union office bearers and seven Divisional Secretaries including eight Circle Union office bearers. Com. R.Vedagiri, District Assistant Secretary handed over a cheque of Rs. 5000/-to the circle Union on his retirement on 31-12-2016.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


NFTCL is now organised fully in Chennai Telephones:

With Yesterday's formation of Thiruvallur District Union now NFTCL is started functioning in all the four districts of North Chennai, South Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur. We congratulate the new office bearers of NFTCL who were elected unanimously yesterday at the formation conference in the presence of Com. S. Anandan, Tamilnadu State Secretary of NFTCL.  Click1,  Click2,


Interesting conversation with Senior Leader R.K.:

Today morning I visited Com. R K 's home to enquire about his health after surgery. He was cheerful and healthy. We discussed for an hour very freely everything under the Sky and above the earth. He congratulated me for effectively organising the 4 th death anniversary of our great leader OPG. I am very much happy to see and feel the speedy recovery of com. RK. I expect his next innings very shortly.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Highly Successful & Massive District Conference at Thiruvallur:

On 06-01-2017 at Thiruvallur the district conference of NFTE was held. Comrades N.Danapal, C.K. Ragunathan and C.D.Purusothaman were reelected unanimously as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively. Ten new members of BSNLEU quit that union and joined our union at the conference.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Big thanks to Saleel Gupta:

Actually he was in Tirupati to attend the National Science Congress there. We utilised him for the fourth death anniversary of OPG. His speech today was little bit emotional and narrative. He told the gathering that he feel proud of being a son of OPGupta.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Welcome Home!:

Today we are doubly happy to admit ten new members in to NFTE on the day of OPG's death anniversary. Comrade R. Janakiraman led ten comrades in to NFTE. He and others quit BSNLEU before joining our union. They garlanded our leaders and presented momento also.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Haddows Road Division Conference:

At the GM ( D ) office complex in Kushkumar Road the Division conference of NFTE was held on 05-01-17.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


NFTE refuses to cooperate with BSNLEU:

CS of BSNLEU contacted us to seek our cooperation to help some comrades in T .T . Cadre in violation of the accepted principle of not considering request transfer/ reposting before completing one year of service at the particular station. We refused to accept this as it will create discrimination not only in T. T cadre but also for all other cadres. Further it may create a very wrong precedent for future. We all aware that BSNLEU to extend favours to their members has always interested in violation of rules and misuse of the status of a recognised Union for long. But NFTE always goes by the rule book and don't wish to set bad and wrong precedents for the sake of enhancing it's influence among the employees. If we accept this for T T cadre this year only what about next year and what about for all other cadres?


Joint Conference of NFTE and NFTCL:

At Kalmandapam exchange on 04-01-2017 the Divisional Conference of NFTE , Kalmandapam and the North Chennai District Conference of NFTCL were held. Comrades E.S. Anandadevan and S. Kothandapani were unanimously elected as Divisional / District Secretaries of NFTE/ NFTCL respectively.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,  Click11,  Click12,


Farewell to Senior Comrade.Udhayanan:

On 31-12-16 a function was organised by Harbour division staff to felicitate our senior leader Udhayanan at Vallalar Nagar exchange. I took part in it with several circle Union office bearers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


General Council Meeting on 31-12-2016:

At the office of CGM/ STP the general council meeting was held today. A farewell meeting was organised for circle Vice President Muthukumar at the end of the General Council.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Farewell to Comrade Chandrasekaran, T.T:

Farewell meeting at Anna road on 30-12-2016 to honour Com. Chandrasekaran, T T on his retirement tomorrow. I participated and felicitated him.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Farewell to Senior Comrade Vedagir:

Today I wished a very happy retired life to comrade Vedagiri who is to retire tomorrow at a function organised by Velachery divisional Union at Rajbhavan exchange. He started his career as a casual Labour and complete his official life as Junior Engineer. Only in BSNL this is possible because NFTE has revolutionised the Scheme of Promotions through Time Bound Promotions and Restructuring of cadres scheme.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


The case of 52 TSMs working in erstwhile Chengleput SSA:

Today in the afternoon I was informed by both the CGM and GM(HR) a happy news about 52 TSMs they had received from the corporate office. I was told that the corporate office directed them to resubmit the files of those 52 TSMs for a review as the management was advised to reconsider their decision to dismiss them for allegations of tampering with their date of birth certificates . As they have all served for more than 20 years we took up this issue at the highest level and it seems our efforts are successful. I must thank the CGM/ GM ( HR) for their sympathetic handling of this issue from the beginning as it involved the livelihood of 52 families. Although the corporate Headquarters directed them to immediately dismiss all the 52 TSMs our CGM deliberately delayed the implementation and requested me to take up at higher level as all her efforts have failed and she was much worried about the impact of the dismissal of those 52 TSMs. We earnestly took up this issue even though many are not our members. But it is our concern about the life of 52 families that forced us to go to any extent. Anyway I am very happy and much relieved at the fag end of 2016 after this news.  Click1,


Madhavaram Divisional Conference:

Madhavaram Divisional Conference was held on 29-12-2016,front line leaders and comrades participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Unreasonable & illogical:

The CGM , Chennai Telephones has informed the GM( HR) that only after completion of meetings of all the FIVE local councils the Circle Council would be convened. This was communicated to our representatives today ( 28-12-16) when they met the GM ( HR) along with DGM ( HR) and demanded the immediate convening of Circle Council. We rejected this unreasonable and illogical condition put forth by the CGM for convening the very first meeting of the Circle Council after Seven months the results of the last membership verification were declared and two unions accorded due recognised status. We reminded the GM (HR) that only on his assurances that circle council would be conducted immediately NFTE postponed its agitation proposed on 01-12-2016 in front of CGM 's office for demanding convening of all councils without any further delay. Now the CGM is putting extraneous conditions only to avoid conductance of the Circle Council meeting. It will be ridiculous if Director ( HR) put forth similar conditions like our CGM that only after completion of all circle council meetings he could convene National Council meeting. NFTE will not tolerate this type of nonsense and illegal efforts to scuttle the rights of the recognised Unions. Hence we informed the GM ( HR) that if by 15-01-2017 the management doesn't notify the meeting for the first Circle Council meeting, the NFTE alongside the National Forum will begin agitation at the office of the CGM from 23-01-2017( Monday). We hope the CGM will realise her mistake and act asper the orders of the Corporate office on the functioning of Circle/ Local councils and avoid unnecessary confrontation with the trade Unions.


We thank the GM( HR) and DGM ( HR):

We thank the GM( HR) and DGM ( HR) on 28-12-2016 for their help and cooperation in the reinstatement of Comrades Anbu and Palani.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


BSNL constitutes wage revision Committee:

BSNL constitutes wage revision Committee for Non Executives. But there is no union representative in the Committee from both the recognized union. We should fight for our representation in the Committee.  Click1,


Good News:

BSNL pensioners/Family pensioners will be happy as their long pending demand for pension revision as and when the Central government employees get the revision of pension is effected. Now orders have been issued by DOT to BSNL to effect pension revision. Accordingly all the pensioners / Family pensioners in BSNL who were receiving pension/ Family pension as on 01-01-2016 as per the central pension rules- 1972 will get revision of pension with effect from 01-01-2016 according to the Pension revision recommended by the Seventh Pay Commission for the Central government employees.
NFTE salute the greatest leader of Telecom, Com. OPG in this historic occasion for his uncompromising struggle to safeguard Government Pension from Government Funds to the former DOT employees even after the corporatisation. Now after 16 long years our pensioners are not only continue getting pension from the government funds but also will get automatic pension revision as and when Central pension is revised. His achievement through the United 3 days strike in September 2000 is indeed a World wonder till this day as nowadays even Central/State government employees are not getting their pension from consolidated Fund but through their own monthly savings ( Contributory Pension) by the implementation of New Pension Scheme adopted in 2004. We have to remember the achievements of Gupta always, whose death anniversary is falling on 6 th of January. Chennai Telephones circle Union will observe his death anniversary dutifully on 06-01-2017 at Thiruvallur by garlanding his statue erected there. We invite everyone to come and participate in this function to pay our respects to this immortal Union Leader.


Happy comebacks!!:

We are very happy to help two comrades comeback to our BSNL company this month. One was Com. Anbu , T.T of Maraimalai Nagar. He was dismissed from service several years ago. But on his appeal the Madras High court ordered his reinstatement in 2015 itself as the charges against him were not proved by the CBI.But the management took more than a year to implement this court order. We intervened with both Corporate office and DOT personally and finally the reinstatement order was issued last week. We are thankful to both GM( HR) and DGM( HR) for posting him at Perumalpet exchange nearer to his residence as per our request.Thus a comrade who was out in cold for more than 10 years is now back amidst us. It gives us both happiness and a sense of satisfaction and

fulfilment of a duty.
The second one was related to Com. Palani, a T T of Virugambakkam exchange. 3 months ago he has resigned his job of course without knowing that he may completely loose his pension and other benefits despite being in service for 20 years. When he realised this blunder everything was over and the management accepted his resignation promptly of course on his compulsion only. We intervene once again to save the situation with both GM( HR) and Corporate office. Finally he has rejoined today for duty after his earlier resignation was permitted to be withdrawn . We thank the management for this good gesture.
Both these comrades have expressed their sincere thanks for the steps taken by our circle Union. We are happy at the relief and joy experienced by both the families. We wish them a very Happy New year ahead for them in 2017.  Click1,


Modi is Proved Wrong on Demonetisation!:

Now Modi and his people are mortally afraid that all the money (1000/500 notes) in circulation on that fateful day (08-11-2016) may be back by 31-12-16 disproving them. when our Prime Minister very hastily announced his war on Black Money by declaring unilaterally all the notes of 1000 and 500 as invalid with immediate effect It was estimated approximately 15 lac crores valued were in circulation. Out of which already 14 lac crores got deposited in the banks.Yet 10 more days are there for to exchange invalid notes. May be on 31-12-16 every single 1000/ 500 rupees note would have been deposited in the banks. Then where is the Huge amount of Black money has vanished that was supposed to be there. All stories are now stand busted. Then why this foolish decision which kept our people in such difficult and awkward position for the last 42 days and may continue for next one year. Modi should step down from his position and accept his grave blunder which disrupted our economy and development . As 1000/ 500 notes are pouring in to the banks the BJP government deliberately put conditions to stop people depositing the invalid noted they have with them. That is the reason now they put a limit of 5000 rupees exchange that too only once upto 31-12-2016.What a fool he is!.


NFTCL to be organised in Thiruvallur District on 06-01-17:

Today senior comrades of Thiruvallur district met and decided to organise the district Union of NFTCL on the death anniversary of veteran TU leader OPG . To fulfil this job effectively a three member committee has been constituted. President: com. P. Gopal , Madhavaram
Secretary: com K. Babu, Gummidipundi
Treasurer: com K. Arumugam, Avadi.


Thiruvallur District NFTE-BSNL executive committee meeting:

On 17-12-2016 at Ambathur exchange the meeting was held mainly to plan the ensuing District Conference of the Union on 06-01-2017 in Thiruvallur . January-6 is Com. O.P. Gupta's death anniversary and hence his statue will be garlanded and a minute silence will be observed and thereafter the District conference will begin with flag hoisting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Avadi Division NFTE-BSNL conference on 17-12-2016:

Avadi Division NFTE-BSNL conference was held on 17-12-2016.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Ennore Division Conference:

The divisional conference of NFTE in Ennore was held on 16-12-16 at Manali exchange.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


95% Successful strike in Chennai Telephones:

Today's one day nation wide strike to oppose the formation of separate tower company was a huge success in Chennai Telephones. Leaders of NFTE, BSNLEU, TEPU , FNTO and SNEA comrades CKM, Govindarajan, Vijayakumar, Lingamoorthy, Elavarasu, Elangovan and Panchatcharam addressed jointly in a lunch hour demonstration held in front of the main telecom complex in Flower Bazaar. We thank all the employees and executives who have participated in this historic strike action on 15-12-2016.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


December-15 Nation wide one day Strike campaign Meetings:

The following meetings will be organised by National Forum on the time and date mentioned 13-12-2016 (Tuesday)
11.00 AM---- K.K. Nagar exchange
04.00 PM---- Kellys exchange
14-12-2016 (Wednesday)
11.00 AM---- Madhavaram exchange
01.30 PM-- GM(South) Office, Guindy


Needless Confusion?:

The administration of BSNL in both Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu seems somewhat confused unnecessarily to declare full day leave on 06-12-2016 on account of the funeral of our beloved CM. Some of the officers put forth an useless argument that only half a day's leave could be granted for chennai staff. They have forgotten conveniently that a national mourning was declared on 06-12-2016 by the Government of India and full day holiday was granted on account of Miss. Jayalalitha's sad demise and funeral. BSNL being a PSU under the Government of India is duty bound to implement this decision throughout the country.The people observed condolence in Whole of Tamilnadu voluntarily by closing all shops.The road transport was totally absent. Hence why the brilliant officers are confused I don't know?



We are extremely sorry to announce the death of Mrs. Leelavati Singh , beloved wife of the General Secretary Of NFTE-BSNL after a prolonged illness in Bihar at about 10.30 am. We pay our respectful homage to the departed soul.RIP.


A good Political Culture!:

Today while watching the T V channels I found four VVIPs came from Kerala to pay the last respects to the departed leader and former CM ,Jayalalitha . They all come as one delegation from the state of Kerala.
1.Governor Sathasivam
2.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan
3.Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala
4.Former CM, Oommen Chandy. The Governor is a non-politician. He was a former judge of the Supreme Court . He was an appointee of BJP government.
The CM is a CPI(M) party leader. The former CM is a Congress party leader. The Leader of Opposition is also a well known Congress party leader.
Both the ruling alliance (LDF )and the Opposition alliance (UDF) in Kerala are opposing each other very bluntly both inside and outside the State Assembly on political, economical and Social policies day in and day out. Yet they came jointly in one delegation to Tamilnadu without any ego or animosity as such. But in Tamilnadu we can't dream about such things on issues affecting the interests of Tamilnadu or Tamil people. Even to attend a marriage or funeral as of now both the DMK and AIADMK leaders avoid jointly going there for very silly political reasons. That is why the matured and decent Political culture exist in our neighbouring State of Kerala make me immensely happy. When should we expect such good and decent behaviour from Tamilnadu politicians?Or expecting this is too much?.


Great Loss to the people of Tamilnadu:

Our beloved CM is no more. It is a very big loss to all of us in Tamilnadu. NFTE-BSNL very respectfully pays its last respects to the departed leader. As a mark of respect all functions/meetings from today are cancelled for next three days till 08-12-16.


டெய்லர்ஸ் ரோடு குடியிருப்பு வளாகத்தில் Dr.அம்பேத்கரின் 49 வது நினைவுதினத்தை ஒட்டி மலரஞ்சலி.:

டெய்லர்ஸ் ரோடு குடியிருப்பு வளாகத்தில் Dr.அம்பேத்கரின் 49 வது நினைவுதினத்தை ஒட்டி மலரஞ்சலி.  Click1,  Click1,


Staff side meeting on 05-12-2016:

The staff side members of Circle Council met at Flower Bazaar formally today under the presidentship of Com. C K M, the leader of the staff side to finalise the agenda points for the next CC meeting. Com. K.Govindarajan , the Secretary of the Staff side proposed agenda points. After a detailed discussion the agenda points were finalised unanimously. We thank all the members of the Staff Side for their participation in the meeting and contributions in unanimously finalising the agenda points for the Circle Council.


Notice for one day strike against formation of subsidary tower company:

Notice for one day strike against formation of subsidary tower company by Nationl forum.  Click1,


இந்திய கம்யூனிஸ்ட் கட்சித் தலைவர் நல்லக்கண்ணுவின் மனைவி ரஞ்சிதம் இன்று காலை காலமானார்.:

உடல் நலக் குறைவு காரணமாக சென்னை தனியார் மருத்துவமனையில் சிகிச்சை பெற்று வந்த ரஞ்சிதம், சிகிச்சை பலனின்றி இன்று காலை உயிரிழந்தார். இந்தியக் கம்யூனிஸ்ட் கட்சியின் மூத்த தலைவர் தோழர் ஆர் நல்லகண்ணு அவர்களின் மனைவி திருமதி.ரஞ்சிதம் அம்மையார் (வயது 82) இன்று (01.12.2016) காலை 10.30 மணி அளவில் சென்னை மருத்துவமனையில் காலமானார் என்பதை ஆழ்ந்த வருத்தத்துடன் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.
ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டம் அன்னாசாமி தேவர் சந்தோசியம்மாள் தம்பதிகளின் மகளான ரஞ்சிதம் அம்மையாருடன் பிறந்த சகோதரர் 3 பேரும், சகோதரிகள் 6 பேரும் கொண்ட பெரிய குடும்பத்தில் பிறந்தவர். இவரது தந்தை தேவர் சாதிவெறி ஆதிக்கத்தை எதிர்த்து போராடியதாலும், அடிதட்டு மக்களுக்கு ஆதரவாக நின்றதாலும் சில சாதிவெறியர்களால் படுகொலை செய்யப்பட்டவர். சமூக நல்லிணக்கத்திலும், மனிதாபிமானமாக செயல்படுதிலும் ஆர்வமுள்ள குடும்பத்தை சார்ந்தவர்.
கம்யூனிஸ்ட் கட்சியின் தீவிர ஊழியரான தோழர் நல்லகண்ணு ரஞ்சிதம் அம்மையாரின் திருமணம் காலச்சென்ற கம்யூனிஸ்ட் இயக்கத்தின் தலைவரான தோழர் ப.மாணிக்கம் தலைமையில் நடைபெற்றது. இவர்களுக்கு காசிபாரதி, ஆண்டாள் என இரு மகள்கள் உள்ளனர். காசிபாரதி ஆசிரியராகவும், ஆண்டாள் மருத்துவராகவும் பணிபுரிந்து வருகின்றனர்.ஆசிரியர் பணியில் சேர்ந்த ரஞ்சிதம் அம்மையார் படிப்படியாக உயர்ந்து ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டம் அருகில் உள்ள மணல்விளை ஒன்றிய தொடக்க பள்ளி தலைமை ஆசிரியராக பணிபுரிந்து ஓய்வுபெற்றவர்.தோழர் நல்லகண்ணு வின் பொதுவாழ்கை வெற்றிகரமாக அமையவும், மக்களின் நன்மதிப்பை பெறவும் இவரது ஆதரவும், ஒத்துழைப்பும் குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.
கணவரின் பொதுவாழ்க்கையையும்;, குழந்தைகளின் எதிர்காலத்தையும் சிறப்பாக பராமரித்து வந்த ரஞ்சிதம் அம்மையார் கல்வி பணியில் தலைசிறந்த மாணவர்களை உருவாக்கி வந்தார். அன்னாரின் உடலுக்கு நாளை (02.12.2016) மாலை 4 மணிக்கு அவரது சொந்த ஊரான ஸ்ரீவைகுண்டத்தில் இறுதி காரியங்கள் நடைபெறும் என்பதை தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம். அன்னாரை இழந்து தவிக்கும் அவரது குடும்பத்தாருக்கும், அனைத்து தோழர்களுக்கும் ஆழ்ந்த இரங்கலை தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறோம்.


Circle Union Secretariat Meeting:

On 01-12-16 ( Thursday) at 3 pm the meeting of secretariat will be held in Union office at Flower Bazaar exchange complex. It will discuss and decide the campaign for one day nationwide strike to demand dropping of the proposal for the formation of statutory separate Tower Company. All the 15 members of the circle secretariat should attend this meeting in time.


Condolence Meeting:

To pay our respectful homages to Comrade Fidel Castro a meeting was organised on 29-11-16 at Flower Bazaar exchange compound in which Comrades R N K , C K M , Jeevanandam, Gandhimathi Chandrasekaran and Babu shared their grief and paid rich tributes. A portrait of Dr. Castro was unveiled by comrade R. Nallakannu. All comrades paid their respects by showering flowers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Where Mr.Modi is living?In India or Elsewhere:

In his radio speech our PM advised the people of India to switch over to Cashless economy. He exhorted all of us to make use of Wallets/ Apps for any and every transactions so that Corruption and Black Money may be eradicated from India. After his speech I was confused and perplexed. I have a strong doubt whether Mr. Modi is actually living in India or day dreaming about India!.
Out of 125 crore people only one crore people have access to the so called wallets and Pay TMs. Many of our villages are yet to have mobile connectivity and some even lacks electricity and basic sanitation facilities. Rural India still witness the scavengers removing the human excreta. Many of our people do not have the basic and fundamental things of life like food, shelter and dress to cover the body despite our country won freedom 70 years ago. Mr . Modi looked to me a joker when he talk about Bullet Trains in India when our people are killed systematically and very frequently by accidents on Railways. Like wise he is preaching to the people of India standing from Ivory towers to switch over to digital banking when many of our people still not having a respectable bank balance in their SB accounts. Still Indians are giving missed calls to contact others since they don't have any balance in their mobile recharge account. This is the situation of Middle and salaried class in our country. Only very few lucky and blessed people have the internet access 24 hours on their mobile phone. More than 10 lacs poor farmers and agricultural labourers had committed suicide due to the inability to repay their debts . However the Governments have no shame to write off lacks of crores of bad debts of Corporates and rich industrialists every now and then.
There are 2 India.One is occupied by 115 crore people. The other one is occupied by a minority 10 crore people mainly neo rich and wealthy. May be Mr. Modi is talking and preaching only for this minority section as he wrongly feels that only the Rich people are qualified to be the citizens of India and others who form the majority of our population does not qualify to live in India. He will soon realise his mistake by lessons learnt from our countrymen.


Comrade Fidel: Some Little known facts:

1. Though Castro overthrew the Cuban Dictator Batista through an armed struggle in 1959 he was not a leader of Communist Party at that time. Only after 6 years of becoming the Prime Minister of Cuba in 1965 Fidel formed Communist Party of Cuba.
2.Comrade Fidel addressed the U .N .General Assembly in 1960 for continuously 4 hour and 28 minutes which is still a record which is not broken.
3. When the Summit meeting of the Non- Aligned Movement was held in 1983 at New Delhi, the Chairman of PLO ( Palestine Liberation Organisation) threatened to walk out of the conference. But at the request of Mrs. Indra Gandhi, Fidel pacified Yasir Arafat and changed his decision. Thus he avoided a big embarrassment to both India and NAM.
4.Comrade Fidel faced 634 assassination attempts by U.S. Government in fifty years ever since he overthrew it's puppet Batista in 1959.


Homage to the Revolutionary leader Com.fidel castro:

To pay homage to this great revolutionary leader a condolence meeting is jointly being organized by both NFTE and NFTCL in Flower Bazaar complex on 29/11/2016(Tuesday) at 02.00PM. Many trade union leaders will participate and speak on the role of comrade Castro in fighting the imperealism globally for more than 50 years. Veteran freedom fighter and very senior Communist leader R. Nallakannu will attend and pay rich tributes to thr greatest leader of the people. All are requested to attend this meeting in time with out fail.


Bon Voyage to Com.Islam:

Our National President Islam Is leaving India today at 6 pm ( 25.11.2016) from New Delhi to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. He is expected to be back on the New year Day on 01-01-2017. Chennai Telephones circle Union warmly greets him a very happy journey.


Grand function to mark 63 rd NFPTE anniversary on 24-11-16 in Chromepet exchange:

With the Participation of AITUC State President K. Subbarayan, Ex M.P and comrades CKM, Ashokraj ,Rajasekaran, Ramasamy, Elangovan and Ravi the function was very grand. More than 300 comrades took part in it. Com . K.Subbarayan delivered the keynote address in the seminar on the "Role of Trade unions in Safeguarding PSU companies ". At the beginning of the function red flag was hoisted amidst busting of crackers and shouting of slogans.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,


Chromepet Divisional Conference:

On 24-11-2016 the district conference of CHR was held in Telephone exchange. Circle Secretary C K M conducted the election of office bearers after a lengthy speech on the current situation in the country and BSNL. He thanked the GM(HR) for helping to solve the following issues. 1.Reinstatement of Com. Anbu , a dismissed T.T
2.Revocation of Suspension of Com. Manoharan,T.T
3.Permission to withdraw the resignation of com.palani,T.T
The Circle Secretary explained the danger of proposal to form a separate Statutory Tower company and the need to stop it at any cost. He also touched upon the urgency in forming the third wage review committee for the non-executive employees as the pay review committee of executives has already began its work. The conference reelected Com. T. Satya as the Divisional Secretary.  Click1,  Click2,


A grand Farewell to Com. S. Muthukumar, Circle Union Vice-President:

A grand Farewell to Com. S. Muthukumar, Circle Union Vice-President who is retiring on 31-12-2016 is being arranged at STP / CGM office on the last day of this year. He was honoured today by Circle Secretary at Chromepet function.  Click1,


Dangerous trend set by Modi is actually against Parliamentary Democracy itself:

As a Prime Minister Narendra Modi is duty bound to explain his decision on Demonetisation to the people's representatives in both the Houses of Parliament.But he refused to attend the on going Parliament session first after the Demonetisation. Instead of explaining his decision to MPs Mr. Modi sought opinion of the people directly through social media. This is a very wrong and dangerous trend set by Modi which will cut the very roots of the Parliamentary Democracy. As he is stubborn not to attend the Parliament and agreed to participate in the debate already both the Houses of Parliament are deadlocked. In any other country the PM would have addressed the Parliament and explain the rationale behind the government's move to Members of Parliament first.But Modi is different!
If he really wants to know the opinion of the People of India on Demonetisation he must have the guts to hold a referendum on this throughout the country immediately. Instead asking people to use Modi App to express their opinions on the ill conceived and very badly executed Demonetisation is only a eye wash!
Even after 15 days the situation in our country is unsettled and people are on the roads to get their hard earned money from banks whereas the rich and powerful are untouched in any manner by the Government's policy. The Opposition parties must burry their hatchet and shed their bloated ego in the interest of poor people to unitedly fight this pro rich Communal semi facist government led by RSS.


Letter Received from Regional Labour Commissioner,Pune!:

Letter Received from Regional Labour Commissioner, Pune on the representation of the General Secretary, NFTCL.  Click1,  Click2,


Historic Blunder of Mao & Modi!:

The debate over Demonetisation in our country is not objective but only subjective. BJP/RSS supporters hail Modi for this bold action whereas the people with little common sense are aghast at this cavalier and irresponsible decision of Narendra Modi. In a country of more than one billion people any small change in government's policy is undoubtedly bound to affect crores of the population. By demonetisation one cannot abolish or fight Black Money. It should be stopped at the very root which Modi does not like.
In 1958 the Supreme Leader of China, Chairman Mao ordered to kill all sparrows over the Chinese Skyline as he thought the Sparrows tend to eat out farmer's grain seeds which very much affected the farmers. As usual it was hailed as a bold step by a strong leader. Indeed all most every Sparrow was killed and they were totally wiped out. But there were negative consequences and impacts on Agriculture itself.Normally Sparrows ate locusts. As they were wiped out completely at the call of Chairman Mao , the locusts proliferated and destroyed all standing crops. There was famine, Hunger and Starvation throughout China. Nearly 45 million people died of starvation in three years. At the beginning Mao( like Modi) exhorted the people to bear with the inconvenience and pain but the pain never ended.
This crude approach of both Modi and Mao stemmed from their delusion that a leader of a country could redesign an entire society to conform to a master plan. Hitler of Germany and Pol Pot of Cambodia and few other leaders apart from Mao had this type of delusion. But eventually everyone of them failed and some of them even committed suicide . Naturally history will repeat in India also.
Only six percent of Black money is kept in the form of cash. Further in the present day situation 1000/500 notes are not really high denomination notes. These notes actually constitute 85% of the money in circulation. Over 90% of transactions in India are cash transactions only.Moreover 90% of the cash in India is not Black money .Due to the policy of Demonetisation announced by Modi every section of Indian population is suffering, our economy is in doldrums. Markets are empty. It is better for Modi and his men to withdraw the foolish order as early as possible and tender public apologies to the people for this misadventure. This only will bring back the economy back to rails and return the normalcy in to the daily life of our people.


Middle class was hit hardly:

The banks have lowered the interest rate for Fixed Deposits utilising the mess created by Modi government in the sphere of economics/ Finance. Already our country men were tempted to invest in the highly speculative Stock market to get higher returns since steadily the interest rate for Fixed deposits and Saving accounts were reduced by successive central governments. Now the people are rushing to banks for investment due to demonetisation. Using this opportunity the bank managements are trying to get enhanced profits are looting the middle class people . Our people are facing great difficulties due to the impact of Demonetisation first and now by the reduction of interest for Fixed Deposits.


Ambathur Divisional Conference:

On 19-11-2016 the divisional Union conference of NFTE was held in Ambathur exchange .Com. Mahendran was reflected as Divisional Secretary.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Adyar Division Conference:

On 18-11-16 the conference of Adyar divisional Union NFTE was held at Adyar telephone exchange. Com. Paneer Selvam was unanimously elected as the Divisional Secretary.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Demonstration against formation of separate tower company:

National Forum in Chennai Telephones will organise a powerful and massive lunch hour demonstration on 25-11-2016 in Anna road exchange compound to protest against the proposal of the management/ Government to form a separate statutory Tower Company. As per the decision of the national leadership we will prepare our employees to participate in a day's strike on 15-12-2016 if our demand for retaining the 60000 mobile towers throughout India under the control of BSNL as of now is not accepted by the Management/ Government. This partial modification of Dharna programme in to Lunch hour demonstration was due to our Seminar and 63 rd Federation Day fixed on 24-11-16 for which elaborate arrangements were already made by the circle Union in cooperation with Chromepet Divisional Union under Kanchipuram District Union.


63-rd Federation Day- Seminar on 24-11-16 at Chromepet Exchange:

A Seminar on the role of Trade Unions in Safeguarding Public Sector Companies will be organised by the Circle Union. It will be inaugurated by Former MP and veteran CPI leader K. Subbarayan , Tamilnadu State AITUC President . All are requested to avail a day's special Casual leave on 24-11-16 to participate in this important Seminar. Our Branch/Division/District Secretaries and Circle Union Office bearers must attend the seminar and also gather our comrades in large number for this seminar and 63 rd NFPTE formation anniversary.


What is the real intention?:

Asper the data released by Reserve Bank of India , the total amount of money circulation in the country is rupees 16 lakh crores. Of which the demonetised 1000/500 notes alone are 14 lakh crores. The Union government's reasoning for its demonetisation of High value rupee notes was the assumption that unaccounted / ill gotten money was stored only in these high value rupee notes. But then why Modi government is again printing and releasing high value rupee notes in the form of 2000 notes ? If 500/1000 notes could help generation of Black Money the same is the case of 2000 notes. There is no logic in declaration of 1000/500 notes invalid abruptly without any advance planning and alternate arrangements and printing of 2000 notes.
It is ridiculous to put restrictions on our people to withdraw their own money from their bank accounts.Now adding insult to injury ink marks are being put on the fingers of the common man who exchange these invalid notes. I think it is a blunder on the part of the BJP government to declare demonetisation of 1000/500 notes and hence it has to withdraw this foolish decision at once to save the economy and life of our people. Black Money is not stacked in 1000/500 notes. It is safely invested in real estate deals, Foreign Banks and in the form of gold/jewellery. ATM means Any Time Money. But now majority of ATMs are closed and very few are opened that too without cash in it. BJP people say it is a surgical strike on Black Money but our experience is it is only a carpet bombing on the general public by Modi government.


Modi is fighting the war on Black Money in the company of Ambani and Adani?:

Since the arbitrary declaration of Modi on the evening of 08-11-2016 the poor and middle class people of our country are facing their worst financial crises of course made / generated by Modi and Jaitley Company. Nobody is against unearthing of Black money or abolition of Black market. The NDA government has not touched the enormous amount of Black money stacked in Swiss bank accounts by very rich and powerful people. Modi promised to Indian electorate during the last Parliamentary elections that he will unearth Black money accounts in Swiss banks of Indian citizen. He also promised to deposit Rs.15 lacs in to every Indian's Savings bank account . But even after two years his promise is still unkept. He is now refusing to reveal the names of the 612 Swiss Bank account holders which were supplied to the Indian Government long ago. Not only this, Modi Government is following the wrong path of the Congress government by refusing to divulge the names of defaulters who have cheated the Banks. Why? The money deposited in our banks are the hard earned amount of our people particularly belong to poor and middle classes. Yet our Hero(Namo) is trying to save the faces of those rich men/women who wilfully looted the public money. After all these we have no faith in the words of Modi/Amit Shah.


Grand Marriage Reception at Chithur on 12-11-2016:

Miss. Divya Bharathi ( Daughter of Com. T. R.Rajasekaran, Secretary ( CHQ) NFTE-BSNL) weds Mr. Pradeep . The reception was attended by hundreds of comrades including NFTE , TEPU Union leaders. Our circle Union wish the newly married couple a very happy and bright future.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Long live the newly married couple:

On 11-11-16 our Circle Union Treasurer C. Ravi 's daughter Mahalakshmi got married to Mr. K. Dinesh Kumar . The reception was arranged to celebrate their marriage at Tambaram in which hundreds of our comrades including active members and leaders of NFTE enthusiastically participated. Our Circle Union greets the newly married couple a bright future.  Click1,


Tambaram Divisional Conference:

At Tambaram RSU, the Divisional Conference was held. Com. M.Sarangapani was reelected as Divisional Secretary.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


GPF advance Payment on 15/16 November:

The funds for the GPF advance payment was received on 10-11-2016 itself. As the management fixed tenth of every month as the last date to receive the applications for GPF advance from our employees it needs to wait for few more days to confirm the final position of applications and hence the actual payment may be on 15 or 16 November only it seems.


NFTE and NFTCL Conferences in Chengalpet on 10-11-16:

At Chengalpet exchange NFTCL Kanchipuram District Conference and NFTE divisional conference were held jointly on November-10.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Demonstration Decision Withdrawn:

The General Council meeting on 08-11-16 took a decision to hold a lunch hour demonstration in front of CGM's office on December-2 to demand the convening of Councils and Works committees with out any further delay.The GM ( HR & Admn) today informed our C S that the management is preparing to convene the Circle Council and other committees in November/ December. In View of the above information proposed Demonstration on 02-12-2016 now stands withdrawn. Our union office bearers and activists must take note of this development.


Kanchipuram Divisional Conference:

On 09-11-16 the conference of Kanchipuram division NFTE was held at old exchange at Kanchipuram .Com. S. Gopal was elected as Divisional Secretary.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


General Council Meeting on 08-11-2016:

The meeting of the extended circle executive committee was held at Dinroz RSU compound . First instalment of bonus donation was handed over by District unions. A sum of Rs.63100/-- collected from our members were given to circle Union . It was decided to hand over the balance amount latest by 24/11/16 . The meeting also decided to seek clarifications from the management regarding the enquiry panel on Annanagar incidents. On 02-12-2016 during lunch hour massive demonstration will be held in front of CGM's office to demand functioning of Councils and works committees without further delay.The management is delaying the functioning of these councils on the pretext of non submission of nominees by BSNLEU. The meeting expressed concern over the inordinate delay in reconstituting the council/ works committees although the recognition to the unions were extended in May 2016 itself.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


BSNL management × Supreme Court:

When Supreme Court bats for the most exploited Contract Labourers the management of a Public Sector - BSNL sent out a order very recently directing the officers/ executives not to discuss the issues of Contract labourers with any union . It took shelter under the shadow of Contract Labour( Regulation and abolition)ACT, 1970. It seems the management in BSNL using the distinction between an employer and of a principal employer. As contract Labourers are not employed directly by BSNL and were only utilised for work through contractors, the management wish to escape from its responsibilities.
But it has not studied the Industrial Dispute Act which define who is workmen ? One who works in a factory or establishment whether he is permanent or casual or contract must be treated as a workmen of that organisation. A district court judgment largely went unnoticed in the case of chandrasekar brand etc Vs Sunbeam Auto workers union in the Gurgaon District Court ruled that any one who is employed can participate in union activities whether permanent or on contract. Further section 2 (g) of the Trade unions Act, 1926 defines a workmen for the purpose of a trade union, as all persons employed in the trade or industry whether or not in the employment of the employer with whom the Trade disputes arises.
Hence it is crystal clear that contract labourers are workmen of BSNL as they are employed by it directly or through contractors. It had to address their grievances and discuss with their union their issues. We hope better sense will prevail upon the management soon with out forcing us to drag it to the courts to withdraw the said order directing the officers not to discuss the issues related to contract labourers with any union.


Welfare State!:

The two judge bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justices J.S. Khehar and S.A. Bobde said in a recent judgment on payment of wages to Contract Labours that is equal to that of a regular employee who performs the same duties and responsibilities . Few paras of the said outspoken and historic judgment is given below for information and appreciation:
"An employee engaged for the same work cannot be paid less than another who performs the same duties and responsibilities . Certainly not in a welfare state.Such an action besides being demeaning , strikes at the very foundation of human dignity."
"Anyone who is compelled to work at a lesser wage does not do so voluntarily. He does so to provide food and shelter to his family at the cost of his self respect and dignity,at the cost of his self worth and at the cost of his integrity.


Third wage revision committee is in the offing:

BSNL management informed both the recognised unions today. It seems our National Forum's two phased agitation on 13 point charter of demands including formation of Third wage revision on 18-10-2016 and 24-10-2016 has broken the ice.  Click1,


Very Good Judgment from Supreme Court:

The contract Labourers of both Punjab and Haryana States approached respective High Courts to ensure wages to them that are prescribed in the Minimum Wages Act. But the said High Courts did not accept their demand for minimum wages as per the law. They stood with the employers/ Contractors. Hence those contract Labourers naturally preferred an appeal in the highest court of the country.
On their appeal a two judge bench of the Supreme Court has now delivered a very good judgment recently. Though the concerned Contract Labourers demanded only the minimum wages as per the Act , the Supreme Court in its historic judgment granted them higher wages. It cited the constitution of India to order them equal pay that is given to a regular/ permanent employee who does the same nature/ type of job. The concept of Equal Pay for Equal work is enacted by the apex Court for Contract Labourers for the first time. This judgment will help the cause of the contract Labourers in all the sectors. The State/ Central governments must implement this judgment in Government sector, Public Sector and Private Sector with out any delay.


63-rd Federation Day:

Our mighty NFPTE federation was formed by Postal & Telegraph employees on 24-11-1954. Although trade union movement was there in P&T even before the country's Independence in 1947 in the form of Postal clubs since 1906 it was only in 1954 November Realignment Scheme proposed by then minister of communications Babu Jagjeevan Ram NFPTE was formed to serve postal, RMS , Telegraph Engineering employees. Majority cadre wise unions merged to form the compulsory federation of NFPTE with nine unions each one for P3, P4,R3, R4, E3, E4, T3,T4 and A 3&4. The NFPTE was there as a single recognised Union for entire P&T employees for 14 long years. Only when it spearheaded the Central Government Employees nationwide Strike in 1968 the Congress government in power de recognised NFPTE and effected a split in the Federation with the help of few congress minded leaders along with some disgruntled persons who were unhappy with the leadership of committed and sincere communist leaders. After recognising FNPTO which was later affiliated to INTUC the then congress Government helped Mr. K. Ramamurthy and others to organise that new federation at branch and circle levels. But despite the money power and political support extended by the ruling party FNPTO could not grow and Spread throughout India. After won back the full pledged recognition the NFPTE maintained its supremacy as majority of P&T employees had the confidence only on NFPTE.
During emergency Mrs. Indra Gandhi government tried to finish NFPTE and organised disruption particularly in E3 Union which was led by our great leader O.P. Gupta. But we defeated the disruption despite Emergency. Comrade D. Gnanaiah who was the Secretary General of NFPTE was forced to go on Retirement from postal service. We fought the disruption of NFPTE from with in and out successfully.
However after the formation of Janata party government in 1977 our minister Brij Lal Verma who was a nominee of RSS( erstwhile Jansangh)once again began disruption of NFPTE . This time he recognised in violation of rules one more Federation BPTEF affiliated to BMS, the trade union of RSS.
Only NFPTE was not affiliated to any political party or Central Trade union. NFPTE's Golden Rule was / is it will neither behave like an opposition party nor bent backwards to support the Government in power as a stooge. This time tested policy of supporting good decisions and opposing the wrong and bad decisions of the government in power safeguarded the NFPTE from right wing and Left wing extremists till 1980s. When P&T was bifurcated in to Department of Posts and Department of Telecommunications the CPM followers bent upon splitting the NFPTE immediately to get rid of CPI leadership. At the Kolkatta Federal Council Session ( I was one who attended it as a member of the Federal council and witnessed the bifurcation ) NFPTE was made in to Two . NFPE to represent Postal/ RMS employees and NFTE to represent Telegraphs and telephone employees. Even this did not satisfy the power hungry CPM comrades who ultimately split the NFTE to form a CPM/ CITU backed union in Telecom. That was the birth of BSNLEU . We still follow the NFPTE's golden thumb rule and do not politicalise the trade union issues and principles . We are the heirs of NFPTE and follow scrupulously the rich traditions of NFPTE.
This year on 24-11-2016, the Chromepet Divisional union has organised the Federation Day . A meeting and special stone culvert opening to mark the 63rd Federation Day is being planned in which many senior leaders are expected to participate and speak on the rich history and achievements of Great NFPTE. All are requested to attend this function at 3 pm on November-24( Thursday) inside Chromepet exchange complex.


Let the Constitution works:

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the open court criticised the Narendra Modi Government for not accepting the recommendations for new judges and wantonly delays the appointment of judges to both Supreme Court and High Courts. It is true that lot of vacancies in the judiciary are kept pending for several years after the Supreme Court rejected the plan of Modi Government to choose favourable Hindutva judges in the name of judicial appointments commission instead of recommendations based upon the collegium of Supreme Court senior judges.
According to available information out of 31 judges posts sanctioned for Supreme Court only 26 are now filled up. Similarly in the 24 High courts throughout the country there are 615 vacancies kept unfilled for a long time. In Karnataka state many courts are closed down due to non availability of Judges. All these will hamper the delivery of justice in our country, where lakhs of cases are pending for long years. The justice delayed is equal to justice denied only . Yet Modi government is sleeping over finalisation of the Memorandum of Procedure( MoP) which will hasten the appointment of new judges. There is a rumour that RSS, the extra constitutional authority of present time is analysing by a secret cell each and every appointment including Judges to the Supreme Court and High courts to be made by the Modi Government. Modi is a puppet in the hands of RSS which is actually running the government without any accountability to either the Parliament or People of India. This is a very wrong precedent set by BJP.
Similarly many avoidable controversies are raised by Hindutva forces whenever BJP formed the government at centre. During Vajpayee period there was a move to rewrite the constitution and change over to the presidential form of Government . But both of them were defeated by the efforts of opposition parties. Now Modi government has started a vexed controversy on Common civil code. RSS / BJP men are shedding crocodile tears for the poor plight of Muslim women on the issue of divorce through triple Thalak. No doubt every religion is having evil practices which are to be eliminated. If untouchability and honour Killings are to be eliminated from Hindu religion , Triple Thalak and Polygomy had to be eliminated from Muslim religion. If BJP and RSS leaders are really interested in the upliftment of Muslim women let them give reservation to the educated and qualified among them in both education and Employment. In our country the Muslim community is under represented in each and every segment of public life including the Employment and Education . No government has ever taken necessary steps to remove this anomaly or to reverse this situation . In India Muslims are living in very large number than Pakistan and several other Muslim countries. Hence we need to respect their sentiments and do things for their upliftment instead of discriminating them and painting them as terrorists and traitors of the country. India will advance only through Secularism and will disintegrate if Hindu Communalists are allowed to tamper with the constitution of our motherland.


We Have to Honour Alliance Partners Early:

BSNL management once again reiterated that only members of two recognised unions could be accepted as nominees to councils at all level. Without changing this stand of the management merely forwarding the names of alliance unions is a futile exercise which may console the partners.Hence both recognised unions must impress upon the management to recognise the right of recognised unions to nominate any one of its choice. We can't understand the logic or reason behind this adamant stand of the BSNL management as it was turning a blind eye so far for the alliance business of every Union since 2002 in all the membership verifications. Unions should approach the court to get their point otherwise all these will be seen as a cheap trick to hoodwink the alliance unions which contributed to the vote share of both the recognised unions.


Grand Farewell to Com. Ramamurthy:

On 27-10-16 a grand farewell function was organised at YMCA hall in Flower Bazaar. Com. CKM and other leaders honoured him.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Massive Demonstration on 27-10-16 at Flower Bazaar:

Massive Demonstration on 27-10-16 at Flower Bazaar to protest against the decision of the management to form a separate subsidiary Tower Corporation.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


North Chennai District Conferance on 27-10-16:

North Chennai District Conferance on 27-10-16.The Conferance was attended by 170 comrades including 136 delegates from all the five divisions. On behalf of management GM( North), DGMs of North East, Kelly's, Anna Nagar , Kalmandapam and Finance participated . Com. CKM inaugurated the district Conferance. Com.J. Vijayakumar,CS /TEPU,NFTCL/CS com. Anandan, Secretary( CHQ) T.R. Rajasekaran and many leaders addressed the delegates session.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Porur Divisional Conferance:

On 26-10-16 at Karappakkam exchange the divisional Conferance was held.We congratulate comrades NVS, G.Nagarajan and Jayaraman who were unanimously elected as Divisional President, Divisional Secretary and Divisional Treasurer respectively at Porur Divisional Conferance.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


General Council Meeting Postponed to 08-11-2016:

As comrade CKM had to Attend the marriage reception of Miss. K. Chaithra , Daughter of Karnataka NFTE circle Union Treasurer A.C. Krishna Reddy on 01-11-2016 at Kolar our General council meeting on 01-11-2016 is postponed to 08-11-2016. The time and place remain the same. That is at Dinroze RSU at about 3 pm. All are requested to note the postponement and inform others.


NFTE-BSNL Harbour Divisional Conferance & NFTCL Harbour branch Conferance:

NFTE-BSNL Harbour Divisional Conferance & NFTCL Harbour branch Conferance held on 25-10-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


joint Conferance of NFTE and NFTCL in Harbour:

Today evening I addressed the joint Conferance of NFTE and NFTCL in Harbour area . There was all round happiness among our employees as bonus payment is ensured. For contract labourers also today the Dy. CLC ( C) issued an order to both the CGMs of Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones to ensure by 30-11-2016 the payment of statutory bonus to all the contract labourers as per the provisions of Payment of bonus Act, 1965. The CGMs are requested to implement this order through all the contractors under them.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Bonus Payment:

Bonus will be paid along with Salary on 28-10-2016 in Chennai Telephones as per the corporate office instructions. All comrades are requested to contribute 200 rupees towards bonus donation. We thank all leaders for winning back the bonus after a long gap of eight years since 2009.


Massive Dharna on 24-10-16:

At Anna Nagar exchange on the call of the National Forum of BSNL Workers a massive demonstration was held from 11 am to 5 pm under the presidentship of Com. CKM. It was inaugurated by the General Secretary of PEWA, G.Masilamani. More than 350 comrades of NFTE, TEPU, SEWA, PEWA, OBCEWA and NFTCL. Convenor and TEPU Dy. GS J. Vijayakumar explained the 13 point charter of demands.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Demonstration on 27-10-16:

The Central HQ of NFTE along with alliance partners has called upon all employees to organise protest demonstration on 27 th October( Thursday) to oppose the decision to form a separate subsidiary Tower Corporation despite stiff resistance from all unions and associations in BSNL. Accordingly a powerful demonstration will be held on 27-10-2016 during lunch hour at Flower Bazaar complex. All are requested to attend it.
As on date BSNL is having nearly 60000 mobile towers throughout the country. It has spent crores of rupees to erect and maintain these towers. We are not against sharing our Towers with other operators for a charge to enhance the revenue of the company. But with out any reason or justification now a decision is being taken to form a separate subsidiary Tower corporation . This will take away the control of these towers away from BSNL management . Further BSNL will be forced to pay necessary charges for using them. This will naturally increase the expenditure of our company which is already not in good financial health. Broadband services were already brought under BBNL . Gradually only land line services may be left to maintain by BSNL. All these will ruin our company which is the long term aspiration of Narendra Modi government.
Hence all must mobilise to protest and stop this ill motivated decision.


Velachery-Rajbhavan divisional Conference:

On 20-10-16 at Velachery exchange the divisional conference was held under the presidentship of Com. Vedhagiri. Comrades MKR, CKM, Elumalai, Ravi , Ekambaram and Babu participated and greeted the conference. Com . Sreenivasan was elected as the new Divisional Secretary.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


General Council Meeting on 01-11-16:

The next meeting of the general council will be held on November-01(Tuesday) at 3 pm in Dinroze RSU complex.All are requested to attend the meeting of the general council of NFTE-BSNL in Chennai Telephones in time.


Impressive Demonstration by National Forum:

Impressive Demonstration by National Forum at CGM office on 18-10-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Bonus Donation:

he meeting of our circle Union secretariat was held on 18-10-16. It took a decision to collect Rs.200/-as donation during the bonus payment. It shall be distributed as below: CHQ....,Rs 50/-
Circle....Rs 50/-
District....Rs 50/-
Division....Rs 20/-
Branch...Rs 30/-
As NFTE was the main force behind the revival of Bonus after 8 years we are rightful in fixing donation on bonus payment. We are mainly responsible for our employees getting two years bonus . Our Union is pressing the management to effect bonus payment before Deepavali.


Kelleys Division conference on 17-10-16:

NFTE division conference and NFTCL branch conference were jointly held under the presidentship of Com. G. Palaniappan. Com . CKM inaugurated the conference. Circle Union office bearers MKR, Ravi, Dhansingh, Jayajothi, Mariappan,Kothandababu and many others participated. NFTCL state Treasurer Babu spoke at the meeting.Com. E.Raja was elected as new Division Secretary. Com. M. Sundaramurthy was elected as branch Secretary for NFTCL branch Union.TEPU Circle Secretary Vijayakumar, North Chennai District Secretary Anbu and District President Venkatesan also addressed the conference. North Chennai District NFTCL office bearers Parthiban and Kothandapani also participated and greeted the conference.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Shameful behaviour of few executives at Annanagar:

Our leaders were shocked at the rude and disrespectful behaviour of three executives Murugu Tamilarasu, Renuga Devi and Sendhil Kumar towards our comrades on 15-10-16. When our leaders met the DGM ( Annanagar) in his chamber he was very courteous and helpful. He agreed to implement the transfer order of com. Suguna which was kept pending deliberately. The DGM instructed over phone in our presence to Sri . Sendhil Kumar, SDE to issue relieving order for Com. Suguna immediately. But that SDE stubbornly refused and put a condition that unless com. Suguna withdraw her written complaint against him he will not relieve her. It was shocking that a SDE is exhibiting such a disobedience and insubordination to a DGM in this manner. However the said DGM behaved as a gentleman and through his DE he issued the said relieving order. We thanked him and left his chamber.
Sri. Murugu Tamilarasu, SDE who was in the downstairs provoked our comrades as he failed to stall the transfer of Com. Suguna in to the Test-desk of Annanagar. He gathered few SDE's including Smt. Renuga Devi,AGM and unnecessarily began quarrel with our members. While this was going on Smt. Renuga Devi was recording everything with her mobile which was rightly objected by us. It is illegal to record through video or audio without one's consent.
But an officer in the rank of AGM did that exactly. It is felt that something is terribly wrong in Annanagar. Executives are behaving like thugs and villains. For this they need to face the heat surely. In the shadow boxing of SNEA vs NFTE no one will be allowed to escape from such cheap gimmicks.
But as was expected the said executives gathered few more executives who were not at all present during this incident and went to police and CGM to make false complaint on our comrades of course with the full backing of BSNLEU . If officer's association can behave like this with impunity and revenge towards staff the only way to safeguard our interest is to fight against such indiscipline and insubordination. We think Annanagar needs a complete overhaul in the middle management.


Inspiring Dharna at Chepauk Guest in Chennai on 15-10-16 by NFTCL, Tamilnadu:

. More than 500 contract Labourers from all over Tamilnadu took part in this Dharna. Com. Mali,president presided. Comrades CKM, S.Anandan, Ramasamy, Mari, Vijayakumar, Asokarajan, Anbalagan, Rajasekaran and Elangovan and many others spoke at the Dharna. Com. Mari from Karaikudi informed the preparations for the State conference of NFTCL in Karaikudi on 11-12-2016 and welcomed the Contract Labourers in large numbers to the first State Conference.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Anna Nagar Divisional Conference:

Today I spoke and inaugurated the Divisional conference of NFTE in Annanagar. Com. S. Chitrarasu , Office Supdt. Was reelected as Division Secretary. I greet all the newly elected office bearers of Annanagar Division NFTE.


Meeting with PGM, Pune:

On 13-10-16 NFTCL met the Principal General Manager of Pune along with NFTE leaders Sunanda Pardesi, Dutta, Ajit Rasal and held discussion on staff matters . We raised the issue of implementation of Corporate office orders regarding Contract Labourers. The PGM gave a patient hearing and assured us positive action on our representation.  Click1,  Click2,


Meeting with RLC-Pune on 13-10-16:

Today we met Mr.Remis Tiru , the RLC of Pune region on BSNL contract labourers issues. The union was represented by Comrades CKM and Anandan.  Click1,  Click2,


Public memory is too short?:

In his 10-10-2016 dated update on BSNLEU website comrade Abhimanyu has mentioned few things which need clarification. He has written that due to the powerful nationwide demonstrations on 01-04-16 and Dharna on 07-04-2016 by his union pressure was mounted on the management to settle the issue of PLI ( bonus). But both the agitations mentioned by Abhimanyu were targeted against NFTE only to expose its President and thereby entire leadership of NFTE on the so called acceptance of paltry 99 rupees as bonus. Abhimanyu may be thinking the memories of our employees would be short and that is why he is writing such untruths and half truths deliberately. But he is grossly mistaken. Our employees are vigilant and well versed with the drama enacted by BSNLEU on bonus issue since 2009.


Thank you Comrade Abhimanyu!:

After his return from South Africa, the General Secretary of BSNLEU has written few nice words about NFTE particularly it's General Secretary in getting the bonus after a long gap of Seven years since 2009. He has rightly mentioned the perfect coordination between the two recognised unions for getting the bonus (PLI). We thank him for openly acknowledging the efforts and support of NFTE in realising the bonus for 2014-2015. But sadly his circle/ district secretaries throughout the country are trying their best to claim solely the credit for getting back the right of bonus to BSNLEU which is not a fact but a fiction. If Com. Abhimanyu had cooperated with NFTE last year itself our employees would have received the bonus despite losses.
To set right the record on Bonus we need to explain the background to our employees. Bonus was unjustifiably denied to us all these seven years due to the silence of BSNLEU. Not only they were silent but also justified the denial of bonus on spacious grounds. Some of them had the audacity to tell the employees that due to heavy increase of pay and allowances there is no need for bonus at all. While NFTE was on agitational mode throughout the country demanding bonus for the last several years Com. Abhimanyu himself publicly declared in Chennai meeting that henceforth no one could ever get bonus in BSNL. That was the negative mindset of BSNLEU leadership then. All this changed only due to the stubborn attitude of NFTE leadership that bonus is an inalienable right of the working people whether company runs on profit or not. After the recognition of NFTE in 2013 the management budged and agreed to reconsider the formula for PLI. Then only a committee was formed with staff side leader and secretary. Accordingly Comrades Islam Ahemad and Abhimanyu took part in the committee. But due to the absence of one or other member the committee could not finalise the formula. Then also the leadership of NFTE only suggested to the management to pay interim bonus pending finalisation of a formula for PLI.
Thereafter tug of war started between the unions in deciding the amount as the Seventh verification was fast approaching. Com. Abhimanyu began abusing NFTE leaders charging them baselessly only to get few votes more here and there. But NFTE stood firmly to break the ice and get minimum bonus at least now to our employees. But BSNLEU stood on the roop tops and thundered that it would not accept less than 11500 rupees as bonus. Naturally workers were suspicious of BSNLEU 's real intention on bonus. It was silent for a long time when bonus was denied to us and some of it's leaders even justified the denial of bonus . Now the same Union was roaring not to settle for less than Rs.11500. However in the end the continuous efforts of NFTE only won back the bonus right to our employees and executives now. We thank all comrades for their contributions in our long struggle for getting back our bonus . But truth should be known to all so that in future such gimmicks are not performed in the name of Bonus.


Height of intolerance (or) arrogance?:

The BJP government in Chattisgarh is in power there for a very long time. I hope it is there continuously for more than 15 years. Naturally it developed undemocratic characters. It recently transferred an IAS officer abruptly just because he expressed his personal opinion in a Facebook entry questioning the justification for praising Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya's leadership qualities and capacities by BJP/ RSS leaders. As per the opinion of Mr.Shiv Anand Tayal the Jansangh leader was not a scholar or a person to be emulated . But this has provoked the BJP / RSS leadership which is hellbent on showcasing Deendayal Upadhyaya as a person equal to Nehru, Indra if not Mahatma Gandhi by nakedly misusing the government power at both centre and several states.
We are living in a democratic country where even father of the Nation is criticised and his murderer Nathuram Godse is eulogised by some people. Who is Deendayal Upadhyaya? What is his contribution to the country as well as its people? Simply because BJP is in power it should not attempt to rewrite the history of our country and freedom struggle in which both BJP and RSS have nothing to show. Hence if an officer in the IAS cadre question the Tamasha going on in the country in the name of Patriotism and Nationalism it is not a crime or unlawful activity. He as any other citizen has every right to express his /her opinion publicly. Then why he is being harassed and threatened? May be this is the core ideology of Facist forces. India is too big to teach lessons to such arbitrary and arrogant actions.


Bonus(PLI) Orders issued:

The Bonus(PLI) orders for the year 2014-15 has been issued today.Thus,one of the important issues has been settled by NFTE_BSNL.  Click1,


Hectic Day indeed!:

Today I had continuous discussion with the management on staff issues. Met CGM , GM( Finance) along with DGM( FC) and DGM( HR & A) separately. Comrades Ramasamy and Elangovan accompanied me in all the three meetings. Comrades Rajendran and Ravi took part in the DGM(HR&A) meeting only. Some of the issues discussed:
1. Issue of Transfer order to Com. Suguna to Anna Nagar exchange.
2. Revision of pay for TSMs and Casual Labourers as CDA pay scales were revised from 01-01-2016.
due to the implementation of 7 th CPC pay revision to Central government employees.
3.Stoppage of recovery ordered for the TM cadre Officials who got Lineman Scale prior to the TM promotion in the background of Supreme Court Judgment directing all concerned not to effect recovery on account of excess / wrong payment for those retired and retiring within a year.
4. Issue of Request Transfer orders without further as agreed upon to the employees within Chennai and from out side Chennai.
5. Payment of all pending medical claims before Deepavali.
6. Implementation of corporate office order to Pay HRA on 78.2% IDA from 01-10-2016.
7. Fixation and payment of arrears for retired staff consequent upon the order for merger of 78.2% IDA to those retired before 10-06-2013 before Deepavali.
8. Implementing the Seventh Pay commission recommended pay to the non- optees from 01-01-2016- case of Com. Nirmala Venkatesan, Sr.TOA working at Kodambakkam Test Desk. As she is an employee of the DOT ( Central Government) the bonus amount sanctioned for other central Government employees must be paid to her before Pooja holidays.



The team of Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu secured many awards including the best actor in the recently held cultural meet in Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh). We congratulate all comrades who made us proud and happy.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Status Report on Bonus (PLI):

The bonus amount for the financial year 2014-2015 may be paid to our employees before 12-10-2016 that is well before Deepavali which falls on 29/30 of October. Regarding the bonus for the financial year 2015-2016 it is yet to be decided. Hence there is no chance of it being paid by this month end or before Deepavali. We are filing this status report since numerous phone calls are received daily on this.
We have to be happy about getting bonus this year after a long gap and even when BSNL has not entered yet in to the comfort zone by recording real profit. The operational profit means profit before payment of taxes only.This means after payment of taxes BSNL may not be in profits. Comparing the amount of bonus ( Rs.4000) announced for contract labourers in Tamilnadu Electricity Board the amount we are going to receive in only 3000 rupees which is very meagre. Yet considering the fact that we were not getting any thing as bonus during the last several years this amount is an improvement only. Something is better than Nothing at all.


GPF advance Payment:

It is reliably learnt that the fund has been credited by corporate office for the payment of GPF advance. In Chennai Telephones the GPF advance payment may be done on 5 th or 6 th of October 2016.


NFTCL organisational Tour:

Sholapur district (Maharashtra) NFTCL conference on 13-10-2016.
Discussion with Regional Labour Commissioner (RLC) in Poona on 14-10-2016.
In both the meetings Comrades CKM and Anandan will participate on behalf of NFTCL Headquarters.
On 15-10-2016 in Chennai a massive Dharna will be organised near Chepauk Guest House from 2 pm to 6 pm on telecom Contract Labour demands. NFTE will participate in this Dharna expressing Solidarity with the agitating contract Labourers.


Cash Counter Kept Opened:

At Thirunindravur exchange a cash counter is functioning. It caters for nearly 3000 customers of an area in and around Thirunindravur. Daily collection is on an average Rs.40000/--. But an employee who was manning it continuously for several years retired on 30-09-16. Instead of making some alternative arrangements to keep the counter operational in the interest of both the customers and company , the DGM concerned took a decision to close down this cash counter from 01-10-2016, on the 17 th foundation Day of BSNL. What a irony!.
This was conveyed to our circle Union by local comrades. Immediately we contacted the CGM and explained the position and requested her not to close down the cash counter. Though she was positive on our request, finding a suitable alternative was dogging her. Our circle Union swung in to action and one comrade by name Kumar was approached and convinced to perform duty at the cash counter from 01-10-2016 . But till the afternoon of 01-10-2016 the said cash counter was not opened. Again On the intervention of our circle Secretary who spoke to the DGM ( Ambattur) and questioned the closure of the cash counter despite our best efforts the cash counter was opened and began functioning.
Our worry is why the management is so slow and failed to plan this well before the retirement of the incumbent employee? The management is telling us to clear faults within 24 hrs and carry out the new connections/ Shifts on the very same day. But this sermon is only meant for the non executive employees and not for the others?.


New Branch Opened:

A new branch union at Flower Bazaar for NFTCL was opened on 01-10-2016 and the following were unanimously elected as office bearers. President: Com. A.D.Bernatshaw Secretary: Com. Ramamurthy Treasurer: Com. Annuli Comrades CKM, Babu, Kothandapani, Parthiban, Elangoven ,Jayajothi, Sendhil and others greeted the conference.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


National Forum meeting on 03-10-16:

To make the following agitation call by the central HQ a big success a meeting of Chennai Telephones circle N F B W is being called on October-03 ( Monday) at NFTE Union office in Flower Bazaar complex.
1. Call attention Day on 18-10-2016: Lunch hour Demonstration at CGM office in Purasawalkam.
2. Daylong Dharna at Anna Nagar exchange on 24-10-16.
It may be recalled that NFTE and its alliance partners have announced the above two programs to demand settlement of 13 important demands including formation of 3 rd wage revision negotiating committee and Bonus for 2014-2015 & 2015-2016. Posters/ Banners are being prepared to distribute to branches shortly. Prepare the employees to make both the nation wide agitation a big success in Chennai Telephones. NFTE / TEPU / SEWA / PEWA / AIBOBCEWA jointly preparing for the success of our agitation. Involve every Comrade in this.  Click1,


Grand Farewell to Com. Padmanabhan on 30-09-2016:

Our Anna road External-4 branch Union Secretary Padmanabhan , T T has retired on 30-09-16 after completing 37 years of meritorious service. To felicitate him a farewell meeting was organised on 30-09-16 at Anna road exchange in which Comrades CKM, Ramasamy, Rajasekaran, Sabapathi, Nagarajan, Kothandababu, Sundaramurthy and leaders of TEPU, FNTO and many NFTE leaders and DE, SDE, wished him a very happy retired life . He has donated Rs.5000 to circle Union on his retirement.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Successful RGB meeting on 28-09-16:

The special Representative General Body meeting of the Tamilnadu Telecom Cooperative Society was held in Redhills near Chennai under the presidentship of Com. S. Veeraraghavan , the President of the Telecom Cooperative Society. Prior to the commencement of the meeting all the RGB members were taken to the Vellanur land (88 acres) of the telecom Cooperative Society where the board of directors have already decided to construct Flats for the members / employees. The model Flat built on the site was visited by almost all the RGB members and everyone appreciated the design and quality of construction.
The RGB meeting took many decisions in the interest of our employees who are the members of the telecom cooperative society.Amount of several loans were raised to the tune of Rs.1.70 lacs. As majority members are keen to begin the regular construction work at the earliest and in fact uneasy due to the delay, the president at the end of his speech announced the decision of the board of Directors that initially flats will be constructed in ten acres of land after floating a tender for the said construction work by October 2016 and evaluating the response of the members/ employees to this the next phase of construction work will be taken up .Except very few the whole majority of the RGB members present at the meeting welcomed this announcement very happily. As usual few disgruntled elements walked out of the meeting sensing the mood of the overwhelming majority at the meeting. They immediately released a already prepared statement abusing Comrade S.Veeraraghavan for this bold decision. They wasted five years on this Vellanur land from 2009 to 2013 putting obstacles on the developmental activities of the Society and failed to utilise the vast land in Vellanur in the interest of either society or it's membership. In the name of Party High Command they made the Telecom society a non-functioning society for full five years. Otherwise who prevented them from 2009 to distribute the land or begin construction of flats ? They are interested only in gossiping and rumours. They were busy only in spreading canards and falsehoods against the leaders and comrades who were not blindly following the line of BSNLEU. They should think twice before abusing or criticising others on Land issue. The whole country knew about CPM leadership in West Bengal which lost power there due to the very wrong handling of land. It snatched fertile agricultural Land from the unwilling farmers in Singur and Nandigram only to hand over the same to Tata car company for a very lower rate .So it is better for them to be patient and calm on the issue of Society Land and Construction of Flats.
As we all know that the last RGB election was fought on this very land issue and NFTE alliance trounced BSNLEU at the polls.As all the 21 directors of the Telecom Cooperative Society elected were belong to NFTE led alliance they are duty bound to honour their election promise of constructing flats on the vast land in Vellanur village for distribution of the same at a modest price to the members of the Telecom Society. BSNLEU will become unpopular further if it fails to accept the decision of the majority in a democracy. They should not dictate terms to the board of directors and RGB members to toe their party or union line.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


NFTCL Tamilnadu State Executive Meeting:

NFTCL Tamilnadu State Executive Meeting began at 11am sharply with the Presidential speech of Com. Erode Mali. Telecom Contract Labourers are the future work force of Telecommunications. They must be protected and safeguarded at the most. Com. CKM highlighted the importance of NFTCL in settlement of contract labourers problems in the Tamilnadu state executive meeting held in Chennai on 23-09-16.AITUC state secretary J.Lakshmanan greeted the executive meeting and NFTE /CHQ secretary G. Jayaraman inaugurated the meeting. Com. S.Anandan, State Secretary NFTCL submitted work report and introduced the agenda points. Comrades T.R. Rajasekaran , CHQ / secretary/NFTE and Tamilnadu Circle Treasurer of NFTE comrade L.Subbarayan and many other leaders spoke at the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


District Secretaries reply to CS,BSNLEU:



Circular of Circle secretary:



Meeting with GM(HR) & DGM(HR):

A meeting was called by GM(HR) on 21-09-16 in which both the recognised unions took part and discussed about the method of sharing of 300 rupees incentive among the staff for canvassing and effecting new landline with broadband connections. As no conclusion was reached next meeting was proposed on 24-09-16 at 10.30 hours to finalise it. NFTE Union was represented by Comrades CKM and Elangovan.
In the afternoon our circle Union had a informal Wednesday meeting with DGM(HR). Many pending issues were persued . Comrades CKM,Elangovan, Rajendran, Ravi, Chandrasekaran took part in the discussions.



The formation of NFTCL in North Chennai District was held on 21-09-2016 at Flower Bazaar complex . Nearly 40 contract labourers were given Photo ID cards at this meeting. Comrades M.Parthiban and S. Kothandapani were elected District Union President and Secretary respectively. Comrades CKM, Ramasamy, Babu, Elangovan, Anbu , Parthiban, Kothandapani and many other leaders addressed the meeting. South Chennai NFTCL District Secretary Dharuman participated alongside NFTE South Chennai District Secretary Nagarajan. Contract labourers from FBR,HBR , Kelly's and Annanagar exchanges enthusiastically took part in this meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Meeting with CGM on 20-09-2016:

Circle Union met the Chief General Manager today and discussed important issues of the employees. We suggested to her to observe this year's foundation day of BSNL on October-01 in Chennai Telephones as a day of reconnecting the customers whose connections were disconnected for whatever the reason. She has informed us that the management is prepared to get back the outstanding dues in easy instalments for the sake of winning back the customers.
Comrades C.K.M,Ramasamy,Elangovan ,Rajendran and Ravi took part in the meeting which lasted for two hours. We expressed our appreciation to the GM( Finance) for the speedy follow up action taken by him on our request to immediately pay the Subsistence allowance to Com. Manoharan, T T of Flower Bazaar which was not paid to for two months.


Where are the Patriots and Pseudo Patriotism gone now?:

During the Modi's two and half years rule many incidents have occurred on our borders with the Pakistan resulting in the brutal death of our Soldiers. Most important attacks were in Pathankot air station and the recent army camp in Uri . But no counter action was ever initiated so far by Modi & Co. I just imagine if Congress was ruling the country during these incidents what would have been the reaction of BJP and its leadership for this. They would have lectured from the roof tops claiming the Patriotism for themselves and demanded military attack on Pakistan and its trained terrorist groups. But now see their muted reaction. Had Congress in power now they would have called the names and abused it in choicest words. They might've questioned the patriotism of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi if not of Dr. Manmohan Singh. But it is worth while to mention here the reaction of Congress party which is sober and matured. Unlike BJP it never indulged in Jingoism and Pseudo Patriotism during such attacks on our country. Even during Vajpayee time the Kargil incident took place much to the embracement of NDA government, the Congress didn't utilised these incidents to abuse or question the patriotism of BJP leadership.
Now coming to the point the Nation is expecting a stern action immediately on these terrorists and their backer Pakistan military and ISI . Looking to USA and UN to come to India's Defence is foolish and wrong calculation. India expect some action from Modi and his Pseudo patriots at once.


PLI Issue (BONUS):

Staff side members for PLI committee met the CMD BSNL and requested to ensure payment of PLI (BONUS) for 2014-2015 before PUJA festival. CMD BSNL informed Committee Members, that he has already approved Rs.3000/- for payment of PLI ( BONUS) for the year 2014-15.


General council meeting on 24/09/2016:

All Branch/Divisional/ District secretaries along with Circle office bearers and special invitees are requested to attend the General council meeting of the circle union on September-24(Saturday) at about 03.00PM in Dinroze Exchnage compound. The Circle president M. K.Ramasamy will preside the meeting. The following shall be the agenda;
1. Rewiew of September-02 Nationwide General strike.
2. Fixing dates for Divisional Conferences.
3. Pending issues.
4. Organisational review.
5. Agitational call by CHQ/ National Forum.
All are requested to attend the meeting in time.


Immortal Classic:

The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace was one of the longest novel ever written. It has 600 characters.In 361chapters he closed his novel in 1500 pages.It was published in 1869 and was translated in almost all languages in the world and many films and Television serials were made based on his novel.Actually this novel define the Russian culture and history of a period between 1805-1812.
Napoleon's failed invasion of Russia in 1812 and the country's response to this war crisis was captured in an authentic way in this novel by Tolstoy which led many to conclude that this is not a fiction but a historical record written.To write this gigantic novel he worked hard for many years on the manuscript. Originally he gave his novel the simple title of 1805. But at a later stage only he retitled as War & Peace.
He once wrote,"In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments, the governments alone, independent of the interest of the people, to whom war is always pernicious even when successful." This opinion about war is universally relevant even today. It is this universality that lends Tolstoy's fiction to imaginative contemporary renderings.
A lingering insight of the experience of oneself immersing in War&Peace is that every human being is integrally connected with one another. While none of us can control the large impersonal forces of history, war and death, each of us can make positive choices in our everyday lives- choices that help create happiness for ourselves, our families and our communities.
Tolstoy's opinion is that heroes and great leaders are not creating history as the generally held notion but it is created as the result of many smaller events driven by thousands of individuals involved in it. This novel depicts and recreates the happenings in and around Moscow and St. Petersburg in 19 th century.


Felicitation to Com. Kumar,Erode:

After completing 36 years of service in BSNL and NFTE comrade Kumar retired on 31-08-2016. My friendship with him dates back to 1985. He was an active and astute District Secretary of NFTE. He is a ferocious reader and a intelligent thinker. He is a best friend of comrade Mali and maintained a very close relationship with Mali's family. Today utilising my visit to Erode I felicitated him in the party meeting as I was in abroad at the time of his retirement on 31-08-2016.  Click1,


Happy to meet Coimbatore Comrades on 09-09-16:

After a brief hiatus today I met Coimbatore comrades at the NFTE Union office and had a fruitful discussion with them. Comrades SSG,Subbarayan, Roberts , Ramakrishnan,Semmal Amudam and number of leaders spoke on the need for Organisational unity and explained the issues pertaining to BSNL. At the end I spoke in detail about the current challenges and our responsibilities.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Abhimanyu stands exposed:

Two meetings were held by PLI ( Bonus) committee on 28-08-2016 and 05-09-2016. The management has offered to give only 1100 rupees as PLI for 2014-2015 financial year in these meetings despite request from NFTE and BSNLEU for enhancing the amount. The amount of PLI for 2015-2016 will be declared by the management soon. This is the factual and actual position on PLI ( Bonus).
When the election campaign for the seventh membership verification was in full swing few months ago ,BSNLEU General Secretary Abhimanyu spread a false propaganda that NFTE agreed with the management for two digit ( 99 rupees) bonus. This low campaign by BSNLEU was undertaken only to get few votes more than NFTE in the verification ballot. It is now exposed. Abhimanyu and his followers should say sorry or express apology to Com. Islam , who was humiliated and abused throughout the country due to the falsehood propaganda by BSNLEU. Never. That was to be expected from decent and civilised people and not from Abhimanyu.


NFTCL State E.C meeting on23-09-16 at Chennai:

The Tamilnadu state union of NFTCL has decided to hold its Executive Committee meeting at Chennai on September-23. It's State Secretary S.Anandan informed Chennai Telephones NFTE circle Union this and requested us to participate and greet the meeting. We offered our fullest cooperation for the successful conductance of this meeting.
The most exploited workers in Telecom Sector today are Contract Labourers. They did not enjoy the concept of Equal pay for Equal work. In many places even the legal minimum wages are denied to them. The contractors are exploiting them to the maximum taking advantage of rampant unemployment prevailing in each and every sector of Industry in our country. We know in some places the PF amount collected from them were not at all remitted in to their PF accounts promptly. Such is the condition of these telecom contract labourers. If Union is formed to settle their grievances immediately the contractors stopped the work and these very labourers denied their livelihood- daily wages. Even in BSNL which is supposed to be a model employer the situation is very bad in many places.
NFTCL Tamilnadu State committee is doing it's job very effectively and intervened in every single exploitation and sought the help of Labour Commissioner office promptly. It has filed many court cases and won the denied facilities. We appreciate the work of NFTCL State office bearers particularly its Secretary S.Anandan. It is needless to point out that NFTCL must be strengthened further to end the exploitation of contract labourers in Telecom Sector.


A Call for Review: Supreme Court’s Decision on Reliance Jio:

The Supreme Court has ignored evidence of apparent forgery and auction-rigging while dismissing a petition seeking to quash the government's decision permitting Reliance Jio to provide voice telephone services over fourth-generation spectrum. The company, headed by India's richest man, has also failed to meet its roll-out obligations. The apex court should review its decision.  Read More



Due to advance made in telecom technology now voice calls are possible on data. Many of us are already using WhatsApp application to make voice calls even for our international contacts without having any ISD facility on our mobiles. Some of us used to have even video calls for our national/ international contacts very frequently . Hence nothing new or Revolutionary in Reliance JIO company's announcement few days ago that hereafter one will not pay for his/ her voice calls on using JIO telecom service. Actually it is a fraudulent announcement to hoodwink the people and to attract migration of customers from rival telecom service providers to Reliance JIO. When this company is not going to offer free data to its customers the voice call through data will be automatically get billed/ charged through the collection of data charge. Thus voice call charge will be collected indirectly by that company. Hence it is a unadulterated lie that Reliance JIO will offer free voice calls henceforth. Unfortunately the TRAI and TDSAT which were formed to regulate the telecom business and ensure fair play alongside overseeing the customers are not cheated or exploited in any way by any telecom operators are maintaining deafening silence. Whether their inaction is due to the close proximity of Mukesh Ambani with the Prime Minister of our country? Maybe.



On 24-09-2016 ( Saturday) at 3 pm the meeting of the General Council of the Circle Union will be held in Dinroze RSU exchange compound. All are requested to attend the meeting in time. District/ Divisional Secretaries are to ensure the presence of their branch Secretaries in this meeting. Circle office bearers and Special invitees are also requested to attend the meeting without fail.


September-2nd General Strike

In Chennai Telephones circle nearly 1685 employees participated in the nationwide General Strike. This works about approximately 25.20% of total staff strength of 6500 which also includes 1300 officers who haven't participated in today's strike. We would have been doubly happy if more number of employees had joined the strike. However this is more than the figure for 2015 Sep-2 strike. In a way it is an improvement. Despite INTUC joined in this nationwide strike its affiliate Union FNTO in BSNL didn't participate in this strike.
NFTE can be proud of the fact that our members in large numbers actively took part in this strike. At Thiruvallur , Thiruthani and many more places the strike was 100%. However it was minimal in Administrative offices where BSNLEU 's membership was more.
We thank all comrades who have participated in today's strike and appreciate all those who were actively involved in organising this strike.


Will the Left Front express regret and tender public apology to the peasants of Singur at least now?:

In a remarkable judgment on 31-08-2016 , the Supreme Court of India directed the Tata Group company to return the 997 acres of land forcibly taken away from the peasants of Singur area in the state of West Bengal within 12 weeks. Thus the legal battle began on this land grab by Tatas in 2011 comes to an end in 2016. This blunder by the Left front actually ended its rule over West Bengal since 1977.
On coming to power Miss. Mamata Banerjee rightly passed a law to return this land to the farmers themselves in2011. But Tata company began litigation against this decision of the state government first in West Bengal High court and thereafter in Supreme Court. Miss . Mamata as Chief Minister fulfilled her main promise now and genuinely happy at this judgment. But what is the Left Front doing? In the name of industrialisation the CPM party leaders forget their ideology and politics behaved like Land brokers to help Tatas to get vast fertile agricultural land . These lands were forcibly grabbed from the peasants not for a public cause but to help a private monopoly company. What sort of Marxism they studied and practiced in that state is baffling many even today. Power that too continued absolute political power blinded the CPM leadership.
Now the Left front must honestly and with all humility express sincere regret and unconstitutional apologies to the people of Bengal particularly to the peasants of Singur area so that it regain its lost popularity soon.
Lastly one is puzzled at the attitude of the Tata company in pursuing the court cases for this land even after shifting the Nano car company to the state of Gujarat after strong protest against that project. Why they want still this land which was grabbed to build the car factory which was shifted out of the state. There lies the greed for land by these monopolies. Why CPM did not realise all these in 2005/2006?.


Retirement of Com. T.Dhansingh,Assistant Circle Secretary:

Com. T.Dhansingh, Assistant Circle Secretary of our Union is retiring on 31-08-2016 after a long innings in P&T, DOT and BSNL. He is a very good organiser who practically looked after the entire West Area consisting of Four Divisions apart from helping Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram District unions. He is a silent worker who talks less but work more. On his retirement already he gave rupees 15000 as donation to the circle Union and today he presented a nice momento all office bearers of the circle Union at his well attended farewell meeting in Kodambakkam. We wish him a very very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Grand Union Function on 31-08-2016 at Kodambakkam exchange:

Two divisional conferences of Kodambakkam and Vadapalani were held jointly with Flag-hoisting by Circle President MKR and inauguration of pillar . Comrades P. Karunanidhi and J. Patrick Shylock were elected unanimously as Divisional Secretaries of Kodambakkam and Vadapalani respectively.
Hundreds of comrades enthusiastically took part in this function and heard the speeches of leaders with rapt attention.The leaders appealed all to organise and participate in the nationwide general strike. TEPU, FNTO leaders greeted our ACS Dhansingh on his retirement on 31-08-2016.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Farewell meeting at Kalmandapam exchange on 30-08-2016:

To celebrate the retirement of Com. A. Manoharan, our Divisional union president there a meeting was organised. DGM, DE and our circle Union office bearers and District Union office bearers spoke high about Com. Manoharan who has completed 37 years of service and to be retired on 31-08-16.
Com. CKM and circle Treasurer Ravi utilised this opportunity to explain the demands for the nationwide strike on 02-09-2016 and appealed to one and all to participate in the General Strike.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Extended CEC meeting on 29-08-2016:

To plan the nationwide general strike on 02-09-16 in Chennai Telephones the meeting was held at Dinroze exchange compound. Comrades MKR, CKM, Elangovan, Nagarajan, Solairaj, Ragunathan,Ekambaram , T R Rajasekaran (CHQ) and TEPU circle Secretary Vijayakumar spoke and explained the strike demands. To garner full support for the strike lunch hour meetings will be held in the following 15 centres on 01-09-2016. The leaders of NFTE,TEPU, PEWA will participate in these meetings.
1. Kalmandapam
2. Flower Bazaar
12.KK nagar
14.Anna road
All are requested to make these meetings and thereafter the general strike a big success.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


BMS is in it's True form and colour?:

The General Strike declared on 2-September2016 by all Central Trade Unions is neither first of its kind nor going to be the last one as the Governments at the centre were used to follow the pro-rich and anti-people economic policies. When UPA Governments led by Congress was in power from 2004 to 2014 the central Trade Unions conducted massive nationwide Strikes in which INTUC involved itself sincerely and worked hard for the success of those strikes although Congress was the ruling party. But ever since NDA came to power BMS unions become silent and soft towards the Government at the centre. In 2015 when similar strike was called by all the central TU s at the last minute BMS backtracked and betrayed the working people and damaged the unity among unions. Despite this the strike was huge and successful. Now also BMS is more sympathetic towards Modi & Amit Shah than its own Union members and the working people. BMS is formed and guided by RSS and will never serve the interests of the working people and the toiling masses. Still as per the records it is the number one in membership among all central Trade Unions in India. This is the ironical situation in our country. In BSNL also we tasted the betrayal of BMS Union in 2000 September 6 when three federations began strike for the protection of Government bonus to DOT employees even after the corporatisation. BMS Union accepted the one thousand rupees offered by the Vajpayee government then in power and betrayed that glories three days strike from the second day itself. Of course CPM backed Union was also totally worked against that strike was another shock.
We must make this September-2 strike a big success nationwide. All workers must get a minimum wage of Rs.15000 and no one should get less than Rs 3000 as monthly pension. No privatisation/ Disinvestment of Public Sector Undertakings. No work permanent job should be given on contract . Labour laws should not be amended to help the employers and snatch the little trade union rights available to the working people of our country. All these demands are in the best interests of both our country and people.
In BSNL we have served notice separately to the management adding few more demands including the immediate discussion for third wage revision. As a part and parcel of the working class of India we need to participate and organise the nationwide General strike on 02-08-2016 unmindful of betrayals by some unions like BMS whose main interest is to serve their political masters.


Reached Chennai after two week holiday:

I hope from Monday ( 29-08-2016) I can begin my usual activities. To prepare for the September-2 nationwide General Strike called by all central Trade Unions including NFTE-BSNL a meeting of the extended circle Executive will be held at 3 pm on 29-08-2016 in the Dinroze RSU compound. All circle Union office bearers , District/ Divisional Secretaries besides Special invitees should attend the meeting in time.


Extended Circle Executive Meeting on 29-08-2016:

The meeting of extended CEC will be held on August-29 at 3 pm at Dinroz RSU complex. Main agenda will be making the September -2 General Strike a success in BSNL , Chennai Telephones.
Hence All Divisional/ District Secretaries and Circle office bearers along with invitees must attend the meeting Positively.


Thanks com.Natarajan:

Accepting our invitation today T.N. Circle Secretary Natarajan came to the Dharna at Mambalam exchange along with TEPU Circle Secretary Krishnan and spoke well on our demands.We thank him for his participation and speech.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


National Forum Dharna on 12-08-16:

National Forum Dharna on 12-08-16 at Mambalam exchange began at 10.30 am. Nearly 350 comrades actively took part in . Slogans were continuously shouted by comrades in between the speeches of leaders of NFTE, TEPU , SEWA , PEWA and OBC EWA. Tamilnadu Forum leaders Natarajan and Krishnan greeted the Dharna. PEWA General Secretary Masilamani delivered the Keynote address and NFBW convenor Vijayakumar inaugurated the Dharna while Chairman CKM presided.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


First Success for National Forum:

We are very happy to inform that our long pending demand for granting HRA on 78.2% IDA merger has now been approved by the BSNL management . Formal order may be issued any time. Even before the start of our Nationwide Dharna on 12-08-16 one of its main demand has been settled. Naturally this is the first victory for our newly formed National Forum of BSNL workers.
Although orders for the merger of 78.2% IDA was issued by our joint struggle on 10-06-2013 till now we are getting HRA only on the old 68.8% IDA. For three years the management was cheating us. The main recognised Union was as usual sleeping. Only when NFTE took up this issue very seriously the management's position changed. But it's assurance was not implemented immediately . Hence National Forum served notice for nationwide Dharna for settlement of demands including grant of HRA on 78.2% IDA. Now at last the management has approved it. We thank the leadership of NFBW for settling this important demand.


CHQ assured us to intervene!:

Just now I received phone calls from Comrades Islam and S.S.Gopalakrishnan. Both have assured us to take up the wrong and partisan attitude of CGM in organising the SWAS programme on 10-08-2016 in total contradiction to corporate office instructions with CMD and Director (HR) .I was told by Com. SSG who is at the HQ that tomorrow he along with General Secretary and President will apprise the wrong attitude of both the CGMs of Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones to the top management. I also came to know Tamilnadu, Andhra circles also have decided to boycott tomorrow's SWAS event. Thanks for the immediate response of Comrades Islam and SSG.


CGM acts contrary to the instructions of Corporate Headquarters on SWAS:

The BSNL has instructed all the CGMs in the country to observe SWAS by organising some events on 10-08-2016 to popularise the SWAS project. But instead of involving all the unions in implementing this our CGM was misguided by BSNLEU and she involved only that union in the process. Our National Forum leaders Vijayakumar and Elangoven met the CGM and conveyed our protest for acting in a partisan way totally contrary to the instructions of corporate Headquarters instructions on SWAS programme . We also in writing informed our position to disassociate with the events to be organised on 10-08-2016.


Com.G.Jayaraman's farewell function at Cuddalore:

At Com. G.Jayaraman's farewell function with Comrades C. Mahendran, R.Thirumalai( AIYF/General Secretary) and L.Subbarayan, C.K.Mathivanan,Erode Mali and other veteren leaders from NFTE have spoke in this occasion.Com. C.Mahendran, CPI National Executive Committee member and Editor of Tamil literary monthly THAMARAI participated as a chief guest. Hundreds of comrades from Tamilnadu and Chennai took part in this meeting and greeted our beloved secretary Com.Jayaraman.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Govindarajan is expert in Collection-Cheating & Fraud:

In the website of BSNLEU Chennai Telephones we found an article against Com. CKM and other office-bearers of NFTE which is totally false and biased. We challenge Govindarajan to substantiate and prove those allegations against us.
Collecting huge amount for request transfers from his union members is a fact which is known to many BSNLEU members. Further he should rewind his mind to find out why he has left Erode at dead end of the night night and got transfer to Chengleput SSA on an emergency. Govindarajan has no right to criticise others for irregularities and corrupt practices since he himself is the embodiment of malpractice.
We know very recently that more than 50000 rupees was collected from an employee by Govindarajan for getting a transfer for that employee. We have a long list of such transfers which he got misusing the recognised status of his union. He must not forget why Sowbakkia wet grinder producer chased him all the way from Erode to Chennai. Instead of realising his mistakes in obstructing the 104 TM cadre promotions honestly he has thrown false allegations against us. We can't tolerate such nonsense . We all know his loyalty and sincerity and how he managed to betray his party to retain his union post. Such a person should not talk or write falsehood about NFTE leadership which is second to none in battling against corruption and misdeeds.


Massive Dharna by National Forum in Chennai Telephones:

Massive Dharna by National Forum in Chennai Telephones on 04-08-2016 during Lunch hour at CGM's office.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Story of a cruel mother-in-law!:

Today we met the DGM(HR) and enquired about the delay in conducting counciling for 54 Technician vacancies in the erstwhile Chengleput area as agreed upon last month.I also spoke to GM(HR) and CGM today on this issue. From my discussion and conversation with these senior officers I gathered the impression that BSNLEU circle Secretary was behind this delay as he was perturbed with our demand to fill up those 54 Technician vacancies latest by 15-08-2016 as the 280 trained people are waiting for these promotions for more than 14 years. BSNLEU Circle Secretary it seems questioned the management about NFTE giving ultimatum to effect promotions to the unfortunate 54 People of which some may even retire soon without getting this promotion after a painful wait of 14 years. We are only concerned about the inordinate delay and try our maximum to get them promoted so that they get some increase in pay as well as pension after retirement. But BSNLEU is behaving like a crude mother- in -law who wish her daughter -in-law to become a widow even if her own son dies in the process. BSNLEU failed to get them promotions despite being a sole recognised Union for long since 2004.
After our strong objection for the delay now the management has called a meeting with both the unions on 11-08-16. We hope the leadership of BSNLEU will no more act against those RMs whose promotions are being delayed due to the bloated ego of Com.Govindarajan.


Well said Mr.Jairam Ramesh!:

The reforms in Indian economy were under taken by the congress duo P. V. Narasimha Rao - Dr. Manmohan Singh in 1991 as Prime Minister and Finance Minister. 25 long years have since passed but the promises given to the people on introduction of these reforms at the instigation of World Bank- IMF authorities are still unkept . Poverty or unemployment are not wiped out as promised by Congress Government and thereafter NDA Government so far . The gap between the rich and poor people got increased and widened as these reforms progressed all these 25 years despite stiff opposition by Central Trade unions and Communist parties. Many General strikes and numerous demonstrations were conducted successfully nationwide against these pro- rich economic reforms . But the governments of both Congress and BJP adamantly following the same policies without any let up. Actually there is no difference in this between both Congress and BJP.
But now few in these parties have started speaking the truth after realising the bitter results of these ill advised economic reforms in the name of Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation. One such person is Congress leader and Former minister in the UPA governments under Dr. Manmohan Singh Dr.Jairam Ramesh.Speaking on a platform organised to analyse the results of these reforms in the past 25 years he openly said few things which were told all these years by only the Leaders of Communist Parties and Trade Unions.
He said:
1.While India's private health system has become world class, the public health system had suffered.
2.After 1991, inequality increased,public health and education system have collapsed.
3.Inequality has sharply increased. In fact inequality had gone up during this period of reforms. It has become worse in access to health and educational services. These so called reforms are mainly aimed at increasing the wealth of rich and powerful people like Ambani, Adani and Vijay Mallaiah. The poor have become very poor and rich became super rich. On September-2 the trade unions are going to strike work nationwide once again to protest against these reforms. NFTE-BSNL has already endorsed this strike and hence all of us to organise this strike in BSNL successfully to protect BSNL, the Country and our poor people.


National Forum met CGM on 29-07-16:

The Chennai Telephones circle N F met today CGM and handed over the charter of demands which included local issues apart from National level demands. The CGM gave a very patient hearing and agreed to examine the local issues mentioned. She also sought our cooperation for improving the quality of our services and efficiency of work force. We assured the CGM our full cooperation to the management in the development and growth of BSNL.Comrades J.Vijayakumar, K. M. Elangovan and E.Prabhakaran took part in this discussion.
As per our earlier decision on 04-08-2016 (Thursday) a massive demonstration during lunch time at CGM's office and on 12-08-2016 (Friday) at Mambalam exchange full day Dharna will be held by National Forum. To Make both the programme successful all our comrades must act now.


Welcome to Chennai com. Natarajan,the newly elected CS, NFTE of TN circle:

This morning Com. Natarajan, Circle Secretary of Tamilnadu spoke to me and informed about his arrival on 29-07-16 in Chennai for the first time after his election to the post of Circle Secretary for the customary introductory meeting with the CGM/ TN along with the new office bearers of circle Union who all were elected at the recent conference in Vellore. I welcomed on behalf of Chennai Telephones and greeted him.
I also requested him to inaugurate our DHARNA on 12-08-2016 at Mambalam exchange complex in response to the call given by National Forum of BSNL workers. He has readily agreed to our request and for that I thanked him . We wish him all success.


Meeting with GM ( HR) on 27-07-16:

The circle union leaders CKM , Ramasamy, Elangovan, Rajendran and Ravi met the GM (HR) today and discussed many pending/ new issues including the immediate reinstatement of Com. Anbu , Promotions in the cadre of T T( formerly Telecom mechanic), Redeployment of staff of Cable Construction and maintenance divisions , Request transfers to non- optees who were compulsorily shifted to respective business area offices as more than one and half years have passed,arrangements for collecting cheques from CSC ( Kanchipuram), allotment of type 2 quarter in JJR nagar P&T quarters on special category to Com.Velmurugan who is the captain of the BSNL national cricket team and utilisation of vacant spaces in Annanagar/ Kellys/ Adyar/ Mambalam exchange buildings by shifting offices located in the rented buildings so that the expenditure on rents is reduced considerably.The management was represented by DGM, AGM, SDE (SR).


Best Wishes & Happy retired life Com.S.Valarmathi, TM/RKNagar Extl:

Com.S.Valarmathi, TM / RKNagar Extl. Who is retiring on 31-07-2016 after 19 years of active service in BSNL was greeted by Com. CKM at union office in the presence of comrades Elangovan, Nagarajan and Paranthaman. He donated Rs.2000/- to the circle Union. We wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,


National FORUM in agitation mode!:

The Chennai Telephones unit of N F has decided the following agitation : August-04-- massive lunch hour demonstration. at CGM's office.(1.30 PM).
August-10---Dharna at Mambalam Exchange ( from 2 pm to 5 pm)
1. Stop threatening the employees who completed the age of 55 under BSNL CDA Rules-2006 with any notice.
2.Stop privatising the external plant where no cable Pairs are available.
3. Remove the difficulties experienced by employee s in BSNLMRS.
4. Modify the rules for the compassionate appointm ents from the existing MARKS system which has Denied even genuine requests for appointment.
5. Improve the quality of mobile telephone service.
6. Minimise the expenditure on RENTS by judicially Utilising the empty spaces/ lands etc.
7. DOT cell is working on snail's speed which resul ted in heavy delay in granting pension to VRS and normal pensioners.
8. Fill up the TM( Technician ) vacancies by 15th August to wipe out the waiting list for TMs.


NFTCL to meet the CGM , Maharashtra to seek his intervention in Sholapur District Contract Labour Problem:

he GM of Sholapur SSA in BSNL has not acted on his assurances weeks ago given to NFTCL to extend the tender period so that work is not stopped and workers are not denied the wages. But till now he is dodging and delaying resulted in hundreds of poor contract Labourers unemployed and lost their wages. It seems the said GM is trying the oldest trick in the book to tire out our comrades by making them starve and suffer. We warn him not to play with the life of contract Labourers to please the contractors. If needed we may organise agitation against him.
Meanwhile NFTCL National President, R.K.Kohli will meet the CGM , Maharastra in Mumbai on 26-07-2016 to seek his intervention and make complaint against the GM, Sholapur. We hope some positive development this week. Our Sholapur comrades demanded fair and legal wages apart from implementation of Industrial Disputes Act in letter and spirit.



We congratulate all the newly elected office bearers of T N circle NFTE Union who were unanimously elected at the circle conference in Vellore on 22-07-16. We wish Comrades P. Kamaraj, K.Natarajan and L.Subbarayan who were elected as Circle President , Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively all success in their Union capacity. The Chennai Telephones circle Union will extend its arm of Cooperation to the TN circle Union for better understanding and coordination. We wish Com. Pattabi who relinquished the Circle Secretary post after nine years of Stewardship of TN circle Union a very happy retired life and hope his guidance and support will be always available to the Union despite his stepping down from the position.


Tamilnadu Circle Union conference:

More than 1000 comrades enthusiastically participated in the fifth Circle conference of NFTE at Katpadi ( Vellore) on 21-07-2016. I spoke at the open session in the evening in which CPI state Secretary R.Muthatasan, AITUC state general Secretary T.M.Murthy ,TEPU general secretary Subburaman and SEWA national president P.N.Perumal also addressed the delegates.I am Immensely happy and satisfied at the complete unity brought about. I thank comrades RK, Mali for supporting me in full measure in my efforts to bring back unity once again . I hope every single delegate who witnessed this unity conference for the last two days will return very much enthused and energised. However I am sorry for those who expected a trouble in this conference and hoped to fish in the troubled waters.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Very very sad news:

Com.J.Vijayakumar (Dy.GS/TEPU) our National Forum Convenor lost his brother Mr . Kugan aged only 47 all of a sudden today due to massive heart attack. We convey our sincere and deep condolences to him and the family of the bereaved. His another brother expired only few months ago and he has not fully recovered yet from that shock itself. Now the second shock has come. We wish him to stand against these shocks firmly.
The funeral may be on 21-07-16 by 10.30 hrs as per unconfirmed reports. On behalf of our National Forum and NFTE we will pay our last respects to the departed soul at 9.30 hrs in his residence at 17- Govardhandas street opposite to Perambur Carriage Railway station. R I P.


National Forum in Chennai Telephones met today:

National Forum in Chennai Telephones met today and decided to organise agitation on nine point charter of demands that affects the employees and company severely. Demonstration at CGM office- 04-08-16.
Dharna at Mambalam Exchange- 10-08-16.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


National forum of BSNL workers-Meet:

National forum of BSNL workers in Chennai Telephones will meet today in its first after the formation meeting (20/07/2016 )at 11am in Union office of NFTE at Flower Bazaar complex.


Meeting with CGM and GM ( HR ) on 19-07-2016:

Meeting with CGM and GM ( HR ) on 19-07-2016. Circle union leaders CKM, Elangovan and Rajendran today met both the CGM and GM ( HR) in CGM's chamber and discussed the following issues : 1. Reinstatement of com. Anbu as per the High court judgment in March 2015.
2. Promotion of 101 RMs as Technician ( formerly TM).
3.Outsourcing the non- feasible areas to private parties - opposition of NFTE to this move by corporate office.
4. Redeployment of staff in acute shortage areas.
5.Release of with held JTO results.
6. Relieving of employees from VIjay Project if they are willing to work in out door plants.


Grand felicitation to Com. Islam on 18-07-2016:

Grand felicitation to Com. Islam on 18-07-2016 by chennai Telephones circle Union on account of his tireless effort to annul the retrograde pension order of DOT dt.15-06-2006.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Com.Islam visited our circle Union office:

Com. Islam visited our circle Union office and we discussed some issues. Secretaries of CHQ comrades Jayaraman and Rajasekaran have accompanied us.  Click1,


Wish every success to the Tamilnadu circle union's Conference at Vellore beginning on 21-07-2016:

On behalf of Chennai Telephones circle Union we extend our warm greetings and best wishes to all the delegates, leaders , office- bearers and organisers of the circle conference of Tamilnadu which is the strongest bastion for NFTE-BSNL in the whole of the country. Our circle secretary was invited to participate in it. Com. CKM will attend the conference and greet personally for the success of the conference . We hope this conference will be a historic one as it will restore and rebuild the unity unlike the last conference held in Madurai.
As usual this circle conference is expected to take many important decisions in the light of the conclusions of the recently concluded NEC meeting in Newdelhi .We congratulate the new team to be elected for the circle Union in advance and assure our best cooperation in strengthening our NFTE.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Insensitive or Ignorance?:

During our Newdelhi visit myself and com. K. M. Elangovan today visited the office of the Central Vigilance Officer( CVO) of BSNL and sought to know the reasons for the inordinate delay in reinstating K. Anbu , T. M.( Technician) of Guduvanchery who was dismissed from service several years ago. On his appeal the High court of Madras quashed the charges levelled against him and ordered his reinstatement in March 2015.
However the management in Chennai Telephones wasted time to promptly act on the court judgment . Our union intervened and pressed for his reinstatement . After this the court order was obtained and forwarded to the corporate office first. When we met the officer who was dealing this particular case in Newdelhi it was told the delay was due to CVO office no reply. When today we met the officers at CVO office we were told that the case is pending with DOT. Undaunted by these irresponsible answers we contacted the concerned officer in DOT today evening. Shockingly she informed us that no need to send the court judgment to DOT as the CGM chennai herself could have implemented the court order and reinstated the dismissed employee . We felt very sad at this . For the past 16 months this case of reinstatement is hanging on fire and the affected person is running pillar to post .When the rule is clear that only for dismissing a BSNL employee who was absorbed into BSNL from DOT prior approval needs to be obtained from DOT, why then the Chennai Telephones management forwarded the court order for reinstatement of Anbu to DOT instead of immediately acting on the court judgment ?On my return to Chennai tomorrow afternoon I intend to meet the CGM/GM(HR) to see that the official is reinstated within 24 hours positively.


T V interview in Delhi Union office:

When I was in the NEC meeting I got a call from a T V channel for an interview. I told my inability as I am not in Chennai. But the moment they came to know that I am in Delhi they deputed their reporter and camera person in Delhi without any delay. I had to accept their request and gave a brief interview sitting in our NFTE Headquarters.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


CMD participated in the second day session of the NEC meeting:

CMD participated in the second day session of the NEC meeting and addressed it. Com. Hanumanthappa, Dy. GS,SEWA also attended today's session.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Thanks Com. Pattabi !:

In his speech on 14-07-16 at the ongoing NEC meeting in Newdelhi today he congratulated all the circles which won and improved their vote share considerably since 2002.
The Tamilnadu Circle Secretary pointedly appreciated the Chennai Telephones circle for increasing 6 % of votes over BSNLEU in a most competitive situation prevailing in Metro City like Chennai. He appealed to all gathered at the NEC meeting to congratulate Chennai Telephones circle Union by loud clippings. We are happy at this gesture of Com. Pattabi.
The issue of STR set up which was there for few years and spoiling the relationship between TN and Chennai Telephones circle unions. Today morning we both met in the presence of CHQ leaders at the Union office and arrived at a unanimous conclusion . Asper this solution a new STR circle Union will be formed at the initiative of the CHQ along with WTR , ETR in line with NTR circle union. The members of Territorial circles will be transferred to these new maintenance circles on the formation of STR , ETR and WTR circle unions. We are thankful for Com. Pattabiraman and S.S.Gopalkrishnan for extending their helpful hand for friendship and cooperation between our two neighbouring circles. Let us hope this positive development beginning at this NEC meeting will flourish further for the growth of NFTE in the state of Great Tamilnadu.
 Click1,  Click2,


Com.C K M spoke in the evening secession of NEC meeting on 13-07-16:

In his 30 minutes speech which was appreciated by every one, Comrade CKM welcomed the formation of National Forum of BSNL Workers and urged the leadership to strengthen it by expanding it with the inclusion of many other unions. He congratulated the comrades for achieving the second recognition for NFTE despite the false campaign by BSNLEU.
He supported the nationwide one day strike by CPSU Central trade unions on September -2 and appealed to all concerned to effectively organise the said strike. He thoroughly exposed BSNLEU for keeping mum for nearly 10 years from 2006 on the retrograde DOT order restricting the sharing of pension expenditure to only 60% and not 100% as agreed upon in September 2000 in the aftermath of three days historic strike demanding continuance of Government pension even after corporatisation . He appealed to the leadership that the STR issue should be settled as assured to make the chennai circle Union withdraw the boycott decision earlier taken by the extended Circle executive committee meeting on 06-06-2016.
 Click1,  Click2,


First day session of NEC meeting:

First day session of NEC meeting was attended by smt. Sujatha Ray,Director(HR), com. Subburaman, GS, TEPU, CGMs of NTR &NTP,GM (SR), Com.R.K.Kohli,senior leader.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


National Executive meeting begun in Newdelhi:

On the morning of 13-07-2016 the NEC meeting began at the auditorium in Eastern court with the opening speech by Com. Chandeswer Singh , GS . The President of our union Islam Ahemad delivered the presidential speech.Comrades CKM and Elangovan are attending the NEC representing Chennai Telephones Circle.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


General Council Meeting on 12-07-16:

The meeting of the circle union's general council held today in Dinroze RSU compound decided to withdraw the earlier decision of the extended Circle executive committee to boycott the Newdelhi NEC meeting on 13/14 th of July 2016 to protest against the Decision of the CHQ regarding STR issue. Com. CKM informed the General council of the appeal to the circle Union this morning from both Comrades Islam and C.Singh over phone to withdraw the boycott decision and attend the NEC meeting.Both the leaders assured that STR issue will be settled amicably at the NEC meeting.In this background the General council meeting withdrew the boycott decision and permitted comrade CKM to participate in the NEC meeting beginning tomorrow at Newdelhi.
The meeting also decided the list of nominees for circle council and local councils. It was also decided to complete all the Divisional conferences by December 2016 so that all District conferences are to be held in 2017.
Com. TR Rajasekaran , Sec(CHQ) spoke in the meeting along with all District Secretaries and District Presidents and circle Union office bearers. According to the information received from District unions 120 new members are so far enrolled in NFTE . Almost all are from BSNLEU is a very good news for us.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Telecom Society reduced the rate of interest:

Telecom Society reduced the rate of interest as per our request on 24-06-16. We thank the Board of Directors of our Telecom cooperative society for reducing the rate of interest by 1% from the existing 16% as on date in the board's meeting held today. This will be effective from today(11-07-2016). The work for the construction of Flats at Vellanur near Avadi will begin in the month of August 2016 positively after fulfilling all the formalities and completing the required procedures. It may be recalled that our National Forum leaders had met the management of Telecom Society on 24-06-16 and presented a memorandum on the demands including reduction of rate of interest and beginning of Flat Construction work at Vellanur land.Asper today's decision the rate of interest will be 15% with effective from 11-07-2016.


With com. OPG at his home in Delhi Dada Gosh... Bhawan:

With com. OPG at his home in Delhi Dada Gosh... Bhawan. He was the father of the Government Pension to BSNL employees. When the union cabinet decided on 05-07-2016 to correct the wrong and dreadful 15-06-2006 order of DOT , I fondly remember this great leader and a pioneer.  Click1,


General Council Meeting on 12-07-2016:

The meeting of the circle union's General Council will be held on July-12( Tuesday) at 2 pm in Dinroze exchange compound. Com. MKR will preside over the meeting. All branch/ Division/District Secretaries and Circle office- bearers besides the invitees are requested to attend the meeting in time.A four page printed circular and a poster will be distributed to all branches in this meeting. The District secretaries are to ensure more number of new membership as the date for enrolment for new membership closes on 15-07-16 and submit the list of such new members enrolled.


Technician Promotions( Telecom Mechanics):

Our circle Union met the management today and seriously discussed about the wait listed candidates for TM promotions in CPT area. In Chennai area no body is waiting for TM promotion. But those worked in CTO/DTOs , STR , STP and in erstwhile CPT areas as many 280 candidates are in the wait list .Among them nearly 179 candidates are in Chennai and they have declined the TM promotion for the simple reason they are presently working in Chennai area and drawing 30% HRA . They don't want to loose HRA of Chennai on getting posted in CPT areas on TM promotion.
But 101 candidates are waiting for TM promotion are actually working in CPT areas at present without 30% HRA . They are eager to get promotion to TM ( Technician) cadre. In today's discussion we emphasised promotion to all these officials in one go as Chennai is having 51 posts and 50 request transfers to chennai could create further 50 vacancies in CPT area and thus all wait listed candidates working in CPT areas can be promoted. We wanted this process to complete by 15-08-2016. Through this 50 TM cadre officials could get their request transfer from CPT to Chennai area.
We hope the management will complete this in time . On behalf of circle Union comrades MKR,CKM,KME,SR and GP participated in the discussion with DGM(HR&Admn).


Felicitation to Com.Islam Ahmed at Flower Bazaar on 18-07-2016 at 1.30 pm:

The Chennai Telephones circle Union will organise a grand felicitation to the National President of NFTE-BSNL for achieving the cancellation of DOT 's 2006 retrograde order on sharing of Pension expenses between BSNL and DOT in the ratio of 40:60. We all know this order was against the agreement reached in the aftermath of our historic three days strike during September 2000 before corporatisation of DTS into BSNL. Asper the agreement reached with NFTE, FNTO,BTEF the then Vajpayee government ordered for the continuation of government pension to all those who were absorbed in to BSNL on 01-10-2000. The pension was to be paid from the consolidated fund of India . But in 2006 the DOT issued an unjust order restricting its share in the pension expenses to only 60% and put the burden of 40% on BSNL. Further it forced the BSNL to pay for all DOT pensioners who retired even before the formation of BSNL. This naturally drained the already strained financial base of BSNL. But the only recognised Union in BSNL at that time BSNLEU and its leader Namboodiri did not bothered about this danger. Maybe they thought the pension is the baby of O.P.Gupta and NFTE and hence ignored the violations in the pension agreement signed by three Federations. Although NFTE was not a recognised Union for 9 long years since 2004 it did not rest and persistently approached the government. It wrote a detailed letter to the Prime Minister several months ago and persuaded with a missionary zeal. Com. Islam Ahmed played a very important and crucial role in this and he needs to be congratulated. That is the reason our circle Union is organising this felicitation to him without loss of time.All branches are requested to gear up for this function and make it a huge success. Nearly 56 comrades under the leadership of com. M. Parthiban who quit BSNLEU very recently and joined NFTE today will be welcomed and honoured formally at this function and our National President has agreed to felicitate all of them.


Two blunders and one correction:

We received a very happy news today that the central cabinet meeting held hours before has decided to,
1.To remove the DOT’s 60:40 ratio for pension contributions to BSNL employees who were absorbed from DOT/DTS on 01/010/2000 in to BSNL. The DOT’s said order was issued in 2006 when BSNLEU was the only recognized union. Com. Namboodri didn’t oppose it as it was in violation of an agreement reached with NFTE and others who went on strike for three days in 2000 September to demand continuation of Government pension despite Corporatization. Of course Com. Namboodri and his followers did not participate in that Historic strike and in fact opposed it. The pension rules were amended and government pension was agreed from consolidated fund of India. Despite all this DOT issued an order in 2006 restricting it’s pension liability to just 60%. But BSNLEU failed to cancel this retrograde order.
Now due to NFTE’s persistent efforts and its letter to the Prime minister of India recently this issue was deliberated in the cabinet meeting held today and it was decided to remove the DOT’s restriction. This is great victory for us.
2.The union cabinet also today decided to extend the benefit of 78.2% IDA merger to all pensioners who retired before 10.06.2013. This blunder was also due to the carelessness of Com. Abhimanyu, the GS of BSNLEU who agreed in 2012 to leave the pension out in the cold and did not oppose when the order was issued on 10.06.2013 limiting the benefits of 78.2% IDA merger to only those retired on or after 10.06.2013.
Now this blunder also stands removed. We are happy that both the blunders committed by BSNL leaders Namboodri and Abhimanyu are now removed due to the efforts of NFTE particularly Com. Islam and AIBSNL pensioners association particularly Com. P.S. Raman kutty. We congratulate both the leaders for this achievement which will immensely help both serving employees and pensioners as well.


The Power Monger:

We would not have come across a comrade who will be an office-bearer in a employees union as well as in a pensioner association all at the same time. But don't worry. Now a fine example for this is available in our Chennai Telephones circle.
The circle secretary of BSNLEU here has grabbed a post in the Pensioners association CHQ at the recent conference. But this gentleman is abusing others as power mongers etc. Special mention needs to be given that to continue in Circle Secretary Post he betrayed his party which groomed him and gave respectable positions both in the party and Union for a very long time. Now this person wants to gain re entry in to the party from which he was rightly and promptly expelled for his betrayal.So he is enacting some comedy dramas to show he is loyal than the king.But the real party members who stood with the party decisions always are not amused with his dramas and stubbornly opposing his re entry in to the party. Whether Drama wins or Loyalty wins inside the party will be known in few month's time. Let's watch and wait till then.


Farewell meeting at Maraimalai Nagar:

On 30-06-16 a meeting was organised to honour Com. Balaraman, Technician who has retired today after 33 long years of service. We wish him a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Farewell meeting for Com.Md.Haneefa on 30-06-16 at Mambalam exchange:

 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


River of Blood will flow?!:

In a meeting organised in Flower Bazaar on 28-06-16 by BSNLEU a person who was expelled from SEWA-BSNL for misappropriation of huge amount of the association while functioning as it's General Secretary thundered that a blood of river will flow if Flats construction work is to begin on the telecom society land in Vellanur. We wish to clarify certain points regarding this. The decision to construct flats was already taken by the previous board of Directors in which 4 BSNLEU members had also represented . The present board is only implementing the decision already taken. Further in the RGB elections held in 2013 overwhelming majority of Society members endorsed the Flat construction project by not electing a single BSNLEU member as a director of the board. The members rejected the approach of BSNLEU which opposed the construction of Flats.
Recently a team led by BSNLEU members and former Directors Anbumani and Batsha visited the Vellanur building site and seen the model house built there. Some of their team members even expressed happiness and satisfaction at the manner and quality this model house was built. Now the board has to fix the date of laying foundation stone and calling for applications from the interested members. Asper the enthusiasm and eagerness of our employees we hope even BSNLEU members will be in the fore front to submit applications for allotment of flats. This being the actual position an empty vessels noises at Flower Bazaar needs to be ignored by all of us. Our Circle office bearer K.R.Dhandapani and Avadi Divisional union leader Hari recently visited the model Flats in Vellanur and expression full satisfaction and happiness at the way it has been built.


Farewell function at Adyar:

On 29-06-16 a grand function was organised at Adyar exchange to honour Com.Kanniappan, Division Union Secretary who is retiring on 30-06-2016.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Labour Party is anti- Labour in United Kingdom :

After the people of UK voted in majority to exit from the European Union its impact on the world economy/ business is felt acutely. In Britain's domestic political situation also its impact is severely felt.As expected the Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation and ruling Conservative party may elect a new leader soon.
But the opposition Labour Party is also in disarray. Majority MPs passed a no confidence motion against their party leader Jeremy carbyn who was very recently elected with 60% of support to lead the Labour Party and widely expected to be the next Prime Minister of UK. Rightly he rejected the demand for his step down in view of the defeat of Remain campaign.
Labour Party is now filled with leaders who are pro capitalism and close to big business. However Mr. Jeremy works hard to correct the past mistakes so that actually Labour Party represents the working people and not Capitalists. Angered by this move some elements inside the party are trying to build rebellion against this honest and sincere pro worker leader. But the rank and file members of the Labour Party are solidly backing him. This is a welcome development indeed.


Farewell meeting at Perambur :

On 29-06-16 a farewell meeting was organised by Madhavaram division of NFTE to honour the branch Secretary of MMC, M.Jayaraman on his retirement after 30 years of active service. We greet him a happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


What forced Com. Abhimanyu to air dash to Chennai on 28-06-2016? :

Rattled by the victory of NFTE in both Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu circles the local leadership is hard pressed to explain its defeat despite having more membership. Com.Abhimanyu, who is already frustrated due to his failure to cross 50% of votes nationwide is disgusted further due to the defeat in his home state ( Tamilnadu as a whole). Hence they found a easy whipping boy in the form of Tamilnadu Telecom Co-operative Society. They are blaming it for all their troubles so that they can escape from the responsibility of set backs in the seventh membership verification.
Forgetting his position as the General Secretary of the main recognised Union in BSNL he spoke very indecently and abused the leaders of NFTE in Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones out of frustration. He called our leaders as FOOLS for objecting the use of SEWA -BSNL name by one person who is not even a member of that organisation at the moment. Whether he will accept a person expelled from BSNLEU using the name and flag of the Union after his expulsion ? No doubt he is a genius and sharp minded comrade that is why he had signed agreement for 78.2%IDA merger on dotted lines in 2012 even without knowing who is the competent authority to ratify the said agreement. That is why our hapless pensioners are running to the pillar to post for the last 3 years and our employees are getting HRA on 68.8% of IDA merger till today even after the order of management to merge 78.2% of IDA with effect from 10-06-2013.
He unnecessarily criticised com.CKM for having a car to use for circle Union. He didn't know even in 1970s the Circle Secretary of Rajasthan NFTE was having a car for his circle Union. Further NFTE circle Union in Chennai Telephones was using own car ever since 2003.So what is new in this we don't know. We all know the lavish lifestyle of Com. Abhimanyu and his foreign jaunts with the Union fund. Has he any morality to criticise others ? BSNLEU is having Two cars in Delhi itself. He is traveling only by plane and staying in star hotels only of course using Union fund and not paying from his pocket. For the last several years he has not stayed in any I Q during his visit throughout the country. Whereas the leaders of NFTE are staying in IQs only. We can't accept the Saturn quoting the scriptures.
When BSNLEU was controlling the same telecom Co-operative society for Five full years it didn't care to distribute the land for house sites. It charged 16.5% as rate of interest. Now less than that is being charged. Why this hue and cry?Actually BSNLEU was rattled by our successful meeting with the management of said Telecom society on 24-06-16 and the assurances given to us for reduction of rate of interest and beginning of Flat construction work by 15-07-16. So they are enacting a drama and their GS had willingly agreed for his guest appearance in this melodrama at the last moment all of a sudden. This is the real story behind Com. Abhimanyu's air dash to Chennai on 28-06-16.However the chennai comrades largely ignored this show .But the imported crowd from vellore, Puducherry, Cuddalore saved the situation for BSNLEU.Instead of doing this type of antics that Union should concentrate on the constructive agenda.


Farewell function at Sriperumbudur on 28-06-16 :

Com. S.Ravikumar , Kanchipuram District NFTE vice- president is retiring on 30-06-16 after an eventful 34 years of service. He is a Sr.TOA working in Sriperumbudur exchange since 1982. He is a loyal and committed Union leader and a ardent communist who contributed much to the cause of working people. His calm and humility is noteworthy. Circle Union wished him a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Grand Farewell to Senior NFTE Leader Bose on 27-06-16 at Ambathur exchange :

After completing 39 years eventful service Com.S.C.Bose, circle vice-president is retiring on 30-06-16 in which trade union leaders Vijayakumar, Lingamurthy, Udayasurian,Rajasekaran,Loganathan including CKM, Ramasamy,Asokraj and Ragunathan participated. On behalf of the management GM(West),DGM(Ambathur) took part and greeted Com. Bose a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,


Memorandum submitted to the management of Telecom employees Co-operative society on 24-06-16 by National Forum of BSNL Workers :

The leaders of NFTE, TEPU, PEWA, SEWA and OBCEWA in National Forum along with many RGB members today met the President ( in charge), CEO and Secretary and submitted a memorandum to demand;
1. Reduction of rate of interest.
2. To begin construction of Flats on the Land belong to Co-operative society in Vellanur near Avadi. In a discussion on our demands the CEO , Shri. Kannan assured our leadership that both our demands will be met by 15-07-2016 the date we fixed for agitation to begin for realisation of the said two demands.Our delegation was very happy at this and thanked the management of Telecom cooperative society for accepting our demands.
 Click1,  Click2,


Kanchipuram District EC meeting at Guindy on 23-06-16:

The executive committee meeting was presided over by District vice-president V.Ramakrishnan. District Secretary Ekambaram reported on the 7 th membership verification. Date for District conference was fixed and it was decided to complete all the Divisional conferences before September 2016.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Dirty Tricks by BSNLEU!:

To enjoy and establish one Union dictatorship the BSNLEU leadership has begun another dirty job this time of course through the court case. Yes in AP Highcourt at Hyderabad it has filed a case to demand the following:
1.Vote percentage should be only on polled Votes and not on Total votes.
2.The staff side Leader and Secretary of all councils Should be elected only by respective Members of the council and management should not declare that Leader should be from Second recognised Union and secretary must be from main recognised Union. Calculating the vote percentage on only total votes is in practice in BSNL since 2002 from the time of First verification. BSNLEU enjoyed recognition for 12 years continuously only on this formula. When we questioned this in Chennai Telephones and Jammu & Kashmir hHighcourts in the past the courts upheld only the management 's method of taking the total votes for calculating the vote percentage.
The present new recognised rules were framed in 2013 and was accepted by all Unions including BSNLEU. Both 6th and 7 th verifications were conducted according to this rule. But now all of a sudden BSNLEU now opposing it and approached court. Why ? It wants the recognition for itself only. It could not bear the fact that NFTE-BSNL is once again recognised. Even after the poll process began BSNLEU undemocratically and unethically approached the BSNL management to reduce the number of Total voters. Shamelessly however the management decreased the total number of voters after the polling took place on 10-05-2016. Even after this help from management BSNLEU could not cross the magic figure of 50% so that it could be the only recognised Union in BSNL. Having failed in its diabolical efforts now it has gone to the court only for this:
1. NFTE 's recognition should be cancelled Or withdrawn.
2. Both the posts of Leader and secretary of Staff side in all councils should be from BSNLEU only.
We wish them failure in their efforts to snatch the rights and privileges of NFTE. Let us face this attempt in court. Already the CS of AP circle is authorised to deal with this case.Only Justice and Democracy will be victorious.


Joint sitting of the District Executive committee meeting of North & South Chennai on 21-06-16:

At Dinroze Exchange compound under the joint presidentship of Comrades K. Sabapathi and K. Venkatesan.This meeting reviewed the results of 7 th membership and decided to enhance the union membership by enrolling new members during July-2016. The District Executive also decided to hold all Divisionsanal conferences by September so that the District Conferences can be conducted in November 2016.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Purposeful District EC meeting of Tiruvallur:

On 20-06-16 at Ambathur exchange compound the EC meeting was held. All the district office bearers and Divisional Union office bearers took part in the discussion and reviewed the results of seventh membership verification. As a whole 50 new members are promised by the District Secretary C.K.Ragunathan in July month. After discussion names for the councils were recommended to the Circle Union. Circle Union office bearers Ramasamy,Rajendran, Elangovan, Ravi,Kandasamy,Dhandapani took part in the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,





A well meaning function at Tiruchi on 19-06-16:

The Tiruchi District unit of AIBSNLOA conducted a meeting to honour the students who scored high marks in recent 10 and 12 th examinations. A momenta,Rs.5000 cash award, Books and other encouragements were given to nearly 25 students. Majority of them are students of government schools in rural areas is noteworthy. Com. Kamaraj is doing this service in a missionary zeal for the past 4 years needs to be congratulated by all of us.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


BSNLEU has no other work it seems!:

In Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones the main recognised Union it seems has not reconciled yet to it's humiliating defeat continuously two times at the hands of NFTE . First it was defeated in the Telecom Co-operative Society election in which NFTE alliance won all the 21 posts in the Board of Directors. BSNLEU got a big Zero. Now for the second time that union tasted continuous defeat in both circles in the recently concluded seventh membership verification despite spending huge money and unleashing false propaganda. Its utterly ridiculous charges against the NFTE leaders were out rightly rejected by the BSNL employees in both the Circles. Yet it has not learnt proper lessons from two successive defeats. Once again they indulge in falsehood only to divert the attention of our employees from the very important issues like Payment of HRA on 78.2% IDA, Third Pay revision from 01-01-2017 , Bonus , SC/ST Reservation, Improving the Medical Scheme etc.
When BSNLEU ran the Telecom Society it was charging 16.5% as interest to Loans . Now it is crying as exorbitant interest when 16% of interest is being Charged. Every Union has already appealed to the Society management to reduce the rate of interest and the President of the Society publicly agreed to and announced his intention to do the same immediately after some improvement in the financial position of the society.Even after this that union is enacting Drama on 28th of June only to lay claim to the reduction of rate of interest. This attitude of that union will not work among our enlightened employees who knew very well everything that is happening now and what had happened when Comrade Chellappa was guiding the Telecom society. Further once audit report is passed by the RGB meeting there is no scope or possibility for altering the Dividend percentage at a later date. How this simple fact is not known to Comrade Anbumani whose only dream was to become the President of this society somehow.
Everyone knew that the last board itself decided to construct flats in the land available at Vellanur near Avadi. Last RGB election was fought mainly on the question of construction of Flats to meet the large number of applicants. But the overwhelming support NFTE alliance got in that election settled the case for construction of Flats once for all.Hence harping on plots is idiotic and motivated.
BSNLEU should desist from such disruptive activities and concentrate on constructive agenda.


NFTCL takes up the issue of BSNL contract Labourers in Sholapur with RLC, Pune:



North Chennai and South Chennai District Unions will jointly hold Executive Committee Meeting on 21-06-16:

Comrades K. Venkatesan and K.Sabapathy jointly preside over the EC meeting of Both North and South chennai district unions at Dinroze exchange complex on June 21 at 3 pm. Circle Secretary C K M will participate and address the joint session of the EC meeting.


Thiruvallur District Executive Committee Meeting on 20-06-16:

The meeting of the District EC will be held at Ambattur exchange Recreation Club on June-20 at 3 pm under the Presidentship of N. Dhanapal,District President. Com. C K Mathivanan,CS will participate and address the executive committee members.


Kanchipuram District Executive Committee Meeting on 23-06-16:

At the union office in Guindy GM(South) the District EC meeting will be held on June-23 at 3 pm under the presidentship of Com. T.Panchatcharam, District President. This meeting is the first after the seventh membership verification and hence a detailed review about it will be taken up. Circle Secretary C K M will participate and explain the latest developments.


Secretariat meeting of the Circle Union on 24-06-16:

As decided at the extended circle E C meeting on June-6 the Secretariat meeting will be held on 24-06-2016 (Friday) at 3 pm in Circle Union office at Flower Bazaar Complex. This meeting will fix agenda for the July General Council meeting which will be held on 06-07-16 at 3pm in Dinroze exchange complex.Further this meeting will recommend the union nominees for circle/ local councils besides works committees and staff welfare boards. All the members of the Circle Secretariat are requested to attend this meeting in time and without fail.


Meeting with Chief General Manager:

On 10-06-16 circle Union met the CGM after the seventh membership verification victory and discussed many issues that are pending for a long time.We requested the CGM to convene a meeting of all Unions to discuss the redeployment of staff throughout Chennai Telephones as number of retirement is on the increase and we face acute staff shortages at many places. She has agreed to it and promised the meeting within this month itself.  Click1,  Click2,


National Forum of BSNL workers in Chennai Telephones circle:

As per the instructions of National leadership circle level NFBSNLW was formed in Chennai on 10-06-16.
President .....C.K. Mathivanan (NFTE)
Vice Presidents..
1. K. Arumugam ( PEWA)
2.E.Prabhakaran( OBCEWA)
Convenor...J.Vijayakumar( TEPU)
Joint Convenor...S. Loganathan ( SEWA)
Apart from this each union will nominate three comrades to the committee.
The next full fledged Committee of circle level NFBSNLW will meet on 04-07-16.
This meeting resolved to include FNTO and other left out unions/ associations in to the fold of National Forum of BSNL workers.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Formation of National Forum in Chennai Telephones:

A meeting has been convened on 10-06-16 at 3.30 pm in Flower Bazaar ( NFTE Union office) to form the circle level National Forum of BSNL workers. Our existing alliance partners TEPU,SEWA, PEWA , OBCEWA and of course NFTE leaders are invited for the meeting.


Letter to the General Secretary:

Letter to the General Secretary;  Click1,


STR issue - decision of CEC meeting:

The extended circle executive committee meeting of Chennai Telephones held on 06-06-16 had a detailed discussion on the organisational issue pestering for a long time in S T R. Many comrades criticised the partisan attitude of the General Secretary in writing a letter arbitrarily to the CGM/STR recognising the so called District Union setup without consulting the Chennai Telephones circle Union. As per the constitution of our union only Circle Secretary is empowered to extend recognition to a District Union setup. Hence they rightly questioned the unconstitutional decision of our General Secretary.
They pointed out the fact that STR members of NFTE who were working in the erstwhile Chengleput SSA have voted only in Chennai Telephones circle in the past several membership verifications since Chengleput SSA was officially merged into Chennai Telephones. In the recently held seventh membership verification also same was the practice. Many speakers questioned the activities of Tamilnadu Circle union's uncalled for interference in to Chennai Telephones organisational matters. All most all pressed for a decision to boycott the next national executive meeting as a protest. But as Circle Secretary I in my concluding speech appealed to them to be calm and give one more chance to the General Secretary to correct his mistake before rushing for a boycott decision. On this all comrades agreed to wait till 06-07-16 when the next General Council will meet and take a final decision.


Best wishes for the newly married couple:

On 08-06-16 I went to Kanchipuram to attend the marriage reception of Comrades E.Sampath - R.Saradha's only son S. Ashwin .Both the comrades are very active and loyal leaders of NFTE -BSNL .Many comrades including S.C.Bose,K.M.Elangovan,C.Ravi,S.Rajendran,D.Selvaraj,S.Ekambaram attended this reception and blessed the newly married couples. I wish them a very understanding and prosperous life.  Click1,


Decisions of the Extended Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 06-06-16:

1.Next General council meeting on 6th of July at Dinroze exchange compound will finalise the union nominees for all councils.
2.The old car of the Union will be sold and a new one will be purchased. The salary of Driver will be hiked by one thousand rupees effective from 01-06-2016.
3.The decision of the circle conference to disband the district union setup will not be implemented in view of the prevailing situation. Hence all the 26 divisions will continue in future also. However the conferences of all Divisional unions must be completed their conferences by 30-09-2016 and elect new office bearers afresh.
4.An amount of rupees six from monthly subscription will be shared between District/Division/Branches at the rate of 3,2,1.
5.Circle Union will advise the Leadership of Telecom Co-operative society to reduce the rate of interest for loans availed by employees and to begin the construction work of apartments inside the Vellanur village for our employees without further delay.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Extended Circle Executive Committee Meeting on June-6 at YMCA hall in Flower Bazaar:

Com.G.Jayaraman, secretary ( CHQ ) inaugurated the meeting under the presidents hip of Com.M.K.Ramasamy,circle President.Com. C.K.MATHIVANAN, circle secretary introduced the agenda points and explained the issues. Com. K.M.Elangoven,National Executive committee member participated and spoke.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Com C.K.Mathivanan's Birthday Celebrations during Circle Executive on 06-06-2016:

During the Circle Executive meeting on 06/06/2016 birthe day celebration held for Com. C.K.Mathivanan, our beloved Circle secretary.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Victory Celebrations on 02-06-2016:

To celebrate the election victory in the recently held seventh membership verification in Chennai Telephones a grand meeting was organised at Flower bazaar exchange under the chairmanship of Com.CKM.TEPU General Secretary V.Subburaman, SEWA National President P.N.Perumal , PEWA General Secretary G. Masilamani, NFTE CHQ secretary T.R.Rajasekaran, AIOBCEWA Joint Secretary J.Prasad and comrade J. Vijayakumar, our Alliance Convenor and Circle Secretaries K.Arumugam, E. Prabhakaran, S.Loganathan and others spoke.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


First Meeting with management:

On 01-06-2016, the circle union representatives met the GM( HR) and DGM(HR) separately and discussed number of issues pertaining to the welfare of the staff. This is the first meeting after our election victory in Chennai Telephones.
The circle Union greeted Mr. Chellappan who assumed charge today as GM (HR) and wished him success in his new job.Comrades CKM, Elangoven,Rajendran, Ravi and Chandrasekar took part in the meeting.


Grand Farewell to Com.R. Umapathy on 30-05-16 at Ennore exchange:

A grand farewell to Com.R.Umapathy who is retiring on 31/05/2016 was held at Ennore telephone exchange and the circle union wished him for a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click3,


Comrade K.Mohan, TM of Flower Bazaar External unit felicitated:

Comrade K.Mohan, TM of Flower Bazaar External unit who is retiring on 31-05-16 was honoured at Union office today . The circle Secretary thanked him for his donation of Rs.2000 and wished him a very happy retired life to Com.Mohan.  Click1,


Comrade Mani is being felicitated:

Comrade N.Mani,SR.TOA (G) at DGM's office of NBA is retiring on 30-06-2016 today came to our union office to hand over a donation of Rs.5000 on his retirement. He also felicitated Circle President and Circle Secretary. On behalf of Circle Union com. CKM honoured him and wished him a very happy retired life and thanked for his donation.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Farewell meeting at Kodambakkam on 30-05-2016:

Com.Balasubramanian, branch Secretary of Arumbakkam is retiring on 31-05-16. To greet him a meeting was organised today in which hundreds of our comrades participated.He has donated Rs.2000 to circle Union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


National Forum of BSNL workers formed today(27-05-2016) in Newdelhi:

We welcome the formation of National Forum of BSNL workers consisting of NFTE, TEPU and SEWA . The chennai Telephones circle Union whole heartedly welcome this alternative forum to protect the interests of both workers and the company in a determined manner. We congratulate the newly elected office- bearers and wish them every success. The Chennai Telephones circle Union will follow the path shown by our leaders in this regard and will soon form the circle level NFBSNLW.
It would be nice if other Unions and Associations including FNTO, PEWA, AIBSNLEA and AIBSNLOA are also approached to join our forum to augment the collective strength of both the workers and officers in the near future. We hope the leadership will spare no effort to mobilise maximum number of unions and Associations in to the fold of our National Forum.


Returning to Chennai:

After availing complete rest and leave from Union activities since 16-05-16, I will be returning to chennai on 29-05-16 and resume my usual day today union activities from the Monday ( 30-05-16).
Two farewell meetings are on 30-05-16. The victory celebrations are planned on 02-06-16. The extended circle executive committee meeting which includes the Divisional Secretaries also will be there on06-06-2016 in which important decisions will have to be taken including electing the union nominees for both Circle and Local Councils.We need to thoroughly review the results of the seventh verification in this meeting. Eagerly waiting to see all our comrades on Monday.


Two Years or Too much years?:

Prime minister Narendra Modi’s government is celebrating the completion of two years on 26/05/2016 as it enters the third year. Nothing wrong in celebrating their historic victory in 2014 parliamentary elections. But whether the people are in a mood to appreciate these celebrations in our country today? No. Inflation is uncontrollable and hence the steady rise in prices of all essential commodities. As promised by BJP the black money stacked in Swiss bank accounts are yet to be brought back to India and also 15 lac rupees promised into each Indian’s bank account also not realized. Rather the rate of interest for provident fund and Savings accounts was reduced sharply which will affect intensely the middle and poorer class of people.
NDA has somehow earned the name as a pro-rich government at centre. It’s anxiety to tamper with labour laws and to see the CPSUs to rich and mighty has only confirmed its commitment was to rich people and not to the poor people. BJP leader always talks about a India without a congress party. It is basically undemocratic desire and infact revealed a dictatorial mindset of BJP. In a Democracy every party big or small has a place. But trying to eliminate a political party from the political system is very dangerous and highly condemnable. The undemocratic behavior of NDA / BJP in topping the congress state governments in both Arunachal Pradesh and Utharakand is only the tip of the iceberg. The way the CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal is being treated and troubled by the BJP government is not a healthy democracy practice.
Job creation is one big casualty in the Modi’s government. Many schemes are only on paper and yielded no results. Noise is more and actions are less and less. Using TV and Radio to promote personality cult of Modi is very bad for Indian Democracy. The loud speeches on Corruption is seemingly empty with their stout protection of BP Chief Ministers Chouhan of Madhya Pradesh for Vyapam scandal and Rajasthan CM for heping Lalith Modi.
The Educational sector was the worst hit. From Hyderabad central University to Jawaharlal Nehru University the students were punished for not following RSS agenda of the education. The cases of Rohith Vemula and Kanniah Kumar stands as the testimony.
Mr. Modi has earned the name of NRI Prime Minister as he was fond of visiting as many foreign countries as much as possible. It was told that his tour expenses in just two years were higher than the former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tour expenses during his ten years rule as PM. The Hindu fundamentalists have found a friendly government in NDA which is dangerous for our country’s secular credentials. The attempt of NDA government to rewrite Indian History is very wrong. It unduly try to promote few RSS leaders as patriots who fought for country’s Independence whereas none have participated in the freedom struggle. Again and again this government is trying to whip up religious feelings of Hindus with the only aim of getting votes in elections whenever and wherever held.
Lastly this government is infact a semi fascist one in the garb of a rightist political party.It is better to get relieved from it as early as possible. Hence the people particularly the poor and the downtrodden people had to be organized along with the working people of our country. We have strong apprehensions about the remaining three years of its rule but confident that our people who faced the British rule and Mrs. Indra Gandhi’s Emergency rule will boldly face these RSS guided semi-fascist rulers also.


Thanks Kerala!:

When the left parties faced the wrath every where , the people of Kerala elected the Left alliance (LDF) with a huge margin. Normally in Kerala the difference between the ruling and opposition alliance will be four or five. But now the difference between LDF and UDF in very high at 44 in the house of 140. Indeed it is a big achievement of left parties in Kerala.
The CPI is the most benefitted political party in Kerala with a win of 19 seats out of 27 seats contested. This is 6 more than the CPI strength in the previous Assembly. It's winning percentage is a huge 70%. The CPI 's vote share is 8.1% and this makes It the third largest political party after CPM and Congress in the Kerala Assembly. It's MLA contingent of 19 includes three women and seven youth. A student union leader of JNU also won in one seat on CPI's ticket.
Already the ruling BJP and RSS are trying very hard to turn our mother India in to a intolerant Hindu country with an economic agenda to boost the Corporates and Big Multinationals .Hence the need of the hour is to strengthen the Left and Democratic forces without any delay.In this difficult situation the results of Kerala is very much encouraging . Once again a Big thanks for Kerala people.


Recognition and Formation of Councils orders issued.:

BSNL Management has issued orders regarding recognition of unions and formation of councils.  Click1,  Click2,


Results of Assembly polls in four states and one Union territory- My first impressions:

1.In West Bengal the Left's alliance with arch rival Congress was not acceptable to the people of that state. This opportunist alliance weakened the Left further ideologically. Miss. Mamta's victory is a proof that people still not forgotten the omissions and commissions of 34 years Left rule.
2. In Kerala the UDF is rightly shown the door. Every five years there will be a regime change in Kerala. However the extent of LDF victory is a proof of people's anger on Chief Minister Chandy's Corrupt ridden ministry.
3.In Assam the 15 years of continued Congress rule had created anti- incumbency and the BJP utilised it very cleverly. More than a dozen popular congress leaders switched sides to BJP as they knew a bleak future for them in Congress since Mr. Tarun Gogoi began to promote his son as his political heir.
4. In Tamilnadu Ruling AIADMK could win mainly due to the disunity in opposition camp.It has benefited through the multi cornered contest . No doubt Amma's freebies and welfare measures have blunted the anti- incumbency to a great extent. The worrying factor is the issue of Corruption has no longer a main thing for the voters. Once again it is proved that in Tamilnadu politics there is no place for third front.This may be the first time that not a single MLA from Left parties will be represented in the State Assembly.
5.In Puducherry the result is a consolation victory for the grand old party congress which is facing severe drubbing every where since the past several years.


Extended Circle Executive Meeting on June-6:

The meeting of the extended circle EC will be held on 06-06-16 ( Monday) full day at YMCA hall opposite to the Madras High Court Building . All office bearers of the circle Union , secretaries of District and Divisional unions and Special invitees must participate in this meeting availing a day's Special C L . The meeting shall begin at 10.30 am sharply.
This meeting will review the results of seventh verification and decide on the organisational matters.The meeting will be presided over by the circle President M.K.Ramasamy. The union journal Sanga Muzakkam will be distributed to the divisions at the meeting. Please come prepare for a open discussion on the election campaign and result.


Analysis of voting pattern for NFTE- nationwide- 7 th Verification:

TOP TEN Circles:
5.Andaman- Nicobar(46.67)
9. Chennai Telephones(41.87)
10.Bihar (40.76)
Above 50%.......4 circles
41-50%..........5 circles
31-40%..........15 circles
21-30%..........2 circles
11-20%..........3 circles
Below 10%.......6 circles
. ---------/--------///----------/-//-----------/-----
Lowest vote: Kolkota Telephones---03.82%.
Hight vote: ALTTC.......... .....55.91%
Out of 35 circles NFTE could win only in the following circles:
7.Chennai Telephones.
Tamilnadu state as a whole contributed (in both circles) 8116 Votes to NFTE, which is approximately 15% of its total votes throughout the country. Every one of us could be rightly feel proud for this.



I found one article on the just concluded seventh verification in BSNL , written by a intellectual on the Union webcite and really amused after reading it. If employees cleverly chosen the Two unions for negotiating table as my friend has concluded then why gave BSNLEU 49.5% and NFTE only 31.% unevenly that too after the worst non- performance of BSNLEU which criminally wasted 12 years of continued recognition in BSNL. Had few hundred more employees voted for that Union the situation would have been very awkward for NFTE. Hence I differ with the observation that employees voted intelligently. Rather as usual our employees were once again misled by the false propaganda and the influence of money power , muscle power and even rabid casteism practiced by BSNLEU. The employees did not realise the danger of reelecting the BSNLEU for sixth time or NFTE leaders and cadres failed once again to convince the employees of the danger of continued recognition for BSNLEU for a period of further three years.
NFTE members at the grass root level will not forgive or forget the surrender of BSNLEU before the management and will remember how lowly the leaders of BSNLEU criticized the leadership of NFTE with choicest abuses. NFTE should form it's own front with the alliance partners and try to rope in FNTO and others to run the movement for the betterment of employees and the company independently. It should not jump in to the band wagon of BSNLEU as we got bitter experience in the past that BSNLEU only used FORUM and other avenues only to further it's own interest and growth of BSNLEU. If we practice independent approach and organise independently joint movements only then BSNLEU could be checkmated. Otherwise it's hegemony and partisan activities will continue as usual. Let me hope without rushing for a handshake with BSNLEU the CHQ of NFTE must deliberate on this important issue afresh in a National executive meeting which may be called immediately to review the results of seventh membership verification.


'Dinamalar' published news about election result in BSNL:



Officiating arrangement in the post of Circle Secretary:

As Com. CKM is proceeding on leave from 17-05-2016 to 31-05-16 Comrade K.M.Elangoven , one of the Assistant Circle Secretary will officiate as Circle Secretary during the absence of comrade CKM. Our comrades and office- bearers should take note of this and contact Com. Elangoven in case of any problem.


Decisions of the Secretariat meeting held on 14-05-2016:

1.Extended Circle Executive Committee meeting will be held for full day on 06-06-2016 . All Divisional secretaries, District secretaries, Circle Office-bearers and Special invitees should participate in this meeting after availing a day's Special casual leave.
2.To ensure better coordination between branches and Districts the present Union setup of Divisional Union should continue as a special case as Chennai is a big metro and could not be treated as a normal district in any of the territorial circle.
3. To sell the old car as it has fulfilled its utility already.
4. Victory celebration will be organised in a grand manner at Flower Bazaar complex on 02-06-2016 to honour all those who toiled for the victory of NFTE in the seventh membership verification.


Thank giving meeting at Anna road exchange:

Meeting on 14-05-16 at Anna road exchange to thank the employees for electing NFTE.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,


Meeting of the circle Union Secretariat:

On 14-05-16 the secretariat meeting was held at Flower Bazaar and reviewed the results of Seventh membership verification. The meeting congratulated the alliance unions for ensuring the victory of Employees Welfare Alliance. It also thanked the employees who voted and elected NFTE in Chennai Telephones.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Voting particulars of Chennai Telephones:

Voting particulars of Chennai Telephones - official communication sent to BSNL corporate office.  Click1,


Big Thanks...:

Big Thanks for all who had helped to secure a win in Chennai Telephones. On 12-05-16 after the declaration of results for the seventh membership verification in BSNL our alliance held a meeting immediately at Flower Bazaar exchange complex and thanked all leaders and cadres worked tirelessly for four months continuously.
It was decided to conduct a meeting on 14-05-16 (Saturday ) at 3 pm in Anna road exchange to thank all for giving NFTE a long over due victory. All our comrades are requested to attend the meeting in time.


NFTE won in Chennai Telephones by a margin of 324 votes:

NFTE won in Chennai Telephones by a margin of 324 votes.
NFTE.... 2531.
BSNLEU... 2207.


NFTE won in Two circles:

In Jharkand and Chathisgarh circles NFTE recorded victories for the record seventh time consecutively. We congratulate comrades Mahabir and Chilamwar and their team.


Tamilnadu circle WON:

Tamilnadu NFTE won by a margin of 616 votes. BSNLEU got defeated in the home state of Abhimanyu,once again.


Tamilnadu circle will win:

As of 2 PM., NFTE is leading by 635 votes. Only Madurai SSA result is not yet declared so far. Asper information available now even in Madurai after second round of counting of votes both unions are tied with equal number of votes. Hence NFTE 's win is a sure one.



After second round of counting of votes in Chennai Telephones ,NFTE is leading by 254 votes . As of 2 PM: NFTE..... 1388
BSNLEU.. 1134.


In Tamilnadu circle NFTE is marching ahead:

In Tamilnadu circle NFTE is marching ahead to the victory post. Vellore SSA.
NFTE... 684.
BSNLEU.. 223.
Salem.. SSA.
NFTE... 537.
BSNLEU... 483.
As of now NFTE is leading by a vote margin of 1027 votes over BSNLEU.



In Tamilnadu circle NFTE is leading by 592 votes as at 1 PM. In Tiruchirapalli, Cuddalore, Kumbakonam, Karaikudi, Tanjore, CGM(O) and CTTC already NFTE has emerged victorious.



At Chennai SSA, NFTE is leading by 74 votes after the first round counting of 1000 votes. As of now at 12.45 PM in Chennai Telephones overall,NFTE is leading by a margin of 310 votes.


Chengalpet- Chennai Telephones:

Chennai Telephones - NFTE won in Chengalpet SSA by a margin of 168 votes.


Cuddalore SSA- TAMIL NADU:

Tamilnadu circle - At Cuddalore SSA NFTE won by a margin of 264 votes.


NFTE won in Tanjore SSA in Tamilnadu:

NFTE won in Tanjore SSA in Tamilnadu.
NFTE... 441.
BSNLEU... 131


NTR,Newdelhi NFTE-BSNL crossed 51%:

NTR, Newdelhi crossed 51%. NFTE has won by a lead of 286 votes over BSNLEU in Newdelhi Northern Telecom Region.
NFTE... 491
BSNLEU... 205.
Congratulations for com.Rajpal and his team.


In Kumbakonam SSA of Tamilnadu circle NFTE won by a margin of 206 votes:

In Kumbakonam SSA of Tamilnadu circle NFTE won by a margin of 206 votes.
NFTE... 281
BSNLEU.. 75.


Personal defeat for BSNLEU leaders Chellappa, Babu Radhakrishnan and Anbumani in their own place:

In Tamilnadu CGM office NFTE has won by 28 votes.
NFTE.... 179.
BSNLEU... 151.
These three Great Leaders of BSNLEU are facing this humiliating defeat at the hands of NFTE when Anbumani is the District Secretary of BSNLEU.


In Chennai Telephones..:

As of now In Chennai Telephones circle NFTE is leading in vote counting for the seventh verification. Two results have already out. For the remaining Two big SSA the vote counting is going on and the final results may be known only in the evening. In Tamilnadu after the first round In Tiruchirapalli NFTE is leading by 164 votes over BSNLEU.


In Chennai Telephones circle NFTE has recorded it's first victory in STR:

In Chennai Telephones circle NFTE has recorded it's first victory in STR.
NFTE.... 77 BSNLEU.. 49.


Results pouring in:

NFTE has recorded it's victory in BSNL corporate office. NFTE... 152. BSNLEU. 90. In Bihar NFTE has won in 8 SSAs so far and leading in other SSAs by big margins. In Chathisgarh NFTE won in 2 SSAs as of now.They are CGM office ,Ambikapur. In Haryana NFTE has won the biggest SSA of Faridabad. InU.P.(west) NFTE has won as of now in two SSAs.They are Saharanpur and CGM office. In Maharashtra NFTE has recorded it's first victory in Yavatmal SSA .There NFTE got 112 votes and BSNLEU got only 56 votes. In U.P.(E) circle as of now NFTE has won in one SSA.


Chennai Polling:

Polling ended very peacefully in all the 45 polling booths by 5 pm on 10-05-16. Nearly 97% of employees have voted. However the actual and accurate voting percentage figures will be announced by the returning officer in few hours time. Our exit poll results shows a very big victory for NFTE-BSNL in Chennai Telephones Circle. We hope similar sentiments will prevail throughout the country. We sincerely thank each and every employee for supporting and voting for NFTE in this verification. We are duty bound to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the leaders of TEPU, SEWA ,PEWA and OBCEWA for their support and enthusiasm shown in our campaign.


Let us remember the day-May 9 (1945):

Today is the anniversary of victory over fascism. The end of world war 2 on May 9th 1945 marked the surrender of German army to the Red army of Soviet Union.Earlier the German dictator Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his lover on 30-04-1945 sensing imminent defeat at the hands of advancing Red army. To save the world from fascist forces the Russian army sacrificed more men than any of the western country.Had Hitler was not halted and defeated the Independence of our motherland would have been delayed. We all should celebrate the victory of communism over the fascism.


Bangalore Finale of Campaign on 07-05-2016:

NFTE -BSNL in Karnataka completed the campaign for seventh verification with a grand meeting in which our leaders Kohli,Subburaman,C.K.Mathivanan,P.N.Perumal, Gopalakrishnan, Veeraraghavan besides Seshadri, Krishna reddy . Com. Krishna Mohan, circle president presided over the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,



Com. N.D.Ram , the General Secretary of SEWA-BSNL in his inspiring speech at Chennai on 06-05-16 described the non-performance of BSNLEU despite 12 years of continued Recognition in BSNL in only three words aptly. Meeting-Eating-Cheating. Although he is relatively young and having still ten years of service more his candid observation about BSNLEU is very correct.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Grand finale of election campaign for seventh verification in Chennai Telephones Circle on 06-05-2016:

More than 1250 comrades attentively participated from 4 pm to 8.45 pm in the final election meeting held at Flower Bazaar complex. Comrades Chandeswar Singh, Subburaman, N.D.Ram, R. Venkataraman, P.N.Perumal,G.Masilamani, J.Prasad and S.Veeraraghavan spoke at the meeting and exported the BSNL employees to defeat BSNLEU and elect NFTE-BSNL as the single recognised union with more than 51% of votes in the seventh verification. Com. CKM presided. Com. J.Vijayakumar welcomed all and Com. C.Ravi gave vote of thanks. This meeting was organised very efficiently by the District Union of North Chennai. We thank all leaders of North Chennai for this.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Seat by seat canvassing in Ambathur on 05-05-16:

Com. C.K.Mathivanan and EWA leaders campaigned seat by seat in Ambattur Telephone Exchange in electing NFTE-BSNL as Number one recognized union to safeguard the interest of NFTE-BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Canvassing of votes in Annanagar:

EWA leaders campaigned in Anna Nagar telephone Exhnage complex.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click3,  Click4,


Election Campaign Meeting at Tiruchirapalli on 04-05-16:

A grand campaign meeting was held at Trichy on 04-05-16 with the participation of comrades R.Venkataraman( TEPU), C.K.Mathivanan( NFTE) and G. Kanagaraj( SEWA). More than 350 comrades very attentively heard the speeches of our leaders till the end which confirmed the victory of NFTE alliance in the seventh verification on 10-05-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election Rally at Nellore ( Andra) on 03-05-16:

In a Election Rally at Nellore(AP) Comrades C.K.Mathivanan,M.K.Ramasamy,T.R.Rajasekaran,Anbu and Vijayakumar(TEPU) participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


EWA Womens wing Election Campaign:

The Employees Welfare Alliance Womens Wing canvassing throughout Chennai Telephones today..approched each and ever women employee and ask vote for NFTE BSNL Symbol.....NFTE ZINDABAD.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Election meeting at Erode Telephone Exchange on 02-05-16:

In a well organized election meeting at Erode Telephone Exchange complex Comrades C.K.Mathivanan,Mali,Subbarayan participated and spoke at the gatherings and Felicitation for Com.Nilaimathi,STS, Erode who is retiring on 31-05-16 at Telephone Bhavan, Erode. She is at present holding the post of Branch Union President of NFTE.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


May Day flag hoisting and Public meeting on 01-05-2016:

Union flag was hoisted at Annanagar P&T staff quarters RSU exchange and meeting was held to pay homage to the Chicago Martyrs . All leaders of our EWA participated and spoke.Com Ashokan, circle Treasurer of Tamilnadu NFTE was the special invitee to this meeting. Leaders paid rich tributes to the May Day martyrs.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Election Rally at Annanagar quarters on 01-05-16:

In an Election rally at Anna Nagar quarters Com. C.K.Mathivanan and EWA leaders participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Com.Abhimanyu will pay the price for insulting the leaders of SEWA-BSNL and TEPU:

BSNLEU leadership has lost its balance of mind it seems due to the realization of humiliating defeat at the hands of NFTE led alliance in the seventh membership verification on 10-04-16. That is the reason comrade Abhimanyu got frustrated at the break up of alliance with TEPU and SEWA-BSNL. Instead of analysing the reasons for the desertion of many alliance partners dispassionately he started jumping on the leadership of those organizations and abused them with insulting words. Only due to the big brother attitude and total surrender of worker's welfare to the management by Abhimanyu one by one alliance partners left the united Forum. With out realising his mistakes for the break up of alliance he abused the leaders of TEPU and SEWA-BSNL ,both of them stood with BSNLEU for a very long time. He has forgotten how much he utilised the TEPU to curry favour with both DMK ministers of communication ministry. He has now may have forgotten the meetings arranged by Com. Subburaman with the then minister A. Raja even at the odd hours.
He also forgotten the great help extended by SEWA for the victory of BSNLEU in at least three verification s. With the support of FNTO only they could win the second and third verifications. After that BSNLEU betrayed FNTO and even misappropriated the symbol of FNTO. After a very long time BSNLEU is now facing the seventh verification all alone and the result will be the same as was in 2002.
Every Union is independent and can decide it's course of action as per their understanding and experience. When FNTO ,TEPU and SEWA-BSNL supported BSNLEU we in NFTE never abused them but understood their Democratic rights. But when they moved away from BSNLEU comrade Abhimanyu is hurling abuses and even attempted to break those unions.He was the creator of NFTBE and FNTO EA etc. Now he is trying his best to disrupt the SEWA-BSNL with the help of one individual who was thrown out for corruption and fraud committed in SEWA-BSNL financial matters. For all these misadventures BSNLEU is certainly going to face the wrath of the employees.


Grand Election Meeting on 29-04-16 in Kanchipuram :

In a meeting at Kanchipuram telephone exchange the National President of SEWA-BSNL ,P N Perumal and Tamilnadu circle Secretary T. Muthukrishnan and Leaders of NFTE , TEPU, OBCEWA also spoke at this meeting and appealed to the employees to elect NFTE and defeat the BSNLEU.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Campaign Meeting at Adyar on 28-04-16:

In well organized Election campaign meeting at Adayar Exchnage Comrade C.K.Mathivanan and other EWA leaders spoke at the employees and explained failures of BSNLEU and electing NFTE-BSNL as Number one recognized union to safe guard the interest of BSNL and employees.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Election Committee Meeting:

On 26-04-16 at Union office in Flower Bazaar the meeting of election committee was held and reviewed the campaign so far and analysed the feedback given by the leaders.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Hectic campaign by EWA:

For the past few days the Employees Welfare Alliance is doing very hectic campaign throughout the Chennai Telephones. Yesterday and today the leaders of EWA canvassed each employee to vote for NFTE.At Anna road , Valasaravakkam and porur exchanges canvassing was done yesterday.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Celebrate the May Day on 01-05-16:

Even amidst hectic election campaign , all our beaches unions are duty bound to observe the International Workers Day ( May Day) on 01-05-2016 and pay our respectful homages to the martyrs of working people who shed blood in Chicago for demanding eight hours duty for a day . On this day all branches should hoist the Union's red flag in the morning and assemble in large number to celebrate this year's May Day at 3 pm in Anna Nagar P&T staff quarters. The leaders of Employees Welfare Alliance will address the gathering and jointly pay homages to the Chicago martyrs. All comrades are requested to attend the Anna Nagar celebrations without fail.


Election Campaign in Staff quarters in Royapettah on 24-04-16:

Election Campaign in Staff quarters in Royapettah on 24-04-16 where in EWA leaders including Com. C.K.Mathivanan participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Campaign in Telecom Training Centre at Maraimalai Nagar:

On 23-04-16 Canvassing was carried out in the RTTC by Employees Welfare Alliance comrades.  Click1,  Click2,


Concilation meeting between Dy Chief Labour Commisioner and NFTCL:

on 21/04/2016 a conciliation meeting was arranged by Hon'ble Dy. Cheif Labour Commissioner (c) between our NFTCL Union and the CGM of both Tamil Nadu and Chennai, in which DGM(HR) of both Chennai and Tamil Nadu ,AGM of Chennai attended the meeting . At last a good message was given by Dy. Cheif Labour Commissioner is that 26 days wages is going to be converted as 30 days because of all union efforts like our union. The orders will be issued within a month which indicate Minimum wage as 10,000/-  Click1,


Election campaign meeting at Thiruthai Exchnage complex:

In well organized Election campaign meeting at Thiruthani Exchnage Comrade C.K.Mathivanan and other EWA leaders spoke at the employees and explained failures of BSNLEU and electing NFTE-BSNL as Number one recognized union to safe guard the interest of BSNL and employees.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click6,


Our Employees lost already more than Rs. 26000 crores due to the surrender policy of BSNLEU!:

During the past 12 years of its reign BSNLEU has caused immense loss to our employees with its policy of betrayal and abject surrender to the management of BSNL from 2004 to 2016. The details are as below:
1. Loss due to denial of Bonus since 2010....Rs.1860 Crores.
2.Loss due to denial of medical allowance for the past four years...Rs.8200 Crores.
3.Loss due to surrender of arrears for 78.2% IDA merger since 01-01-2007....Rs.6100 Crores.
4.Loss due to non- revision of all allowances including Transport allowance since 01-01-2007......Rs.7500 Crores.
5.Loss due to the cancellation of order at the insistence of Abhimanyu for encashment of ten days of EL on LTC .....Rs.350 Crores.
6. Loss due to Stagnation and Denial of 30% pay rise to all those who were appointed on or after 01-01-2007....Rs.1100 Crores.
7.Loss due to refusal to grant HRA on 78.2% IDA even after 10-06-2013....Rs.1250 Crores.
If one add all these losses it may be a staggering Rs.26000 Crores and more.
Enough is Enough! When our employees faced such huge loss during this period , BSNLEU received a handsome Rs.52 Crores through subscriptions from hapless employees. This is the only achievement of BSNLEU. Let us end this ugly situation by defeating that union and electing NFTE as the only recognised Union in BSNL on 10-05-2016.


Employees welfare alliance meeting at Guindy office Complex:

இன்று கிண்டி பகுதியில் அண்ணல் அம்பேத்கர் படத்திற்கு மாலை அணிவித்து நமது ஊழியர் நல கூட்டணி தலைவர்கள் சி.கே.மதிவாணன், விஜயகுமார், லோகநாதன், பிரபாகரன் உள்ளிட்ட தலைவர்கள் ஒவ்வொரு தோழரையும் சந்தித்து வாக்கு சேகரித்தனர்.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Employees welfare alliance meeting at Anna Road Complex:

A special Election Magazine relesed during the meeting at Anna Road complex in the presence of EWA leaders. அண்ணாசாலை தொடர்பகத்தில் நடைபெற்ற ஊழியர் நலக் கூட்டணியின் நூல் வெளியீட்டு விழாவில, முடியட்டும் BSNLEU வின் அங்கீகாரம், விடியட்டும் ஊழியர்களுக்கு நல்ல காலம் என்கிற கோசம் பலமாக ஊழியர் மத்தியில் ஒலித்தது என்பது குறிப்பிடதக்கது.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR's 125th birthday. Celebration:

DR.B.R.AMBEDKAR's 125th birthday. Celebration. at Tailar Rd Dr.B.R. AMBEDKAR. Quarters, chennai-10, Com.C.K.MATHIVANAN. and alliance leaders participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


GS BSNLEU expressed unhapiness over BSNLMRS:

On 11-04-16 at a meeting in Chennai the General Secretary of BSNLEU expressed unhappiness over BSNL MRS for denying him the full reimbursement of medical expenses on account of his eye surgery recently. He lamented that for an expense of Rs.95000 only Rs.1500 was reimbursed to him . But it is not a new thing. For several years this is the position of Medical Scheme in BSNL wherein only 40% of actual medical expenses incurred are reimbursed even for treatment taken in approved hospitals. This being the case only now Com.Abhimanyu is aware of this horrible condition of BSNL MRS. May be only after his personal experience he is now worried about the very bad implementation of Medical Scheme.As a General Secretary of the main recognised Union BSNL it is his duty and responsibility to provide the best medical facilities to our staff like in other PSUs. By openly and publicly expressing his helpless once again Abhimanyu proved that he is a poor achiever and a mere loud mothed leader. This is one more reason for defeating BSNLEU in the ensuing Verification.


Open Admission of BSNLEU that it bungled on pay revision issue of all those who were appointed on or after 01-01-2007:

We all know pretty well that all those who got appointment in BSNL on or after were denied 30% pay hike like other employees and due to this they are experiencing a huge financial loss for more than past nine years. During this period BSNLEU was the only recognised Union in BSNL. This proves the incapacity of that Union particularly their leadership.
As they kept NFTE out of the second wage revision talks many blunders were committed in second wage Revision. Few glaring examples are the following:
1. They did not fix the periodicity of wage revision as five years.( This has resulted in the delay in Third wage revision. Even after nine years since the last wage revision in 2007 there is no official word about next wage revision. Due to this delay many are struggling with stagnation in Pay and loosing their increments) 2.The pay revision was based on 68.8% IDA whereas in other PSUs it was on the basis of 78.2% IDA.(Due to this costly mistake even today both our employees and retirees are loosing financially).
In the run up to the seventh membership verification in BSNL, Comrade Abhimanyu has released a booklet on issues facing the employees in general. I reproduce the write up in that booklet on page 16 under the subheading "Settlement of one additional increment to the TTAs".
"......demanding that the wage loss of all the Non-Executives appointed on or after 01-01-2007 and upto 06-05-2010,should be adequately compensated.Initially it was demanded that five advance increments should be granted to these employees as was given to the JTOs and JAOs.However after coming to know that, in some PSUs 30% fitment has been given to the employees appointed during the above said period, BSNLEU demanded that30% fitment should be granted to the Non-Executives appointed on or after 01-01-2007 and upto 06-05-2010."
This write up very clearly proved the incapacity of BSNLEU and inadequacy of its leadership. First they demanded five advance increments without even knowing the fact that the similarly placed employees in other PSUs were given 30% fitment.Then they demanded 30% fitment. But what was the achievement after nine long years? The management offered only one additional increment that too for only to TTAs and not to all others belong to various cadres. This is a clear case of discrimination . When these employees were justifiably eligible for 30% fitment, the BSNLEU was satisfied with only one increment. Everyone knew that one Increment means just 3% only. Who will compete for the remaining 27% pay loss.
If these leaders are engaged in the next wage revision what will be future blunders?


Branch Union was formed for NFTCL in Madurantakam on 12-04-16:

Branch Union of NFTCL was formed in Madurantakam on 12-04-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election Campaign Meeting of EWA in Madurantakam on 12-04-16:

Election Campaign Meeting of EWA held in Madurantakam on 12-04-16 in which C.K.M and other leaders spoke.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Farewell Meeting for Com. Singaravelan, District Secretary of Kanchipuram District Union:

On 12-04-2016 at Chengleput exchange a grand farewell meeting was organised to mark the retirement of Com.Singaravelan on 30-04-16. I participated in the meeting and greeted him a very happy retired life. TEPU circle Secretary Vijayakumar, SEWA Circle Secretary Loganathan and OBC employees welfare association Circle Secretary Prabhakaran were also spoke at this meeting. We thank Comrade Singaravelan who donated Rs.3000 to Circle Union.  Click1,


Election Campaign Meeting at Chengleput on 12-04-16:

In a well organized Election campaign meeting in Chenglepet Com.C.K.M and EWA leaders spoke at the Employees and exposed the failures of BSNLEU and the drama enacted by GS of BSNLEU in the recent issue of Bonus.  Click1,  Click2,


SEWA-BSNL entered in to an agreement with NFTE-BSNL on 10-04-2016.

SEWA-BSNL entered in to an agreement with NFTE-BSNL on 10-04-2016. At Newdelhi on Sunday an agreement was reached between the two organisations to support NFTE in the Seventh membership verification in BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Employees Welfare Alliance unions joint meeting on 09-04-16 at Dinroz RSU

Employees Welfare Alliance unions joint meeting on 09-04-16 at Dinroz RSU exchange to prepare our base level leaders for registering a thumping victory over the discredited BSNLEU.Morethan 350 comrades very enthusiastically took part in this full day meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election tour

On 08-04-16 the Employees Welfare Alliance leaders began their election tour at Thiruvallur in the morning and Sriperumbudur in the evening. Both the meetings were encouraging and well attended.  Click1,  Click2,


Grand celebration of 95 th Birthday of Com.O.P.Gupta

Grand celebration of 95 th Birthday of Com. O .P.Gupta and Begining of tour programme of Employees Welfare Alliance on 08-04-16 at Thiruvallur exchange.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Com.O.P Gupta's 95th birtyday on April 8th:

The legend &doyen of the P&T workers. The greatman who stood firmly,fought strongly,&conquered finally. Thus he ensured Govt .pension for 31/2 lakhs Bsnl employees. The one &only trade Union leader in the world who gave the permanent status to the 1 1/2lakhs casual labourers in the Bsnl at the stroke of one order despite ban on reruitment in force. No trade union leader in the world to achieve this feat till today. Com .Guptaji lives in the heart of the Bsnl employees even after his demise. Long live Com.Guptaji's fame.


BSNL management calls the bluff of Abhimanyu and BSNLEU:

As nothing is there to show as achievement for BSNLEU even after 12 years of continued recognized union status, they now harping on Bonus issue with half truths and untruths only to hoodwink our employees to steal their votes. Having slept over bonus issue ever since 2010 for the past 6 years Abhimanyu now act very fast and became over smart to blame NFTE falsely. The management has now written to BSNLEU General Secretary with a strong warning not to indulge in utter falsehood on bonus issue with an eye on the coming verification. The management rapped Abhimanyu and questioned him how he can falsely propagate that management had offered only two degit amount as adhoc bonus when he himself did not attend the said meeting on 31_03_16 ?The warning of the management is nothing but a slap on the face of BSNLEU . But the thick skinned people will not budge and correct their mistakes.


BSNLEU Caught Red-handed;பொய்யன் அபிமன்யுவின் சாயம் வெளுத்தது :

NFTE-BSNL நிர்வாகத்தோடு இரண்டு இலக்க போனசிற்கு ஒத்துக்க்கொண்டது எனக் கூறி BSNLEU ஊழியர்களை திசை திருப்பி வந்தது. இதனை கண்டித்த நிர்வாகம் அவருக்கு கடிதம் அனுப்பியுள்ளது. இதனை பார்த்தாவது ஊழியர்கள் BSNLEU சங்க மோசடியை புரிந்து கொள்வார்கள். இந்த தேர்தலில் நிராகரிப்பார்கள். The BSNLEU and its GS Com. Abhimanyu exposed completely in the Bonus issue. The BSNL management issued notice to BSNLEU.  Read more..,


Com C.K.Mathivanan in Kolkatta:

Com C.K.Mathivanan reached Kolkota to meet West Bengal and Telecom Factory comrades to speedup the NFTE's election campaign for the 7 the verification and he also planned to meet our comrades to sort out the organizational issues pending for a long time.


Election Campaign Meeting on 05-04-16 at K K Nagar Telephone Exchange:

At K.K.Nagar telephone Exchange complex on 05/04/2016 Com C.K.M and EWA leaders spoke at the Employees about the failures of BSNLEU and electing NFTE-BSNL as Number one recognized union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


At DGM( HR &Admn) office campaign meeting on 04-04-16:

In a well organized election campaign meeting today at DGM(Admn) office Com.C.K.Mathivanan and other EWA leaders addressed the gathering and the importance to elect the NFTE-BSNL as Number one recognized union to safe guard the interest of BSNL and its Employees.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election campaign meeting on April-3 at Kellys Exchange:

In a well organized meeting at Kellys Exchange the EWA leaders spoke at the Employees.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


It is unbelievable:

It is unbelievable . BSNLEU is announcing two agitations in one week for Bonus ! It was in silent mode from 2010 when the management denied bonus to us . It even justified the denial of bonus. It failed to organise any struggle during Pooja festivals and even questioned the management very recently what is the urgency to decide the Adhoc bonus as festivals were over.Com.Abhimanyu always absented from the bonus formula review committee meetings only to avoid any progress or settlement on Bonus question.
Only few days ago that union demanded Rs.3500 as Bonus during April -1 nationwide (?) demonstration.Now suddenly it has demanded Rs.7000 as bonus for its Dharna on April -7. May be it will demand next week Rs 10,000 as bonus because time is running out for it . Our Employees have already decided to defeat BSNLEU for wasting the opportunity given to it in five elections consecutively and the recognised Union status for 12 long years since 2004. That was the reason many unions and associations have jumped out of its alliance and decided to support NFTE .Rattled by these developments and the sure defeat in the seventh membership verification starring on its face BSNLEU is now confused and perplexed . That is the reason for its over action / reaction for bonus. Let us understand the pathetic situation of that union and explain the betrayal of BSNLEU in accepting the management's formula of Linking profits for payment of bonus (PLI) ever since 2009-2010Victory is awaiting NFTE on 10-05-16.


Welcome news from Punjab circle!:

At a meeting in Bhatinda on 03-04-16 , the circle Union of SNATTA rejected the decision of its All India body and unanimously decided to extend full support to NFTE-BSNL in Punjab Circle in the forthcoming seventh membership verification on 10-04-16. We congratulate the bold decision of SNATTA comrades in Punjab and hopeful of many more circle bodies rebel against the wrong decision of their CHQ in the coming days and weeks.


Stagnation of Pay: It is the creation of BSNLEU:

After the formation of BSNL , comrade O P Gupta unified every Union small or big and recognised or unrecognised to negotiate the First Wage Revision in BSNL after DOT/DTS was corporatised in 2000.Due to this matured approach a very good Pay Revision agreement was signed with effect from 01-01-2002.At that time NFTE was leading the wage revision talks as the majority Union and hence made it clear that the next wage revision should be after five years from 2002.Thus the periodicity of wage revision was fixed as five years.
In 2007 automatically wage was revised although NFTE was not a recognised Union after 2004.But intoxicated with power and authority as a sole recognised Union and bargaining agent in BSNL,the leaders of BSNLEU did not involve the NFTE in the second wage revision unlike the first wage revision talks. Due to inexperience and lack of knowledge the leadership of BSNLEU committed the following blunders in 2007.
1. Although an order from central government was there to merge 78.2%IDA during wage revision in PSUs Comrades Namboodiri and Abhimanyu accepted meekly 68.8%. Due to this our employees got nearly 9.4% less salary. Due to the United efforts of our unions only from 10-06-2013 this blunder was partially rectified after nearly six years. Even after this HRA is being paid only for 68.8% IDA. We are loosing every month very huge amount due to this.The employees retired during 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013 are still getting lesser pension every month as they were not given effect of 78.2% IDA merger till date.
2.BSNLEU bungled in the second wage revision by not fixing the periodicity of Five years for wage revision as NFTE done in 2002.It merely accepted the management's dictation of Ten years periodicity for next wage Revision. Although Leaders of BSNLEU refused to accept this blunder openly they were exposed thoroughly when they did not demand the third wage revision in 2012 as a single recognised Union in BSNL. Not only that they now proclaim that they will get better wage revision in 2017. This is nothing but their open admission of having accepted the ten years periodicity for wage revision in BSNL.
3. The management was illogically paying pension contributions to the Government of India on the maximum of one's pay scale irrespective of whether one reaches that or not.It should have been based only on minimum or actual scale of pay. This was the main reason for the reluctance of the management to increase the span of a pay scale as it will naturally increase the maximum of a pay scale and higher amount of pension contributions should have to be doled out. To avoid this BSNLEU should have compelled the Government to collect pension contributions from minimum of one's pay scale or demanded and got the merger of few pay scales as NFTE successfully done in 1995.But expecting this type of achievement from BSNLEU is too much for our employees. Almost 40 to 60% of our employees are now facing the stagnation for a longer period. Although as per Government order for two increment lost one is granted as Stagnation increment the loss in salary and pension for our employees affected by stagnation of pay and loss further increments on reaching the maximum of the pay scale is very huge. A simple calculation of a Sr.TOA 's case of stagnation we found his loss was Rs.1940 per month and future loss in pension for ever will be around Rs.400. He draws an increment of Rs.800. For this 112% of IDA will be Rs.900.His HRA of 30% on this increment will be Rs.240. Adding all these 800+900+240=1940. This loss is the achievement of BSNLEU no doubt because it only single handedly negotiated the last wage revision in 2007 with all these blunders.Should any one will give a chance once again to BSNLEU to play with their pay,pension and future? Only by electing NFTE as the majority Union our salary,pension and future will be safe and secured.


Demonstration Drama!:

As defeat is approaching the BSNLEU in Chennai Telephones and all over the country now it has enacted a demonstration DRAMA for Bonus. The General Secretary of BSNLEU very recently told the management that why urgency for convening the bonus formula review committee as all festivals were already over. This gentleman did not agitate from 2010 for bonus but now he is enacting this drama with an eye on election and to mislead the employees.He was hand in glove with the management for six years to deny bonus to our employees. Even last year when NFTE requested him for a joint struggle he refused to agitate for bonus. Hence the employees will not be fooled by this drama.


It is Election Time in BSNL!:

BSNLEU General Secretary was observing strong SILENCE ever since 2010 when the management began to deny our employees the Bonus(PLI) on the plea that BSNL has not earned profit. Even after the Department of Public Enterprises(DPE) issued instructions in 2011 that Bonus (PLI) payment to employees has no linkage with the profitability of the Company/Enterprise, both the management and BSNLEU were stonewalling the demand for Bonus to our employees till 2013. When NFTE -BSNL was also recognised after the sixth verification in 2013 the management agreed to review the faulty bonus formula which linked profitability . Grudgingly BSNLEU also had to follow NFTE and agreed to the review of bonus formula which caused loss of bonus to our employees from 2010 to the current financial year. A committee was formed to go in to the modalities of new bonus formula . Comrade Islam represented NFTE in that committee.Similarly Comrade Abhimanyu was in the committee on behalf of BSNLEU. However due to the non-cooperating attitude of Abhimanyu many meetings could not be held by the said committee as he was not present/ available.This has resulted in the failure of the committee to arrive at an agreed formula even after two years . Hence the NFTE demanded Adhoc Bonus payment to the employees.After much hesitation CMD agreed to pay the Adhoc Bonus. But the quantum of amount was once again created differences of opinion.
On 30-03-16 the meeting of the said committee was convened. As usual Abhimanyu did not attend the meeting of the committee as he was busily touring the country to canvass votes. But dutifully NFTE's representative participated in the meeting.The management offered a very meagre amount as Adhoc Bonus pending finalisation of bonus formula. This was a good development as our employees could get some thing as Bonus after six long years since 2009. Further this may call the bluff of management that Bonus could not be paid in the absence of profits . Even now our company has not earned any profit and still running on loss only.However BSNLEU was of the opinion that less than Rs.3500(one month salary) was not acceptable. There is no difference on this .But in the past- during the last Six years BSNLEU never demanded this from the management or organised any struggle to demand Rs.3500 as bonus for our employees. Not only that the leadership of BSNLEU justified the denial of bonus as it felt the management was struggling to pay even monthly salary to the employees.Adding insult to injury the leaders of BSNLEU spoke proudly at many places that the huge salary hike was given by them to the employees was enough.
Com.Abhimanyu went further and ridiculed the leaders of NFTE as not having proper knowledge on Bonus issue for the simple fact NFTE demanded bonus to our employees since 2010 and continuously organising agitations on bonus issue . Only because of NFTE's consistent efforts the bonus formula is being revised now. Due to election pressure and fever Abhimanyu calls for agitation on bonus now is a well known fact to every employees in BSNL. He slept for six years on bonus issue and now posing as a champion of bonus formula but workers are not fools and they will teach him a good lesson on 10-05-16 for his arrogance and double talk on Bonus . At chennai few years ago this great revolutionary leader declared openly that hence forth no body can get bonus for employees in BSNL.Now he is accusing others as Somersaulted on Bonus. Good Joke by Abhimanyu.



After attending a well organised election meeting at Bangaluru City Exchange compound now he reached Kerala as per the request of our General Secretary and President for Organizational work. He may return to Chennai only on 04-04-16.
As per the decision of Employees Welfare Association in Chennai Telephones on 08-04-16 after garlanding the statue of Comrade O P Gupta on his birth anniversary a meeting of alliance will be there and our meet the employees tour also will begin from Thiruvallur on the same day. All our comrades to participate enmasse. Our alliance and office bearers joint meeting will begin on 09-04-2016( Saturday) at in Dinroze exchange compound.This meeting will be for full day .Please ensure our base level leaders( Branch and Divisional secretaries) participation in this very important EWA meeting on April-09.
Our alliance leaders will garland the statue of Bharat Ratna B.R.Ambedkar on his birth anniversary on 14-04-16 at Taylor's Road Telephone Quarters.Make all the programs a huge success.


Bangaluru Election campaign meeting on 30-03-16:

At City Exchange compound a meeting was held to campaign for NFTE-BSNL on March 30 in which comrades Krishna Mohanan,Seshadri, C.K.Mathivanan,Krishna Reddy and other leaders of Karnataka circle Union have spoken . TEPU circle secretary Saravanan also addressed the meeting and appealed for votes in favour of NFTE in the seventh verification on 10-05-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Election campaign meeting of Employees Welfare Alliance at Avadi on 29-03-16:

The Election campaign meeting of Employees Welfare Alliance was held at Avadi Telephone Exchnage complex were EWA leaders spoke at the gatherings.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


SEWA-BSNL election Result:

We are happy to inform all our comrades that the panel headed by Coms. P.N.Perumal and N.D.Ram had scored a thumping victory in the election held on 28-03-16 and conducted by BSNL management in Newdelhi.
With this the body elected at Sholapur at the last All India Conference has once again proved that it has the majority support among the SC/ST employees in BSNL .BSNLEU and its General Secretary Abhimanyu have now tasted their first defeat and the next defeat for them will be on 10-05-16 when the votes will be polled in seventh verification to elect the recognised Union.
It is a personal defeat for Abhimanyu as he openly interfered in the SEWA-BSNL affairs by supporting a faction of Sri.Raveendran.The pity is that he could not become even a delegate to participate from Chennai Telephones and eligible to vote in this election for choosing the National Office-bearers of SEWA.
We congratulate comrades PN Perumal and ND Ram and wish them well.


Election Campaign Meeting at Madhavaram on 28-03-16:

The 22nd Campaign meeting of Welfare Alliance in Chennai Telephones was held at Madhavaram Telephone Exchange complex.
Comrades CKM,Vijayakumar,G.Y.Sekar,G.Manoharan, E.Prabakaran,M.K.Ramaswamy,K.M.Elangovan,C.Ravi, Sundaramurthy,Ragunathan, and S. Rajendran and many other leaders of NFTE-BSNL, TEPU, SEWA, PEWA, OBC spoke in the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click4,


Review committee meeting of ewa at FBR Complex NFTE UNION Office:

THe review committee meeting of EWA was held at FBR Complex NFTE union Office today and committe members were participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Is BSNLEU accepted these?:

In every election campaign since 2004 , BSNL employees union never tired to blame NFTE and Com.O.P.Gupta for accepting the corporatisation of DOT as it was the root cause for all the ills today faced by our employees. But in the past 16 years BSNLEU never once demanded reconversion of PSU to Government sector despite being a recognised Union continuously for 12 years since 2004.
During BSNLEU's long tenure the following were implemented by the Government:
1. FDI in Telecom Sector was enhanced to 74% from 49%.
2. BSNL was weakened by the formation of a separate company for Broad Band services in the name BBNL.
3. Separate Tower company to control the mobile tower business in the whole country.
All the above decisions were arbitrarily implemented by the management and Government . But BSNLEU never went on agitation to stop these except making some noise.But in the case of Corporatisation NFTE along with FNTO and BTEF went on a historic three days nationwide strike in September 2000 that forced the then Vajpayee Government to agree to our demand of
1. Government Pension from Government Fund even after corporatisation.
2. Job Security.
3. Safeguarding the financial viability of the proposed PSU(BSNL).
But unfortunately BSNLEU friends betrayed that historic strike and worked as loyal servants.
BSNLEU did not achieve any positive results on the FDI hike, BBNL formation and Separate Tower company. It miserably failed to stop or minimise the danger. So now we can hold BSNLEU responsible for all these. Is it not?


Election campaign At Koyambedu Exchange:

At Koyambedu on 26-03-16 election campaign was conducted by Employees Welfare Alliance. In the beginning NFTE flag was hoisted and stone tablet was opened.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Grand Inauguration of Election campaign at Chennai on 24-03-16:

Coms. Islam and Subburaman and other leaders of Employees Welfare Alliance spoke at a massive meeting in Chromepet in which more than 1000 comrades participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Election campaign meeting was held at Mambalam exchange:

Today the election campaign meeting was held at Mambalam exchange in which myself, TEPU circle secretary Vijayakumar,PEWA General Secretary Masilamani,AIBSNL OBC EWA circle secretary Prabhakaran and other leaders spoke.  Click1,


Farewell for Two senior comrades of Avadi on 23-03-16:

Today I greeted a very happy retired life for two of our senior leaders of Avadi Division in Thiruvallur District at a well attended farewell meeting. Comrades T. Ponnurangam, TM and G.S.Nagendra babu, TM are retiring on 31-03-16 after completing 38 years of service to the company. These two leaders had worked very hard for the growth of NFTE-BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click3,


Employees Welfare Alliance meeting in Ponneri:

At Ponneri telephone exchange on 22-03-16 the 19 th campaign meeting of Employees Welfare Alliance was held.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


E W Alliance campaign and The first meeting of EWA on 21-03-16:

On 21-03-16 a meeting was held at Kodambakkam exchange in which leaders of NFTE , TEPU and AIBsNLOBCEWA spoke. In the evening first meeting of EWA took place.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,


Employees welfare alliance meeting on 21/03/2016:

On 21-03-16(Monday) at 5pm the first formal meeting of EWA in Chennai Telephones will be held in Flower Bazaar ( NFTE office) in which TEPU,PEWA,SEWA and NFTE leaders will participate and deliberate on the arrangements for the successful launching of Election Campaign on 24-03-16 at Chromepet exchange . This meeting will be attended by Comrades Islam, V.Subburaman,P N Perumal, G. Masilamani and other leaders of EWA. Hence forth the weekly meeting of EWA will be continued on every Monday at 5 pm.


General Council Meeting of Chennai Telephones NFTE-BSNL on 16-03-16:

At Dinroze RSU complex the meeting was held under the chairmanship of M K Ramasamy in which our alliance Union leaders J.Vijayakumar,K.Arumugam,Loganathan ,E.Prabakaran, G.Masilamani,Sundaramurthy and others took part in it. At this meeting K K Nagar comrades led by V.Babu presented a mobile phone to Com. CKM in appreciation of his efforts in building a strong winning alliance under NFTE-BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click2,  Click3,


Election campaign meeting at Velachery Exchange:

17th campaign meeting for seventh verification at Velachery Exchange was held on 16-03-16. Com C.K.M and others spoke at the meeting and the importance to elect NFTE-BSNL as single largest union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


BSNL OBC association extends support to NFTE-BSNL:

All India BSNL OBC employees welfare Association leaders on 15-03-16 met Comrades CKM and J.Vijayakumar both President and Convener of Employees Welfare Alliance(EWA) in Chennai Telephones and offered their association's whole hearted support to our alliance in the 7 th verification in BSNL. We thanked them for their support and Co-operation.  Click1,


Election Campaign Meeting on 15-0-16 at G M (South) in Guindy:

The Election Campaign Meeting held today in G M (South) in Guindy Com C.K.M. and orher leaders spoke at the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Office bearer election of Employees Welfare Alliance(Uoozhiar nala Koottani):

Today's meeting of Employees Welfare Alliance elected the following comrades as office beares: President:C.K.Mathivanan (NFTE) Vice-President:G.Masilamani (PEWA) Convener:J.Vijayakumar (TEPU) Asst.Convener:S.Subramaniam (SEWA) The alliance meetings will be held every week on Monday at 5 pm in Flower Bazaar till the process of seventh membership verification is over.


Employees Welfare Alliance (Uoozhiar nala Koottani):

Alliance of BSNL unions in Chennai Telephones formed with participation of circle Secretaries of NFTE,TEPU,PEWA & SEWA on 14-03-16 to face the ensuing Seventh verification in BSNL in the name of Employees Welfare Alliance ( Uoozhiar nala Koottani ). The inaugural function will be held on 24-03-16 at Chromepet . Leaders participated in the meeting are:
Comrades C K Mathivanan, M K Ramasamy, C Ravi, K M Elangovan ,S . Rajendran, N Danapal, G.Anbukumar.
Comrades J. Vijayakumar, G. Y. Sekar, S.Sundaramoorthy,Devarajan
Comrades G.Masilamani , K.Arumugam
Comrades S. Subramaniam, S. Logananathan.Vadivelu.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Election Campaign meeting at Chromepet in Kanchipuram district:

At Chromepet exchange a meeting to campaign for the 7 th membership verification in BSNL was held on 14-03-16 . Comrades CKM, Ramasamy,Elangovan,Selvaraj,Ekambaram,Singaravelan & Sathya took part in this meeting. This is the 15 th meeting out of this type of 35 campaign meetings planned in Chennai Telephones circle.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


One more Union extend support to NFTE-BSNL:

We are happy to inform that BSNL- PEWA has offered unconditional support to NFTE-BSNL in the seventh membership verification due on 10-05-16. PEWA Union General Secretary G. Masilamani and circle secretary K.Arumugam conveyed their offer of support to Com. C K M on 13-03-16.A formal agreement between two CHQ will be inked in few days time. It is to be noted that PEWA Union supported NFTE-BSNL in the sixth verification also and its cadres worked sincerely for the success of NFTE in 2013. We sincerely thank the leadership of PEWA Union for its support and cooperation.


General Council Meeting on 16-03-2016:

The meeting of general council of our circle Union will be held on March-16(Wednesday ) at 3 pm in Dinroze RSU exchange compound. The meeting will be chaired by Com.MKR and discuss many important agenda points. All branch/Divisional/ District secretaries besides circle Union office - bearers are requested to attend this month's meeting of General Council with out fail.


Circle Election Committee's weekly(Saturday ) meeting at Union office on 12-03-16:

Circle Election Committee's weekly(Saturday) meeting at Union office on 12-03-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election campaign meeting at Ponamallee Exchange complex:

At Poonamallee exchange on 12-03-16 a meeting was held to campaign for the seventh verification.Comrades CKM, Ramasamy, Bose,Rajendran, Danapal spoke. Divisional secretary Sathyamurthy handed over Rs.3000 towards election fund. At Poonamallee exchange on 12-03-16 a meeting was held to campaign for the seventh verification.Comrades CKM, Ramasamy, Bose,Rajendran, Danapal spoke. Divisional secretary Sathyamurthy handed over Rs.3000 towards election fund.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


TEPU Union to support NFTE-BSNL:

TEPU leaders formally agreed to support NFTE-BSNL in the ensuing Seventh membership verification on 10-05-2016.This development is sure to boost the vote percentage of NFTE and the morale of our membership. Similarly this decision of TEPU will hurt the BSNLEU psychologically too much as BSNLEU is loosing its longstanding partner like TEPU which was in alliance with BSNLEU since the first verification in 2002.We welcome TEPU 's decision and thank its leadership including comrades Venkatraman, Subburaman and Vijayakumar, Kannadasan etc.  Click1,


Meeting to campaign for 7 th verification in BSNL on 11-03-16. at Tambaram:

Campaign meeting held in Tambaram and leaders spoke at the gathering to elect NFTE-BSNL as sinlge largest union and assured to settle all the pending issues.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Meeting of election special magazine committee on 10-03-16 at union office in Flower Bazaar:

Our circle Union will release a special election magazine on 15-04-16 at a function in Anna Road complex. To prepare and select articles a meeting was held in which Com.G.Jayaraman , Secretary (CHQ) participated and gave valuable suggestions. All the ten members of the committee very attentively and actively took part in the discussion.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election Campaign at Maraimalai Nagar exchange on 10-03-2016:

In an impressive campaign meeting at Maraimalai Nagar telephone exchange Comrades CKM, Ramaswamy,Ekamabaram and Ravi participated and spoke elaborately about BSNLEU failures and the importance to elect NFTE-BSNL to safe guard BSNL and its employees.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Com. Kohli withdrew his nomination on 09-03-16:

We are very Happy to inform that the General Secretary of NFTBE , comrade R.K.Kohli has withdrawn today(March-9)his union's nomination for the seventh membership verification in support of NFTE-BSNL . This Union was in alliance with BSNLEU in the sixth verification and helped it. But after a bitter experience with com. Abhimanyu NFTBE has decided to come out of that alliance and now decided to support our union unconditionally by withdrawing from the contest itself. This will avoid confusion created in the last verification due to similarity of symbol of NFTBE. It may be recalled that Comrade Kohli publicly announced in Patna on 01-03-16 that he will merge NFTBE with NFTE in April. We welcome the decision of Com.Kohli and thank him and his comrades for the help and cooperation.


Campaign meeting at Anna Road exchange on 09/03/16:

Today leaders spoke at Anna Road Telephone exchange complex exposing the failures of BSNLEU and the importance to elect NFTE-BSNL as Single largest recognized union so as to ensure the interest of BSNL also better wage revision for the employees with out any delay.  Click1,  Click2,


Heavy loss due to stagnation for many employees:

Heavy loss due to stagnation for many employees since BSNLEU agreed for ten year wage revision instead of five year wage agreement.Due to this wrong decision of BSNLEU in 2007 we could not get the third wage revision in 2012 which has resulted in heavy stagnation to many employees as they reached the maximum of the pay scale already. A rough estimate of loss per month is Rs.1800 as the loss of annual increment resulted in the reduction of IDA ,HRA and Pension life long. This is the biggest achievement of BSNLEU in the second wage revision which was negotiated and agreement signed only by BSNLEU.


Election Campaign Meeting at Adyar on 08-03-16:

Comrades CKM,TRR,Kabali,Sabapathy,Nagarajan spoke in the meeting on the failures of BSNLEU during its 12 long years recognised Union status.The Leaders exhorted the employees to elect NFTE Union as the single recognised Union so that the next wage revision is effected without any delay. At Poonamallee exchange on 12-03-16 a meeting was held to campaign for the seventh verification.Comrades CKM, Ramasamy, Bose,Rajendran, Danapal spoke. Divisional secretary Sathyamurthy handed over Rs.3000 towards election fund.


NFTE-BSNL wishes a very happy International Women's Day:

NFTE-BSNL wishes all women particularly working in BSNL a very happy International Women's Day on 08-03-2016. Women are the eyes of our society and needs to be respected and honoured by all of us . In the modern world women have proved that they are very competent and responsible in any duty . Even trucks , planes are now operated by women which were previously reserved for men. We are happy to note the operation of Air India plane to San Francisco ( USA)with all women crew on board in that longest distance sector recently. Indeed it is a fittest way to mark the International women's Day.Air India ,a PSU need to be congratulated by all of us for this novel effort.
Even after many decades the bill passed by Rajya Sabha for reserving the 33% of seats for women in both Parliament and state assemblies did not became an act as it was not approved by Loksabha due to the male chauvinist politicians of our country.
NFTE-BSNL promised 12 days special casual leave in a year to our women employees on the eve of sixth verification in 2013.After NFTE became a recognised Union and got representation in the National Council we submitted the demand of grant of 12 days special casual leave to the staff side secretary and General Secretary of BSNLEU . But comrade Abhimanyu in a very narrow minded approach refused to forward that demand of NFTE for inclusion in the national council agenda. His objection was it was a promise made by NFTE and hence he has no responsible for that demand.We can't see such an arrogance from any other union leader. Still on 8 th March those leaders of BSNLEU will deliver long speeches on women's rights without any shame or guilty conscious .The rational behind our demand for 12 days special casual leave for only women was they play crucial role in our society as mother ,Wife, Sister etc and they are looking after the maintenance of entire family whether employed or unemployed.Any how at least in the next year we must ensure that 12 days Special CL to our Women employees is granted by the management.
 Click1,  Click2,


BSNLEU failed in settling the Bonus Issue:

Read the notice....  Click1,


First meeting of the circle election committee:

First meeting of the circle election committee was held today at Flower Bazaar.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Second phase of our Election campaign began:

Second phase of our Election campaign began yesterday with a meeting at Haddows road/Kushkumar road exchange compound.  Click1,  Click2,



The contract Labourers working at Flower Bazaar exchange struggled successfully against the retrenchment of two women contract Labourer who were in the forefront of wage revision. The contractor was forced to take back those two Labourers by the active intervention of NFTCL and two days work stoppage . NFTE and NFTCL leaders held negotiations and got those two women contract Labourers are taken in for duty. Due to this struggle out of 27 contract Labourers 18 left the Namboodri Union and joined NFTCL.


Inspiring NEC meeting at Patna:

On 01-03-16 the extended NEC meeting began in Patna in which more than 500 comrades from all over the country very enthusiastically participated. Chennai Telephones was represented by Comrades CKM, Ragunathan and Ekambaram. Nearly 400 district secretaries along with almost all circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers participated in this meeting which will conclude on 02-03-16 evening.
The morning session was attended by the leaders of sister unions. Comrades Subburaman(TEPU),N.D.Ram ( SEWA),R.K.Kohli(NFTBE) and Suresh Kumar ( BSNLMS) addressed the national executive meeting. Com. Kohli announced his union's merger with NFTE-BSNL in April at the AIC conference in Ranchi.
This meeting gave confidence to all of us that a resounding victory is awaiting the NFTE -BSNL in the ensuing Seventh membership verification.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Comrade J.Vijayakumar, Dy.GS of TEPU and CS,Chennai Telephones honoured:

Comrade J.Vijayakumar, Dy. GS of TEPU and CS,Chennai Telephones was honoured at the extended National Executive meeting at Patna on 01-03-16.  Click1,


The extended meeting of National Executive of NFTE-BSNL:

The extended meeting of National Executive of NFTE-BSNL has begun at Patna with flag hoisting and lighting of lamp.


First Meeting of the Circle Election Committee (CEC) of Chennai Telephones:

On 05-03-16(Saturday) at 5 pm the first meeting of the 33 member CEC will meet in the union office at Flower Bazaar.All CEC members are requested to attend the meeting in time. As per the decision taken already the CEC will meet every week on Saturdays till the seventh membership verification is completed on 12-05-2016.


CGM congratulate Com. Tamilselvi on 23-02-16 at CGM's office:

Our comrade Tamil Selvi of New Perungalathur RSU was congratulated by CGM ,Chennai Telephones for her selection as one of the 100 Women Acheivers in the whole of the country for social service . She was chosen by the union government and was honoured by the President of India on 23-01-16 on the eve of Republic Day.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Deceptive Railway Budget:

The Railway Budget submitted on 25-02-16 for the fiscal year 2016-2017 is a deceptive one with the sole aim of fooling the people of our country particularly with an high on the ensuing elections to five state Assemblies including West Bengal, Kerala,Tamilnadu, Assam.
The Railway Minister has done merely a jugglery without specifically mentioning where from his government will mobilise the resources for all his promises to passengers. He also not analysed the shortcomings faced in the preceding year as per the last year's budget allocations and promises.
Modi government is best at diverting the attention of our people from the real issues facing them by raising communal slogans and national sentiments. Similarly this year's Railway Budget also a deception like many of Modi's promises.


Jungle Raj by Modi Government:

Day by day we are witnessing the tricks played by NDA government with regard to JNU Student Leader's unjustified arrest on very serious Sedition charge. At the beginning the Delhi Police Chief Bassi thundered that he has adequate proof against Comrade Kannaiah Kumar . After the so called video of Zee T V news channel was found to be a doctored one the Delhi Police Chief said then the students must prove their innocence .This is totally a wrong position as per the Indian Legal System . In our Indian Jurisprudence the burden of proof is only on the Prosecution (Police) and not of the accused.
Mr. Bassi already soiled his image and that of Police Force in Delhi by dancing to the tunes of RSS/BJP leadership. He ordered his force to be a mute spectator when hundreds of Lawyers who belong to RSS and BJP violently attacked the students , their lawyers and media persons inside the Patiala Court premises . Mr. Modi it seems on moun viradh and become a moun muni. He was warning the people of Bihar to elect BJP to end the Jungle Raj of Nithish Kumar.But rightly the people of Bihar rejected Modi & Co. Now the whole world has seen the Jungle Raj of Modi. This is high time all secular and democratic forces join hands forgetting other differences to save our motherland from Fascists.


Election campaign meeting at Ambattur Telephone exchange:

In a well organized election campaign meeting today at Amabttur Telephone exchange Com.C.K.Mathivanan and other leaders addressed the gatherings.  Click1,  Click2,


Election campaign meeting at Anna Nagar Telephone exchange 22/02/2016:

Today at Anna Nagar exchange I spoke nearly for an hour explaining in detail the blunder committed by BSNLEU in Bonus. It meekly accepted the management's dictation which resulted in the linkage of profit for payment of Bonus.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click4,


TEPU All India conference on 20&21 of Feb'2016 in Chennai:

I along with our General Secretary Chandeswar Singh and BSNLMS General Secretary Suresh Kumar participated in the open session of TEPU's Conferance. Comrades RK,Pattabiraman,Jayaraman, Gopalakrishnan,Subbarayan ,Kamaraj and Kumar.
NFTE leaders were very warmly participated by TEPU leaders RV,Subburaman,Chellapandi and J.Vijayakumar ,CS of Chennai Telephones. Besides NFTE and BSNLMS the leaders of SEWA-BSNL Perumal and Ram also attended the TEPU's 4 th AIC.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election campaign meeting at Flower Bazaar on 20-02-16:

In a massive Election campaign meeting organized at Flower Bazaar Telephone exchange complex Com C.K.M and other leaders spoke eleobarately to defeat BSNLEU in all means.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Election Campaign at Thiruvanmiyur on 19-02-16:

In the election campaign meeting at Thiruvanmiyur Com C.K.Mathivanan addressed the gatherings and others leaders spoke elaborately about the failures of BSNLEU and imortance of electing NFTE BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


New branch opened on 16-02-16:

NFTE-BSNL has opened a new branch to cover both RSUs of Sait colony and Chetput. Comrade E.Sekar was elected as branch secretary. District Union leaders Sabapathy ,Nagarajan and Secretary (CHQ) T R Rajasekaran were present at the meeting.


Fascism has arrived in full form as BJP/RSS rule the roost:

Even after Supreme Court orders the Delhi Police Chief to ensure security to the JNU student union leader, Students and media persons at the Patiala court ,the mob of RSS and BJP goons and their supporters created unruly scenes and at will attacked any one against their ideology .The Delhi Police is watching the entire violence silently as they were instructed to act like that. Although the BJP Delhi MLA attacked CPI men publicly.
he was not arrested nor complaint registered against him for violence. But on his complaint (?) few people were arrested.Delhi Police Commissioner is acting as a BJP /RSS leader.
Right Reactionary forces now control the government and try to muzzle the press, judiciary apart from saffronising the Universities to brain wash the students and youngsters. The courts are there to decide who is anti-national? and what is anti-nation?BJP or RSS need not usurp the role of the courts and pass judgment ? Those who don't have any history of fighting for the country's Independence should not brand congress and communist parties as unpatriotic and anti- nationals!.


Election Campaign meeting at Thiruvallur & Kancheepuram on 18-02-16:

A massive Election campaign meeting held at Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram where leaders spoke about in details the failure of BSNLEU and the importance of electing NFTE-BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,  Click11,  Click12,


General Council Meeting on 16-02-16:

The meeting of circle union's General Council was held at Dinroze RSU compound under the presidentship of Com.M.K.Ramasamy,Circle President. More than 155 comrades enthusiastically took part in the meeting.The meeting approved the decisions of the circle executive meeting held on 01-02-2016.
5000 pamphlets were distributed to the District/Division/Branch unions which explained in detail the failures of BSNLEU despite being a recognised union for the last 12 years continuously since December 2004. This General Council meeting also finalised the election campaign and tour programme.
The meeting appointed a nine member team to prepare the special election edition of our union journal to be distributed among all the employees . This will be released in a function at Annaroad exchange on 15-04-2016.The circle union will begin touring all places on 06-04-16 to meet personally all the voters to appeal to them to vote for NFTE-BSNL and conclude the tour on 05-05-16.


Core Committee of NFTE -BSNL met in Newdelhi on 13&14of Feb'2016:

For two days the core committee met and deliberated mainly on the forthcoming membership verification on 10-05-2016 to elect majority trade union(s). 14 senior comrades including President and General Secretary took part in this meeting. Punjab, Gujarat, Tamilnadu,Chennai Telephones,Karnataka,Chattisgarh,Jharkhand,NTR,UP(W) circles were represented in this core committee meeting.
Comrade CKM in his submission spoke about the need to score a resounding victory in this seventh verification . Although NFTE could not get recognition as a main recognised Union in 2013 this time a great chance exist to fulfil this goal as we could change the wrong approach of both the management and BSNLEU on the issue of bonus.Now both have agreed to modify the wrong formula agreed upon in second wage revision (2010) that only if profit was there bonus will be paid to the employees.This is a great victory for NFTE which opposed from the beginning the linking bonus to the profitability. Further we are in a position to get the best wage revision surely in 2017 as was done in 2002.
Many alliance partners have already dumped or in the process of dumping BSNLEU now hence the position of that union is weakened much compared to 2013.Even before the last verification leaders of BSNLEU boasted of a membership of 1,25,000.But in the last verification it could secure only 99000 votes that too with the support of alliance partners like SEWA-BSNL,TEPU etc. If 20000 votes of alliance partners are subtracted then BSNLEU's own vote was only 79,000. That shows nearly 46000 members of that union did not cast vote for it although they paid subscription monthly under duress.Now also Com.Abhimanyu is boasting of a membership of 1,14,000 for BSNLEU. The past experience will prove that in actual vote tally it may be much lesser. Hence NFTE-BSNL becoming the main recognised union in the present verification is very bright as many alliance partners are ditching BSNLEU one by one.
The impending wage revision in 2017 may be the last chance for almost 95% of our employees as only 5% will be there in 2027 to see the Fourth wage revision since BSNLEU surrendered to the management during the second wage revision by accepting the Ten year wage agreement during the second wage revision thereby changing the Five year wage agreement signed by NFTE effective from 1.1.2002.The responsibility of NFTE to secure a fair wage revision to the employees is very acute and hence it should be the main recognised union in BSNL to stop BSNLEU spoiling the wage agreement as it done in 2007.
Many comrades expressed hope and confidence of NFTE's Victory over employees union in the 7 th verification. They explained the position of other unions in their respective circles.On the whole the meeting of the core committee enthused all of us and gave us the confidence to face the next verification in a planned and sustained manner.


Patriotism or Dictatorship?:

After Hyderabad's Central University now the Delhi's JNU ( Jawaharlal Nehru University ) is on the receiving end from the RSS goons and hence in the news for the last one week.In the name of Patriotism the so called ABVP leaders are trying to muzzle the differing voices/opinions of the student community.They wish to nip in the bud itself any opposition to their policies and right wing agenda in side the universities and educational campuses throughout the country with the active cooperation and help from BJP.
It is both surprising and shocking that the Union Home Minister and other people were keeping silence when the RSS cadres openly praise and eulogise the murderer of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Godse was congratulated for his murderous act and killing of Gandhi openly . His statue was installed in many places. But Rajnath Singh or any other BJP leader did not open their mouth to oppose or criticise those who eulogise the murderer of Gandhiji.
Now some students speaking and expressing different view points on the hanging of one person is blown out of proportions to dub them as anti- nationals etc.This is nothing but an undeclared emergency in the country in the garb of Patriotism . NFTE -BSNL demand the release of all students of JNU and drop false charges of anti-nationalism. Further we demand immediate arrest of all including Union HRD and Labour ministers who abetted the suicide of young research scholar belong to Dalit Community in the Hyderabad Central University.


K.K.Nagar the election campaign in South Chennai District:

At K K Nagar the election campaign in South Chennai District begun. On 11-02-16 a meeting to campaign for victory of NFTE -BSNL was held under the presidentship of Sabapathi, District President in which Comrades CKM,MKR,TRR,Dhansingh,Kabali, Babu and Nagarajan spoke.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Election Campaign at Kalmandapam:

On 10-02-16 a meeting to campaign for seventh verification was held in which comrades CKM,MKR ,TRR ,Elangovan ,Anbu spoke. Comrade Ramanathan presided over the meeting and comrade Ananda Devan welcomed all.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Policy Bankruptcy of BSNLEU?:

Both circle unions of BSNLEU in Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones circles have completed the first shows of the seventh membership verification. Yes both held separate demonstrations against the Telecom cooperative society. When the same society was under their control for five years the rate of interest for loan was 16.5%. Now when the Telecom Society was under the influence of NFTE-BSNL the rate of interest is only 16% that is 0.5% less than what was charged during BSNLEU's time.Yet they protest and enact drama with an eye on the next membership verification .But our employees will not forget their defence of 16.5% rate of interest during their tenure.
BSNLEU is continuously enjoying the status of a recognised Union in BSNL for the last 12 years since December 2004. But It did not implement any one promise even after enjoying recognition for 12 long years.Instead of accepting its failure to deliver any good thing it surrendered to the management many hard won rights of our employees. Few glaring surrenders are
1. Loss of Bonus for five years in row.
2. Removal of Reservation for SC/ST employees in Promotional scheme.
3.Wage revision for five year period was extended to Ten year period.
4.Leave encashment of 10 days EL on LTC was stopped on the opposition of Com. Abimanyu.
5.Dismantlement of BSNLMRS medical scheme including denial of quarterly medical allowance.
But without any guilty conscious BSNLEU shamelessly blame OP Gupta for all ills even after his death. It squarely put all its failures on Corporatisation and formation of BSNL even after 16 years of BSNL.It cheated and betrayed our employees with false promises. Few examples are:
1. Five Promotions to all employees.
2.Five day week pattern for all administrative staff.
3.Promotion to next higher grade with out any examination. All Telecom Mechanics will be promoted to TTA cadre.
4. Minimum bonus of Rs.10000
5.Pay scales at par with MTNL employees.
This time it cannot bluff as in the past as all our employees have realised the mistake of electing BSNLEU five times continuously on false promises. Even its alliance partners are now wary of continuing any type of alliance with it.That is the reason it is now talking too much about BSNL growth and improvement of services. It cannot boast of any single achievement in 12 year 's period.
The employees are fed up with its negative propaganda .They have decided to teach a lesson to its betrayal and non-performance .Let us organise them . A great victory awaits NFTE-BSNL in the 7 th membership verification on May 12.


New Branch Union Formed:

A new branch of NFTE-BSNL was formed at Balaji Nagar RSU on 08-02-16 in Madhavaram division under Thiruvallur District Union.Comrade John Joseph was elected as the Branch Secretary. We congratulate all the office - bearers of that branch Union. The formation of new branch was necessitated by the joining of new members all from BSNLEU recently in to NFTE -BSNL. This meeting was attended and addressed by Comrades S.Rajendran,ACS and N.Danapal, District President.


Funds Allotted for Flood Advance:

We received a news at 6.30 pm on 09-02-16 that the much expected funds for Flood advance to the staff of Chennai Telephones has been allotted by the Corporate HQ. On receipt of this information our circle secretary spoke to the GM (Finance) and requested to arrange for dispersement of the Flood advance amount to the staff immediately. She assured our circle Union to do the needful within three to four days.


The campaign for Seventh membership:

The campaign for Seventh membership begins in North Chennai District on 10-02-16 at Kalmandapam exchange asper the CEC decision to hold meetings in all the 26 divisions.The South Chennai District Union inaugurates its election campaign on 11-02-16 at K k Nagar Telephone Exchange.This campaign will be continued till 06-05-2016 with a massive meeting in Flower Bazaar exchange complex in which our General Secretary will participate.


Meeting with Sr.GM(HR):

Our circle Union met the Sr.GM on 09-02-16 and discussed staff matters . Our comrades CKM,Elangovan and Ravi clarified the corporate office order dated 01-02-16 regarding seventh membership verification does not ban/stop the own request transfers.We insisted for effecting transfer orders already issued and under process. Our circle Union also pressed the administration for immediate issue of all mutual and request transfers in the cadre of TTA as the notification for JTO promotion is to be issued shortly.


Meeting with G M (Finance):

Circle Union leaders C K M and Elangovan met the GM (F) on 09-02-16 and discussed the issues pertaining to Flood advance and Bank Loan from Union Bank of India. We thanked the GM for readily accepting our request for exempting the professional tax amount deducted from the January salary so that nearly 321 employees fulfil the eligibility condition of Rs.1000 take home pay to get the flood advance of Rs.25000 interest free. She also agreed to contact the corporate HQ to expedite the speedy signing of MOU with Union Bank for dispersing loan to BSNL employees.


May-10: Seventh Membership Verification in BSNL.:

The management officially announced that the seventh verification to determine the majority union(s) will be held on 10-05-16.


Circle Executive Meeting on 01-02-16:

At Flower Bazaar Union office the meeting of the circle executive was held full day under the presidentship of Com. M . K. Ramasamy ,Circle President. Out of 37 E C members 31 present. The meeting decided the following:
1. The CEC will hence forth function has the Circle Election Committee.
2. Rs.150 will be collected from each member as Election Fund. circle Union and District Union will share this amount 100+50. The last date for handing over the election fund will be 31-03-16.
3.Inauguration of Seventh membership verification campaign will be on 24-03-16 at Chromepet Exchange complex. Our Union President Islam Ahmed will be invited to be the Chief Guest.
4.Divisional General body meetings in all the 24 divisions will be conducted from 25-03-16.
5.The next General Council meeting of the circle Union will be held on 16-02-16 at Dinrose exchange complex at 3 pm sharply.
6.A campaign team of women comrades led by Assistant Circle secretary T.Jayajothi will function and do propaganda for verification.
Circle Secretary CKM and Secretary (CHQ) T.R.Rajasekaran explained the campaign issues . Two colourful campaign posters were released to all the branches at the meeting. The District Secretaries explained the comparative strength of unions and expressed confidence that in Chennai Telephones circle NFTE-BSNL will win the seventh verification with thumping majority of votes over our nearest rival Employees Union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,


Let us not accept "No profit; No wage Revision in 2017 " theory of CMD/BSNL:

In a speech few days ago in Bengaluru the CMD announced that the 2017 wage revision will not take place if BSNL earned profit now.He also cited Air-India example to prove his point. We condemn such an irresponsible speech of our CMD who did not care for the welfare of employees. For the last five years we were denied our legitimate right for Bonus. This was due to the meek attitude of BSNLEU which agreed linkage of profit to payment of Bonus.They have forgotten the concept that Bonus is a deferred wage.Having denied the Bonus for five long years the management might have become a tiger which tasted the human blood.Now it wants to link the profitability to wage revision.We should not accept this erroneous and mischievous principle of Linking profitability of company to implement third wage revision in 2017 as agreed upon in 2007.
At the first instance BSNLEU should not have accepted the ten years periodicity for next wage revision when it individually negotiated second wage revision in 2007.It should have insisted for both 78.2% IDA merger and Five year periodicity for next wage revision.Comrade Gupta as the Secretary General of NFTE United every Union for first wage revision in 2002 and made the management to accept Five year periodicity for next wage revision of course with the full support of all unions.Only because of this Comrade Namboodiri could negotiate the second wage revision in 2007 exactly within five years.
As per the statistics available for nearly 90% of our work force 2017 wage revision may be the last one before their retirement .Hence there should not be any laxity in effecting the third wage revision in 2017.We should not allow any postponement due to any reason the next wage revision in BSNL.
Lastly how our employees could bear the blame for bad financial position of our company . Only the Top management at corporate headquarter and circle Headquarters besides policy paralysis caused deliberately by the political bosses actually ruined BSNL and dried up the profits. For no fault of the employees if the management refused next wage revision in 2017 there will be a huge strike to force the hands of the management and central government .So let us prepare ourselves and others to oppose the wrong notion of management on next wage revision.


Grand Felicitation to Com.Narayanasamy , South Chennai District Organising Secretary:

On 30-01-16 at Kodambakkam Telephone Exchange a grand felicitation meeting was organised in which Traders union leader Vellaiyan ,Circle Secretary CKM and other leaders greeted him on his retirement.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Grand Farewell meeting on 27-01-16 at Flower Bazaar for Com.Anbu:

Grand Farewell meeting on 27-01-16 at Flower Bazaar for Com.Anbu ,District Secretary of North Chennai District NFTE-BSNL. CGM,CKM,MKR and TRR greeted comrade Anbu on his retirement on 31-01-16.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


9 th Circle Council meeting in STP:

On 27-01-16 the ninth circle council meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of CGM ,Sothern Telecom Projects. The staff side was unanimous in opposing the implementation of merger of STR and STP for which an unilateral decision was taken already by the corporate HQ on the ill advice of Deloitte Committee recommendations.While the management is not eager to merge WTP and ETP with respective WTR and ETR it is highly condemnable they are pressing the STP merger alone urgently.


Flood Advance Latest:

Today our Circle Secretary C K M met the G.M.(Finance) and DGM (F) and discussed about deleting the condition of Rs.5000 take home pay for availing the flood advance of Rs.25000 interest free. We are happy that our Union could convince both the finance wing officers. A modified order will be released by the evening as per the indications we got.Our circle Secretary also spoke to the CGM on this issue and requested her to help all our employees get the flood advance without any hindrance.She also promised to do the needful.


Flood Advance:

Though the management has issued order for payment of interest free advance of Rs.25000 for all those affected by the floods in Chennai and other parts of Tamilnadu the finance people are creating all sorts of hurdles . They are very much eager to deny the said advance to majority employees on flimsy grounds.They forget the spirit of the corporate office order and put many conditions and restrictions for grant of flood advance.For example they stipulate a condition that an official should be drawing at least Rs.5000 as salary before sanction of Flood Advance .This is not correct. The Flood advance is to be sanctioned to all those who had affected in the floods with out attaching any condition.
Today when our circle Union met the DGM (HR) this suggestion was made. However to clear the confusion we will meet the GM(Finance) and CGM on Monday and ensure that all the flood affected staff are given the Flood Advance with out any condition.


Inspiring Extended Executive meeting of Thiruvallur District on 22-01-16 at Madhavaram:

To prepare our union to face the ensuing Seventh membership verification in BSNL a meeting of the District Executive was held on 22 nd January 2016 at Madhavaram.More than 150 comrades participated in it and the meeting was inaugurated by Com.L.Subbarayan, Assistant Circle Secretary of Tamilnadu. This meeting was presided by District President N.Danapal.
Circle Secretary C K M delivered a speech explaining the urgency and necessity of NFTE -BSNL becoming the main recognised Union .District Secretary C K Ragunathan and Circle Union office bearers M K Ramasamy, SC Bose,S Rajendran,T.Dhansingh, K R Dhandapani also participated in this meeting.Comrade C D Purusothaman,District Treasurer thanked all for the success of this meeting.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Extended District Executive Meeting of South Chennai Union on 20-01-16:

To plan and prepare for the ensuing 7 th Verification the third meeting was held today .The meeting was inaugurated by Comrade T R Rajasekaran ,Secretary (CHQ) and was addressed by many leaders including circle secretary C K. Mathivanan , K M Elangovan , M K Ramasamy , C Ravi and District union President Sabapathy and District Secretary M Nagarajan.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click3,


ஹைதராபாத் பல்கலைக்கழக ஆராய்ச்சி மாணவர் ரோஹித் வெமுலாவின் கடிதத்தின் தமிழாக்கம்:

காலை வணக்கம்,
இக்கடிதத்தை நீங்கள் வாசிக்கையில் நானிருக்க மாட்டேன். என்மீது கோபம் கொள்ளவேண்டாம். நானறிவேன், உங்களில் சிலர் என்மீது உண்மையான அக்கறை கொண்டிருந்தீர்கள், நேசித்தீர்கள், என்னை நன்றாக நடத்தினீர்கள். எனக்கு எவர் மீதும் புகார் இல்லை. மாறாக அது எப்பொழுதும் என்மீதுதான் எனக்குண்டு. எனக்குப் பிரச்சனைகள் இருந்தன. என் ஆன்மாவுக்கும் உடலுக்குமிடையே பெருகிவரும் இடைவெளியை நான் உணர்கிறேன். அதனால் உருக்குலைந்தவனாய் மாறிவிட்டேன். எழுத்தாளராக வேண்டும் என்றே எப்பொழுதும் விரும்பியிருக்கிறேன். கார்ல் ஸேகன் போல அறிவியலை எழுதவேண்டுமென்பதே என் விழைவு. ஆனால் இறுதியில் இக்கடிதம் மட்டுமே எனக்கு எழுதக் கிடைத்திருக்கிறது.
நான் அறிவியலை, நட்சத்திரங்களை, இயற்கையை நேசித்திருந்தேன். ஆனால் பின்னாளில் மனிதர்கள் மீது நேசம் கொண்டேன். இயற்கையிடமிருந்து வெகுகாலத்திற்கு முன்பே விலகிவிட்டவர்கள் அவர்கள் என்பதையறியாமல் நான் மனிதர்களை நேசித்தேன். எம் உணர்வுகள் இரண்டாந்தரமாக்கப்பட்டன. எம் அன்பு போலியாக்கப்பட்டது. எம் நம்பிக்கைகள் சாயம்பூசப்பட்டன. எம் சுயம், செயற்கையான கலை மூலமாகவே செல்லத்தக்கதாயிற்று. காயப்படாமல் நேசங்கொள்வது மிகவும் கடினமானதாக மாறி இருக்கிறது.
மனிதனின் மதிப்பு அவனுடைய உடனடி அடையாளமாக மட்டும் சுருக்கப்பட்டது. அண்மைய சாத்தியங்களாகிவிட்ட தேர்தல் வாக்காகவும் எண்ணாகவும் பண்டமாகவும் குறைக்கப்பட்டுவிட்டது. இங்கு மனிதன் ஒருபோதும் அவனுடைய மனமாகப் பார்க்கப்பட்டதில்லை. கனவுகளால் உருவான அற்புதமாகவும் கருதப்பட்டதில்லை. ஒவ்வொரு துறையிலும், கல்வியிலும், தெருக்களிலும், அரசியலிலும் அப்படியே. மரணிப்பதிலும் வாழ்தலிலும்கூட.
இதுபோன்றதொரு கடிதத்தை முதன்முறையாக எழுதுகிறேன். ஓர் இறுதிக் கடிதத்தை எழுதுவது இதுவே முதன்முறை. ஒருவேளை இக்கடிதத்தை நான் சரியான முறையில் எழுதவில்லையெனில் என்னை மன்னியுங்கள்.
தவறு என்மீதும் இருக்கலாம்; உலகைப் புரிந்துகொள்வதில், அன்பை, வலியை, வாழ்க்கையை, மரணத்தைப் புரிந்துகொள்வதில் நான் தவறிழைத்திருக்கக்கூடும். ஒருபோதும் அவசரப்பட்டதில்லை. ஆனால் எப்போதும் ஒரு வாழ்க்கையைத் தொடங்க பெரும் ஆவல் கொண்டு விரைந்திருக்கிறேன். ஒரு சிலருக்கு வாழ்வே சாபம்தான். என் பிறப்பே மரணத்தையொத்ததொரு விபத்துதான். என் பால்யகால தனிமையிலிருந்து ஒருபோதும் என்னால் மீள இயலவில்லை. கடந்தகாலத்தில் எவராலும் பாராட்டப்படாத குழந்தை நான்.
இக்கணத்தில் நான் காயப்பட்டிருக்கவில்லை. வருத்தங்கொள்ளவும் இல்லை. வெறுமையாய் இருக்கிறேன். அவ்வளவே. என்குறித்த கவலையற்று உள்ளேன். இந்நிலை மிகவும் பரிதாபமானது. ஆகவே நான் இதைச் செய்கிறேன்.
பிறர் என்னை கோழை என்றழைக்கலாம்; சுயநலமானவன் அல்லது முட்டாள் என்றும் கூறலாம். நானே போய்விட்டபின், என்னை பிறர் என்னவென்று அழைத்தாலும் நான் கவலைப்படத் தேவையில்லை. இறப்பிற்குப் பின்னான கதைகளில், பேய்கள் அல்லது ஆவிகளில் எனக்கு நம்பிக்கையில்லை. ஒரே ஒரு விடயத்தில் எனக்கு நம்பிக்கை உள்ளதென்று கொண்டால், நட்சத்திரங்களிடையே பயணித்து பிற உலகங்களை அறிந்துகொள்ளும் நம்பிக்கை உண்டு.
இந்த மடலை வாசிக்கும் எவரேனும் எனக்கு செய்வதற்கு ஒன்று உண்டெனில், இதை மட்டும் செய்யுங்கள். எனக்கு 7 மாத உதவித்தொகை வரவேண்டியிருக்கிறது. ஒரு லட்சத்து எழுபத்தி ஐந்தாயிரம் ரூபாய். என் குடும்பத்திற்கு அத்தொகை போய்ச் சேர்வதை உறுதி செய்யுங்கள். ராம்ஜிக்கு 40 ஆயிரம் வரை நான் தரவேண்டியுள்ளது.. அவர் என்னிடம் ஒருபோதும் திருப்பிக் கேட்கவில்லை. ஆனால் அதிலிருந்து இத்தொகையையும் செலுத்திவிடுங்கள்.
என் இறுதிச் சடங்கு மௌனமாகவும் அமைதியாகவும் நடக்கட்டும். நான் வெறுமனே தோன்றி மறைந்ததுபோல் இருங்கள். போதும். எனக்காக கண்ணீர் சிந்தவேண்டாம். உயிருடனிருப்பதைவிட இறப்பில் நான் மகிழ்கிறேன் என்றறியுங்கள்.
”நிழல்களிலிருந்து நட்சத்திரங்களுக்குச்” செல்கிறேன்.
சில முறைமைகளை எழுத மறந்துபோனேன்.
என்னைக் கொல்லும் என் செய்கைக்கு எவரும் பொறுப்பல்ல.
தங்கள் செய்கைகளாலோ அல்லது சொற்களாலோ எவரும் இதைச் செய்யும்படி என்னைத் தூண்டவில்லை.
இது என் முடிவு. நான், நான் மட்டுமே இதற்குக் காரணம்.
என் நண்பர்களையோ எதிரிகளையோ நான் சென்றபின் சிக்கலில் ஆழ்த்தவேண்டாம்.
உமா அண்ணா, உங்கள் அறையை இதற்குப் பயன்படுத்துவதற்கு மன்னியுங்கள்.
ASA குடும்பத்திற்கு, உங்கள் அனைவரையும் ஏமாற்றத்துக்குள்ளாக்குவதற்காக மன்னியுங்கள். நீங்கள் என்னை மிகவும் நேசித்தீர்கள். வருங்காலம் சிறப்பாக அமைய வாழ்த்துகள்.
இறுதியாக ஒரு முறை,
ஜெய் பீம்,


Extended NEC to meet in Patna(Bihar):

In View of the impending Seventh Membership verification on 26-04-2016 our union's National Executive meeting is notified by the CHQ. This NEC meeting will be an extended one and will be held for two days from 01-03-2016 in Patna. As the CHQ has specifically instructed to attend the said meeting by only the central office bearers , circle secretaries besides special invitees and District Secretaries the following seven comrades from our circle must attend the meeting with out fail and hence plan in advance for the journey. Six days of Special casual leave will be granted to them. 1.C K Mathivanan 2.T R Rajasekaran 3.K M Elangovan 4.M Nagarajan 5.C K Ragunathan 6.S Ekambaram 7.K Anbu


113 New members joined NFTE-BSNL as of 15-01-2016:

We are very happy to proudly announce that hundred and thirteen new members joined our union as on 15th January,2016. We welcome all of them and thank all the comrades who worked very hard for this.
District Union wise new membership is shown below:
North Chennai...31
Kanchipuram .....17
South Chennai....14
As the Seventh membership verification is just announced we are confident that NFTE-BSNL will emerge victorious in Chennai Telephones with thumping majority with this addition of 113 new membership.


Welcome Home!:

Circle Secretary CKM with comrades who have joined NFTE from other unions at Kellys.He greeted the new members and thanked the District President Venkatesan for bringing the new members into our Union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Election schedule for 7 th membership verification announced:

After today's meeting with all unions in the corporate office the management of BSNL has announced the time table for holding the next verification to elect recognised unions through secret ballot on 26-04-2016. Hence we had to plan our election campaign and tour programs. Accordingly the circle secretary while addressing the extended executive committee meeting of North Chennai District Union on 11-01-2016 announced the following:
1. Full day Circle Executive committee meeting at Flower Bazaar complex on 01-02-16.Special casual leave can be applied and availed.
2. General Council meeting of the circle Union including all branch and Divisional secretaries at Dinroze Exchange compound on 06-02-2016. This meeting will begin at 2 pm sharply.
All our office bearers and secretaries of branch/Divisional/District unions should attend the meetings as the case may be without fail and in time.


The Extended District Executive Meeting of North Chennai District Union on 11-01-16:

The preparations for the ensuing 7th membership verification in BSNL has begun in Chennai Telephones in right earnest. The consultation for election propaganda in North Chennai was discussed in today's meeting which was inaugurated by Comrade P .Shanmugam ,Tamilnadu circle union's organising Secretary .Circle union leaders and CHQ representatives also addressed this meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Campaign begun for 7 th membership verification in BSNL:

Today(08/01/2016) a meeting of union office bearers in Kanchipuram district ( Chennai Telephones) was held at an auditorium in Pallavaram in which 136 comrades participated.The meeting began at 11.30 hrs and concluded at 4.45 pm. Comrade G.Jayaraman delivered inaugural speech and C.K.M did the concluding speech.In between 18 comrades participated in the debate along with comrades M .K. Ramasamy,T.R.Rajasekaran,C.Ravi and other leaders.
Com. CKM in his hour long speech explained the need for NFTE to get the status of main recognised Union again in BSNL.As the third wage revision has to be negotiated with the management in 2017, he pointed out only NFTE is capable of taking all unions to the wage negotiations table as it had done in 2002 when NFTE alone was the recognised Union.He also pointed out that the strategy of OP Gupta worked well and employees got a very good hike through the first wage revision. But when BSNLEU was recognised as a sole Union during 2007 it did not unify all the unions for the second wage revision talks and instead boasted that as a sole recognised Union only BSNLEU would negotiate and will not allow other unions any say during the wage revision talks with the management. This arrogant attitude resulted in so many disadvantages to our employees from which our employees could not come out of it till this day.
1. Wage revision period was changed from five years to ten years.
2.Merger of 78.2% IDA was not implemented from 01-01-2007.
3.Thousands of new recruiters who had joined after 01-01-2007 were denied 30% pay hike and struggling to get the same till this day.
Comrade CKM told the gathering to spread this news among our employees so that NFTE -BSNL plays a crucial role in the next pay revision talks in 2017.
 Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Let us keep the momentum!:

As per the data available the Chennai Telephones has achieved the target for December-2015 in mobile sector despite heavy rains and floods. It has achieved a growth percentage of 124%. We congratulate every executive and employee for this achievement .Let us move forward with confidence to break many records.


15 comrades joined NFTE:

Recently 15 comrades joined NFTE after quitting BSNLEU .Some of them visited our union office today and we welcomed all of them to our fold happily.  Click1,


Condolence meeting on 07-01-16:

At Flower Bazaar exchange a meeting was organised today to pay our respectful homage to senior CPI leader A.B.Bardan who breathed his last on 02-01-15.His portrait was opened by the state assistant secretary M.Veerapandian . Comrade CKM delivered a speech on the life and activities of Comrade Bardan.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


On 06-01-2016 Chennai Telephones NFTE -BSNL Observed the third anniversary of Comrade O P Gupta:

At Thiruvallur the statue of OPG was garlanded and two minutes silence was observed.The meeting was chaired by District President Danapal and addressed by comrades C K Mathivanan,TR Rajasekaran,K M Elangovan, S.Rajendran and C K Ragunathan.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,


Loot and Corruption needs to be ended:

Returning to Chennai from Solapur.May reach Chennai in the evening.It was a satisfying day at Solapur yesterday.Felt sad on knowing the worst exploitation of hundreds of BSNL contract Labourers at the hands of contractors.The management is acting as a silent spectator.May be the huge corruption involved in these contracts is the reason for this silence of the management. We hope all this will change dramatically and very quickly as NFTCL Union has started functioning there.Our first task is to ensure minimum wages to the contract Labourers since they are now being paid only Rs.66 per day although as per the norms they should have got Rs.294 per day .A loot of Rs.228 per day per labour is nothing to be tolerated or allowed any more.I hope the new team of NFTCL led by it's District Secretary Kevkher will take all necessary steps to end this exploitation soon.



Our comrade Tamilselvi Nicholas ,TTA of Old Perungalathur is selected as a women achiever by the Government of India.She is one among 100 women selected from all over the country.She will be joining the President of India for a dinner on 21-01-16 as part of award giving ceremony.NFTE -BSNL joins many others in congratulating her for getting this prestigious award.


Condolence Meeting:

Our union has decided to organise a condolence meeting to pay homage to the veteran communist and senior Trade union leader A.B.Bardan on 07-01-2016 (Thursday)at Flower bazaar Union office .Com.M.Veerapandian , state Assistant secretary of CPI ,Tamilnadu will participate and pay floral tributes to the portrait of comrade A.B.Bardan. All comrades are requested to attend this condolence meeting without fail. The meeting will begin at 11.30 am.


Grand Formation of district Union of NFTCL in Solapur District of Maharashtra on 03-01-16:

At a massive meeting of contract Labourers numbering 258 including six women in Pandharpur a new district Union was inaugurated on 03-01-2016. The meeting elected office bearers unanimously.Comrades S.Anandan and K.M.Elangovan greeted the newly elected office bearers.We congratulate comrade Kavhekar who was elected as the District secretary and his new team . The meeting observed two minutes silence to mark it's homage to the departed communist leader A.B.Bardan at the beginning of the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Respect to the departed communist leader A.B.Bharthan:

On reaching Sholapur at 4 am today I came to know the sudden demise of veteran communist leader A.B.Bharthan yesterday at the age of 92. I am very sad at this shocking news.
Com.Bharthan began his public service as a Trade union leader.He led many heroic struggles in Maharastra and nationwide. He was an MLA in Maharastra .He was a original thinker and fought ideological deviations of Dange boldly. On his suggestion only Mrs Sonia Gandhi chosen Mrs.Prathipa patil as the first woman as Indian President. I pay my homage to the departed leader.Let us rededicate ourselves to the cause of working people of our country.
As a mark of respect to the departed communist leader A.B.Bharthan the NFTE and NFTCL union flags will be lowered at half mast for three days from 03-01-2016.All comrades are requested to observe this decision with immediate effect.  Click1,


Process for Seventh membership verification started:

The BSNL management has called a meeting of all unions on 11-01-15 in Newdelhi to discuss about the modalities for the conductance of next verification to choose recognised unions for next three years. Each Union has been asked to send two representatives for this meeting.


IDA from January-2016:

There will be a increase of 4.5% and total IDA will be 112.4% from January-2016.


Special Invitees for 4 District wise office bearers meetings:

It has been decided to invite the following Leaders to the proposed meetings in Chennai Telephones.These meetings are arranged in January to start preparations for the ensuing 7 th membership verification in BSNL in April.2016. 1. Com.G.Jayaraman 08-01-16.....Chromepet (Kanchipuram)
2. Com.K.Asokra Rajan 20-01-16......Chindadripet South Chennai)
3. Com.L.Subbarayan 22-01-16......Madhavaram (Thiruvallur)
4. Com.Shanmugam 11.01-16.....Chindadripet (North Chennai)


Third Anniversary of Comrade O P G:

On 06-01-2016 our circle Union will observe the 3rd death anniversary of our greatest and tallest leader Om Prakash Gupta who breathed his last on 06-01-2013. He was our custodian and keeper for decades.But for his efforts today we would not get Government Pension. Even after corporatisation in 2000 our employees are continue to receive Government pension from consolidated fund only due to the struggles led by OPG.He was the root cause for cadre Restructure and only due to that scheme today our employees are getting TM/TTA/Sr.TOA promotions.His greatest achievement was the regularisation of more than one lakh casual and part-time employees despite the ban on recruitment.
On 6th of January-2016 sharply at 10 am we will garland the statue of Comrade O.P.Gupta at Thiruvallur.A meeting at the same venue will be held to pay our respectful homages to our leader.All are requested to attend this meeting in time and without fail.


Wish a Happy retired life to Comrade Kabali,Assistant Circle Secretary:

At Adyar Telephone exchange today a grand farewell was arranged to Com.Kabali on his retirement on 31-12-15 after 37 years of glorious service in P&T ,DOT and BSNL. He was our leader in Adyar division for long and held Union posts there before elevated to Circle union first as Organising Secretary And thereafter Assistant Circle Secretary.He has already donated Rs.15000 to Union on his retirement.The circle Union presented a 8 gm gold ring at a cost of Rs.22000.  Click1,  Click2,


Service with a Smile!:

Today as per the decision of CMD in all circles the project of " service with a smile to BSNL "was inaugurated in Chennai Telephones under the presidentship of comrade C K Mathivanan, chairman of FORUM.The CGM and the circle secretaries of all unions also participated.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Flood Relief Distribution at Villupuram on 29-12-15:

More than 82 contract Labourers were distributed the flood relief packets consisting 10 kg rice,2kg wheat powder,One kg sugar,one kg sooji,one kg groundnut oil plus various kind of pulses and other food items including a big stainless steel plate and a towel . NFTCL circle and district leaders helped us to choose the beneficiaries amongst the BSNL contract Labourers of Cuddalore District.
Comrades C.K.Mathivanan,G.Jayaraman,K .M.Elangovan,Asokrajan, V.Babu,S.Anandan,N.Anbalagan,G.Vedachalam and many other NFTE and NFTCL leaders took part in this function.More than 200 comrades attended the function including 100 contract Labourers.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,


Wish a Very Happy Retired Life:

On 29-12-15 I greeted two senior comrades of Villupuram on their retirement. They were Comrades Veeramani and Subramani at a function held at Telephone Exchange in Villupuram.  Click1,  Click2,


False Propaganda must stop!:

Of late the BSNLEU is indulging in baseless campaign against the Telecom Employees Co-operative Society just because it was thrown out of power and wiped out completely from the 21 strong board of Directors. Not a single man from BSNLEU in both Chennai Telephones and Tamilnadu circles could find a place in the board of directors of the said Telecom Employees Co-operative Society.This has naturally put the BSNLEU in a very awkward and embarrassing position. Hence they indulge in all sorts of gimmicks to spoil the fair name of the said Society and it's effective Board of Directors. Although the present rate of interest charged for loan is only 16% the BSNLEU falsely said the rate of interest as 16.5%.Further when they were controlling the said society the rate of interest was actually 16.5% and they justified it.But now they shed crocodile tears for 16% interest.All this drama is only to fool the employees as seventh membership verification is due in May 2016.
The last RGB election itself was fought on the issue of construction of flats at the land available in Vellanoor village near Avadi and distribution of the same to as many members at an affordable price.BSNLEU's demand for distribution of land found no favour among the staff. Hence harping on a thing which was rejected by the employees already is nothing but foolish.Apart from this BSNLEU calling the ceremony for Dr.Ambedkar is an wasteful expenditure is highly condemnable.


BJP member of Parliament was suspended for exposing the corruption of Arun Jaitley!:

In the last parliamentary polls during April 2013 Mr.Modi and his party men campaigned heavily against Corruption by UPA government headed by Dr.Manmohan. They stalled the proceedings of the parliament for several weeks and months demanding the resignation of concerned minister against whom corruption charges were levelled.BJP party men didn't agree for discussion first.They announced only after resignation a discussion can be allowed. But now the same patriots behave like UPA/Congress whenever corruption charges are levelled against BJP Chief Ministers and Central Ministers.They are not agreeing for resignations before discussion.Now serious corruption charges are levelled against senior Minister Jaitley by a BJP member of Parliament Keerti Azad.Instead of ordering an enquiry on the corruption charges and asking the minister to resign the leadership of BJP suspended the MP only to silence him.This is the real face of BJP.Indian people who reposed faith on BJP to root out corruption from the country now regret and feel betrayed and cheated by Modi & Co. The Delhi Assembly passed a resolution to appoint a commission of Enquiry to look in to the allegations against Mr.Arun Jaitley during his 13 year tenure as president of DDCA.But as expected the BJP developed cold feet and misused the office of Delhi Governor to declare the decision of Mr.Arvind Kejriwal Government on the formation of Commission of Enquiry as illegal.It is very clear now that BJP is also a corrupt party which will only protect the corrupt men and will not fight against corruption.For this U turn on corruption Mr. Modi will have to pay a very heavy price politically from now onwards.


Forum meeting on 30-12-2015 at Kellys Exchange:

There will be a meeting of FORUM to mark the beginning of "Service with a smile "campaign at the national level with effect from 01-01-2016.The CGM will participate and our circle secretary and the Chairman of Chennai Telephones FORUM,Comrade C.K.M will preside over the meeting.All comrades are requested to attend the meeting and make it a memorable one. The meeting will begin sharply at 10 am.


FORUM Demonstration on 22-12-15:

At Flower Bazaar exchange complex a massive demonstration will be organised during lunch hour on Tuesday (22-12-15) to demand immediate implementation of 78.2 % IDA merger for all those retired officials who were denied the same for the last 3 years.Although it was effected to the serving employees and executives retired on or after 10-06-2013 the management and central government have refused to effect the same to all those retired prior to 10-06-2013.This is highly improper and unjustified.All our comrades must support this just demand of the pensioners and hence mobilise massive crowd for the demonstration on 22-12-2015.


On 29 -12-15 Flood relief will be dispersed to BSNL contract Labourers in Cuddalore:

In continuation of our efforts I along with Comrades M.K.Ramasamy,K.M.Elangovan will visit Cuddalore on 29-12-15 to disperse the relief to all those Contract Labourers who were severely affected by the November-December floods there.NFTCL circle secretary S.Anandan has been requested to shortlist the names of such people to whom our help and relief must reach.


Absent during rain and floods in the first week of December 2015:

Our CHQ has written to the CMD requesting grant of special casual leave from 01-12-15 to 05-12-15 to all staff of Chennai and other places which were crippled without any road or rail transport due to flooding. On 03-12-15 itself our circle Union requested the CGM to grant leave inview of heavy flooding on roads and rail tracks in and around Chennai and the State Government had already declared holiday for two days and also requested the private sector to do the same since the situation was grim and dangerous. But now some enthusiastic officers are detecting without the convent of employees their CL/EL for those floody days. This is wrong and bound to provoke the staff and unions.Yesterday (18-12-15)also myself publically appealed to the CGM on the occasion of flood relief distribution at Flower Bazaar not to indulge in such deduction of leave .If the management persist with its stand we will resist and correct it.Hence all are requested not to give any leave letter for those days.


Flood relief Distributed:

Today in Flower Bazaar exchange complex 2.16 lac rupees was dispersed to 72 contract labourers who were severely affected in the recent floods in Chennai,Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts.CGM Selvi.Kalavathi and AITUC secretary J.Lakshmanan distributed the cash.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Really I am worried . What will happen to India?:

he other day a governor said India is only for Hindus and Muslims could go to Pakistan.He is still continue as Governor of that state because he is an RSS man. Few days ago the CBI raided the office of the CM of Delhi only to look for some files related to Corruption by union minister Jaitley with the sole aim of saving him from charges. Some days ago the elected CM of Kerala was humiliated at the behest of PM Office by denying him entry in to the first public function of Narendra Modi in Kollam after his election as PM.Now the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh has acted against all constitutional norms and trying openly to topple a congress CM of that border state.All these undemocratic and unconstitutional acts by BJP/RSS cadres have taken place in four states within a short period of few weeks.
India is the largest and greatest democracy in the world. It follows Secularism upto now. But I am really worried how long this will be there. After Modi became PM of our great country his supporters are deliberately encouraging communal rifts everywhere.They also vehemently trying to destroy Parliamentary Democracy.Within one and half years if they could effect this much damage to our political system itself , I am afraid what will they do in the remaining three and half years in power?


Interview in JAYA Television on 19-12-15:

Just now returning home after recording an interview with senior journalist Suthangan. This may be telecast for half an hour from 10 pm on Saturday.  Click1,


Meeting with CGM of STP:

oday we met the new CGM of Southern Telecom Projects and discussed few issues including the timely convening of Circle And Local Council meetings besides Works committee.Mr.Suthakaran , the new CGM agreed to arrange for the said meetings in January middle.  Click1,


Flood Relief:

The meeting of the circle Union office-bearers held today decided the formalities for distribution of Flood Relief to the contract Labourers and part-time employees working in four districts of Tamilnadu which bore the brunt of flood fury. Accordingly at two different functions in Chennai (18-12-15) and Cuddalore(29-12-15) the relief in the form of cash as well as materials will be distributed for the Chennai,Thiruvallur,Kancheepuram and cuddalore district contract workers. Already we achieved the target fixed by the circle Union and still donations are pouring in.Hence it is decided to accept the donations till Friday.We hope our comrades who didn't contribute their share until now could do the same without any further delay. As the CGM and state secretary of AITUC have agreed to participate in the chennai function on 18-12-15 all our branches are requested to mobilise the comrades in large number.The list of eligible beneficiaries from among the affected workers irrespective of Union affiliation is being prepared only after thorough scrutiny so that our help reaches the needy and affected persons.We seek cooperation of all our comrades in this regard.We expect to achieve 3 lacs of rupees with the help of all our members.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


overwhelming Response:

Today from morning to noon myself along with Comrades T R Rajasekaran,K M Elangovan and S Rajendran went up and down all the six floors in CGM's office in Purasawalkam to collect donations from our staff and officers. We got a warm reception and after meeting 30 people we got more than Ten thousand rupees in that one building.We got enthusiastic and hence call upon all our branches and divisions to organise collections towards Flood relief immediately.Please hand over such collections on 10-12-15 when our Union's General council meets in Flower Bazaar complex. I was overwhelmed by the attitude of comrades L.Subbarayan,ACS,Tamilnadu and Premila,Circle VP,Kerala and C.Palanisamy,a retired comrade in Coimbatore who gave Rs.5000 and Rs.10000 and 2000 towards chennai flood relief fund.Only yesterday we took a decision and started collections but within 24 hours we crossed 1.5 lacs of rupees.I once again thank all connected with this noble humanitarian cause.


Akhilesh is immature!:

Few days ago the young CM of great UP state expressed an opinion publicly that if Congress party agree to make his father and Samajwadi party leader Mulayam as PM his party will have alliance with Congress party for the next parliamentary poll. He was also magnanimous to accept Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as Deputy PM.He also told the media that always congress party is not an alternative to BJP since the national political situation is rapidly changing.I wish to comment on this as I feel it a utter nonsense.
India is a vast country. You like it or not even now only the Congress party exist throughout the country and can rightly claim as a truly an all India party.Samajwadi party is a regional party functioning in three or four states only.It is a power centred party whose opposition to BJP is always wavering and oscillating as it behaved opportunistic in the past.Latest example was Bihar assembly elections in which it indirectly helped BJP.Mulayam and others are facing many CBI cases for Corruption.Hence they are tend to bend backwards to please any Government at Centre.So at any stretch of imagination they can be considered as an alternative to BJP. Further a small regional party which can contest only for 100 Loksabha seats out of 542 seats should not dictate or arrogate itself to put conditions for alliance with Congress party which will contest more than 450 seats and could win at least half the seats it contest .This shows the political immaturity of Akilesh even after being the CM of most populous state for the last five years. Asper the information we get now from UP it is doubtful for Samajwadi party to get Ten to Fifteen seats in the next parliamentary poll.It is widely expected-that the BSP led by Mayawati may bounce back winning majority seats there.In this situation Akilesh is dreaming in the day and making Mulayam as PM will only be a wishful thinking of an affectionate son .It won't be a reality.


To collect Two Lakhs rupees for Flood Relief:

The circle executive meeting met urgently today to organise the Flood relief help to the very needy and most affected people of Chennai.A sum of 2 lac rupees is fixed as target.The collection of amount will be closed on 10-12-15 at the General Council meeting so that all our members are given a chance to contribute for this Flood Relief fund. At the today's meeting itself a sum of 84 thousand rupees was collected.The details of contributions:Comrades
1.C K Mathivanan......Rs.20000
2.M K Ramasamy........Rs.10000
3.C K Ragunathan....,,Rs.10000
4.S. Rajendran.....,,,Rs.5000
7.S. Ekambaranathar...Rs.5000
10.T R Rajasekaran..,,Rs.2000
11.K M Elangovan.....,Rs.2000
18.K Anbu ..,,,,,,,, .Rs.2000
We thank all and expect to reach the target on 10-12-15.Kindly spread this message to all our employees so that we exceed our target and help more people who had lost everything except their dresses which they wear.


Thanks!..Comrade M.Kabali,Assistant Circle Secretary:

Comrade M.Kabali,Assistant Circle Secretary visited Union office today and handed over 15000 rupees as donation on his retirement on 30-12-15.I honoured him with a shawl on behalf of circle Union.  Click1,  Click2,


Dr அம்பேத்கர் நினைவு நாள்:

பாபா சாஹிப் அம்பேத்கார் நினைவு தினம். சென்னை தொலைபேசி மாநிலத்தின் சார்ப்பாக இன்று டைலர்ஸ் ரோடு குடியிருப்பில் உள்ள அம்பேத்கார் சிலைக்கு மாலை அணிவித்து மரியாதை செய்யப்பட்டது.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Raise to the challenge!:

Our Chief General Manager contacted me just now to request the cooperation of NFTE-BSNL for the decision of the management to order opening of all offices on 06-12-15 although a Sunday as the faults and interruptions on phone/mobile connections are plenty and customers are in difficult position.I immediately extended my fullest support and cooperation on behalf of NFTE Union.Hence all our comrades are requested to attend the office tomorrow in time and without fail.I also appeal to do our best to restore the telecommunications network immediately.


Suppress Maran's 300 Illegal Lines: BSNL in 2007:

Media reports say that the CBI is vigorously interrogating Dayanidhi Maran on his fraudulent telephone exchange. The Supreme Court has, for its own reasons, denied custodial interrogation of Maran. Maran’s defences against custodial interrogation are: one, he had used only one line and not 323 or 764; two, the same facility was allowed for all his predecessors in office and the claim of 300 lines was false; three, the CBI has woken up after several years and delayed plea for custodial interrogation is malafide; and four, the loss to the exchequer as claimed by the CBI is just Rs1.78 cr, which he was willing to pay and settle...  Read More


Assemble enmass to pay Homage to Baba Shahib on December-6:

NFTE circle Union will pay it's respectful Homage to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar on his death anniversary on 06-12-15.Circle Union president will garland the statue of Bharat Ratana at 10 am at Taylor's road staff quarters.Thereafter speakers will lecture on Dr.Ambedkar's contributions to the country and its most exploited men and women.All are requested to assemble for this function in time.


What will happen to my Chennai?:

I am very much sad and worried today as Chennai is heavily flooded everywhere. Although I am safe and unaffected my heart goes to thousands of my people who are literally out on the streets without any help and assistance. The metrological department has just now announced that at least for another 7 days rain may continue to batter Chennai. This will only increase the suffering of my city people. I hope all will be safe and this difficult situation will pass without much demage.


Why this Drama?:

BJP leaders nowadays praise Dr.B.R.Ambedkar only to belittle the Contribution of other leaders of Congress party including Gandhi and Nehru.While their party men attack and kill Dalits the leaders like Modi praise Dr.Ambedkar for his contribution.
We all know very well that the constitution of our country was adopted and effected on 26-01-1950.Rightly we used to celebrate that day ( 26 th January) as our Republic Day.But the BJP leaders in their new found love suddenly announced this year that 26 th November will be celebrated as the foundation day of our Constitution because on that day only Dr.Ambedkar ,the chairman of the drafting committee for our constitution completed and handed over the final draft.One cannot understand why the BJP leaders were silent for nearly 65 years to celebrate the so called Foundation Day of Indian Constitution.Even last year Modi did not think about this. Even Atal Bihari Vajpayee was not aware of this during his six years as Prime Minister.All this drama to praise Ambedkar right and left by BJP is only to hoodwink the innocent Dalit masses.But our country men knew already how these communal forces opposed and insulted Dr.Ambedkar for bringing the Hindu Code bill as law minister in Nehru's Central cabinet after Independence.Because of this he was sad and resigned from the minister post.What now these people talk about Dr.Ambedkar is dubious and motivated.Actually they don't have any respect or admiration for Dr.Ambedkar's views.
In our constitution Dr.Ambedkar mentioned a point.He said " History may repeat.We may lose our country's Independence once again If our people put their creed (religious affinity) above the country."Whether BJP people agree to this sharp and prophetic comments at any time ? A big No. Because they thrive only on communal venom and discard between different religions.They will never act for ensuring communal Harmony and practice secularism.Hence their new found love and admiration for Babasaheb is farce.


The 62nd anniversary of NFPTE :

Today we celebrated the 62 anniversary of NFPTE at Ennore exchange alongside the farewell function for comrade D R Shanmugasundaram ,TTA and popular football player.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Meeting with Sr.GM(HR) on 26-11-15:

Today our comrades CKM,Rajendran, Elangovan and Nagarajan met the Sr.GM ,DGM ,AGMs and SDE (SR) and discussed number of issues of the staff. The long pending posting of Section-in-charge posts,cancellation of arbitrary transfer order issued by AGM(Central) ,Transfer case of Smt.Sagaya rani TTA to Karaikudi to enable her to undergo training for JTO promotion,Reinstatement of Sri.Anbu ,Transfer of TM posts to old CPT area from Chennai so that the waiting list is wiped out ,Posting of Sri.Sree Raman as TM in Kalpakkam itself on humanitarian grounds and many other items were discussed.We hope orders will be implemented soon on all agreed points.



Today our leaders met the CGM and handed over the request letter demanding flood relief of Rs.10,000 to all employees who were affected by the recent floods in Chennai,Tiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts . The CGM madam agreed to recommend our demand to corporate headquarters in NewDelhi .We thanked her.Our union was represented in this meeting by comrades CKM,Rajendran,Elangovan and Nagarajan.  Click1,


Secretariat meeting of the Circle Union on 25-11-15:

1. To demand flood relief of Rs.10000 to all those affected by the recent flood and heavy rains in Chennai which has paralysed the three districts of Chennai,Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram for nearly one month continuously.
2.To hold the next General Council meeting at Dinroze exchange compound at 2pm on 10-12-15.
3.To conduct district wide office bearers meeting as follows:
North Chennai-14-12-15
South Chennai-15-12-15
4.To mobilise our comrades for the celebration of NFPTE day at Ennore on 30-11-15.
At the beginning of the meeting a minute's silence was observed to pay our respectful homage to hundreds of men and women who lost their lives due to heavy rain and floods in Chennai and it's suburban areas.The meeting also demanded sufficient relief and compensation from both state and central government to all those who lost their life and property in the floods.
As the seventh verification is approaching it was decided to begin our campaign among the employees in BSNL.
The meeting also reviewed the settlement of demands promised by the management and expressed satisfaction and decided not to launch trade union action as was earlier decided.
 Click1,  Click2,


Governor of Assam must either resign or be dismissed for violating the Constitution:

Mr. P.B.Acharya who is a hard core RSS man was appointed as the Governor of Assam by Modi knowing fully well about the communal mindset of him only to create trouble in Assam state which is being ruled by a Congress Government for the last Fifteen years continuously. We all know that Assam is a very sensitive North Eastern state having large number of Muslim population. Mr.Acharya forgotten his Constitutional position as a Governor and reportedly spoke few days ago as follows: "Muslims in India are free to go anywhere.....If they want to go to Pakistan,Bangladesh,they are free to go.... Hindustan is for Hindus..." For speaking like this he must resign his post immediately or dismissed by the President of India without any delay. The attempt of RSS and BJP will never succeed here as our people are deeply committed to Secularism and it's values. NFTE-BSNL condemns the communal speech of Mr.Acharya who has insulted our fellow countrymen just because they follow Islam.


Secretariat meeting of the Circle Union on 25-11-15:

The meeting of the circle Union's Secretariat will be held at Flower Bazaar building on 25-11-15 at 3 pm . All members of the secretariat are requested to attend the same in time.The following shall be the agenda:
1. Seventh verification in April 2016.
2.Fixing date for the postponed General council meeting.
3.Observing the NFPTE day on 30-11-15 at Ennore exchange.
4.District wise office bearers meeting in December 2015.



*23.55 per cent increase in pay and allowances recommended
* Recommendations to be implemented from January 1, 2016
* Minimum pay fixed at Rs 18,000 per month; maximum pay at Rs 2.25 lakh
* The rate of annual increment retained at 3per cent
* 24 per cent hike in pensions
* One Rank One Pension proposed for civilian government employees on line of OROP for armed forces
* Ceiling of gratuity enhanced from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh; ceiling on gratuity to be raised by 25 per cent whenever DA rises by 50 per cent
* Cabinet Secretary to get Rs 2.5 lakh as against Rs 90,000 per month pay band currently
* Financial impact of implementing recommendations will be Rs 1.02 lakh crore – Rs 73,650 crore to be borne by Central Budget and Rs 28,450 crore by Railway Budget.
* Total impact of Commission’s recommendation to raise the ratio of expenditure on salary and wages to GDP by 0.65 percentage points to 0.7 per cent
* Military Service Pay (MSP), which is a compensation for the various aspects of military service, will be admissible to the defence forces personnel only
* MSP for service officers more than doubled to Rs 15,500 per month from Rs 6,000 currently; for nursing officers to Rs 10,800 from Rs 4,200; for JCO/ORs to Rs 5,200 from Rs 2,000 and for non-combatants to Rs 3,600 from Rs 1,000
* Short service commissioned officers will be allowed to exit the armed forces at any point in time between 7 to 10 years of service
* Commission recommends abolishing 52 allowances; another 36 allowances subsumed in existing allowances or in newly proposed allowances.
* Recommendations will impact 47 lakh serving govt employees, 52 lakh pensioners, including defence personnel.


Happy News- BSNL has posted 672 crores Profit for the fiscal year 2014-2015:

For the last five years BSNL recorded loss in it's operations continuously due to various reasons .Important one is the failure to procure equipments both for modernisation and expansion of its services which adversely affected not only the revenue but also the loss of many valuable customers. Now due to the efforts of new CMD things are positively moving.The free night call and national roaming facilities boosted the image of the company and also increased the revenue as well as the number of customers. Even after corporatisation in 2006 and stiff competition from private operators BSNL was on the top in Land line ,Mobile and Broadband segments.But during the Maran-Raja period it fell down from from its top position in 2006.It took nearly nine years to come out of this downslide for BSNL.Let us keep up this momentum to continue the upward journey of BSNL ,our bread winner.


False Propaganda by BSNLEU!:

The Chennai Telephones circle Union of BSNLEU in it's recent write ups in the union journal needlessly blamed NFTE with utterly false reports.May be they are getting ready for propaganda campaign to face the Seventh membership verification due in May 2016. Though we are for unity of all unions in BSNL to face the formidable challenges,we had to reply and explain the truth to our employees so that the falsehood of BSNLEU is exposed.
1.The heroic three day strike by NFTE,FNTO and BTEF under the leadership of Comrade OPG during September 2000 was the primary reason for the continuation of Government Pension till this day for all our employees who got in to BSNL from DTS due to corporatisation.But comrade Abhimanyu and his followers did not participate in that historic pension strike and unleashed a propaganda that Pension cannot be protected after corporatisation.They acted as strike breakers in Chennai with the help of police.We along with hundreds got arrested on 08-09-2000 while resorting to sit in on the main NSC Bose road to protest against these fifth columnists. Only due to the wisdom and united struggle by our leadership and employees we could create history by safeguarding the Government pension even after we seized as Government employees .Nowhere in the world such an achievement was done till this day by any other Union in any sector.
But after NFTE lost recognised Union status in BSNL in 2004 the pension issue was diluted by government and also ignored by the leadership of BSNLEU .An order was released in 2006 in violation of 2000 strike agreement to pay the Government Pension from consolidated Fund of India.Although BSNLEU was the one and only recognised Union in BSNL From 2004 to 2013 it never organised any agitation independently or unitedly to demand revocation of the 2006 order limiting the liability of pension expenditure of Government of India to only sixty percentage and fixing the Forty percentage of liability on BSNL.This is wrong and will surely drain the finance of our company.Yet the leadership of BSNLEU kept mum for nine years against this blatantly anti labour policy .Why the revolutionaries became saints all of a sudden?
2.When Comrades Gupta and Gnanaiah signed the Bonus agreement on Productivity linked basis these revolutionaries conducted high decibel campaign against that terming it as an anti-worker agreement.But they themselves accepted the Profit linked incentive (Bonus) without any protest later silently.Only because of this wrongdoing by BSNLEU our employees were cheated and denied PLI(Bonus) for the last six years consecutively.We demanded change in this wrong formula.But BSNLEU leadership justified the denial of Bonus citing bad financial position of BSNL and high salary of our employees.The leadership of BSNLEU went on to declare that no body could achieve Bonus hereafter in BSNL.But now every thing is changed after NFTE got the status of a recognised Union once again from 2013 onwards.Because of consistent efforts of our Union now both the management and BSNLEU have agreed for changing the formula for payment of PLI (Bonus).This is a victory for NFTE.
3.The circle Union of BSNLEU also written that only to wash their sins of supporting the Corporatisation in 2000, both NFTE and FNTO unions are now joined FORUM and JAC .We don't want to say anything on this silly opinion of BSNLEU.Hope the General Secretary of BSNLEU will not concur with the views expressed by his circle Union in Chennai Telephones.Despite this madness and provocative write ups of BSNLEU we are not going to quit FORUM or JAC as we don't consider these organisations as the personal properties of BSNLEU.
In the end we are sorry to write this piece but not doing this for the sake of unity might be misunderstood as accepting the false propaganda of BSNLEU.


Sorry once again the General Council is Postponed:

As rains lashed Chennai city for the last few days several areas are flooded and some of our employees are in great difficulty as the water entered their houses.Transporting across Chennai also became complicated since almost all underground bridges are flooded and roads are water logged. The Metrological department also warned of heavy rains in the next few days.In view of this the meeting of the General Council is again postponed.Our Circle Union express it's sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. Now the General Council meeting will be held on 03-12-15(Thursday)at 3pm in Dinroze exchange compound.All are requested to note the change of date and attend the meeting without fail.


Who is the real BOSS for NDA?:

It is learnt that today the BJP president Amit shah met the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and explained the reasons for Bihar poll defeat.Now it is clear and confirmed that BJP is only a front organisation of RSS and it can only act asper the orders from RSS bosses. Modi or for that matter anybody in BJP cannot function independently .According to our constitution the Parliament is Supreme.But these Hindutva people acting against the constitution and take orders only from RSS which is not a political organisation and in any way accountable to the people of India.Actually it is a Facist, rightist and anti-democratic force which does not believe in Secularism.


General council meeting postponed:

Returned to Chennai late night Yesterday .Continuous rains spoiled the day.This Deepavali may be the wettest one in-view of storm formation.Decided to postpone the proposed geral Council Meeting to 14-11-15 (second Saturday)after consulting the circle Union President as rain and holidays may affect the attendance.Only date is changed.The venue is the same at Dinroze exchange compound.Tlme of the meeting is also remains the same at 2pm sharply.All members of the General Council are requested to attend the meeting as we have to analyse the negotiations with CGM on our 20 points charter of demands and had to take a final decision on our agitation proposed from 18-11-15.The union journal Sanga Muzakkam will be distributed at the meeting.Hence all branch secretaries are to attend the meeting without fail. I convey my Greetings to all on the eve of Deepavali,a Festival of Lights. Let Happiness spread all over.


Meeting with CGM on 05-11-15:

A meeting with management and circle union to discuss the 20 point charter given for the agitational program beginning on 18-11-15 was held today.The management was represented by CGM,GM(HR),DGM(HR),SDE(E),SDE(SR).Union was represented by Comrades CKM,MKR,TRR,Rajendran,Palaniappan and NFTCL circle Treasurer V.Babu.The discussion was held in a very cordial atmosphere.The management agreed to 99% of our demands and gave it in writing also.However we conveyed our thinking that any final decision on the proposed agitation will be taken only after placing the details of this negotiation in the General Council meeting called on 12-11-15.Meanwhile we will watch the implementation of agreed points especially the relieving of our comrades who were transferred on request.The circle Union thanks the management for its sincere and speedy efforts to avert the agitation.


ஒளரங்காபாத் மத்திய செயற்குழுவில் பேசிய நமது மாநிலச் செயலரின் பேச்சு :

நமது மாநிலச் செயலரின் ஒருமணி நேர அனல் தெரிக்கும் உரைவீச்சு:
1. போனஸ் பிரச்சனை உடனடியாக தீர்க்கப்பட வேண்டும். முன்னதாக தேவைப்பட்டால் இதற்காக நாம் மட்டுமே போராட்டம் நடத்தினால் கூட தவறில்லை.. தமிழகத்தில் NFTCL தொழிலாளர் நலத்துறை செயலரை அணுகி ஒப்பந்த தொழிலாளர்களுக்கு போனஸ் பெற்றுத்தந்தது. அதேபோல நாமும் CLC ஐ அணுகி ரூ.800/- கோடிக்கு மேல் சென்ற நிதியாண்டில் லாபம் நமது துறை ஈட்டியதை சுட்டிக்காட்டி பெறவேண்டும். முன்னதாக DPE 2011 லேயே லாபத்துடன் இணைந்த போனஸை பொதுத்துறை நிறுவனங்களுக்கு அதன் லாப அடிப்படையில் பார்க்க வேண்டியதில்லை எனக் கூறியதை நினைவுகூறவேண்டும்.
2. மேற்கு வங்காளம் தமிழ்நாடு மற்றும் கேரளாவில் உள்ள அமைப்பு நிலை பிரச்சனைகள் எதிர்வரும் தேர்தலுக்கு முன் தீர்க்கப்பட வேண்டும்.
3. நமது வாக்கு வங்கியை அதிகரிக்க நம்மோடு ஒத்த கருத்தோடு வரும் சங்கங்கள் .SEWA and TEPU இவைகளை வரும் ஏழாவது அங்கீகாரத் தேர்தலில் கூட்டணியாக சேர்க்க வேண்டும்.
4. 01-10-2000 பிறகு வேலையில் சேர்ந்த புதிய தோழர்களின் பிரச்சனைகள் உடனடியாக தீர்க்கப்படவேண்டும்.
5. மூன்று வருடங்களாக அனைத்து மட்டங்களிலும் நடைபெறாத கவுன்சில் கூட்டங்கள் உடனடியாக கூட்டப்படவேண்டும்.
6.இப்போது இரண்டு சங்கங்கள் அங்கீகாரத்தை கணக்கில் கொண்டு கவுன்சில்களுக்கான அஜண்டா இரண்டு சங்க செயலர்கள் கையொப்பமிட்டு கொடுக்க வழிவகை செய்யவேண்டும். ஏனென்றால் பல இடங்களில் .BSNLEU தான் தணிக்கை அதிகாரி போல செயல்பட்டு அஜண்டா சமர்ப்பிக்கபடுகிறது.
7.சங்கம் என்ற மரத்தின் ஆணிவேராக கிளைப்பகுதிகள் கருதப்படவேண்டும் அதே போல கொல்கத்தா மற்றும் சென்னை டெரிடோரியல் சர்கிள் அந்தஸ்து தரப்பட வேண்டும்.
8.நம்மை பாதிக்கும் தனி டவர் கம்பெனி முயற்சி முறியடிக்கப்படவேண்டும்.இல்லையேல் அது நமது நிதிநிலையை மேலும் மோசமடையச் செய்து விடும்.


An hour long speech by Com.C.K.Mathivanan at the NEC- Arungabad:

Yesterday (02-11-15) I spoke at the National Executive meeting at Aurangabad in the evening session.In an hour long speech i touched upon the following points.
1.Bonus issue must be settled immediately.For this if need be NFTE may organise independent struggle.As NFTCL got the bonus order for contract Labourers with the intervention of CLC in Tamilnadu we may also approach the CLC since BSNL has Rs.800 crore more revenue in the last financial year and already DPE confirmed in 2011 itself that no linkage of profit for payment of PLI in CPSUs.
2.Organisational problems in West Bengal,Kerala,Tamilnadu should be resolved immediately to face the next verification in May 2016. 3.To bolster our vote bank the support of like minded unions and associations such as SEWA and TEPU may be sought on a common understanding well before the Seventh Verification.
4. The problems of newly recruited employees (after 01-10-2000) including terminal benefits be solved without any further delay.
5.Ensure Councils at all levels are functioning as per schedule.Almost all councils throughout the country did not meet thrice during the last three years.
6.As two unions are recognised now the management must be approached to ensure agenda points for the council meetings be sent under the signatures of both leader and secretary of the staff side since in many places the leaders of BSNLEU acts as censor board and misuse their position as secretary of the staff side and refuse to forward the inconvenient agenda points given by NFTE.
7.Recognition to Branch unions must be secured as they are the roots of the Union tree.Further the district unions of Metro circles like Chennai and Kolkata needs to be recognised as in the case of Territorial circles.
8.Seperate subsidiary Tower company must be opposed and stopped at any cost as the said formation will do immense damage to the financial position of BSNL.


CGM calls our Circle Union for talks on 05-11-15:

CGM calls our Circle Union for talks on 05-11-15 at 10.30 AM and in response to our agitational call from 18-11-15 on twenty point demands the Chief General Manager today contacted our circle Secretary over phone and invited the circle Union for negotiations on 05-11-15.We have agreed to attend the talks.We hope amicable settlement on all our demands in the negotiations so that no need to begin our agitation from 18-11-15 as notified on 30-10-15.


The National Executive Meeting of NFTE:

The National Executive Meeting of NFTE got to a flying start at Aurangabad.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


New divisional Union OF NFTCL:

Today a new divisional Union for NFTCL was formed in Thiruvallur district at a meeting held in Thiruvallur in which 80 comrades including 25 Contract Labourers participated.Comrades Elangovan,Ragunathan and Danapal explained the issues.NFTCL circle Treasurer Babu inaugurated the new divisional Union. We greet the new team elected and wish the divisional Union of Contract Labourers every success.


Three phase agitation program by circle union:

Three phase agitation program by circle union: The secretariat meeting of the circle unon held on 28/10/2015 decided to organize the following agitation programs to demand immediate settlement of long pending issues of the employess.
1.18/11/2015- Mass Lunch hour demonstration at the offices of all the General Managers of all Business areas.
2.26/11/2015- Full day dharna at the office of DGM(A) at Miller’s Road.
3.01/12/2015- Relay hunger fast at the CGM’s office Purasaiwakkam.
Although we are not interested in organizing agitation against the circle management for a long time and now we are left with no alternative as the periodic meetings with DGM(A)/GM(HR)/CGM have become mere eyewash. Hence all our comrades are requested to mobilize members of our union to make the three phase agitation program successful. The notice for agitation will be served to the management on 30/10/2015.


Felicitation to Com.Ganesan,Kathivakkam rsu:

Yesterday evening I participated in the farewell meeting at Ennore telephone exchange organised for our branch Union secretary Ganesan of Katthiwakkam.Many officers including DGM and DE greeted Com.Ganesan who is retiring on 31-10-15. Many circle Union office bearers and District secretaries along with hundreds of employees also participated in this function.He announced a donation of Rs.5000 to the circle Union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


District wide Branch Secretaries and office bearers meeting in December-2015:

1.North Chennai District: 08/12/2015...At Kalmandapam
2.South Chennai District: 15/12/2015...At K.K.Nagar
3.Kancheepuram District: 22/15/2015...At Chrompet
4.Thiruvallur District: 28/12/2015...At Madhavaram
The above four meetings will be mainly to explain the decisions of the Aurangabad National Executive Committee meeting and chalk out action plan for next membership verification.
These District wide meetings must be attended by Branch Presidents, Branch Secretaries, Branch treasurers, Divisional Presidents, Divisional Secretaries, Divisional treasurers and all office bearers of District unions by applying for a day special casual leave since these meeting will be held full day.


General Council Meeting on 12-11-15:

The meeting of Chennai Telephones circle Union will be held on 12-11-15(Thursday)at 2 pm in Dinroze Exchange compound under the Presidentship of M K Ramasamy.The decisions of Aurangabad National Executive Meeting of NFTE will be explained mainly in this meeting.Further the dates for district wise office bearers meetings will be finalised.A review of Bonus agitation on 06 th and 19 th of October will also be made.Hence all Branch ,Divisional and District secretaries besides circle office bearers are requested to attend the meeting in time.


Meeting with GM Today:

Along with Circle Treasurer of Tamilnadu NFTCL Comrade Babu myself and Nagarajan met the Central area General Manager for a discussion on an urgent issue related to Contract Labourers working in Thiruvanmiyur division where they were not employed for work by the Divisional Engineer on the spacious plea that particular contractor has stopped work. We explained the GM that the tender period is not over and contractor has not withdrawn from the work officially.Hence the DE should not have acted on the verbal information of the contractor and stopped all the contract labourers despite the fact that lot of faults are pending in his area. The GM has agreed with our contention and assured us to instruct the DE concerned to employ all the contract labourers as per the work contract.We thanked the GM for this immediate action.


Daylong Dharna at CGM office on 19-10-15:

At Purasawalkam the FORUM of Chennai Telephones began Dharna to demand Bonus for employees and executives despite profit or loss as Bonus is only the deferred wage.Com C. K. Mathivanan presided over the Dharna in his capacity as the Chairman of Chennai Telephones FORUM. Comrades T.R.Rajasekaran,M.K.Ramasamy,K.M.Elangovan and the district secretaries Nagarajan,Ragunathan,Ekambaram,Anbu and several circle office bearers along with hundreds of NFTE members and leaders actively took part in the Dharna.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Between deep sea and devil ?:

Few days ago the Supreme Court bench struck the 99th Constitutional amendment brought forward by Modi government to change the methodology for the appointment of judges for the High Courts and Supreme Court.The present method of Collegium recommending the names of judges to be appointed to the President is not fool proof.On many occasions favouritism and nepotism were seen on the appointments of judges.Hence there was a justified demand for a change in the method of selection. But the paramount concern of all should be to ensure a fair and independent judiciary.After Narendra Modi took over the power to rule the country systematic attempts are on to weaken the institutions like Parliament, Film institutions,History centres,Literary Forums etc.We are witnessing how the rabidly communal elements are working overtime to do away with Reservations and even the Constitution itself. Hence the observation of the learned judges on the 99th amendment to the constitution is right and convincing.If Modi government is authorised to appoint judges to various High courts and Supreme Court it may play with judiciary and may appoint committed judges from RSS and BJP.
In the given situation it is better Chief Justice and few other judges of the Supreme Court are vested with powers to select judges of course impartiality and independently.


Secretariat meeting on 17-10-15:

The circle union's secretariat meeting was held today under the presidentship of Circle Union president M.K.Ramasamy.The meeting discussed the following: 1.Bonus
2.National Executive at Aurangabad
3.District wide meetings of All office bearers
4.Branch conferences


A day long dharna on 19/10/2015:

As per the call given by the FORUM a day long dharna will be organized at CGM's office complex in Purasaiwakkam on 19/10/2015 to demand adhoc bonus pending the revision of bonus formula. All are requested to assemble at CGM's office sharply by 10.00 AM.


Bonus for Contract Labourers:

NFTCL got an order from the Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner for payment of this year Bonus to all contract labourers in telecommunications who are working in the whole of Tamilnadu.Comrade S.Anandan ,Circle Secretary of Tamilnadu state NFTCL has already forwarded the said order to all telecom operators including the CGMs of both Tamilnadu and Chennai Telephones.Kindly persuade the management to disperse Bonus payment to all contract labourers well before Deepavali which is to be celebrated on 10-11-15.


Meeting Today with Chief General Manager:

We met the CGM today along with NFTCL circle secretary of Tamilnadu and comrades Ramasamy,Elangovan,Ravi.The management side was represented by DGM,AGM and SDE. We mainly discussed the issues pertaining to contract labourers wages,ESI/EPF etc.Old issues of regular employees like transfers and postings were also discussed.Reinstatement of Anbu of Guduvanchery and other 15 issues were also discussed for nearly two hours.


Regional Council Meeting of STP:

Today the meeting of Southern Telecom Projects Council was held with Mr.Ramesh ,CGM was chairman .Staff side Leader C.K.Mathivanan and secretary S.Chellappa along with the representatives of both management and Unions participated in the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


The CGM of Southern Telecom Projects Mr.Ramesh is retiring this month:

The CGM of Southern Telecom Projects Mr.Ramesh is retiring this month (31-10-15) after many years of eventful service in DOT and BSNL .On behalf of NFTE I greeted him a very happy retired life today.  Click,


circle Union letter to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu:

Our circle Union has written to the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.  Click,


Massive demonstration by Contract Labourers:

NFTCL organised today a demonstration at Chennai Valluvar kottam in which 350 contract labourers all over from Tamil Nadu and 150 comrades of Chennai Telephones actively participated.It was inaugurated by Com.J.Lakshmanan,State AITUC secretary.Comrades CKM ,Jayaraman,Lingamurthy ,Subbarayan,Silo Rao and many other leaders addressed the meeting.The State Secretary of NFTCL ,comrade S.Anandan presided over the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


06-10-2015 போனஸ் கேட்டு ஆர்ப்பாட்டம்::

24-09-2015 அன்று நடந்த அகில இந்திய FORUM கூட்டம், ADHOC PLI போனஸ் கேட்டு 06-10-2015 அன்று நாடு தழுவிய ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் நடத்த முடிவெடுத்து அறைகூவல் விடுத்துள்ளது. இதற்கான தயாரிப்பு கூட்டம் இன்று BSNLEU சங்க அலுவலகத்தில் நடைபெற்றது. அதில் 1. ஆர்ப்பாட்டத்தை 6 இடங்களில் நடத்துவது. 2. அந்த இடங்களுக்கு எந்தெந்த பகுதி ஊழியர்கள் செல்ல வேண்டும் 3. நேரம் மதியம் 1.30 மணி முதல் என்பதும் முடிவெடுக்கப்பட்டது.,  Click,


NFTCLதொலைத்தொடர்பு ஒப்பந்த ஊழியர்களின் நியமான கோரிக்கைகளை முன்வைத்து சென்னை வள்ளுவர்கோட்டம் அருகில் நடந்த பெரும்திரள் ஆர்ப்பாட்டம்:

NFTCLதொலைத்தொடர்பு ஒப்பந்த ஊழியர்களின் நியமான கோரிக்கைகளை முன்வைத்து சென்னை வள்ளுவர்கோட்டம் அருகில் நடந்த பெரும்திரள் ஆர்ப்பாட்டம்,நூற்றுக்கணக்கானோர் தேனடைபோல் குழுமியிருந்ததனர்,தோழர்சி.கே.எம் அவர்களின் தொலைக்காட்சி ஊடக பேட்டி மாநிலம் முழுவதும் கோரிக்கையின் நியாயத்தை கொண்டுசென்றது.முதல் களம் வெற்றி,மாநிலம் முழுவதும் வேர்ப்பிடித்து உழைப்பாளிகளின் உரிமைகுரலை ஓங்கிஒலிக்க ,கோரிக்கைகளை வென்றெடுக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள்.  Click,


General council meeting:

Today the general council meeting of Chennai Telephones was held at Maraimalai Nagar near Chennai.Comrade Kandasamy donated RS.15000 to the union on his retirement. The general council decided the following:
1. To effectively organise the Forum call on 06-10-15 for Bonus.
2.To conduct branch,division,district office bearers meeting in all the districts between 10-11-15 to 24-12-15 to begin work for next membership verification. 3. To complete all branch conferences by the end of December 2015.


Grand Farewell to com.Kandasamy at MM Nagar:

On his retirement today a grand farewell meeting was organised by Kanchipuram district Union.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


IDA from October-2015:

There will be a increase of 5.3% and total IDA is 107.9% from October-2015.


FORUM calls for massive demonstration for Bonus on 06/10/2015:

The meeting of the FORUM held in New Delhi has decided to conduct a Nationwide demonstration on 06/10/2015 for payment of PLI(BONUS).Accordingly in Chennai telephones the FORUM will organize demonstration during lunch hour on 06/10/2015 at CGM’s office and other centers. A meeting of the Circle secretaries has been called to discuss about this demonstration on 01/10/2015 at 03.00PM in BSNLEU office at Flower Bazaar complex. The meeting will be chaired by FORUM chairman C.K.Mathivanan and conducted by Deputy conveners S.Lingamurthy and Shanmugasundarajan. All Branch secretaries and office bearers are requested to plan for a massive demonstration in Chennai telephones to win back our right for Bonus.


Now the RSS is trying to tamper with the Reservation Policy:

Whenever the forces of Hindu right wing came to power at the centre they tried to meddle with important policy frames.During Atal Bihari Vajpayee rule the same forces attempted to rewrite the Indian Constitution to facilitate the Presidencial form of government like in USA where President is elected directly and have enormous power with authority to veto even Parliament (Congress and Senate) decisions.This form of government is actually not Parliamentary Democracy but all powers will be in the hands of one person called President.Fortunately that attempt was nipped in the bud itself.
Now the same dark forces after Modi's Elevation as PM emboldened to raise their voice against Reservation and Secularism.RSS chief wants a review of Reservation Policy while another office bearer demands to dump Secularism.
But the so called secular forces are merrily fighting amongst them whether in Bihar or elsewhere without realising the grave dangers ahead to Indian Nation as such.


Meeting with GM(HR):

Our Circle union today discussed 15 items with GM(HR) including lift failure in Kellys, AC units failure in Porur division and acute shortage of shorts in Harbour TD where for 16500 working lines only one Sr. TOA is posted for the test desk duty. The Adminstration was represented by DGM(A), AGM(A), AGM(E) and SDE(SR). Our Circle was represented by Com. C.K.Mathivanan, Ramaswamy, Rajendiran, Elangovan and Ravi.


Meeting with GM(F) on 21/09/2015:

Our circle union leaders C.K.Mathivanan, K.M.Elangovan and C.Ravi met the GM(F) at CGM Office today and discussed the following issues.
1.Immediate pay fixation for all the TTA cadre officials who are officiating as JTO’s.
2.Rural allowances for TXM Employees who are working in CPT SSA area.
3.Medical claims must be accepted upto 6 months (180 days) and not upto 90 days as of now.
4.Special pay for TSMon par with RM for family planning operation by their spouses.
5. Long pending of medical claims and TA bills of the staff.
The GM(F) positively reacted and promised to issue necessary orders at the earliest.


Photo of Newly elected Circle office bearers:

The group photo of the newly elected Circle office bearers.  Click,


TV debate on 19-09-15 in JAYA Television:

My debate along with two others will be on air at 9 pm on Saturday(19 th Sep) in Jaya T V. The subject matter is the recent Global Investors Conference and the Chief Minister's announcement in State Assembly on providing Internet to 12500 odd villages in Tamilnadu and introduction of IP T V using the National Optic fibre Network.


General Council meeting on 30-09-15 at Maraimalai Nagar:

The General Council meeting will be held this month at Perunthalaiver Kamarajar marriage hall in Maraimalai Nagar at 10 am on 30-09-15.All branch ,divisional and district secretaries must attend along with Circle Union office bearers and special invitees.
Com.Kandasamy,the Chengleput Division Union leader is retiring on the same day hence a grand farewell also being arranged there after the General Council meeting.All the members of the General council can avail a day's special casual leave and necessary transport arrangements also arranged to ferry the members from Maraimalai Nagar Railway Station.


Massive daylong dharna against formation of tower company:

Daylong Dharna began at office of the CGM Chennai Telephones to demand withdrawal of cabinet decision on 05-08-15 for forming a separate mobile tower company.Dharna was presided over by Com.CKM and was inaugurated by Com.R.Venkatraman,GS,TEPU.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,



A massive demonstration will be organized by NFTCL on 03/10/2015 under the presidentship of Com.Mali(Erode) at Valluvar Kottam in Chennai pressing immediate settlement of demands of Contract labours.  Click1,


Forum to hold massive Dharna on Sep-16:

The meeting of Circle Secretaries of unions and associations in Chennai Telephones was held today at NFTE office to effectively organise day long Dharna in CGM office at Purasawakkam to demand withdrawal of central cabinet decision on 05-08-15 to form a separate subsidiary company for managing 65000 mobile towers of BSNL throughout the country.  Click1,  Click2,


Grateful and Thankful!:

Yesterday evening at the Anna road meeting Comrade Sekar handed over a cheque for rupees 15000 towards membership verification -2016 fund.Few weeks before also he gave Rs.10000 to the circle Union for the same purpose.As of now this comrade alone has contributed totally 25000 rupees to meet the expenses for the Seventh membership verification in May 2016.We thank him.  Click1,  Click2,


FORUM meeting on 11-09-15:

To plan the successful Dharna on 16-09-15 to oppose the formation of subsidiary corporation for BSNL Tower Business as per the union cabinet decision a meeting of Chennai Telephones FORUM will be held under the Chairmanship of com.C K Mathivanan at 2 pm in the NFTE Union office at Flower Bazaar complex.Prepare the workers for a massive day long Dharna at CGM's office inPurasawakkam.This Dharna programme is being organised throughout the country.


Felicitation to Reception committee:

Yesterday the function to felicitate the reception committee for conducting the sixth circle conference was held marvellously at Anna Salai telephone exchange .This meeting also fondly remembered the 19-09-1968 Strike and martyrs in that historic nationwide one day strike by Central government employees.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


The government telecom employees cooperative society in Bengaluru:

Yesterday I was in Bangaluru to participate in the opening of a new branch there by The government telecom employees cooperative society.All the unions and associations were called and leaders shared the stage.I appealed to the board of Directors to reduce the rate of interest for loan and speed up the chennai Flats construction project also.In his concluding speech the President of the said cooperative society Com.S.Veeraragavan very positively responded to both my requests.I thank all concerned who made the Bangaluru function a memorable one.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


Happy News:

Just now I was informed that the BSNL management has at last approved the list of office bearers elected at the Sholapur All India Conference of SEWA-BSNL.Accordingly brother P.N.Perumal of Tamilnadu will be the President and brother N.D.Ram of Delhi will be the General Secretary as per the approval of the management . The list of office bearers elected at the Sholapur conference was in toto approved.I greeted brother P.N.Perumal over phone and congratulated him for the success of his long struggle to save the SEWA from the selfish elements.We expect a friendly relationship with the new team.  Click,


சொஸைட்டி வட்டிப் பிரச்னையும் BSNLEUவின் கபட நாடகமும்:சென்ற முறை,  சொஸைட்டி  BSNLEUவின்  முழுக் கட்டுப்பாட்டில் இருந்தபோது சாதாரண கடனுக்கான  வட்டி விகிதம் 16.5 சதம். அப்போது, வட்டியை குறைக்க வேண்டும் என்று நமது சங்க ஆதரவு   டைரக்டர்கள் மற்றும்  RGB உறுப்பினர்கள் வலியுறுத்தியபோது, " ஐயோ அது சாத்தியமில்லை ! வட்டியை குறைத்தால்  சொஸைட்டி திவாலாகிவிடும் ! " என்று  பேசியவர்தான் முன்னாள் இயக்குனர்( BSNLEU) அன்புமணி. சென்ற RGB  தேர்தலுக்கு பிறகு  காட்சிகள் மாறின. 
BSNLEU கூட்டணி சொஸைட்டி தேர்தலில் படுதோல்வி அடைந்தது. நமது  கூட்டணியின் வசம் சொஸைட்டி நிர்வாகம் வந்தது. ஒவ்வொரு சதமாக, இருமுறை வட்டி விகிதம் குறைக்கப்பட்டது. மொத்தத்தில்  வட்டி விகிதம் 14.5 சதமாக ஆனது. உறுப்பினர்கள் பெருமகிழ்ச்சி அடைந்தனர்.சென்ற ஆண்டு நரேந்திர மோடி மத்தியில் ஆட்சியைப்  பிடித்தார். நல்ல காலம் பிறக்கும் என்றும் வாக்குறுதி அளித்தார்.ஆனால், நாட்டு  மக்களுக்கு மட்டுமல்லாது, நமது  சொசைட்டி உறுப்பினர்களுக்கும் நல்ல காலம் பிறப்பதற்கு பதிலாக கெட்ட காலம் பிறந்தது. இதுநாள் வரை விவசாயிகளுக்கு வழங்கிய சலுகை வட்டியிலேயே வங்கிகள் நம்மை போன்ற ஊழியர்களின் கூட்டுறவு சங்கங்களுக்கும் கடன் வழங்கி வந்தது. அந்த முறையை அடியோடு மாற்றி, சலுகை வட்டி தரக் கூடாது என்று உத்திரவு பிறப்பித்தது மோடி அரசு. அதன் காரணமாக நமது கூட்டுறவு சங்கமும் ஏற்கனவே  வாங்கிய கடனுக்கு அதிக வட்டி தர வேண்டிய கட்டாயத்திற்கு ஆளானது. தவிர்க்க முடியாமல் உறுப்பினர்களுக்கு வழங்கிய கடனுக்கான  வட்டியை உயர்த்த வேண்டிய கட்டாயம் ஏற்பட்டது. வெறும் வாயை மெல்பவனுக்கு  அவல் கிடைத்ததுபோல, தோல்வியில் துவண்டு போயிருந்த அன்புமணி கம்பெனி உயிர்த்தெழுந்தது.ஆகா ! வட்டி உயர்வு அநியாயம் !!   ஏற்க மாட்டோம் !!  என்று  நீட்டி முழக்கி தமிழக சொஸைட்டி உறுப்பினர்களிடம் மட்டுமல்லாது, உறுப்பினர் அல்லாதவர்களிடமும் தங்களது வழக்கமான கையெழுத்து இயக்கத்தை நடத்தினர். நாட்டில் உள்ள எல்லா பிரச்னைகளுக்கும் மோடிதான் காரணம் என்று மேடை தோறும் பிரசங்கம் செய்பவர்கள்,  இந்த வட்டி உயர்வு பிரச்னையில் மட்டும் மோடி அரசின் மோசடித்தனத்தை தோலுரிக்காமல்,  அன்புமணி தலைமையில் தற்போதைய இயக்குனர் குழுவை சந்தித்து கையெழுத்து படிவத்தை கொடுத்துவிட்டு ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் என்று அறிவிப்பது ஏன் ?வட்டி குறைப்பில் இவர்களுக்கு உண்மையிலேயே அக்கறை  இருக்குமானால்  இவர்கள் ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் செய்ய வேண்டியது, மோடி அரசை எதிர்த்து அல்லவா ? அதை விட்டுவிட்டு, பொறுப்பேற்றவுடன் வட்டியை குறைத்த இயக்குனர் குழு மீது பாய்வது ஏன் !!வெள்ளானூர் நிலத்தில் அடுக்கு மாடி குடியிருப்பு என்பது சென்ற இயக்குனர் குழு காலத்திலேயே முடிவாகிவிட்டதோடு, சென்ற தேர்தலில் ஆகப் பெரும்பான்மை உறுப்பினர்களால் ஏற்கப்பட்ட,  இனி மாற்ற முடியாத முடிவு....  சோழியன் குடுமி சும்மா ஆடுமா ! இவர்களது உள்நோக்கம் அடுத்த அங்கீகாரத் தேர்தல் !இந்தியாவெங்கும் பொய்ப்பிரச்சாரம் செய்து அதிக வாக்குகள் பெற்றாலும்  தமிழகத்தில இவர்களது பாச்சா இது நாள் வரை பலிக்கவில்லை  !

BSNLEUவின் பன்னிரெண்டாண்டு  அங்கீகார காலத்தில் சொல்லிக்
 கொள்ள சாதனை ஏதுமில்லை...போனஸ் இல்லை,  ஊதிய 
மாற்றத்தில் குளறுபடிகள் என்ற வேதனைகளே தொடர்கதையாகி வருகிறது.  இந்த முறை எப்படியாவது தமிழகத்தில் ஜெயிக்க 
வேண்டும் என்ற நப்பாசையில்தான் இந்த வட்டி குறைப்பு 
ஆர்ப்பாட்டம் எனும்  கபட நாடகம்  ! 
                 BSNLEUவின்  பொய்ப் பிரச்சாரத்தை முறியடிப்போம் !! 
                                 உண்மையை எடுத்துரைப்போம் !! 
        தமிழகத்தில் NFTE-BSNL சங்க வெற்றிக்கு அயராது பாடுபடுவோம் !! Courtesy : NFTE-BSNL KOVAI WEBSITE.



Circle union Secretariat meeting:

Today the circle union's secretariat met and discussed to ensure full strike on 02-09-15 in Chennai Telephones (BSNL).  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


9th September 2015 function poster:

The Circle union has printed Posters for the 9th September 2015 function at Anna Road Exchange complex.  Click,


Modi and his Promises!:

Yesterday Narendra Modi promised rupees 1.25 lakh crore package in a poll campaign meeting in Bihar where state poll is approaching.It is nothing but a misuse of power by a Prime Minister to woo the voters of Bihar. Before discussing the fate of his latest promise to the people of Bihar let us see the fate of his promises given to the people of this country in May 2014.After completing one year as PM no single promise was implemented by Modi. His promise of One Rank One Pension for the jawans is hanging.His another promise of giving 15 lac rupees to each citizen by capturing the black money stocked in Swiss banks by Indians.This has been a forgotten one to Modi.Lastly he promised corruption free governance.Alas he closed his eyes to corruption by his party men . Lalit gate scam,Vyapam scam and other scandals have rocked the Parliament .But Modi did not budge and refused to take action against corrupt CMs and Ministers. We hope Bihar people will not get duped by our PM.


Wake up or get doomed!:

Asper the information BSNL lost 2 crore customers in the financial year ended on 31-03-15.It has lost 1.78 crore mobile customers and 0.20 crore land line customers.This trend must be arrested at any cost. We may use the free night calls offer and free national roaming facility recently announced by BSNL. At a meeting in Newdelhi on 13-08-15 the CGM of Chennai Telephones got a special concession from the top management to postpone the handing over of maintenance work of Broadband to contract upto 30-09-15 with an assurance that the Broadband faults will be reduced and the same day fault will be cleared on the day itself.We all should raise to the occasion and implement the assurances of CGM or else the said work will be handed over to private agencies and blame will be put on the shoulders of Trade Unions. Shouting slogans against privatisation alone will not stop it.  Click,


Introductory meeting with CGM:

Today we had a introductory meeting with CGM,Chennai Telephones .All the newly elected circle Union office bearers along with District Secretaries and Special invitees attended the meeting.The management side was represented by CGM,GM(HR) DGM and AGM.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


protest demonstration in Pudukottai:

Today, I participated in the protest demonstration in Pudukottai for opposing the proposal to create a separate mobile tower company for 65000 BSNL towers.Also I addressed media after the demonstration.  Click1,


Forum Demonstration on 12th August 2015:

The Chennai Telephones Forum has decided to hold demonstration at Anna Road exchange complex on 12/08/2015 during lunch hour to protest against the formation of a separate entity to manage 65000 towers of BSNL throughout the country. Organize our employees in large numbers to this protest demonstration.


Circle Secretary meeting in New Delhi:

The meeting of all circle secretaries is on for two days from 10/08/2015. From Chennai telephones Comrades T.R. Rajasekaran and K.M.Elangovan attending. The main discussion will be ensuing seventh membership verification.


Meeting with CGM:

An Introductory meeting of all Circle office bearers will be held on 14/08/2015(Friday) at CGM office at about 11.30Hrs. Thereafter the meeting of the EC will be held to finalize the ten special invitees and council nominations.


Why all workers should join nationwide strike on 2nd-September-2015?:

The recently concluded sixth conference of Chennai Telephones of NFTE-BSNL decided to participate in the one day strike called by major central trade unions on 02-09-15.Although 12 demands were notified for this General Strike the most important reason is the anti worker and anti trade union attitude of the Narendra Modi government .To please the rich and powerful industrialists and corporates the present NDA government is attempting to dilute all the safeguards available in the Labour laws. For example the central government wants to merge the Indian Trade Union Act-1926,Industrial disputes act-1947 and Labour act-1946 in to one single act and do away with the inspections of Factory Inspectors who will normally visit factories to check and verify the implementation of various labour Laws.The amendments proposed now also raise the requirement of seven employees to start a union to minimum 100 or ten percent of total employees.This will naturally abolish trade unions and deny the basic trade union rights to all those workers who are working in the less than 100 workers category unions.Further no prior permission from the government is needed hereafter to declare lockout in the concerns wherein less than 300 are employed.Modi government's attempt to mend and bend the Labour laws to help the rich people must be defeated through United strikes by all trade unions.Why Narendra Modi government did not attempt to change the out dated Bonus Act of 1971 which actually deny bonus to the majority employees through number of restrictions.Just because it will give more employees the the opportunity to avail bonus.


Floral tributes to OPGupta's statue in Thiruvallur:

On 07/08/2015 morning Com.C.K.Mathivanan took comrade Saleel Gupta and his wife Dr.Sunitha along with comrade Krishna Mohan to Thiruvallur to pay floral tributes to Com.O.P.Gupta's statue installed at Thiruvallur.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


The reception committee meeting:

The reception committee meeting held yesterday to review the preparations for the sixth circle conference of NFTE-BSNL in chennai Telephones.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


state executive meeting of telecom contract labours Union (NFTCL) of Tamilnadu:

The state executive meeting of telecom contract labours Union (NFTCL) of Tamilnadu was held today in Chintadripet AITUC office.The meeting decided to hold the state conference in Trichy in February 2016.It also decided to organise a full day dharna to demand settlement of contract labour demands on 02-10-2015 at Valluvar Kottam in chennai.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Fullday general council meeting of NFTE chennai Telephones:

The Fullday general council meeting of NFTE chennai Telephones was held today at State Headquartes building of Tamilnadu AITUC and the council endorsed the draft report on activities with some amendments. It is given information that nearly 1500 delegates may attend the two day circle conference from 5-8-15.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


FORUM meeting at Kellys complex :

Today the FORUM held a meeting at Kellys complex to create awareness among the staff to reduce the number of faults and duration of faults in Kellys area where the situation is alarming.  Click1,  Click2,


Extended executive committee MEETING of Thiruvallur district Union:

Today the meeting of the extended executive committee of Thiruvallur district Union was held at Ambathur telephone exchange.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


The extended executive committee meeting of the Kanchipuram district:

The extended executive committee meeting of the Kanchipuram district Union was held today at Guindy to prepare for the ensuing Sixth circle conference.  Click1,  Click2,



My interview along with other two personalaties will be on air in Jaya T V today (Saturday) at 09.00 Pm.Please watch the programme.


Extended District Executive committe meeting of North Chennai:

Today the extended district executive meeting of North Chennai district Union was held at Flower bazaar canteen to specially mobilise fund and comrades for the ensuing 6 th circle conference of NFTE-BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,



Just now gave an interview to ZEE news (Hindi)channel correspondent who specially flew to chennai for this purpose.The interview was about Marans fraud on BSNL.It is good that national channels have started evincing interest on this scandal.The interview was videotaped at my residence.May be it will be on air in a day or two.


General council meeting on 16/07/2015:

On the eve of 6th Circle conference the meeting of the General council of our circle union will be held full day on 16/07/2015 from morning to evening. The meeting will finalize the amendments on reports and activities. Further invitation and posters for the Circle conference will be distributed at the meeting. Sangamuzhakkam magazine will also be distributed. Hence all the members of the general council particularly Branch/Divisional/District secretaries and Circle office bearers may apply for a day Special casual leave and attend the meeting without fail. The venue of the meeting will be 2nd Floor of AITUC state Headquarters Building in Kovoor Vaidiyanathan street at Chindadripet.


Forum meeting on 07/07/2015:

The circle secretaries of the Unions Associations in the FORUM of Chennai telephones will meet on 07/07/2015 at 03.00PM in NFTE circle union office at Flower Bazaar Exchange complex. The meeting will mainly discuss and decide about popularizing the free ninght calling service of BSNL among the general public and the existing customer.


Farewell party of Com.Govindaraj, Circle Secretary ,BSNLEU:

Farewell party of Com.Govindaraj, Circle Secretary ,BSNLEU in Chennai Telephones was held today at Flower Bazaar exchange. NFTE was represented by Comrades CKM, MKR,and Nagarajan. We greet him a very happy retired life.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,


BSNL lines case: CBI questions former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran

CBI on Wednesday questioned former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran in connection with a case of allegedly using over 300 high data capacity BSNL telecom lines at his Boat House residence in Chennai...  Read More...



The IDA for the month of July-2015 is increases by 2.1% and total IDA stands at 102.6%.


Farewell function at Ambathur for Sr. NFTE Comrade B.Ranganathan:

A farewell function at Amabathur for our senior NFTE leader Com. B.Ranganathan who is retiring from service was held in grand manner. Hundres of comrades participated in the meeting and greeted Com. B.Ranganathan. Com C.K.Mathivanan eleborately spoke at the function and detailed his association with Com.B.Ranganathan and his service to the working class for the last 42 years both in P&T, DOT and BSNL.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,


Extended Circle Executive Committee Decision:

1.The delegate fee for the 6th Circle conference will be fixed at Rs 300/-.
2.A travel bag worth Rs 300/- will be given to all the delegates as the conference memento.
3.The National flag will be hoisted by Com.M.K. Ramaswamy Circle president.
4.NFTE flag will be hoisted by Com.A.Kantha, Circle vice president.
5.To mark the occasion of the 6th Circle conference the following comrades will host the union flag.
1.Com. Dhanapal
2.Com. Elumalai
3.Com. B.Varadhan
4.Com. S.Kothandabani
5.Com. S.Jothi
6.Com. Gajapathi.
6. The Extended District Executive meeting will be held as per the following schedule to mobilize the comrades for the circle conference.
1. 09/07/2015… 03.00PM North Chennai District.
2. 10/07/2015… 11.00AM South Chennai District.
3. 13/07/2015… 11.00AM Kancheepuram District Union(Union office at Guindy).
4. 14/07/2015… 03.00PM Thiruvallur District Union(Ambattur Exchange).
All comrades who will attend these meetings can avail Special CL.


Extended CEC Meeting:

Today the meeting of the extended circle executive committee Was held at DINROZE exchange complex to discuss and decide all issues pertaining to the ensuing sixth circle conference from 05-08-15 & 06-08-15.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,



A debate on the conflict between Home Ministry and IB ministry regarding non-renewal of license to 33 T V channels and 5 FM radio channels of SUN group.Com.C.K.Mathivanan, BJP leader Mrs.Vanathi Sreenivasan and social activist Mr.Sreenivasarao will also participate in the debate. It will be telecast as per the schedule below.
Jaya TV.....27-06-15(Saturday)at 9 to 10 pm.
Jaya plus TV ...29-06-15(Monday)at 9.30 to 10.30 pm


Farewell meeting for Com.Varathan,vice-president:

Farewell meeting for Com.Varathan,vice-president of the union was held today at K.K.nagar telephone exchange.After a month I could meet more than 300 active comrades of NFTE at this function.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


fare well meeting at KK Nagar on 24.06.2015:

To felicitate our Circle vice president B. Varadan who is retiring on 30.06.2015 a farewell meeting is organized at 03.00PM on 24.06.2015. Com. C.K.Mathivanan will participate.


. The Circle Executive Committee Meeting on 29/06/2015:

At 02.00PM on 29.06.2015 the E.C. meeting of the Circle union will be held at Flower Bazaar union office.All the members of CEC are requested to attend the meeting in time.


Com. C.K.Mathivanan will assume charge of Circle secretary on 24.06.2015:

After availing leave for 40 days Com. C.K.Mathivanan will assume the charge of Circle secretary on 24.06.2015.


Courtesy meeting with new CGM on 22/05/2015:

Our circle union will meet the new CGM Smt.S.M.Kalavathi assume charge formally on 22/05/2015.The meeting shall take place at 12.00 Noon. The District secretaries, Asst Circle Secretaries along with Circle President, Circle secretary and Circle treasurer will meet the new CGM and greet her.


Reception Committee will meet regularly every week from 01/06/2015:

The reception committee constituted for conducting the 6th Circle conference will meet every week on Friday’S with effect from 01/06/2015; 03.00PM at Circle union office in Flower Bazaar. Members of the Reception committee are requested to attend the meeting without fail.


Secretariat Meeting held on 13/05/2015:

The Meeting of the Circle secretariat was held today and the following decisions were taken.
1.Seven Committees including Food, Volunteer etc were formed to meet the 6th Circle conference on 05&06/08/2015 successfully.
2.One month leave for Circle secretary from 14/05/2015 was granted and Com. S.C.Bose will officiate as Circle secretary during this period.
3.To celebrate the farewell function of Com.B.Varadhan,CVP,on 24/06/2015 at K.K.Nagar Telephone Exchange Complex.


New CGM POSTED TO Chennai telephones:

On 08/05/2015 the Corporate office issued orders promoting Smt S.M.Kalavathi as CGM and posted her to Chennai Telephones. NFTE-BSNL welcomes the New CGM and wish Madam S.M. Kalavathi every success in the new post.   Click...,


FORUM MEETING ON 08/05/2015:

The Circle secretaries of FORUM met today at NFTE office reviewed both the strike and the talks with the secretary DOT on 01/05/2015. The meeting thanked all for the hundred percent strike in Chennai telephones. It also condemned the brutal attack on Com. C.K.Mathivanan. The meeting decided to be very vigilant till our demands are accepted.


Meeting with New CGM:

Our Circle union had a meeting with the New CGM Sri.Reddy who assumed charge in Chennai Telephones from 01/05/2015. Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, M.K.Ramaswamy, S.C. Bose, K.M.Elangovan and C.Ravi participated in the meeting. Seven important issues were discussed with the CGM and he was very positive on understanding of our issues.



Only due to our united and historic strike for two days both the Minister Ravishankar prasad and DOT Secretary Rakesh Garg were compelled to discuss about the BSNL and other issues. It is a victory for the FORUM no doubt.On 24/04/2015 the Communication Minister held a meeting with Members of Parliament regarding BSNL services and infrastructure development. Similarly on 01/05/2015 the Secretary, DOT held meeting with FORUM leaders on most of our strike demands notified for two days Nationwide strike. But we are on the opinion that still the Govt(DOT) has not made up its mind to accept our demands fully within a time frame. The evasive and noncommittal replies of the DOT Secretary proves this point. Let us wait and watch and shall not lower our guard. On the whole the exercise is one step forward.


May day celebrations on 06/05/2015:

As already announced the Birth anniversary of Karl Marx and May Day celebration of Chennai telephones Circle union will be held in Adyar telephone Exchange at 01.00 PM. Com J.Lakshmanan, State secretary of AITUC, Tamil Nadu will be the Chief guest. All comrades are requested to assemble before lunch at Adyar since the Adyar Division Comrades have arranged lunch for all of us.


Thoughts for this May day-2015:

The Circle union of Chennai telephones conveys to all comrades its revolutionary greetings on the International Workers day popularly known as May day. When the entire working class celebrates the May day throughout the world on 01/05/2015 we wish to remind the duties and responsibilities of today to protect the freedom of the Country’s secularism and hard own rights of the working people.
We pay homage to the Martyrs of Chicago in America who raised the banner of revolt against the exploitation of Mankind and demanded eight hours duty for the working people. At that time the normal working hours for a day was more than 20 hours. Now lot of changes have taken place and the American imperialism is afraid of China. Any time from now on China may overtake America in wealth and Economic might. We all know the China is being ruled by the working class led by the Communist party.
Similarly in India also things have changed for the worst. Big companies and Industrialist are actually guiding the Modi government that is why anti poor and anti former policies are being implemented in our Country. There is no change of policy between the 10 years UPA rule and the one year NDA rule.Both Congress and BJP are two sides of the same coin.
The unity of the working people is must and continuous struggles against the wrong economic policies and rapid communal politics is the need of the hour.


Meeting with DOT secretary:

Today(01/05/2015) the meeting with secretary(DOT) on our strike demands will take place at 05.00 PM on Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi. FORUM leaders were invited for the meeting.


FORUM met the Dy.Commissioner of police:

On 27/04/2015 at about 06.00 PM the FORUM leaders including Com.C.K.Mathivanan, K. Govindaraj along with hundreds of comrades met the Dy.Commissioner and the Inspector of Police,Kilpauk to inquire about the action taken in the FIR filed regarding the murderous attack on Com.C.K.Mathivanan on 22/04/2015 during the Nationwide two days strike. Both the police officers informed us the action taken on our complaints.


Circle council meeting:

The Meeting of the Circle council held today (27/04/2015) and many issues discussed by the staff side. At the end of the meeting the staff side organized farewell to the CGM Sri. Balasubramaniam who is retiring on 30/04/2015. Com. C.K.Mathivanan felicitated the CGM and spoke about his simplicity and honesty.


Com.C.K.Mathivanan is well and Recovered completely:

On the 2nd day of Nationwide strike(22/04/2015) Com.C.K.Mathivanan, Chairman, Chennai telephones FORUM was attacked in front of CGM office by a drunken ‘Anna union’ supporter (J.Stalin, Regular Mazdoor) for questioning his anti worker attitude during the strike.  Read more,


TV INTERVIEW On two days strike:

Com. C.K.Mathivanan TV Interview will be telecasted as follows.
JAYA TV ..26/04/2015..09.00-10.00PM
JAYA PLUS TV...28/04/2015...09.30-10.30PM


May day Celebrations-2015:

The Circle union will observe this year May day on 06/05/2015 (01.00 PM)at Adayar Telephone Exchange complex and elaborate arrangement are being made for this. All comrades are requested to participate in the May day Celebration in time.
On 01/05/2015 all Branch unions should observe May Day by hoisting union flag at all Buildings and Exchanges.


Big Thanks:

In Chennai telephones and allover the Country also the two day’s strike call given by FORUM to save BSNL was a huge success. NFTE BSNL thanks each and every comrades who worked for the success of this protest action. In Chennai telephones not a single Employees or Executives barring few ITS officers reported for duty on 21& 22/04/2015. It is a historic success which reveals the determination and anger of BSNL Employees/ Executives. The O/o The CGM, Chennai telephones was locked and sealed on the first day of strike. However we permitted four ITS officers on both days to enter the CGM office after knowing in several parts of the Country ITS officers and even promoted CGM’s were permitted to enter the office by FORUM leadership at respective level. We also thank CGM, Sr. GM(HR) for their understanding of the situation and Co-operation that resulted in a peaceful massive strike in Chennai telephones.
Had the Govt of India or BSNL Management invited our leaders in time for meaningful talks on notified demands well before the strike action would have been averted. We condemn the irresponsibility of Secretary, DOT who has filed o initiate discussion on our demand but went on pleasure trip to Foreign Country while 2.5 lakh men and women in BSNL on strike. We hope atleast now both the Govt of India and the Management of BSNL will understand the feelings of the Employees/ Executives and help for an amicable settlement.


Interview on 19/04/2015 in Jaya TV:

Com. C.K.Mathivanan will participate in a TV interview on 18/04/2015(Saturday) at 09.00PM to 10.00PM. The subject matter will be ongoing 2G scam trail in CBI special court. The replay will be on 20/04/2015 in Jaya plus TV from 09.30 PM to 10.30PM.


Meeting with CMD on 17/04/2015:

Although the strike preparation in BSNL is going on cntinuously for last several months the Minster in-charge of Telecom Shri.Ravishankar Prasad has no time to meet the leaders of the FORUM to hold meaningful negotiation on our demand and avert the impending strike. However the CMD Shri. Anupam srivastava has kind enough to invite our leaders for talks on 17/04/2015. We do not have any illusion about the nature of talks and the settlement of demands. The present NDA govt headed by Shri. Narendra modi is not a collective one but a single man show only. When the PM was purchasing 123 war planes in FRANCE our defense Minister is very busy in purchasing fish in the market at is Native place, Goa, Similarly when the PM is touring each and every country one by one the Foreign affairs Minister Sushmaswaraj is busily engaged in New Delhi. This is the state of affairs of the present setup wherein PMO is more powerful than anybody else in this country. Naturally we hope until and other wise the Prime minister intervenes nothing canbe expected positively. Hence we request all our comrades not to get diverted by this or that talks but to concentrate on strike preparation with full vigor and commitment.


Big rally on 20/04/2015:

On the eve of two day Nationwide strike the Chennai telephones FORUM has decided to organize a big rally at Flower Bazaar telephone Exchange complex in the A/N of 20/04/2015 at 02.30 PM on Monday. All the comrades of every union/ Association in the FORUM are requested to assemble in large number. Make the rally a huge success.


Com.Bhagat singh's 84th martyrdom anniversary:

CPI leader Com. D.Lenin delivered speech on the occasion. NFPE leader V. Dharmadass and Com. C.K.Mathivanan presided over the meeting.  Click1...,  Click2...,  Click3...,   The rare death Warrant...,



On 12/03/2015 our circle union met the CGM with notified agenda points. Sr GM(HR&Admn),Sr.GM(F),Addl GM(HR&Admn),SDE(SR) represented the management. Our union was represented by M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, M.Nagarajan, C.K.Raghunathan, Ekambaram and Anbu. The CGM and other officers are generally in agreement with our demands and agreed to resolve the issues raised with in a reasonable time. Our union raised the issues about Contract labours regarding minimum wage, EPF nad ESI. We reminded the management that corporate office has already issued instructions to ensure minimum wage, ESI and EPF to contract labour. Our union pointed out the violations of labour laws by contractors and suggested a team to monitor the contract system.


Formal meeting with CGM On 12/03/2015:

On our request the CGM has agreed for a formal meeting with the circle union at 11.00 AM on 12/03/2015 besides CGM, Sr.GM(HR&Admn), GM(F) and Addl GM(Admn) are expected to participate. Our circle union has already notified 15 items as agenda points for the meeting.



As per the information of Central minister for Heavy Industries Mr.Anand Geethe that five Public sector units which are running on loss continuously are going to be closed. He listed Air India, MTNL, HMT, Hindustan Ship yard among the five companies to be closed. We are our own doubt that in the name of closure MTNL may be thrusted up on the BSNL by handing over the Telecom services of Delhi and Mumbai to BSNL. As we stoutly oppose the proposed merger of MTNL with BSNL we should not accept the Indirect way the Govt of India impose MTNL on BSNL.



An hour long TV interview on 2G scam will be telecasted in JAYA TV on 08/03/2015 at 09.00 PM.


International Women’s day on 08/03/2015:

Our Circle union extends warm greetings to all women of our country and particularly those working in BSNL on the International women’s day.


Meeting with Sr.GM(F) ON 07/03/2015:

Our Circle union had a meeting with the Sr. GM(F) on issues pertaining to ERP and Finance related difficulties and our Circle union was represented by Com. C.K.Mathivanan, S.C.Bose, K.M. Elangovan, G.Palaniappan and C.Ravi. Among other things our Circle union discussed about difficulties in BSNLMRS for dependence, delay in Payments of contract labours, TSM cadre should be treated as regular employees, wrong recoveries and rejection of several medical claims.



At Anna Road Exchange Complex a massive demonstration will be held at 04.00 PM. All comrades are requested to attend the demonstration without fail.


Telecom Companies are accumulating big amount of loan:

As per the As per the information for 2013-2014 financial year a total of 2.43 lakhs crores of loan was availed by all the telecom companies put together. BSNL has 4459 crores and MTNL has14120 crores of rupees as loan.
The customer base of BSNL has further shirnked to 7.81 crores as of 31/01/2015 from 9.45 crores as of 31/03/2012.However the loss of BSNL has reduced to Rs 7020 crores from Rs 8851 crores as per financial year 2013-2014.


Reception Committee formed for holding 6th Circle conference:

1.President: Com, T.R.Rajasekaran, Secretary,(CHQ)
2.Vice Precidents: Com. A.Kantha,CVP
Com. E.Sampath,COS
Com. Vardhan,COS
Com. M.Nagarajan, District Secretary, Chennai South
4.Asst Secretaries:
Com. Dhan singh,ACS
Com. M.Kabali,ACS
Com. S.Venkatraj,COS
Com. C.K.Raghunatahn, District Secretary, TVR
Com. Ekambaram,District Secretary,KCM
Com. K.Anbu,District Secretary,Chennai North
Com. V.Babu, Circle Treasurer,NFTCL
6.Committee Members:
Com. Patric shylock,DS,Vadpalani
Com. C.Karunanidhi,DS,Kodambakkam
Com. Shanthakumar,DS,Haddows Road
Com. Sundaramurthy,DS,Anna Road
Com. Dilli Babu,DS,R.K.Nagar
Com. Kanniappan,DS,Adayar
Com. Prabhakar,DS,K.K.Nagar


General Council Meeting:

The next General Council meeting of our circle union will be held on 04/04/2015 at 02.00 PM in Dinroze RSU Exchnage.


6th Circle conference:

The Circle Executive meeting held on 03/03/2015 decided the following.
1.To hold the 6th Circle conference in July 2015.
2.The District union of South Chennai will organize the conference.
3.First day conference will be open to all. However second and third day conference will be strictly with elected delegates.
4.Each District union will be permitted with 25 observers only. All the 38 members of the E.C. will be automatic delegates.



Com.C.K.Mathivanan spoke at the mass demonstration organized by the Chennai Airport Employees against handing over the operations of Chennai Airport to private players.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,



Leadership of the FORUM has decided to modify the stike decision to enable widest participation Nation wide as follows.
1.Two days strike on 21/04/2015 and 22/04/2015.
2.Nationwide demonstration on 12/03/2015 on that day the strike notice will be served on the Management.
3.Press conference will be held all Circle HQ to explain modified strike demand to the General Public.


Secretariat meeting on 03/03/2015:

The meeting of the Circle union secretariat will be held at Flower Bazaar union office on 03/03/2015 at 03.00 PM. All secretariat members are requested to attend with out fail.


National Executive meeting at Jaipur:

Two days NAtional Executive meeting of our union will be held in Jaipur (Rajasthan) on 09/04/2015 and 10/04/2015.


Is Tamil Nadu Circle union derail from its traditional path?:

We all know the Tamil Nadu Circle union is having rich tradition and colorful history led by our leaders Jagan, Muthiyalu, R.Krishnamurthy and Mahalingam. But the recent development and happenings in that circle eversince the last Madurai Conference make us feel whether the Tamil Nadu Circle union is going away from the path of great leaders O.P.Gupta and Jagan. The intolerance and arrogance of Com.Pattabiraman has vertically divided our union in Tamil Nadu. He is showing disrespect to all those who oppose or differ from his opinion or policy. He never bothers to consult the Circle Executive Committee or to take decisions in the Executive Committee Meetings but arbitrarily decides everything. This is the root cause of disturbance in the circle union.

Yesterday( 10/02/2015) nearly 70 comrades of Chennai Telephones North and South District unions went to the Circle Executive of Tamil Nadu to submit a memorandum to the Circle secretary objecting his activities in violation of union constitution with regard to Sothern Telecom Region(STR) union setup. Instead of receiving the memorandum and discussing the issues peacefully he ordered his goons who were specially assembled from nearby Districts of Vellore, Cuddalore and Puducherry to attack our Comrades brutally and throw them out of the meeting hall. The CGM of Tamil Nadu Circle who came to address the meeting ran away through backdoor without speaking on seeing the violence unleashed by the Pattabiraman’s followers.Our Chennai Telephones comrades continued their demonstration outside the meeting hall which was locked from inside.The Police authorities came there and try to mediate but failed due to the stubborn and adamant attitude of Pattabiraman. In this situation the hall owner came to the spot and evicted everybody out of the compound and thus the said meeting came to an abrupt end. This is a very painful incident and we all should be ashamed off this ugly and violent activities of Pattabiraman’s followers. Even the Circle treasurer Comrades Asokarajan and Secretary (CHQ) G. Jayaraman were not spared by these goon elements.

Com.Pattabiram who is for left unity and unity of all trade union is not practicing the same with his own union members inside the Circle union. He should preach only whatever he can practice.Preaching something and acting opposite to that is not good for any organization.Even at this time we hope he will realize his mistakes and try to sort out the issues raised by our comrades in a peaceful and democratic manner.   Click1...,  click2...,


General Council Meeting on 16/02/2015:

The General Council meeting of our Circle union will be held on 16/02/2015 at 02.00PM in Dinroze Exchnage complex under the Presidentship of Com M.K.Ramaswamy. On that day the Journal of the Circle union ( Sangamuzhakkam) will be distributed to the branches. Hence, all our members of the General council are requested to attend the same in time without fail.


TV Interview:

Com. C.K.Mathivanan will be interviewed by journalist Sudhangan for an hour regarding the misuse of Power by former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran. This special interview will be telecasted in Jaya TV from 09.00 PM on Sunday(08/02/2015).



After two rounds of talks with Sr. GM(HR&Admn) and other officers our union accepted for a formula to redeploy the staffs at presently working in CMX since the Corporate office had handed over the service of 197 to private operators throughout the country two months ago. According to the formula arrived at nearly 50% of the staff will be retained in the Flower Bazzar telecom complex and the remaining 50% will be redeployed to the places were acute staff shortage exist. On 07/02/2015 a counselling for this will be conducted. After this orders will be issued by the Mangement.


Meeting with Sr.GM(HR&Admn):

On 03/02/2015 the management had a meeting with both the recognized unions in connections with the staffs redeployment from CMX. NFTE BSNL was represented in this meeting by comrades C.K.Mathivanan, K.M. Elangovan and Jayajothi. The meeting is not conclusive and hence one more meeting will be held to decide upon the CMX staff redeployment.


Meeting with Sr.GM(N) and DGM(NE) on 02/02/2015:

Our union had a meeting with Sr.GM(N) and DGM(NE). Our union was represented in this meeting by Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, K.M.Elangovan, K.Anbu, .C.Elumalai and Arumugam. In this meeting our union had discussed several items including the following.
1.Proper space accommodation for the 40 Sr.TOA officials of North Business Area(BA) who were brought from North West, North East and North areas to Flower Bazaar Exchange.
2.Action against the SDE in Anna Nagar who misbehaved with lady staffs.
3.Delay in payment of GPF Advance to Kalmandapam staffs.
4.Rebate given to the subscriber of 25352320 due to the mistake of CSC staffs.


Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) meeting on CMX staff redeployment on 04/02/2015:

There will be meeting of CMX staff redeployment with both the recognized union by Sr.GM(HR&ADMN) on 04/02/2015 at 11.00 Hrs.


AIYF General secretary appended his signature in the save BSNL signature campaign:

AIYF General secretary appended his signature in the save BSNL signature campaign: Com. R.Thirumalai, General Secretary of All India Youth federation on his visit to Chennai appended his signature in the memorandum to be submitted to the PM of India during the Parliament march on 25/02/2015. Com C.K.Mathivanan, K.M. Elangovan, C. Ravi and K.Anbu witnessed.  Click...,


Tamil and English News papers appreciate the contribution of Com. C.K.Mathivanan in exposing the scam of former Telecom Minister Dayanidhimaran in 323 illegal phone connection scandal:

Dinamalar:  Click...,
Times Of India:  Click...,


Com C.K.Mathivanan,CS,NFTE-BSNL has written letter to GS NFTE-BSNL regarding union setup in STR:



Welcome to 205 New Members:

In Chennai Telephones Circle 205 new members have joined on 14/01/2015. We welcome all of them. Details are as follows.
1.Kancheepuram District….90
2.Thiruvallur District…51
3.Chennai South District…32
4.Chennai North District….24
5.Long Distance…..8


Seven more Co-Ordination Committees of FORUM formed:

In a meeting held at BSNLEU office today seven more CC’s were formed as follows.
1) Thiruvallur Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. C.K.Raghunathan, Dist Secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. B.Baskar(BSNLEU)
2) Kancheepuram Coordination Committee:
Chairman- ComD.S.Ramprabhu, Circle Organizing Secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- ComR.Dhanasekaran(BSNLEU)
3) Chenglepet Coordination Committee:

Chairman- Com. S.Ekambaram, Dist Secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. Janardhanan
4) Development Coordination committee:
Chairman- Com. K.M.Elangovan, Asst Circle Secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. Indirani(BSNLEU)
5) South East Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. M.Kabali, Asst Circle Secretary (NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. C.Ganesh(BSNLEU)
6) South West Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. P.Elumalai, Circle vice president(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com.E.Thirunavukkarasu(BSNLEU)
7) Central Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. M.Nagarajan, Dist Secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com.Rajasekaran(BSNLEU)
In all 13 CC’s were formed in Chennai Telephones to Co Ordinate the activities of FORUM at area level.


One Crore Signature collection from Public:

As per the decision of National level leadership the Chennai Telephones circle has to collect 4.5 Lakh signature from the General Public to be submitted to the PM on 25/02/2015 during the March to parliament by FORUM. Accordingly the circle union decided to collect more than 2 Lakh signatures before 15/02/2015. The following comrades are nominated for this to lead campaign at the places mentioned against their name.
Com M.Kapali, ACS- Adayar
Com P.Elumalai, CVP-Guindy
Com T.R.Rajasekaran, Secretary(CHQ)-Anna Road
Com S.Ekambaram,Dist Sec,KCM-Chenglepet
Com K.Nagan,CVP-Avadi
Com Kothandapani,CVP-Central Railway Station
Com C.K.Raghunathan,Dist Sec, TVR-Thiruvallur
Com M.Nagarajan,Dist Sec, Chennai South- T.Nagar
Com E.S Anandadevan,DS,KPM-Kalmandapam
Com K.M.Elangovan,ACS-Koyambedu Central Bus stand
Com K.Anbu,Dist Sec,Chennai North- Flower Bazaar
Com P.Gopal,DS KCM-Kancheepuram
Com S.C.Bose,ACS-Ambathur
Com B.Varadhan,CVP-KK Nagar
Com M.K.Ramaswamy, President- Tambaram
Com C.K.Mathivanan,Circle Secretary-Purasaiwkkam


Co-Ordination Committees Formed:

The FORUM has formed 6 committees at DGM area level in a meeting held at the NFTE-BSNL union office today.
1) North East Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. Anbu, North Chennai District secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. M.Kanniappan(BSNLEU)
2) North West Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. G.Palaniappan, Circle Organizing Secretary(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. Z.Paulraj(BSNLEU)
3) North Peripheral Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. S.Mariappan, Circle Vice President(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. E.Natarajan(BSNLEU)
4) Head Quarters Coordination committee:
Chairperson- Com. T.Jayajothi, Secretary,CMX(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. D.k Vijayalakshmi(BSNLEU)
5) west Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. T. Dhansingh,ACS(NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com. Kandaswamy(BSNLEU)
6) STR/STP Coordination Committee:
Chairman- Com. S..Kesavan (NFTE-BSNL)
Convener- Com.Pratheeban(BSNLEU)
The remaining seven Co-Ordination Committees will be formed in Tomorrow’s meeting at BSNLEU office in Flower Bazaar.


Consultation meeting for the formation of Co-Ordination committees of FORUM:

As decided by the National level leadership it has been decided in Chennai Telephones to FORUM 13 Co-Ordination Committees of FORUM at DGM’s level. Accordingly on 12/01/2015 and 13/01/2015 meeting of all unions /Associations of particular zone will be held.
12/01/2015: 10 AM to 0100 PM: Ennore, Ponneri, Kalmandapam, Harbour, Flower Bazaar, Kellys, Madhavaram, Anna Ngar, Avadi, Poonamallee and Ambathur. Divisional Secretaries along with office bearers must attend the meeting.
12/01/2015: 02.00 to 04.00 PM: Kodambakkam, Porur, Vadapalani, K.K. Nagar and STR/STP. Divisional secretaries along with office bearers should attend the meeting. Both the meeting on 12/01/2015 will take place at the NFTE-BSNL union office in Flower Bazaar.
13/01/2015: 10AM to 01.00PM:Mylapore, RK.Nagar, Adayar, Velacherry, St. Mount, Chrompet, Tambaram, Haddows Road and Anna Road. Divisional secretaries along with office bearers should participate in the meeting.
13/01/2015: 02AM to 0400PM: Chenglepet, Thiruvallur, Kancheeepuram. Divisional secretaries along with office bearers should participate in the meeting. Both the meeting on 13/01/2015 will be held at BSNLEU office in Flower Bazaar.


Emergent Circle Executive Committee meeting:

On 10/01/2015(Saturday) to discuss and decide for the formation of 13 Co-Ordination Committees of FORUM in Chennai Telephones. The Circle Executive will meet at 03.00 PM on 10/01/2015 in the union office, Flower Bazaar.


Com.Nallakannu began the one crore signature campaign:

NFTE Circle union started signature campaign as per the decision of FORUM among the General public. Accordingly on the 3rd day of the dharna at Anna Road Telephone Exchange Com. Nallkannu,CPI leader initiated signature on the memorandum to be submitted to the Prime minister of India. Sri Siva, MP also signed our memorandum along with the GS of LPF Sri P.Shanmugam our Circle union will plan obtaining Signatures from the public in the Weeks to come.  Click1...,  Click2...,



We greet our great leader and former SG of NFPTE Com. D.Gnanaiah on his 95th birthday. Sr. Leaders Erode Mali, Ernakulam T.V.Paulose along with Com. G.Jayaraman, Secretary(CHQ), K.Ashokraj(Trasurer, Tamilnadu circle union) and L.Subbaroyan( ACS, TamilNadu Circle union) and N. Ramakrishnan, District secretary, Coimbatore personally visited his residence today in Coimbatore and felicitated him. We wish him a very very purposeful life at 95 years.


Homage to Com. O.P.Gupta on his 2nd death Anniversary:

The Chennai Telephones Circle union organized a massive homage function for our greatest leader and father figure of P&T trade union movement Com.O.P.Gupta on 06/01/2015 in Thiruvallur in which 1000 of comrades enthusiastically participated and paid their respectful homage to Com.O.P.Gupta. At the beginning a bust bronze statue of Com. O.P.Gupta was declared open by Com. C.k.Mathivanan, CS and floral tributes were done by Comrades M.Appadurai EX MP, K.Vallinayagam former SG of FNTO, Comrades Mali,Secretaries of Federation CHQ, G.Jayaraman & T.R.Rajasekaran and S.Veeraraghavan, President of the Tamil Nadu Telecom Employees Co-Operative society. At the function a book written in tamil by Com. L.Subbaroyan, Asst Circle secretary, Tamil Nadu Circle was released by CPI leader Appadurai, Ex MP and first copy was received by Com. M.K.Ramaswamy, Circle President. Among others C.K.Raghunathan, S. Anandan, Circle secretary NFTCL and Sr. Leaders T.V. Paulose(Former CS Kerala Circle) R. Bhupathy( Karaikudi) and T. Raghunathan(Cuddalore) participated and graced the occasion. Comrades S.C.Bose, K.M.Elangovan, S.Rajendiran, A.Kantha, Pramela(Circle VP, Kerala Circle), K.Ashok raj(Circle Tresurer, Tamil Nadu circle) V. Dhramadass( RMS union Leader), P.Anbalagan(Circle Organizing secretary, Tamil Nadu), Parimalam(Circle VP, Tamil Nadu) also spoke at the function. At the function itself 300 books were sold out. The book costing Rs 100/- was put on sale for Rs 70/- only to mark the occasion of the death anniversary. The circle union thanks the comrades and leaders who contributed for the success of this fuction particularly the organizing committee. The Circle union express its sincere thanks to comrades N. Dhanapal(President), C.K.Raghunathan(Secreatry) and Vananjeyan(Trasurer) of the organizing committee for conducting this massive function in a grand and planned manner. Let us remember the sacrifices of Com. O.P.Gupta to advance the cause of working class in telecom.


3 Days dharna by FORUM:

As per the decisions of the FORUM 3 day dharna will be held in Chennai telephones in the following manner. 1. 06/01/2015- Flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange. 2. 07/01/2015- CGM office, Purasaiwakkam 3. 08/01/2015- Anna Road Exchange. Since the 2nd death anniversary of Com. O.P.Gupta is falling on 06/01/2015 we have informed the leadership of FORUM of our difficulty in attending the dharna on 06/01/2015. Because all our comrades will be gathering at Thiruvallur on that day to pay homage to Com. O.P.Gupta. However our members are requested to attend the dharna of 07/01/2015 & 08/01/2015 at respective venues.


IDA Increased by 2.2%:

With effect from 01/01/2015 the total IDA will be 100.3%, An increase of 2.2%. Orders are expected soon from the management.


Convention of Chennai Telephones FORUM on 29/01/2015:

The FORUM has decided to hold a convention of BSNL Employees and Executives to spread the message of Nation Wide strike from 17/03/2015. NFTE-BSNL will be represented in this convention by Com.G.Jayaraman, Secretary(CHQ) as Com . C.K.Mathivanan will preside over the convention in his capacity as chairman of FORUM in Chennai Telephones. All Branch secretaries are requested to mobilize our members in full strength. The convention will begin at 02.00 PM on 29/01/2015 in Raja Anna Malai Mandram near High Court Building.


2nd Death Anniversary of Com. O.P.Gupta on 06/01/2015:

As already notified through invitations and posters on 06/01/2015 at 11.00 Hrs the Bronze statue of our Great Leader O.P.Gupta will be unveiled by Com. C.K. Mathivanan in front of Thiruvallur Telephone Exchange. At the same time a book of 96 pages written by Com. L.Subbaroyan, Circle treasurer, Tamil Nadu Circle will be released by Com. M.Appadurai, former MP and Tamil Nadu state vice president of AITUC. The book will cost Rs 100/-, However on the occasion of 2nd death anniversary on 6/1/2015 only the book will be sold with 30% reduction in the price ie Rs 70/-. After the Lunch break a symposium will be organized on Com. Gupta’s achievements. The circle union has also organized a seminar on the same venue at 03.00 PM on the topic "Implementation of ERP” in Chennai Telephones. The management has been requested to grant a day's Sp-CL for this and hence all our members are advised to apply for a day's Sp-CL on 06/01/2015 and attend the function as well as the seminar at Thiruvallur.


TM postings and Transfers in CPT area:

Today both NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU Circle unions met the Sr GM(HR&Admn) along with Add GM(HR&Admn) in CPT area. As the counseling for filling up the 44 vacancies of Telecom Mechanic cadre for CPT area is fixed on 22&23/12/2014 we requested the management to consider all the request transfers in that area which are waitlisted as on 15/12/2013. During the new postings in the PM cadre the management has agreed to our request accordingly 31 officials get their request transfers in the CPT area which covers North, South and West Zone. We thank the management for this.
The meeting to discuss the redeployment of employees due to ERP implementation was rescheduled to Thursday afternoon ie on 23/12/2014 since full data was not available for a detailed discussion. Both the unions have suggested for the postponement and the management has agreed to that.
The FORUM leaders will meet the CGM ON 22/12/2014 AT 03.00PM in the conference Hall of CGM office to discuss mainly to suggest ways and means to improve the quality of GSM services. All comrades are requested to immediately inform the circle union both the area and locations where the GSM signal is very poor so that we can pin point these things to the officers concerned at the meeting on 22/12/2014.


Invitation for the 2nd Death Anniversary of Comrade O.P.Gupta at Thiruvallur on 06/01/2014:

 Click1...,  Click2...,



On 12/12/2014 the General Council meeting was held in Dinrose RSU Exchange and decided to observe Com. OPG’s 2nd death Anniversary.The following decisions were taken in this regard.  Readmore...,



Veteran Communist leader and freedom fighter who is also the President of ‘ Tamil Nadu oppressed peoples movement’ Com R. Nallakannu will be the chief guest at the special meeting organized jointly by the circle unions of NFTE & NFTCL to observe the death anniversary Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on 06/12/2014 at 04.00 PM in Adayar Telephone Exchange complex. On the same day morning about 09.45 AM the leaders of both the union will garland the statue of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar inside the Taylor’s Road staff quarters. All comrades are requested to attend both the functions without fail.


Nationwide demonstration on 05/12/2014 by Central trade unions:

In response to the call given by all Central trade unions a demonstration will be held near Chennai Collector Office(Opp to Beach Railway station) on 05/12/2014 evening 04.00 PM to protest against the anti people policies of Modi government. Our Circle union has decided to join this agitation hence all are requested to participate in the demonstration on 05/12/2014.


Meeting with Sr.GM(HR&Admn) on ERP implementation:

Both the recognized unions are called for a meeting with Sr. GM(HR&Admn) mainly to discuss about the ERP implementation and staff redeployment on 04/12/2014 at 11.00 HRS. NFTE-BSNL will be represented by comrades C.K.Mathivanan,K.M.Elangovan and G.Palaniappan.


Haddows Road Divisional Conference on 10/12/2014:

At Vanimahal RSU Exge the conference of Haddows Road Division will be held at 04.00 PM on 10/12/2014. Circle union leaders and District union office bearers will address the conference.


The General Council meeting on 12/12/2014:

At Dinrose RSU Exge complex at about 02.00 PM the General Council of the circle union for the month of December-2014 will meet. On that day our circle union Journal Sangamuzhkkam will be distributed to the branches.


Secretariat meeting on 01/12/2014:

The meeting of the Circle union secretariat was held at union office on 01/12/2014 from 05.00PM to 07.00PM under the presidentship of Com M.K.Ramaswamy,Circle President.14 comrades attended the meeting. It reviewed the 27/11/2014 one day strike participation in all the Exchanges and Administrative offices. It is noted that by and large the majority of Non-Executive Employees actually participated in the strike which while in few places like Kancheeepuram, Haddows Road Divisions the strike was not so successful.


JAC circular on 27/11/2014 strike:

The JAC,Chennai telephones issued circular regarding 27/11/2014 strike and incharges for various centres.  Click1...,  Click2...,


The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of NFPTE was organized in Kalmandapam Exchange complex in which more than 450 comrades participated. Com C.K.Mathivanan,CS,elaborately spoke on the trade union history of NFPTE, NFTE and then NFTE-BSNL. Com. C.Elumalai,SSS and Tresurer, North Chennai District union who is retiring this month also felicitated during this celebration.  Click1...,  Click2...,  Click3...,  Click4...,  Click5...,  Click6...,


Welcome comrades!

Com.Basha,ACS,BSNLEU and 100 more comrades have recently deserted BSNLEU and joined NFTE-BSNL in the presence of Com. C.K.Mathivanan, Circle secretary, NFTE_BSNL. The circle union welcomes whole heartedly all the comrades to the mother union.  Click...,



Com C.K.Mathivanan, National Executive Member, NFTE-BSNL will attend the Diamond jubilee celebration of NFPTE organized by the Coimbatore SSA,NFTE_BSNL on 28/11/2014.  Click...,


Thiruvallur District Executive Committee meeting:

Thiruvallur District Executive Committee meeting of NFTE union was held today in Thirunindravur. It discussed many issues including the proposed one day strike on 27-11-14.Circle union office bearers Nagan,Rajendran, Kandasamy and CircleSecretary C.K.Mathivanan took part in the meeting.  Click...,


Campaign meeting by JAC on 27/11/2014 strike:

In Chennai telephones, the JAC has decided to conduct 18 meetings from 17/11/2014 to 26/11/2014 excluding 23/11/2014 which falls on Sunday. The following is the list.  Click...,


NFPTE 61st Anniversary Celebrations of NFPTE at Kalmandapam Exge:

The celebrations of formation day of NFPTE will begin at 11.00 AM on 24/11/2014and all comrades are requested to attend the celebrations without fail.


Thiruvallur District Executive Meeting on 17/11/2014:

At Thiruninravur the meeting of the District Executive Committee of Thiruvallur will be held at 02.00PM on 17/11/2014. Comrade N. Dhanapal, District President will preside. Circle secretary and other office bearers will attend the meeting. The main agenda will be about organizing 27/11/2014 strike call given by JAC effectively in Thiruvallur District.


Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of NFPTE:

Article by Com.C.K.Mathivanan,  Readmore...,


Meeting with Sr. GM(HR&Admn) on 30/10/2014:

Our Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, S.C Bose, T.R.Rajasekaran, K.M.Elangovan and C.Ravi on behalf of the Circle Union met the Sr.GM(HR&Admn) and discussed 15 issues including certain request transfers. Sr. GM agreed to consider all our demands favorably without any delay. The Sr. GM(HR& Admn) assured us to fill up the 56 TM vacancies of Chenglepet area by 31/12/2014 through counseling. We thank the management for this.


FORUM has done it!

Due to the opposition and protest lodged by the FORUM to the CGM, Chennai telephones on 31/10/2014, the CGM, has agreed to stop the Reliance info company for the 4G services sharaing the tower installed at the CGM Office, Puraiwakkam. We thank the CGM and management for understanding the feeling of the unions/ Associations.


Kancheepuram District Executive Committee meeting on 05/11/2014:

The district Executive Committee meeting of Kancheepuram district will be held at union office in the GM (S) O ffice Complex, Guindy. Com. C.K.Mathivanan will participate and address the participants.


Home coming!

Former ACS of BSNLEU G.Y. Basha along with 50 comrades including many branch secretaries and important functionaries of BSNLEU joined NFTE-BSNL on 29/10/2014 in the presence of Com. C.K.Mathivanan, CS. We welcome all of them whole heartedly.


Felicitation to newly elected CHQ office bearers

At Flower bazaar telecom complex, Chennai telephones circle unit organized a grand function in which more than 500 comrades participated on 29/10/2014 to felicitate the new CHQ office bearers elected at Jabulpur conference. Senior leaders RK, Mali and Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, Sethu, L.Subbarayan felicitated the office bearers. Com M.Appadurai and TamilNadu State Vice president of AITUC handed over momentous and medals to the newly office bearers. CHQ Secretaries G.Jayaraman, S.S.Gopalakrishnan, T.R.Rajasekaran and permanent invitees P.Kamaraj and K.M. Elngovan were honored and expressed to resolve to strengthen the NFTE-BSNL further.


Change of Vennue for the General Council meeting on 08/11/2014:

Due to unavoidable reasons the proposed General Council meeting on 08/11/2014 will be held at 03.00PM in Kodambakkam Telephone Exchange Complex. All comrades are requested to note for the change of General Council meeting.


The General Council Meeting on 08/11/2014:

The next General Council meeting of our circle union will be held on 08/11/2014 at 02.00 PM in Din rose RSU compound. All General council members are requested to attend in time without fail.


Demonstration on 25/10/2014 by FORUM, Chennai Telephones:

It has been decided to organize a Lunch Hour demonstration on 25/10/2014 at Flower Bazaar in support of striking contract labours in NLC and to oppose the closure of Nokia factory at Sri Perumpudur. All comrades are requested to attend the demonstration so as to express our solidarity with the working people.


Circle Executive Elects:

The Circle executive met on 20/10/2014 elected unanimously Comrade B. Selvaraj(Pammal) as Asst Circle secretary and comrade B.Varadhan(KKN) as Circle vice president in the vacancies created by the resignation of comrades T.R. Rajasekaran and J.P.Murali respectively. We congratulate the newly elected office bearers.


Demonstration in support of striking NLC contrct labours:

The state secretary of Tamil Nadu NFTCL has announced a solidarity demonstration in support of the striking contarct labours of the Neyveli Lignite Corporation(NLC) at Chennai Collector Office near Beach Railway station on 25/10/2014 at 04.00 PM. The NFTE,Chennai telephones Circle union has decided to extend full support to the demonstration on 25/10/2014. Hence, All our comrades are requested to organize the Contract labours and regular employees to this demonstration called by NFTCL, Tamil Nadu state committee.


The Circle Executive committee meeting:

On 20/10/2014(Monday), 11.00 AM the Circle Executive Committee Meeting will be held in the Circle union office all the members are requested to attend in time.


Joyful Jabalpur:

The 4th All India conference of NFTE-BSNL was held at the Christian Higher secondary School in Jabalpur(Madyapradesh) from 10/10/2014 to 12/10/2014 and more than 2000 Delegates/Observers enthusiastically participated in it. Representing Chennai telephones 165 comrades attended the conference.  Read more,  All India Office bearers List,


Circle union incharge during the absence of Circle secretary from 08/10/2014 to 16/10/2014:

Com. S.Rajendiran, ACS will officiate as Circle secretary during the period from 08/10/2014 to 16/10/2014 when Circle secretary and other office bearers are in Jabalpur to attend the 4th AIC. Our comrades should contact Com. Rajendiran in caes of emergency.


Meeting to Discuss the redeployment of Staffs due to ERP implementation:

On 07/10/2014 a meeting by CGM, Chennai telephones was organized with NFTE and BSNLEU mainly to discuss about the redeployment of staffs due to implementation of ERP from 01/11/2014. The NFTE Circle union was represented by comrades C.K.Mathivanan and K.M.Elangovan.  Read more,


Thanks a Lot:

NFTE Circle union thanks all the comrades who have successfully implemented the two hours walkout strike yesterday as per the call given by the JAC. We are happy to announce that nearly 95% of Employees in Chennai telephones observed two hours walkout strike in each shift. 11.00 AM to 01.00PM, 03.00PM to 05.00PM and 09.00 PM to 11.00 PM our employees in all the shifts observed the two hours walk out strike successfully. We also thank all the office bearers and leaders of all Non- Executive unions for making this two hours strike a huge success in Chennai telephones. At Flower Bazaar telephone Exchange complex a meeting was organized by JAC from 11.00 AM to 01.00 PM on 30/09/2014 in which comrades C.K.Mathivanan, K. Govindarajan, S. Lingamurthy, Kanniappan and C.Ravi addressed the striking employees. Com. A. Anbu, District secretary,North Chennai, A.D.Bernard shaw, Divisional secretary, Flower Bazaaar, Ramamurthy and other shouted slogans demanding settlement of Bonus etc before the meeting.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Grand farewell function at Chennai on 26/09/2014:

Com. M.K.Ramaswamy Circle president of our union is retiring on 30/09/2014. To felicitate him a grand farewell function was organized at Anna Road Exchange complex in which veteran Comminist Leader Nallakannu, Appadurai(Ex Mp), CGM, Sr. GM(HR&Admn) , Senior leaders R. K, Mali, Jayaraman( Secretary,CHQ), Subbarayan(ACS, NFTE, Tamil Nadu) and Sister union leaders K. Govindarajan, S.Lingamurthy and A. Vijayakumar greeted the circle president. Com. C.K.Mathivanan presided over the function.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,  Click11,  Click12,  Click13,  Click14,  Click15,  Click16,  Click17,  Click18,


Massive Lunch Hour Demonstration by JAC:

A massive Lunch demonstration was conducted in front of CGM office,Purasaiwakkam pressing the immediate settlement of 30 long pending demands.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


JAC Program:

Due to Certain unavoidable situation in Chennai Telephones, the JAC has decided observe the programs in a modified manner. 25/09/2014- Launch Hour demonstration in front of CGM office at Purasaiwakkam and on 30/09/2014- Two Hours walkout strike.


To make effective campaign meetings at 10 centres:

 View Details,



On 19&20/09/2014 the Circle Conference of Andhra NFTE-BSNL will be held in Tirupathi. Comrades Chandeswar Singh,GS and C.K.Mathivanan,Dy GS will attend the conference.


Bengaluru District union office opening on 27/09/2014:

Comrades Chandeswar Singh and C.K.Mathivanan were invited for the inaugural function of Bengaluru District union office building by Com. Krishnamohan, District secretary Bengaluru NFTE-BSNL. In this connection a seminar is being organized there in which thousands of comrades are expected to attend.


General Council Meeting on 26/09/2014 :

The meeting of our General Council will be held on 26/09/2014;02.00PM at Anna Road Exchange Complex. All members are requested to attend without fail. Special Sangamuzhzkkam will be distributed on that day.


Karnataka Circle union 3rd Conference at Hassan:

For two days from 11/09/2014 the 3rd Circle conference of the Karnataka Circle is being held at Hassan.Comrades Chandeswar Singh,Islam Ahmad,C.K.Mathivanan, Mukthali,K.S.Kulkarni, S.S.Gopalakrishnan and Tamil Nadu Circle Secretary Pattabiraman are attending the Conference. Comrades Seshadri, Circle secretary Karnataka Circle and Krishnamohan District secretary, Bengaluru are participating and guiding the conference.


Letter on Bonus Issue:



Com.C.K.M. will be out of Chennai from 03/09/2014 to 15/09/2014:

In this period Com. S.C. Bose senior most ACS will officiate as Circle secretary. Comrades are requested to contact him regarding union matters.


Circle secretaries meeting at New Delhi on 06/09/2014:

The Circle union authorized Com. J.P. Murali Sr. VP of the Circle union to attend the meeting and represent Chennai telephones Circle union.


The meeting with Sr GM(HR&Admn):

Today 01/09/2014) our Circle union met Sr. GM(HR&Admn) and discussed several important issues pertaining to service and Staff. Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, S.C.Bose, T.R.Rajasekaran and K.M. Elangovan represented the union. The management side was represented by Addl GM(HR&Admn), AGM(Admn), SDE(SR) apart from Sr GM(HR&Admn).


Farewell function to Com. M.K.Ramaswamy, Circle President on 26/09/2014:

A grand farewell function is being arranged on behalf of the Circle union at Anna Road Exchange complex on 26/09/2014 to felicitate Com. M.K.Ramaswamy our Circle President who is retiring on 30/09/2014. Comrades R. Nallakannu, M. Appadurai, Erode Mali, G. Jayaraman and C.K.Mathivanan will speak at the function.


Thiruvallur District Conference on 27/08/2014:

At Thiruninravur the first District Conference of the Thiruvallur District union was held under the Presidentship of Com. N.Dhanapal, District president. Nearly 400 comrsdes ig 353 delegates took part in the conference which was inaugurated by Com. K.Ashokraj, Circle treasure, Tamil Nadu and greeted by Sr. GM(HR&Admn), GM(West), DGM(AMB), Comrades M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, S.C.Bose, S.Rajendiran, T.R.Rajasekaran and other leaders. The conference adopted unanimously the report on activities and audited accounts. In the end the conference elected comrades N.Dhanaopal, C.K.Ragunatahan and C.D.Purushothaman unanimously as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively. With this four District conferences as decided by the Executive have completed successfully. However STR_STP District conference is yet to be completed.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


Letter from Circle union to the General Secretary regarding 4th All India conference at Jabalpur:



The first District Conference of Kancheepuram on 26/08/2014:

Nearly 400 comrades attended the Kancheepuram District Conference which was presided over by Com. V.Ramakrishnan, District President. The conference was inaugurated by Com. G.Jayaraman, Secretary (CHQ) and was greeted by comrades M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan and GM(West), GM(South) and DGM(KCM). The conference elected unanimously comrades T. Panchatcharam, S.Ekambaram and P. Singaravelan as District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively.


Circle Executive committee meeting on 02/09/2014:

The Circle Executive committee meeting held under the presidentship of Circle President M.K. Ramaswamy at the Flower Bazaar union office. The following shall be the agenda. 1.Fourth All India Conference. 2.Review of District Conferences. 3.Organizational matters.


The North Chennai District Conferences on 20/08/2014:

The first District Conferences of North Chennai was held on 20/08/2014 under the presidentship of Com. V.Ashokkumar, District President. The Conference was inaugurated by Com. C.K.Mathivanan and greeted by Com. S. Anandan, Circle secretary, NFTCL, Tamil Nadu state Committee and three Dy. GM’s of BSNL from North area. The conference adopted the report of the activities submitted by K.Anbu, District secretary with several amendments. The conference was attended by 280 delegates including 43 women comrades. The conference unanimously elected comrades K. Venkatesan, Sr. TOA(P), K.Anbu, TM and C. Elumalai, Sr. TOA(G) as president, Distict secretary and District treasurer respectively. Election of office bearers was unanimous. The circle union conveys its best wishes to the new team.  Click1,  Click2,


The South Chennai District Conference on 19/08/2014:

The first District conference of the South Chennai was held under the Chairmanship of Com. K.Sabapathi, District President and was inaugurated by Com. L.Subbarayan Asst Circle secretary of NFTE-BSNL, Tamil Nadu. The conference was attended by 270 delegates including 12 women comrades. The conference was greeted by Com. C.K.Mathivanan,GM(West) and others. The annual report was adopted unanimously. The office bearers were also elected unanimously. Comrades K. Sabapathi( Rtd Sr. TOA(P), m.Nagarajan, TM, and G. Kothandababu, TM were elected as District President, District Secretary, District treasurer respectively. The Circle union conveys its best wishes for the new team.


Massive demonstration by the FORUM:

A massive lunch hour demonstration was conducted by the "FORUM" at Flower Bazaar telephone Exchange complex under the Presidentship of Com. C.K.Mathivanan,CS(NFTE-BSNL) and more than 650 comrades were participated. Com. C.K.M. elaborately explained the “Deloittee” consultant recommendations and its effect on the Employees and organization. The other leaders who spoke in the demonstration from the Non-Executive Unions include Comrades K.Govindarajan, CS(BSNLEU), Lingamurthy,CS (FNTO) and from the Executives Associations Comrades Vaidyanathan, CS(AIBSNLEA)and Shanmugasundaram, CS(SNEA) participated.  clickhere...



Circular by FORUM Chairman in tamil,



At the General Council meeting held on 09/08/2014, Com . D.S. Ramprabhu, Sr. TOA(G), Kancheepuram was elected as the Circle Organizing secretary. Comrades S. Gopal, M.Senthil, S.Anandadevan, Dilli Babu and Prabhakaran were elected as Divisional secretaries at the Divisional conferences held recently and respectively for Kancheepuram, Harbour, Kalmandapam, R.K.Nagar and K.K.Nagar Divisions. The Circle union comngratulate all of them.


Glimpses of the victory celebrations at Kancheepurm:



JAC agitation on 07/08/2014:

All our comrades are requested to observe the agitation call of JAC on 07/08/2014 without fail. Accordingly all must wear badge while on duty for the whole day and participate in large number in the demonstration during lunch hour at flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange Complex. Necessary badges and printed circulars were already distributed to the branches by the JAC.


On FORUM activities:

Comrade K. Govindarajan, CS, BSNLEU contacted our Circle secretary regarding the agitational call given by the FORUM on 12/08/2014. As we all know the FORUM is an organization of all the Non-Executive unions and Executive Association. At the National level the General secretary of NFTE-BSNL is the Chairman and the GS of BSNLEU is the Convener. In all other circles the same pattern is adopted. But strangely in Chennai telephones different stand has been adopted by the BSNLEU which forced NFTE-BSNL to keep away from the activity of the said FORUM. However regarding JAC the BSNLEU adopted the same pattern as at the National level hence NFTE-BSNL agreed to participate by joining JAC. But , unless the mistakes committed in the formation of FORUM is corrected NFTE-BSNL will not join the said FORUMS. Our circle unions conveyed this to Circle secretary, BSNLEU today firmly. It is upto BSNLEU to restore unity with regard to FORUM activity.



We are happy to know that the Govt Telecom Employees Co-Operative Society at Chennai has been selected as the “ Best Managed” Co-Operative society by the Govt of India. We also understand that the said society has been chosen for the “ Indo- Nepal Friendship award” and Com. S.Veeraraghavan will receive the award in person at Katmandu, the capital of Nepal in a function on 02/08/2014. NFTE_BSNL congratulate President and his team for this achievement.


We condemn:

In very ugly condemnable comment in the website of Defense Ministry of Sri Lanka some Sinhalese Chauvinists with the help of Sri Lankan Govt describe the exchange of correspondence between the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha and Prime Mister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi on the frequent attacks of Sri Lankan Navy on Tamil Nadu Fisherman as” Love Letter” written by J.Jayalaitha to Mr. Narendra Modi. The Govt of India shold recall its Envoy from Colombo and order the Sri Lankan Ambassador in India to get out for this indecent and atrocious act by the Defense Ministry of Sri Lanka. Mere warning and reprimanding the Envoy of Sri Lanka in Delhi is not acceptable. The Sri Lankan Govt through its Defense Ministry dishonoured the posts of Prime Minister Of India and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Further the correspondence between Prime minister of the Country and Chief Minister of a state is an internal matter of India in which no foreign Country should be allowed to interrupt. Hence we demand strongest possible action on Sri Lankan Govt by the NDA Govt of India.


07/08/2014 Program of JAC:

The JAC meeting held on 30/07/2014 decided the following: 1.The Nationwide call of JAC for wearing badge and lunchhore demonstration on 07/08/2014 will be observed in Chennai telephones at Flower Bazaar complex at 01.30 PM on07/08/20014. 2.Com. C.K.Mathivanan CS, NFTE-BSNL and Com. K. Govindaraj CS, BSNLEU will be the Chairman and Convener respectively for JAC in Chennai telephones. 3.In the near future at Districts level also JAC will have to be formed as per the National JAC decision. All comrades are requested to note this and organize program of 07/08/2014 in a grand manner.



On 03/08/2014 the District Committee of NFTCL will be formed at the convention for both Bheed and Jalgon Districts.As we all know already many District committee of NFTCL formed throughout the country including Aurangabad(Maharastra), South Cennai( Tamil Nadu), Cuddalore(Tamil Nadu). Pathanamthitta(Kerala) and Trichur etc.


A special meeting of Telecom Contract Labours on 21/08/2014 at Chennai:

A special meeting of Telecom contract labours under the banner of NFTCL will be held at 02.00 PM in Chennai on 21/08/2014. In this meeting National Co- Ordinator, Tamil Nadu, State Secretary of NFTECL will participate and address the Telecom contract labours about the demands and struggles for achieving them.


JAC in Chennai Telephones:

As per decision of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) of all Non-Executive unions in BSNL at the National level it is decided to form JAC in Chennai telephones at the Circle level on 30/07/2014. A meeting of all Non- Executive unions is called on that day to declare the formation of JAC in Chennai telephones.


Glimpses of Com,C.K.M. recent organizational tour:

View glimpses  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,  Click11,  Click12,  Click13,  Click14,


Organizational tour:

Our Circle union office bearers M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, K.M.Elangovan, V.Ravi along with Kancheepuram District secretary toured the Kancheepuram district area and met personally all the New members who have recently joined NFTE-BSNL and welcomed them in Kancheepuram, Singaperumal Koil, Maraimalai Nagar and Thiruporur Exchanges. The New members very attentively heard our views and assured for working to strengthen the union. The BSNLEU branches at both Singaperrumal Koil and Thiruporur Exchenages were totally dissolved and new branches of NFTE-BSNL opened at both the places. During the tour of Kancheepuram Telephone Exchange wherein more than 60 New members joined our union, the important comrades met in the presence of circle office bearers and decided to hold grand function on 08/08/2014 at New telephone Exchange complex, Kancheepuram to welcome and felicitate the new members. The meeting will be addressed by Sr. leader R.K., Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, G.Jayaraman and Krishnamohan of Bangalore. We extend thanks once again for all those comrades who worked for this achievement.


Nationwide demonstration by JAC on 07/08/2014:

The JAC has decided to observe a demands day throughout the Country on 07/08/2014 by wearing demands badges and holding lunch hour demonstration. We are in touch with Circle secretary of BSNLEU so that JAC is formed in Chennai telephones and demands day is observed in Chennai telephones very effectively. Hence all are requested to be prepare for the demands day. Further intimation will be given after the JAC meeting.


Deloitte committee Recommendations:

We strongly condemn the recommendations of the “Deloitte Consultancy” which was forwarded to all circle heads in BSNL for their comments and plan for implementation since their recommendations are mainly to reduce the staff strength particularly Non-Executive staff strength, merge and abolish SSA’s and reduce the expenditure on Employees. We are not against the sincere attempt to revive BSNL and improve its financial position. However in the name of restructuring we will not allow the management to take decisions which are against the interests of both BSNL and Service in BSNL. We hope the newly formed JAC will not waste any more time for organizing effective struggle immediately against the retrograde “Deloitte” recommendations. Our circle union in its meeting with the Sr.GM(HR&Admn) on 23/07/2014 will elicit the information regarding Chennai telephones in the recommendations and the views of the management on it. Our circle union will discuss this issue in the General council meeting to be held on 09/08/2014 to decide upon our reactions and response. All are requested to study the said recommendations and come prepared for thorough discussions on 09/08/2014. The General council meeting will be held at Dinrose RSU on 09/8/2014 at 02.00 PM sharply.  Read More in tamil...


Meeting with CGM on 16/07/2014:

A formal meeting with CGM, Chennai telephones was held on 16/07/2014, in which Sr. GM(HR&Admn), Addl GM(HR&Admn), AGM (Esst), SDE(SR) also participated. Our Circle union was represented by comrades M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, S.C. Bose, T.R. Rajasekaran, K.M. Elangovan and C.Ravi. The following items were also discussed in the course of the meeting,  Read more...


Marching towards District Conferences:

The District unions will hold Executive meetings for the preparation of District Conferences. 1.19/07/2004… STR-STP District Executive Meeting. 2.23/07/2014… Kancheepuram District Executive Meeting. 3.28/07/2014.. North Chennai Executive Meeting. Already South Chennai District and Thiruvallur District unions have conducted their Executive meetings.


Secretariat Meetings Decides:

The meeting of the secretariat on 15/07/2014 decided to invite the following leaders as special guest for the District conferences as mentioned below. 1.North Chennai District Conference on 20/08/2014: Com.S.Anandan,CS,NFTCL,Tamil Nadu Circle . 2.South Chennai District Conference on 18/08/2014:Com.L.Subbarayan,ACS,Tamil Nadu Circle. 3.STR-STP District Conference on 25/08/2014:Com.AshokRaj,Circletreasurer,Tamil Nadu Circle 4.Thiruvallur District Conference on 27/08/2014:Com.S.Mahalingam,Working President NFTCL,Tamil Nadu Circle.5.Kancheepuram District Conference on 28/08/2014:Com.G.Jayaraman,Secretary,CHQ.


Committee formed to celebrate the retirement of Com. M.K.Ramaswamy Circle President:

The secretariat meeting of the circle union held on 15/07/2014 decided to form a committee to organize a grand farewell for our circle president who will be retiring on 30/09/2014. Com. M.K.Ramaswamy is a very senior leader of our union from the days of NFPTE. He worked as the Divisional secretaries and Assitant Circle secretaries for the line staff union. After the merger of E3 and E4 union to form NFTE-BSNL he was elected as the Circle treasurer and continued till November-2012. In the last conference he was elected as the Circle president of NFTE –BSNL. He led many struggles and agitation and faced numerous victimization and the last one being the two days FR-17A for his participation in the agitation during the last week of December-2013. He is a fighter and a complete loyalist for the cause of working class. Branch and Division unions are requested to plan for the big event in September-2014.
President…. Com. T.Dhansingh, Secretary…… Com. S.C. Bose, Treasurer…… Com. K.M.Elangovan, Members: C.Ravi, T.R.Rajasekaran, S. Rajendran, M.Kabali, M.Nagarajan, C.K.Ragunathan, S.Ekambaram, K.Anbu and R. Anbalagan.


Welcome to New Members:

The Circle union very happily announce the arrival of more than 280 members to NFTE-BSNL on 15/07/2014. We gained the new membership mainly from BSNLEU, NFTBE,TEPU and FNTO. Leading comrades of BSNLEU including its North-West district secretary K. Venkatesan have joined NFTE-BSNL due to the undemocratic and castiest activities of BSNLEU. Similarly comrades D.S.Ramprabhu and Panchatcharam of NFTBE left that union to join NFTE-BSNL with more than 51 comrades. It is to be noted that comrade D.S. Ramprabhu is the present circle secretary and Com. Panchatcharam is the present circle president of NFTBE. With this NFTBE in Chennai telephones is almost finished. The Circle union congratulates all the Divisional secretaries and District secretaries for this massive New membership and thank them for achieving the target fixed for 2014. A detailed breakup figures vide District unions will be released in a few days time.


NFTCL District unit opened on 13/07/2014 at Aurangabad(MAHARASTRA):

Com. Danni has organized a well attended convention of Telecom Contract labours on Sunday(13/07/2014) at Aurangabad(MH) in which the District body of NFTCL was inaugurated. The comrades of Maharastra are moving forward to organize the state convention of NFTCL in Maharastra after the Assembly election. We congratulate and wish them every success.


New TTA postings and Request transfers of Existing TTA’s:

Today a meeting was held under the chairmanship of CGM, Chennai telephones for which both NFTE_BSNL and BSNLEU were invited. The main agenda for discussions in the said meeting was the postings and transfers in the TTA cadre. In the meeting NFTE-BSNL was represented by Com. C.K.Mathivanan, and Com. K.MElangovan, ACS. The management side was represented by Sr. GM(F) , Sr. GM(HR&Admn), Addl. GM (HR&Admn), AGM(HR&Admn), SDE(Rect) and SDE(Admn). BSNLEU was represented by Com. K. Govindarajan, CS and Com. Jayavelu, ACS. Within next few days 35 Direct recruited TTA’s will complete their training and get their first posting orders. Utilizing this opportunity both the unions demanded consideration of all type of transfer request with in Chennai telephones from Chenglepet area to Chennai telephones and to other circles. After detailed discussion the following was agreed to by all concern. 1. 21 out of 35 new TTA’s will be posted in rural areas and will be utilized to transfer all the 21 TTA’s( Both Directly recruited and Promoted) to Chennai area. 2. Orders will be issued for all the 9 approved Rule-8 transfers in the cadre of TTA’s. Further the remaining Rule-8 transfer applications of TTA’s pending with the Administration will be forwarded to respective circle immediately. We hope these decisions will benefit the existing employees in the cadre of TTA since their long wait for more than six years to get their transfer orders for their place of choice will be issued in a week’s time. NFTE-BSNL convey its sincere thanks to the CGM, Sr.GM(HR&Admn) and other officers for agreeing to the demands raised by our union for the sake of both Directly recruited and promoted TTA’s.


Secretariat meeting on 15/07/2014:

The meeting of the secretariat of the Circle union will be held on 15/07/2014 at 15.00 Hrs in the Flower Bazaar union office, the agenda for the meeting will be the successful conductance of all the five District union conferences in the Month of August-2014.


Formation of JAC in Chennai Telephones circle:

As per the decision of the National JAC meeting NFTE-BSNL circle union has begun talks with BSNLEU for forming JAC at circle/ District level in Chennai telephones. In this regard Com. C.K.Mathivanan had discussion with BSNLEU on 03/04/2014.


Management calls both unions for discussions on TTA posting and Transfer:

The CGM will chair a meeting on 08/07/2014 at 02.30 PM in the conference hall at CGM office for which both the recognized unions NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU are called. The main subject of discussion is expected to be the TTA postings and transfers. NFTE-BSNL welcomes the move by the management to discuss and settle this important issue across the table with unions.


District Conferences:

As per the following schedule the District Conferences of all the five District unions will be held in the month of August-2014 well before the ensuing 5th All India conference in Jabalpur(MP Circle) during October-2014. The Circle conference will not be held before the AIC because it has not completed its two years tenure as yet. 1.STR-STP District….05/08/2004 2.Chennai South District..18/08/2014 3.Kancheepuram District…28/08/2014 4.Thiruvallur District…27/08/2014 5.Chennai North District…20/08/2014 All are requested to cooperate with the District unions for completing the conferences in time.


Future of Thousands of RM’s:

We understand that the management has not accepted the demand of the JAC for upgradation of RM cadre officials who are waiting for more than 14 long years even after passing and completing training for Telecom Mechanic cadre promotion. It is inhuman to keep these officials in waiting mode for such a longtime to get their due promotion. No where this type of delaying tactics is acceptable. Hence we request the CHQ to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion and if necessary launch series of struggles for achieving this demand. In Chennai telephones circle alone more than thousands of RM’s are waiting for a long time to get TM promotion. We afraid many may retire without getting promoted to TM cadre which will deny them higher pay fixation and pensionary benefits permanently.


World War-I (1914-2014) Centenary:

The World is observing the Centenary of the first World War which resulted in the death of nearly 3 crore people as History reveals. This World war was the result of greedy Nations of that time to capture colonies and improve their Economy and business. The Great Britain which boasted as an Empire where the “ Sun did not set” collapsed and lost its power and authority due to this war. Of course, Russian revolution succeeded and the first socialist republic was formed under the leadership of Com. Lenin in 1917 is one of the positive result of this World war. All the working people were against the war. It is only the imperialist and Capitalist rulers impose war on the world only to sell their weapons and get huge profits out of it.


Meeting with CGM :

On 16/07/2014 at 11.00 AM the circle union will have a meeting with CGM to discuss certain important issues including diversion of TM post to CPT SSA, long pending transfer cases of TTA’s in view of new batch completing training on 11/07/2014 and problems in BSNL MRS etc.


Sr.GM(HR&Admn) meeting with Circle union:

At 03.00 PM, Circle union leaders M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, S.C. Bose, T.R. Rajasekaran and K.M.Elangovan had a one and half long meeting with Sr. GM(HR&Admn) along with Addl GM(HR& Admn) and SDE(SR). The following isssues were agreed upon for sympatheic considerations while on some of the issues orders were also issued. 1.Com. K.Kesavakumar, TTA (Officiating JTO) transfer to K.K.Nagar CSC(Orders issued). 2.Com. T.M.Munusaswamy, RM, Chenglepet transfer to Thiruvelangadu (Orders issued). 3. Request transfer of Com. Sheela phancy Sr. TOA(G) Kodambakkam and relieving of Com. Jayashree Sr. TOA(G) from central area. 4.Transfer case of E. Manoharan, Telegraph man to Kalmandabam. 5.Posting of a suitable JTO for Madhavaram TXM unit. 6.TTA Postings and consideration of request transfers. 7.Forwarding of Rule-8 transfers applications to other circles. 8.Rule -8 transfer case Com. A. Sagaya selvam, Junior Sports Asst. 9.Utilization of services of drivers who are not having any vehicle to drive for the last one year. 10.Transfer of Com. Subramaniyam, TM, Perungudi to Triplicane


Congratulations for the New team of Kerala Circle union:

On the 2nd day of Circle conference(25/06/2014) a new team of 21 office bearers were unanimously elected at the 5th circle conference at Trichur. Comrades P.K. Radhakrishnan(Trichur), Lathika Nair(Calicut), Abdulah(Malappuram) were elected as Circle president, Circle secretary and Circle treasurer respectively. Chennai telephones circle union wish them every success.


Grand 5th Circle Conference of Kerala Circle:

On 24/06/2014 at Trichur the Kerala Circle Conference began with flag hoisting by General Secretary Chandeswar Sing. More than 145 registered delegates and 50 odd visitors participated in the conference representing all the SSA’s in Kerala circle. The conference was presided over by circle president P.K. Radhakrishnan and formally inaugurated by Com. Prakashbabu, State Asst secretary of Communist party. A seminar on the topic of the challenges before public sector undertakings with particular reference to BSNL’’ was organized under the presidentship of Com. C.K. Mathivanan, Dy GS in which many speakers including Sri. Thambi, PGM, Trichur SSA delivered speeches. In the evening opensession was held under the presidentship of Com. S. Gopalakrishnan organizing secretary(CHQ) in which Com. K.P.Rajendiran( Former Revenue Minister , Kerala state) delivered the key note address. Many trade union leaders of Banks, Electricity board incvluding the Member of Parliament C.N. Jayadevan greeted the conference. Com. L.Subbarayan, Asst Circle secretary, TN circle, participated in the conference and addressed the subjects committee. The conference is continuing for the 2nd day on 25/06/2014.


Central Govt should not and must not favor Private telecom companies:

After the formation of the new NDA Govt at the centre we often hear few words like” TAX terrorism” from the Ministers. In this particular case several BJP Ministers terms the initiative taken by Shri Pranab Mukerjee to impose retrospective income TAX on Vodafone company when he was the Finance minister in the UPA Govt. Now the amount said to be in arrear is almost 20,000 Crore rupees.. The Vodafone Company has audacity to defy the then Central Govt through unnecessary litigation in the name of creating favorable investment. The new BJP Ministers are invariably helping Vodafone by abusing the UPA Govt TAX demand as “TAX terrorism”. This approach of BJP Ministers is against the interest of the Country and surely help Vodafone Company. It is also rumoured that the violation of 3G spectrum allotment by sharing the spectrum among them in Non-licencing areas case is also being diluted in a similar way by the new Govt. This will also help only Private telecom company such as Airtel, Idea, Reliance and Vodafone but will spoil the chances of BSNL recovery. The refusal of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who is number two in Modi’s Govt to involve himself in these cases speaks volumes of wrong doings and favoritism.


Avail special casual leave on 23/06/2014:

All circle Executive committee members and special invitees are requested to apply and avail one day special CL to attend the Circle Executive Committee meeting on 23/06/2014.


Comarde C.K.Mathivanan assumes charge:

Com C.K.Mathivanan assumes charge as Circle secretary of Chennai telephones after gap of 15 days leave toady.


One day political orientation camp for BSNL Employees at Bhavani:

At Bhavani near Erode one day camp for BSNL employees of both Tamil Nadu and Chennai telephones was organized by Erode comrades on 14/06/2014. More than 150 employees participated in the camp. Com. C.K.Mathivanan, Dy. GS NFTE-BSNL presided the camp in which communist and central trade union leaders M. Appadurai, M.VEERapandian, K.R. THirunavukkarasu and senior union leader Mali spoke on various topics including relevant of Marxist philosophy and the role of trade unions in the removal of poverty and unemployment from the country. Comrades G. Jayaraman secretary(NFTE-BSNL), k.Ashokraj, Circle treasurer, L.Subbarayan, ACS of NFTE-BSNL Tamil Nadu explained the challenges before the telecom Industry and the responsibilities of Unions/ Associations in the present difficult scenario. We thank Erode comrades Lazr(District secretary), Yasin G.Kumar, Bangaru for organizing the one day camp very purposefully and in a organized manner. Comrades C.K.Ragunathan, V.Babu, Gulzar Ahamed and Shanmugam were felicitated at the camp for their election as directors in the Tamil Nadu Telecom Co-Operative society.



We deeply condole the untimely demise of Com.Rashida Begum wife of Com. Islam Ahmed our National President toady. Our Circle union convey its sincere condolence to Com. Islam Ahmed and his family members and share their grief.


5th Circle conference of Kerala circle:

On 24&25/06/2014 the 5th circle conference of Kerala circle union will be held at Trichur in which the General Secretary, Deputy general secretary and other leaders will participate.


Periodical meetings with the Administration:

Our request for periodical meeting with the management has now been accepted and orders have been issued accordingly. As per the following schedule meeting with the management will be held. 1. Addl GM(HR&Admn)-1st & 3rd Wednesday at 15.00 Hrs. 2. Sr. GM(HR& Admn)- 4th Wednesday at 15.00 Hrs.


Maran brothers may face the heat shortly:

In the case of misuse of 323 ISDN phone connection and causing a loss of 440 crores to the BSNL the CBI has summoned both Kalanidhi maran and Dayanidhimaran for investigation. Mr Dayanidhimaran’s name was there in the FIR already has an accused along with former CGM’s K.B. Bramadhathan and M.P. Veluchamy. The change of government at centre is having its impact on this long delayed case. We are proud that our circle union sustained struggle have resulted in this.


Circle executive committee meeting on 23/06/2014:

A full day meeting of the circle executive committee of our union will be held at flower bazaar union office at 10.00 AM sharply. All circle office bearers, District secretaries and permanent invitees are requested to attend the circle executive meeting without fail.


Welfare Board Nominations:

The Circle union nominated the following three comrades to the Circle welfare board on 31/05/2014. Our comrades should contact them and handover the issues to be discussed in the wefare board meeting which will meet with in few weeks. 1.Com. A.Namachivayam ( Telegraph Man, TTM RSU) 2.Com. Vairamani Sr .TOA(G), DGM(Admn) Office. 3. Com. Singaravelu, PM, Chenglepet Internal.


Grand Celebration at K.K.Nagar Telephone Exchange complex:

To celebrate the Mayday and the grand election victory in Telecom Co-Operative Society Election a meeting was organized by South Chennai district union on 30/05/2014. The meeting was presided over by Com. K. Sabapathi, the District president and addressed by comrades C.K.Mathivanan, S.Lingamurthy, D.S.Ramprabhu, S.Anandan, Senior leaders D.Ragunathan, Ashokraj (Circle treasurer, Tamil Nadu), M.K.Ramaswamy, P.N.Perumal and S.Veeraraghvan (President, Telecom Co-Operative Society, Tamil Nadu). In all ten directors including the Vice president C.K.Raghunathan and treasurer R. Thirusangu were felicitated at the meeting. Comrades M.Nagrajan (Dist Secretary), Varadhan(Divisional President),V.Babu(ADS) AND Prabhakaran (Divisional Secretary) with ateam of dedicated comrades made this function a grand success. At the beginning Com. T. Dhansing (ACS) unfurled the union fleg and comrades M.K.Ramaswamy (Circle president) opened a tablet to commemorate the grand function.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


New team of Telecom Co-Operative Society takes over on 06/06/2014:

Com. S. Veeraraghavan, the reelected Prsident of the TamilNadu Telecom Co- Operative Society announced at the K.K.Nagar felicitating meeting on 30/05/2014 that the new team of President, Vice President and treasurer will assume duty formally on 05/06/2014 at 11.00 AM. Hence all our office bearers and activists are requested to assemble at 10.30 AM itself infront of the Telecom Co- Operative society building to witness the garlanding of Dr. Ambedkar’s statue and greet the new team every success in their efforts to improving the functioning of the society and early implementation of the assurances given to the employees. Our Circle union wish the new team every success.


Com.C.K.Mathivanan is out HQ FROM 01/06/2014 TO 15/06/2014:

Due to compelling personal reasons Com. C.K.Mathivanan is availing 15 days leave and will be out of Chennai. During this period Comrade S.C. Bose the Senior most ACS will officiate as circle secretary and his mobile No: 9444663363 and 9445019511.All our comrades and office bearers are requested to contact only comrade S.C. Bose for circle level issues. The Sr. GM(HR&Admn) was already informed about this officiating arrangement.


Works committee meeting for Chennai telephones district:

The meeting of the works committee was held on 30/05/2014 under the chairmanship of CGM, Chennai telephones. On behalf of NFTE_BSNL comrades Gandhi Chandrasekar, Sundramurthy and Karunanidhi took part in the meeting and raised many important issues in connection with the improvement of quality of service.


Landslide victory_ Historic Achievement:

The alliance led by NFTE-BSNL in both Tamil Nadu and Chennai telephones circle have won all the 21 post of the Directors in the election held for the Tamil Nadu Telecom Employees Co-Operative society on 20/05/2014. The BSNLEU faced a humiliating and crushing defeat without winning even a single post of DIRECTORS. It is to be recalled that from 2009 to Dec-2013 BSNLEU was controlling the management of the society. Their money power and muscle power along with corrupt practices could not save them from this crushing defeat. The Employees out rightly rejected their false propaganda by handing over a big zero to them in this election. The surprise is BSNLEU could not even get its own votes because of the arrogance of both the Circle secretaries and unnecessary intervention of a political party. Comrades S. Veeraraghavan (Tamil Nadu Circle), C.K.Ragunathan (NFTE-BSNL, Chennai telephones) and R.. Thirusangu( FNTO, Chennai telephones) were unanimously elected as for the post of president, Vice president and treasurer respectively for the next five years tenure starting from 20/05/2014 to 19/05/2019. We thank all the leaders and office bearers of alliance unions and employees who have tirelessly for achieving the great success. A grand function is being organized to felicitate the new team of TamilNadu Telecom Co-Operative Society on 30/05/2014 at 04.00 Pm in K.K. Nagar telephone exchange complex.  Click...,


General council meeting:

On 23/05/2014 at 02.00PM the General council meeting will be held at Dinroze RSU complex. All the Branch/Divisional/ District secretaries and circle office bearers along with invitees are requested to attend the meeting without fail.



We pay our respectful homage for the sad demise of a freedom fighter and veteran communist leader R. Umanath on 19/05/2014 at the age of 93. NFTE-BSNL condoles the death of a tireless fighter and a true communist.



After the Defeat of the BSNLEU candidates in the ‘Telecom Co-operative Society’ RGB election both in Chennai telephones and Tamil Nadu circle, we thought their leadership will regret for its false propaganda and accept the victory of the NFTE-BSNL gracefully. But their leaders once again started Horse trading among the RGB members for the Board of Director’s election. We have concrete information that the BSNLEU people approached our RGB members with money and other benefits to effect cross voting in the Board of Directors election. This is undemocratic and against the principles of democracy. Boasting themselves as Marxist and communist how can these comrades indulge in such corrupt practices of steeling the votes of rival union by corrupt methods. We condemn such undemocratic and corrupt activities of BSNLEU and warn them to desist from such activities immediately.


In Narendira modi victory corporate companies are very Happy:

The Indian People have given a strong mandate for NDA and its Prime ministerial candidate Narendira Modi on 16/05/2014 throughout the country except in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Odhisha for the first time. For the first time in 30 years a political party has obtained single majority in the Lok Sabha. This is a good thing after the bitter experience of unprincipled coalition governments at the centre for the last 3 decades. We wish Narendira Modi and his team every success ofcourse without indulging in communal and decisive activities. The RSS which is claiming to be cultural organization is exposed thoroughly that it is backbone of BJP and will function as remote control for the BJP which is not good for democracy and secularism. We hope Narendiramodi fulfill all his promises to the people since a clear mandate and no excuse of coalition compulsion. The congress party which perused anti-people and Neo liberal policy for the last 10 years is punished rightly by the people of India and we request that party too to rethink its policies and priorities for the benefit of poor people. The left parties also have been reduced to just ten from the earlier 62(2004) and 24(2009). The left parties also have to analyze why they are being marginalized and sidelined. In the end the Corporate companies have successfully implemented their agenda of bringing Narendiramodi as the PM of the country. This is also very dangerous for the future of our democracy.


First Citizen fails to vote:

It is very sad indeed that president of our Republic Pranab Mukherji did not cast his vote in the Parliament election held on 12/05/2014 and failed perform his democratic duty. It is said that Shri Pranab Mukherji did not vote to maintain Political neutrality. It is absurd and unwise to justify the failure to vote in a election in the name of Political neutrality. When Election commission and so many organizations are calling the General public to come and exercise their vote the President of India has failed to use even postal ballot is something unbelievable and unpardonable.


May day Celebration at K.K.Nagar telephone Exchange complex on 29/05/2014:

A grand May day celebration is being arranged by K.K. Nagar divisional union on 29/05/2014. All are requested to participate without fail.


Wrong ruling by TDSAT:

We are shocked to note recent wrong ruling by TDSAT( Telecom Dispute Settlement Apelate Tribunal) on the issue of sharing of 3G spectrum by some private telecom companies out of their licence areas.  Read more...



Com. S. Anandan CS of NFTCL in TN will host the union flag at 03.00 PM in Adayar Telephone exchange to mark the May Day celebration. NFTCL circle treasurer V. Babu and other office bearers of NFTCL will participate in the function. Com. C.K.Mathivanan and M. Nagarajan, District secretary, South Chennai NFTE-BSNL will be the special invities for the celebration.


5th Circle conference of kerala circle will be at Thrichur on 24&25/06/2014:

At a meeting on 06/05/2014 a reception committee has been formed to hold the 5th circle conference of Kerala circle union under the leadership of Com. K.P.Rajendiran former Revenue MINISTER OF Kerala. He will be the patron and Com. C.N. Jayadevan CPI candidate for Thiruchur Loksabha seat will be the Chirman. Com. Girija vallaban Nair, the district secretary of NFTE-BSNL will be the convener for the reception committee. Com. C.K.Mathivanan Dy GS, Sr. Leader T.V. Paulose and Circle president C.K. Radha Krishnan and many other comrades attended and guided the meeting. Leaders of AITUC, AIBEA, AIBOA, NFTCL and Kerala state Electicity workers union and many other sister organization leaders very actively participated in the meeting of the reception committee and assured all their help for a grand conference of NFTE-BSNL at Thiruchur. CHQ member Com. P.M. Micheal could not attend the meeting since he was undergoing JTO training at Trivandrum. Circle secretary P.V. Dharmadass could not attend due to his illness. Com. Jaffer(Plakkad) and Com. Sasikumar( Kottayam), Com. Manikandan and S.C. Mohankumar circle vice president among others who participated in the meeting.


Grand May day celebration:

Com. C.K.Mathivanan addressed a May Day meeting at Thirukoilur in Villupuram district jointly organized by AITUC and CITU. Large members of BSNL comrades attended this public meetic from Villupuram/ Cuddalore area. In Chennai telephones a grand meeting was organized on 03/05/2014 at Kellys telephone exchange complex in which more than 250 comrades participated. Com M. Appadurai former MP nad leader of CPI was the chief guest at the meeting. Com. G.Jayaraman, secretary CHQ , FNTO and NFTBE circle secretary along with Com. C.K. Mathivanan also addressed the gathering.


Com. Velayudam retired on 30/04/2014:

The Divisional secretary of Flower Bazaar external, Velayudam has retired after long innings in P&T, DOT and BSNL. The Circle union wish him very happy retired life. A farewell meeting is organized by our union for him at Flower bazaar exchange complec on 09/05/2014 evening. All are requested to attend the same.



Com. C.K.Mathivanan inaugurated the state formation conference Kerala in Perumbavur near Ernakulam. Com. S.P. Mohankumar was unanimously elected as the Secretary of State committee of Kerala NFTCL. The formation conference was presided over by Com. P.K. Radhakrishnan Circle president of the NFTE-BSNL and was addressed by comrades P.V. Dharmadass (CS,NFTE-BSNL),P.M.Michel(CHQ,NFTE-BSNL) T.V.Paulose, S. Anandan( Tamil Nadu, State secretary of NFTCL) and L. Subbarayan (ACS, TN Circle NFTE-BSNL). Contract labours from Pathnamthitta and Trichur expressed their difficulties at the conference. AITUC district secretary cOM.Asraf and CPI leaders of Ernakulam district greeted the conference. Com. C.K.Mathivanan expressed hope that within few months time state unit of NFTCL will be formed in Karnataka, Maharastra and Bengal. The conference demanded equal pay for equal work to contract labour as per the Supreme court judgment and demanded skilled labour status for contract labour in telecom The Conference also resolved to ensure permanent job for contract labours on the principles of permanent job be done by permanent worker. The branch secretary of Perumbavur of NFTE-BSNL proposed vote of thanks. Com. M. Ramakrishnan Dist Secretary Coimbatore NFTE-BSNL along with Com. Kumaresan circle Organizing secretary of NFTCL graced the conference.


Meeting with Sr. GM(HR&Admn) on 25/04/2004:

On 25/04/2014 the circle union had a meeting with Sr. GM.(HR&Admn) and the circle union was represented by Comrades M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, S.C.Bose, T.R.Rajasekaran and K.M. Elangovan took part in the discussion.


NFTE Alliance wins hands down in the Tamil Nadu Telecom Co-Operative society election:

All the results for 195 seats in the RGB were declared by the Election officer. Thus completing the process of the election which was conducted in several stages since March -2014. The NFTE-Allinace emerged victorious with a majority of 115 seats and BSNLEU alliance could secure only 85 seats despite money power, false propaganda against Com.C.K. Mathivanan the BSNLEU leadership miserably failed in its attempt to capture the Telecom Co-Opreative Society for a period of 5 more years. It is to be noted in 2009 Election BSNLEU emerged victorious only after indulging in horse trading and corrupt practices. But now they were flatly rejected by our employees.


Com. A.Kantha retires on 30/04/2014:

Our circle vice president A. Kantha will be retiring on 30/04/2014 after a long eventful service to the company and its employees. The Circle union and Anna Road divisional union are jointly holding a farewell function at Anna Road complex on the evening of 02/05/2014 all our comrades are required to participate in the function and felicitate her. The circle union wishes a very happy retired life to Com. A. Kantha.


May Day Celebrations:

Chennai Telephones circle union will celebrate May day at Kellys Exchange complex on 03/05/2014 at 03.00PM in which Com M.Appadurai the state vice president of AITUC and Com. G.Jayaraman,Secretary(CHQ) will be the chief guest for this year May day celebration of Chennai telephones. All are requested to attend the celebrations without fail to mark our respectful homage for the May day martyrs Spice, Engel, Parsan and Fisher. On 01/05/2014 all branches are requested to hoist the union flag in the morning and spread the message of May day among our employees.


An Appeal: Exercise vote; Perform democratic duty:

On 24/04/2014, the whole of Tamil Nadu state and the union territory of Puducherry will vote to elect 40 members of parliament to the 16th Lok sabha. Needless to point out that people should use this golden opportunity to punish the corrupt UPA Govt led by Congress party and the Communal BJP which helped the congress in every possible way to pass as many bills in the last parliament with the sole intension of helping the rich and powerful.  Read more...


Com C.K.Mathivanan participate in a debate on 16th Parliamentary Election:

Doordarshan News Channel will telecast a one hour program at 04.00 PM on 19/04/2014(Saturday)on the 16th Loksabha Elections in English language in which many political leaders will participate and debate Com. C.K.Mathivanan representing Communist Party Of India(CPI) will participate in this debate and speak about the chances of forming the next Govt at Centre by Non-Congress and Non-BJP political formation. This Nationwide telecast will also be replayed on the same day at 11.00 PM. Our Employees are requested to watch the debate without fail.



View glimses of the meeting,  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6,  Click7,  Click8,  Click9,  Click10,


NFTE MARCHING AHEAD in Telecom Co- Operative society Election:

Having registered success in Chennai Telephones NFTE is marching ahead of BSNLEU in Tamil Nadu circle also. As on date out of 119 results were declared both in Chennai telephones and Tamilnadu circle the alliance led by NFTE has won 71 seats so far. BSNLEU led alliance could secure victory in 46 seats,  Read more...


Big Thanks:

Our Circle union thanks everyone who worked for the victory of NFTE-BSNL in the recently held election for the Telecom Co-Operative society. A meeting has been arranged for thanks giving on 12/04/2014 in Flower Bazaar complex at about 03.00PM. All leader of the Save Telecom Society front will participate and address the meeting. All are requested to attend the meeting without fail.


NFTE-FNTO Alliance wins in Chennai Telephones despite false propaganda by BSNLEU:

Out of 68 seats for the RGB membership in Chennai telephones” The save Telecom Society front” which consisted NFTE_BSNL, FNTO, NFTBE, PEWA, AIBSNLOA and BSNLEAU has won 37 Seats and in a position to win all the 8 director post for Telecom Co-Operative Society from Chennai Telephones despite false propaganda and money distribution the alliance of BSNLEU, TEPU and SEWA-BSNL could secure only 29 Seats.



To protest the opportunistic alliance of TEPU with BSNLEU in the Telecom –Co operative society election the following four comrades of TEPU union left that union and joined NFTE-BSNL in the presence of C.K.Mathivanan at Koyambedu election meeting on 29/03/2014. We welcome comrades Swaminathan, Prasad, Sasidaran and Kumar under the leadership of Com. Maran former Circle secretary of TEPU. Fourteen rebel candidates are contesting the election protesting against the opportunistic alliance with BSNLEU. Several BSNLEU rebel candidates including the district secretary K. Venkatesan(NW) are also contesting as rebel candidate due to the factionalism and favoritism of BSNLEU candidates. Thus the alliance of TEPU and BSNLEU is facing lot of inner contradiction and could not move forward as a united team. Whereas the alliance of Telecom Co-operative society protection front led by NFTE-BSNL is completely united and moving forward with a single mission of save guarding the society from the evil forces of BSNLEU/ TEPU.


As Coimbatore district union of NFTE- BSNL already given mouthful reply to Chellappa’s falsehood through its official website we do not consider to reply separately to the Tamil nadu BSNLEU Circle Secretary.



Beware of Chellappa:

Com. Chellappa who is the Circle secretary of Tamil Nadu BSNLEU and now he is seems to be looking after the Chennai telephones Circle union also. He is addressing number of meetings in Chennai by sidelining Com. Govindarajan, the Chennai telephones Circle secretary only to campaign for the corrupt alliance led by BSNLEU in the Telecom Co-operative society election.


New Organization for Contract Labours in Telecom Sector:

National Federation of Telecom Contract Labour (NFTCL), a new organization has been launched as per the guidance of the Central leadership of AITUC. This organization is unique as it is the only organization which covers all the contract labours in Telecom sector both private and public.  Read more...


Felicitation for newly elected state office bearers of NFTCL:

A grand function was organized at the GM(Office) complex at Cuddalore on 24/02/2014 in which several trade union leaders participated and greeted the new team of Contract labour union. More than 250 comrades including 25 women comrades attended the function. Senior leader Raghu unveiled the portrait of late Com. Parvathi Krishnan and paid homage to her. Comrades M.Appaduari Ex MP and one of the Vice presidents of Tamilnadu AITUC, M.Sekar District secretary AITUC and prominent a leader of Neyveli lignite corporation contarct labour union, Erode Mali, C.K.Mathivanan, G.Jayaraman, L.Subbarayan, Parimalam, Ashok Raj and Anbalagan addressed the gathering. A Journal of the NFTCL was also released. All the state level office bearers of the NFTCL were felicitated. In the meeting more than 15 contract labours who left other unions joined NFTCL in the presence of Com. S. Anandan, the state secretary. The meeting was presided over by Com. P.Sundaramurthy, former District Secretary NFTE-BSNL.



We condole the untimely demise of the beloved daughter of Com. Islam Ahmed our National President at Allahabad toady. Our Circle union convey its sincere condolence to Com. Islam Ahmed and his family members and share their grief.


All India Conference of FNTO AT CHENNAI:

The All India Conference of FNTO is being held from today. Our Circle union greets the Conference every success and extend a warm welcome to all the leaders and delegates from all over the country to the great city of Chennai. The GS and the DyGS are expected to address the open session on the evening of 21/03/2014.


Felicitation to newly elected state office bearers of NFTCL:

There will be felicitation function for the newly elected state office bearers of NFTECL at Cuddalore on 24/03/2014 evening. All are requested to mobilize the contract labours for this function in which Com. Mali of Erode who is the working president of state body will introduce the flag of NFTCL and the flag hoisting will be done by Com. M. Appadurai Ex MP and state vice president of AITUC. Com C.K.Mathivanan Dy GS and Com. G.Jayaraman, Secretary(CHQ) will address.


Hectic campaign for for the RGB Election in K.K.NAGAR EXCHANGE:

View Glimpses,  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,


Hectic campaign for Telecom society election:

The Save Telecom Society front lead by NFTE has already organized ten public meetings in support of our candidates at Mambalam Exchange, Hadows Road Exchnage, Kalmandapam Exchnage, Chenglepet Exchnage, Anna Nagar Exchange, Ambattur Exchange, R.K.Nagar Exchange, DGM(Admn) Office, and K.K.Nagar Exchnage. The Election will be held on 03/04/2014 and the result will be announced on the same day.


General Council meeting on 22/03/2014:

The General Council meeting of our circle union will be held on 22/03/2014 at Dinroze telephone Exchange compound at about 03.00PM. On that day circle union journal ‘Sanghamuzhakkam’ will be distributed. All Branch secretaries, Divisional secretaries, District secretaries, circle office bearers and special invitees are requested to attend the meeting in time.


Our Vote-Our Weapon:

The Election for 16th Lokshaba was already notified and will be completed in the month of May-2014. The UPA Govt is hard pressed after its ten long years tenure at the centre to retain the power for further five years.  Read more...


First Campaign meeting at Mambalam telephone Exge on 12/03/2014:

The ‘Save Telecom Society Front’ has organized its first campaign meeting for the ensuing RGB member Election at Mamblam telephone exchange which was attended by more than 200 comrades. All the six candidates who are contesting the election from South-East Chennai constituency were introduced. The meeting was presided by the Chairman of the front S. Lingamurthy and was addressed by all the leaders of the front. Com . C.K.Mathivanan, who is the Convener of the front, in a long speech explained the achievements of the NFTE, FNTO with regard to Telecom Society and exposed the utterly false propaganda by BSNLEU. Comrades P.Udhayasurian(AIBSNLOA), K.Arumugam(PEWA) and D.S.Ramprabhu(NFTBE) and Com A.Ameed(BSNLEAU) also explained the need for the success of all the 68 candidates of the front to safeguard the Telecom Co-Operative society from BSNLEU and its political mentor.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6...,


Betrayal of BSNLEU and our Efforts to Remove the Betrayal:

Several years ago 14 TTA’s who were recruited in Chennai telephones were given postings after the training in Chenagalpattu area which is a separate SSA under CGM, Chennai telephones.  Read more...


RGB ELECTION-notice in tamil:

Notice in tamil for the RGB Election by the 'Save Telecom society front',  Click...


Meeting with CGM:

On 06/03/2014 a formal meeting with CGM will be held on 06/03/2014 to discuss important issues particularly victimization of comrades.


First Circle Council Meeting:

The first meeting of the circle council was held on 03/03/2014 for full day for the first time under the chairmanship of CGM, Chennai telephones. Management was represented by 2 PGMs, 2 Sr GMs, 3 GMs, 1 Addl GM besides AGM(Admn) and SDE(SR). NFTE_BSNL was represented by Comrades C.K.Mathivanan leader staff side, M.K.Ramaswamy, T.R. Rajasekaran and C.Ravi.  Read more...


Powerful demonstration opposite Anna Road head post office:

The circle unions of NFTE, FNTO. AIBSNLOA, PEWA, NFTBE and ANNA Union have jointly organized a protest demonstration on 01/03/2014 in which more than 100 comrades participated enthusiastically. Sr. Com. V.K.Gopalan shouted slogans against the proposed merger of BSNL and MTNL. Com S. Lingamurthy of FNTO presided over the protest meeting in which comrades T.Udhayasurian(AIBSNLOA), K.Arumugam(PEWA), A.Ameed(ANNA) and C.K.Mathivanan(NFTE) addressed the gathering.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4,  Click5,  Click6...,


One Company;one pension;one provident fund;Equal Pay & Allowance:

While we oppose the unilateral merger of BSNL and MTNL without consulting the unions and addressing the staff related issues we feel there is no need for two telecom companies that too in Public sector in our country. Hence we share some our ideas on the question of merger which may be discussed with Govt of India whenever discussion on the subject is held.  Read more...


Lunch hour demonstration on 01/03/2014 at Anna Road Head post office:

As per the SMS received from GS at 09.00 PM on 27/02/2014 the FORUM has taken a decision to hold lunch hour demonstration throughout the Country to oppose the merger of BSNL and MTNL without sorting out the issue pertaining to the service condition of Employees. Since the Circle union could not organize the demo with in short period it was decided to hold the demonstration on 01/03/2014 for the same purpose. Since NFTE-BSNL is not part of the FORUM in Chennai Telephones due to the undemocratic attitude of BSNLEU. We organize the demonstration of the FORUM separately along with FNTO, NFTBE, PEWA, ANNA Union and AIBSNLOA.


NFTE-BSNL wishes a very happy retired life:

On 28/02/2014 number of Officers and Employees are retiring from service. The circle union extends a very warm greetings to all of them for a happy retired life. Com. C.K. Mathivanan personally greeted Sri Raman AGM(ADMN) at his chamber in the morning along with comrades C. Ravi, K.M. Elangovan, Chandrasekar, Venkatesh, Venkatesan and many more comrades on his retirement.  Click.., In the evening he will greet Com. Daniel , TM, Asthinapuram in a farewell meeting organized at his office.


Victory atlast:

Circle Secretary’s two days fast during December-2013 for better medical facility and empanelment of reputed hospitals atlast met with success. When our CHQ leaders met the Director(HRD) on 24/02/2014 they emphasized the demand of our circle union. The Director(HRD) has agreed and assured us to issue necessary instructions to CGM, Chennai Telephones to maintain parity in medical facilities for BSNL staff working in Chennai with the other circles. Henceforth all the Hospitals recognized by CGM, Tamil Nadu circle for Chennai will be available for Chennai Telephones staff also. Thus the discrimination will soon end. We thank the CHQ for its help.


CHQ Leaders met Director HRD:

On 24/02/2014 the President and GS met Director (HRD) and discussed the issue of victimization in Chennai telephones in detail. The Director(HRD) has agreed to intervene and set right the attitude of the management in Chennai telephones which is blatantly misusing its authority to victimize the members of NFTE-BSNL even for genuine trade union activities. Our leaders pointed out the specific case of victimization which includes the following. 1. Case of Smt A. Kantha Sr.OA(G) circle vice president who was awarded Dies-Non, FR17A for two days when she was on sanctioned leave. Due to FR17A the pension papers of Smt A.Kantha are not processed although she is due for retirement in April-2014. 2. Case of Shri V.Ramakrishnan, JAO and Kancheepuram District union President, who was awarded the Dies-Non and FR17A for two days despite the fact he was on sanctioned leave on those dates. His Phase-II training for JAO was also abruptly cancelled although there is no provision for such thing during the FR-17A punishment. We hope the corporate office surely intervene to protect the industrial peace and good relationship with our union.


Indian People are poor; But political parties are rich:

As per the information provided by the Govt Of India 70% of Indian people are living in poor condition with a meagre income of Rs 20/- even after 65 years of independence. But political parties have a net income of Rs 4899/- crores in India. Party wise income. 1.Indian National Congress -Rs 2365/- crores 2.Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) -Rs 1304/- crores 3. CPI(M) -Rs 521/- crores 4.Bahujan Samaj party(BSP) -Rs 498/- crores 5.Nationalist Congress Party(NCP) -Rs 207/- crores The poor Communist party of India(CPI) is having the income of Rs 10 Crores only.


At Chennai the first conference of the National Federation of Telecom Contract Labours(NFTECL) of Tamil Nadu state committee was held at Com. A.M. Gopu hall in the state HQ of AITUC. More than 250 delegates from all over Tamil Nadu and Chennai gathered at the conference in which nearly 50 Women contract labours were also participated.  Read more...


Massive gathering at Flower Bazaar to mark Campaign inauguration on 21/02/2014:

The 'Save Telecom Society Front' has organized a grand meeting at Flower Bazaar Telecom complex to introduce 74 candidates who are going to contest the RGB election from Chennai telephones. More than 500 comrades gathered and heard the speeches of the very attentively. The president of the telecom Co-Operative society S. Veeraraghavan presided over the meeting. In his hour long speech he explained the achievements and welfare activities of the society during the last five years. Com. T.V. BeemRao, Vice president of the Telecom society made a welcome speech. Comrades S. Lingamurthy(FNTO), P.Udhayasurian(AIBSNLOA), A.Ameed( Anna Union) D.S. Ramprabhu(NFTEBE) and C.K.Mathivanan spoke at the meeting and appealed to the employees to reelect Com. S. Veeraraghavan as the President of the Telecom Co-Operative society to continue his unbiased and Employees welfare measures for the next 5 years also. They rejected the false propaganda unleashed by the opposition front. Com. C. Elumalai, Director of the Telecom society proposed the vote of thanks.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3,  Click4..,


Com Parvathi Krishnan is no more:

We got the sad news about the death of veteran Communist leader Parvathi Krishnan at Coimbatore today morning at 06.40.AM. She was three times Member of Parliament elected from Coimbatore constituency which has predominantly working class population. She was National Vice President of AITUC for several decades and married to late Krishnan who was also veteran Communist leader from Kerala. Although she was 95 years old she was keen to know the trade union activities and political activities of our Country. We pay our respectful homage to the departed leader on behalf of NFTE-BSNL.


The first Circle Council Meeting will be held on 03/03/2014:

As per the information received from SDE(SR) it is learnt that the first meeting of the reconstituted Circle Council of Chennai Telephones will meet under the chairmanship of CGM on 03/03/2014 at about 10.00 AM. All Circle Council members are requested to note this and attend the meeting without fail. Our Circle Union consistent efforts to convene the Council meeting was agreed by the management and we are thankful for this.


General Council Meeting of the Circle union:

On 18/02/2014 the General Council meeting was held under the Presidentship of Com. M.K.Ramaswamy. More than 200 comrades participated in this meeting. At the outset Com M.Appadurai Ex MP and state vice president of AITUC spoke about Com. Singaravelar on his 155th Birth Anniversary. Com. C.K.Mathivanan explained the agenda point and invited all comrades for the meeting of the union at Flower Bazaar on 21/02/2014 to introduce the 74 candidates of ‘Save Telecom Society Front’ for the upcoming RGB election. The Journal of the union Sangamuzhakkam was also distributed.  Click1,  Click2,  Click3...,


Remembering the great patriot and Communist:

On 18/02/2014 the working people our country fondly remember Com. Singaravelar on his 155th Birth Anniversary. State Ministers, Political leaders including CPI leaders R. Nallakkannu and CPM leader Ramakrishnan garlanded the statue of Com. Singaravelar at Chennai Collectorate on his 155th Birthday. Com C.K.Mathivanan on behalf of NFTE_BSNL paid floral tributes to the veteran trade union leader who celebrated the Mayday in India for the first time in 1923.


Circle union greets newly wedded couple:

On 17/02/2014 the marriage reception of son of S. Kothandapani, Circle vice president TOOK PLACE IN Chennai in which large numbers of our staffs and union activists including Com. C.K.Mathivanan, Circle Secretary participated and greeted the newly wedded couple.  Click...


Resigned only to regain?:

We felt very sad on the resignation of Delhi ChiefMinister ArwindKejriwal on 14/02/2014 as his dream of bringing a Janlokpal bill to fight corruption in the Govt was stopped by the unity of Congress and BJP. We applaud Mr. Kejriwal for sacrificing his Chief Minister post for noble cause amidst people sacrificing everything for the sake of power and position. Undoubtedly Mr.Kejiriwal and his party in future to play a crucial role in Indian politics. We wish him every success in his fight for rooting out corruption both in politics and public life.


Selection process over:

The 3 day interview for RGB aspirants from NFTE_BSNL was over on 14/02/2014. Now the selection committee will meet at 11.00 AM on 21/02/2014 in the union office to select 41 candidates of NFTE_BSNL who will be contesting the election for RGB membership. Com K.Arumugam of PEWA union and COm A.Ameed of Anna union met Com C.K.Mathivanan on 14/02/2014 and discussed about the alliance for telecom society election.


Well done Mr.Kejriwal:

We congratulate the young Chief Minister of Delhi for his boldness to order filing of FIR on Mukesh Ambani, Veerappamoily and others for looting the Country and gaining lakhs of cores of rupees through increased prices for Natural gas. We all know that Com. Gurudass das Gupta, MP and GS of AITUC vehemently exposed...  Read more...


Meeting with Sr.GM(North):

On 13/02/2014 on behalf of our circle union comrades M.K. Ramaswamy C.K.Mathivanan, T.R.Rajasekaran, K.M.Elangovan, C.K.Ragunatahan and K.Anbu met the new GM for the North area Mr. Ramesh as a courtesy and discussed few issues pertaining to the North area.


Introduction of candidates for the RGB members Election:

The Save telecom society front will introduce all the 68 candidates who will contest in the 10 constituency throughout Chennai telephones for the election to representative General Body members of the Tamil Nadu Telecom Society for which the election will be held on 04th Week of March-2014 at a grand function on 21/02/2014(Friday-01.00PM) in Flower Bazaar telephone exchange complex. All the leaders of the our alliance will kick start the election campaign at this meeting itself. All are requested to attend the meeting in time.


Divisional Conference on 12/02/2014:

The Chrompet Division conference under Kancheepuram District union was held at Chrompet telephone exchange under the presidentship of Com. Kamalakkannan, Divisional president. Comrades M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, V. Ramakrishhnan, S.Ekambaram, V.Ravi and C.K.Ragunathan participated and addressed the conference. The conference unanimously elected the office bearers. The circle union congratulated Com. T.Sathya who is reelected as Divisional secretary and all his team members.


Citation to Com. C.K.Mathivanan:

A citation was presented to Com C.K. Mathivanan during the organizational tour and convention held at Aurangabad SSA, Maharastra circle.  Click 1,  Click 2,


Land of Shivaji offer good news for NFTE-BSNL:

Com C.K.Mathivanan DYGS was on organizational tour for two days in Maharastra Circle and could meet several comrades in two separate functions held at Aurangabad(09/02/2014) and Pune(10/02/2014). The encouraging news gathered was on an average 1000 members are joining every six month in to NFTE_BSNL in Maharastra circle.  Read more...


New mobile Number of Com. C.K.MATHIVANAN:

Due to some technical problem his old mobile Number is not working for the last few days and the fault may be rectified in a week’s time. Hence all are requested to contact him on his New mobile number :9445335577.


Retirement age to be increased to 65?:

A parliamentary committee is recommended recently to the Govt to increase the age of retirement to 65 from the existing 60 in view of all round improvement in the health of the people and the ever increasing life span of Indians. Now the Government has to decide on this recommendation keeping in mind the unemployment situation among the youth in our country and utilizing the experience of the Govt employees for a additional period of five years. As a trade union we strongly oppose this proposal for enhancement of retirement age. Further we demand lifting of ban on recruitment for Group C&D category staffs in Govt sector that is continuing for the last 30 years despite the rigid changes at Centre. We also demand regularization of all Casual/ Contract labours employed in Govt sectors be regularized.


Huge outstanding amount:

Nearly Rs 3212 Crores is outstanding for BSNL from its customer as of 31/12/2013 as per the information given to parliament. Out of this Rs 1110 Crores from Mobile service and Rs 2101 Crores from land line services. In Chennai telephones the amount is Rs 33 Crores. We want the management to take note of this huge amount of dues and initiate immediate action to collect these dues so that the financial position of BSNL improves.


MTNL and BSNL Merger?:

We expect the merger of BSNL and MTNL sooner or later since only one PSU should be handling Telecom services in the country. It is our considered opinion that the merger should be effected without causing any loss to the employees of both companies while making all out efforts to remove all discrimination between them. As it was decided already to grant Govt pension to MTNL employees also as in the case of BSNL employees the major discrimination is over. However unions should be vigilant about impending disinvestment/Privatization efforts of the govt. The merger of both the companies will certainly reduce expenditure and improve the quality of service.


STR Union office opened on 06/12/2014:

At Guindy CGM office of STR the union office allotted to NFTE-BSNL was formally inaugurated on 06/12/2014 in connection with the function a meeting was organized by district union in which Senior leaders R.K, and Comrades S.C.Bose, District secretaries S.Ekambaram and K.Anbu and other STR/STP comrades took part. The circle union extend its greetings for the members of STR/STP District union on this occasion.


Union office opening in Pune:

Pune District has arranged the opening of its union office on 10/02/2014. Comrade C.K.Mathivanan, DYGS will inaugurate the new union office.


Growing numbers of Contract labourers:

A recent study revealed that in all sectors the number of workers employed on contract basis over the years is steadily growing. The management resort to large number of contract labours only to increase profit and deny equal wage and facilities as of regular employees to this poor and exploited contract labours. In telecom nearly 60% of the work force is contract labours. It is high time NFTE_BSNL take initiative to organize the contract labours Nationwide since it was only NFTE which regularized 1.3 Lakh casual labours in September-2000 prior to corporatization despite ban on recruitment. Our Chennai circle union in a modest way decided to organize the contract labours in Telecom and given the responsibility to Comrade V.Babu of K.K.Nagar who is also the Assistant District Secretary of South Chennai District union.


Kellys meeting on 04/02/2014:

More than 150comrades took part in the meeting to welcome the New members who have joined NFTE-BSNL very recently. Comrade G. Palaniappan, Circle Organizing secretary presided over the meeting. Comrades M.K.Ramaswamy, C.K.Mathivanan, S.C.Bose, Rajendiarn and Somasankar spoke at the meeting. They expressed happiness on joining of new members into NFTE-BSNL. Com. C.K.Mathivanan urged the members to elect RGB members who were sponsored by NFTE’s alliance so that the Co-Operative society of 22000 members is managed by the neutral and sincere comrades as was during the last five years. He also appealed to ensure the continuance of good services of the present president S. Veeraraghavan who has promised flats for all the members applied for the same and reduce interest rates for various loans disbursed by Telecom Co-Operative society.


Meeting with AddlGM(HR&ADMN):

The circle union representatives met the AddlGM(HR&ADMN) today and discussed at length various staff grievance and pending issues. Comrades C.K.Mathivanan,M.K.Ramaswamy,S.C.Bose,K.M. Elangovan,C.Ravi and T.Jayajothi represented the circle union


BSNL eyes land bank for funds:

Facing a severe financial crunch, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) has approached the Centre seeking its nod to utilise its huge land bank to fund its expansion plans and for facing cut-throat competition from private players. As part of the pilot project, the telecom PSU has asked the government to allow development of land for commercial and residential use in Mumbai and Noida which is likely to fetch over Rs.3,500 crore.  Read More...


GoM asks govt to loan BSNL & MTNL to pay up salaries:

An inter-ministerial group has asked the government to give loans to state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) to help both loss-making telcos pay a portion of their salary bills.  Read More...


Meeting at Kellys ExCHANGE to Welcome New Members:

On 04/02/2014 at 04.00 PM there will be a meeting of the union to welcome Twenty eight new members who have recently joined NFTE-BSNL. Circle union office bearers and District office bearers along with Kellys Divisional comrades will participate in this meeting.


General Council Meeting postponed:

Due to unavoidable circumstances the place and the data of next general council meeting is changed. Now on 18/02/2014 at 03.00 PM the General council meeting will be held at Dinroze Exchange complex. Kindly note this change.


Function at Thiruninravur Exchange:

On 29/01/2014 in connection with the retirement function of our senior leader S. Jothi, T.M. from service Com. C.K.Mathivanan and other circle office bearers along with district and divisional union leaders greeted Com. Jothi a very very happy retired life. Prior to this the new notice board of the branch union was opened by Com. C.K.Ragunathan, District Secretary, Thiruvallur and union flag was hoisted by Com. K.Nagan, Circle Vice-President. Many officers including DGM/AGM etc also took part in the farewell function and greeted Com Jothi.


Declaration of results for Direct Recruitment of TTA’s-2014 Vacancies:

On 29/01/2014 a list of 44 candidates were declared as passed in the examination held on 14/07/2013.Out of 123 vacancies for which 4677 Engineering Graduates written the examination. Results:OC:21, OBC:11, SC:12 & ST:0


Meeting With GM(West):

On 30/01/2014 our union leaders met the GM(West) and discussed the issues pertaining to west zone. Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, Dhansingh, M. Nagarajan,V.Babu, T.Karunanidhi and Anbukumar participated in the discussion.


President Should not play partisan politics:

Recently there is a discussion throughout the media and country about the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s two days’s dharna before Rail bhavan to demand action on few police men for their failure to act on the rapists. Non other than the president of Indian Republic...  Read more...


Massive gathering at Flower Bazaar Complex:

On 27/01/2014 in response to the call given by the circle union nearly 300 comrades gathered during lunch hour to felicitate all the 70 leaders who were victimized by the management through Dies-non and FR17A punishment. Com M.K.Ramaswamy presided over the meeting. Comrades C.K.Mathivanan, S.Lingamurthy(CS FNTO) and P.Udhayasurian(CS AIBSNLOA) felicitated the victimized comrades and told the gatherings that their victimization will only strengthen the determination of members to fight against the management for justice. Com C.Ravi Circle treasurer delivered the vote of thanks.  View glimpses...


Aurangabad District Conference:

On 09/02/2014 the district conference and a convention will be held at Aurangabad(Maharastra Circle) in which Com. C.K.Mathivanan, Dy.GS will participate and deliver key note address.


Greetings on Republic day:

We greet all fellow Indians on the 64th Anniversary of Indian Republic on 26/01/2014. Let the aims and objects of the Indian constitution be fulfilled atleast in the coming years.



NFTE-BSNL Circle union has decided to boycott the Republic day celebration at CGM office on 26/01/2014 in view of the continued victimization on the members of NFTE_BSNL at the behest of CGM and GM(HR&ADMN).


Works Committee meeting of Chennai Area:

On 25/01/2014 the works committee meeting of Chennai area was held. Our members GandhiChandrasekaran, Sundramurthy and Karunanidhi took up many issues to improve the quality of services. NFTE-BSNL demanded bringing Broadband, Transmission and GSM under the Control of respective area GMs so that delay is cutdown and more coordination is ensured.


General Council meeting on 15/02/2014:

The General Council of the Circle union will meet on 15/02/2014 in A.K. Nayak Bhavan at 02.00PM sharply. Sangamuzhakkam journal will also be released at the meeting. All the RGB candidates of our union will be introduced at this meeting. All General council members are requested to attend the meeting.


Selection of RGB Candidates:

As the Election for RGB members of telecom Co-Operative society is scheduled to be held very shortly the candidate of NFTE-BSNL will be selected and announced on 30/01/2014 at the first meeting of the selection committee. Hence all District secretaries are requested to handover the application form collected from the willing comrades on or before 27/01/2014.


Bonus formula review Committee meeting::

The second meeting of the Bonus formula Committee will be held today. As already reported due to the persistent efforts of NFTE-BSNL a committee has been appointed by the management to review the faulty Bonus formula agreed by BSNLEU when it was the sole recognized union. Due to this faulty formula only our employees were denied Bonus for the last 4 years continuously. Now after getting recognition NFTE-BSNL forced the management to review the Bonus formula and accordingly a committee was formed including a representative from NFTE-BSNL. Already the first meeting of this committee was over.


NFTE-BSNL support the struggle of ED Employees:

On 22/01/2014 throughout the country ED Employees of POSTAL department has organized a hunger fast on their demands. Regularization and grant of Govt servanat status for 2.7 lakhs Extra departmental employees are the main two demands. At Chennai near Chief PMG office in Anna salai more than 400 ED Employees were observing a day’s hunger fast. Throughout Tamil Nadu ED employees have gathered at the hunger fast site. Com. C.K.Mathivanan addressed the protestors on behalf of NFTE-BSNL and expressed complete solidarity for the demands of the ED employees. Com. T.R.Rajasekaran ACS accompanied the circle secretary.


Urgent Secretariat meeting on 23/01/2014:

At 03.OO PM an urgent Secretariat meeting at the union office will be held. All members of the Secretariat of our circle union are requested to attend the meeting in time without fail.


New posters released from Circle union:

Two new posters are released from circle union today;  Click 1,  Click 2,


Meeting with GM(South)::

The Circle union will meet the GM(South) on 21/01/2014 along with Kancheepuram District union office bearers. The issue of surplus staff transfer in the cadre of Sr.TOA(P) / Sr. TOA(G) will be taken up in the meeting.


Trade union class at South Chennai District:

On 20th January-2014 a trade union class was conducted by the Chennai(South) district union at Dinroze Exchange complex. Com.K. Sabapathy, District president has presided over the class. A condolence resolution on the sudden demise of CHQ tresurer P.L. Dua was passed and a minute silence was observed in the memory of Com. Dua. Com C.K.Mathivanan Circle secretary took a class on the topic of trade union struggles since 1954. He also explained the present status of various issues. Several circle union office bearers participated in the discussion on the topic of the class. In all 109 comrades participated in the trade union Class. Com. Nagarajan, District secretary welcomed the participants of the class and outlined the activities of the district union. A decision to conduct branch/ divisional conferences by March-20014 so that all conferences are completed before the next all India conference at Jabalpur(MP) in April-2014.



To day the management has imposed Dies-non/FR17A on 45 more comrades in second instalment for the hunger strike on 30th & 31st December-2013 making the total numbers as 70. We hope there will be a third list also!. Let the management understand that NFTE_BSNL cannot be bullied by these type of madness. We shall defeat these victimization soon.



We deeply mourn the sudden demise of Com. P.L. Dua our All India treasurer. NFTE, Chennai telephones pay its respectful homage to the departed leader. Com P.L. Dua was in association with NFPTE and NFTE long time and worked selflessly throughout his career for the cause of the working class.


Over speed by Mr. Veerappa Moily:

After the exit of Smt Jayanthi Natarajan from the Ministry of Environment & Forest Shri Veerappa Moily took additional charge of the said Ministry on 22nd_December-2013. Within 20 days he has cleared 65 files for project worth Rs 1 lakh crore.  Readmore...


160 New Members joined NFTE-BSNL:

Chennai telephone circle union whole heartedly welcomes 160 new members who have joined NFTE-BSNL on 15/01/2014. Out of these 160 more than 125 left BSNLEU and joined us. The circle union thank all those who worked for this new membership.


Mr Anand Sharma please look at your face in the mirror:

Hon’ble Union Minister for Industry and Commerce has commented the decision of the Delhi state govt led by AAP to disallow FDI in multibrand retail trade as irresponsible. However it is a very good decision by the AAP govt to avoid jobloss and unemployment. Hence we welcome this responsible decision of of AAP govt which withdrew the earlier decision of the Congrees govt led by Smt. Sheela Dixit to allow FDI in multibrand retail trading. We all know the AAP govt in Delhi is supported by Congress party. Despite this the AAP govt has reversed the decision of the Congress govt without fearing for loss of power or fall of their govt. Mr Anand Sharma, the Union Minister for Commerce and Industry also questioned the decision of the AAP govt since it is a minority ovt with outside support. We wish to remind Mr Anand Sharma if that is the case that a minority govt cannot take a policy decision then how UPA-II govt which is a minority govt from the beginning and living on the borrowed outside support of SP,BSP and other parties could implement many important policy decisions of the Congrees which are all antipeople and anti worker but procorporate and multinational corporation. This is a fine example of ‘The Pot calling the Kettle Black’.


Com. C.K.Mathivanan In Kerala:

On 13/01/2014 comrade C.K.Mathivanan participated in the Kerala Circle Executive meeting and opening function of Ernakulam District union office. In the forenoon the District union office was declare opened by Shri. Mathew, PGM Ernakulam District. Com C.K.Mathivanan delivered the key note address in this function. Many DGM's and sister union representatives greeted NFTE_BSNL for opening a new union office in Ernakulam District. Comrades P.K.Radhakrishnan, Circle President, P.V.Dharmadas, Circle secretary and Michael National Executive Committee member and others also spoke at the occasion. In the afternoon Circle Executive Committee meeting was held at the new union office. The Circle Executives decided to hold the 6th Circle conference. The Vennue and the date will be decided at the next CEC meeting to be held at Malapuram in the 2nd week of February-2014. Two new branches one at Thodupuzha with 40 members in Ernakulam SSA and the second at Manarghat with 25 members have come with very recently in Kerala circle. All these new members had left BSNLEU to join NFTE-BSNL.


Don't mandate only BSNL/MTNL connections for govt staff: COAI:

GSM industry body COAI has written to Department of Telecom (DoT) not to implement a proposal of "mandating only" BSNL and MTNL connections for government staff and enterprises as it would be "anti-competitive". "We once again reiterate that any such move would be arbitrary, incorrect and unjustified and would be anti- competitive and against all principles of level playing field," COAI Director General Rajan Mathews said in a letter to DoT Secretary M F Farooqui.  Read More


Trade union Classes:

1. Thiruvallur District. A trade union class was organized at Thiruvallur on 08/01/20014 by the District union in which more than 140 comrades took part. Com. N.Dhanapal, District president presided over the class. Com. M.K.Ramaswamy, Circle president inaugurated the same. Com. C.K.Mathivanan took a class on ‘Trade union functioning’. Com. C.K.Ragunathan, Dist secretary explained the present position of the union regard to various issues. Many circle office bearers and district office bearers also spoke at the class. 2.North Chennai District. The trade union class for the district was organized on 10/01/2014 at Dinroze exchange complex. Com. K.Anbu District Secretary presided over the class. Com. M.K.Ramaswamy, Circle president inaugurated the same.More than 90 comrades took part in the class. Com. C.K.Mathivanan spoke on the anti worker attitude of the Administration. Several circle office bearer also took part in it.


BSNL, MTNL to get Rs 11,258 crore on spectrum surrender:

The Cabinet on Thursday approved a Rs 11,258-crore bonanza to two beleaguered state-run telecommunication companies and approved regulations for television rating agencies. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd can surrender their broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum and get refunds of Rs 11,258 crore, the Cabinet said  Read More


PIL wants protection for whistleblower:

The petitioners described BNSL employee C K Mathivanan as a whistleblower and said he had led employees' agitation against misuse of the 323-line telephone exchange which was allegedly established during the tenure of Dayanidhi Maran as union telecom minister. Though the Centre has drafted the Whistle Blowers Protection Bill, it was yet to be implemented successfully, they said, adding that Mathivanan suffered harassment as his retirement benefits were delayed inordinately.  Read More


Felicitation for brave hearts:

The circle union will honour all those brave hearts who were served with dies_non and FR-17A punishment for participation in the peaceful hunger strike at CGM’s office on 30th & 31st December 2013. A function will be organized on 27th January 2014 at Flower Bazaar complex during Lunch hour to honor all those brave hearts.



Chennai Telephones Circle Secretary began fast at 9 AM on 30th December 2013 for demanding settlement of SIX important demands. After two Rounds of discussion with Chief General Manager, Senior GM (HR & Admn) an agreement was reached with CGM and a letter signed by the CGM was handedover to the Circle Secretary on the settlement of demands. At about 10 PM on 31st December 2013 Com C.K.Mathivanan after consulting the circle office bearers announced the end of his fast and thereafter Com.R.K,former Secretary NFTE gave the fruit juice to Com CKM and thus twodays his fast for 37 hours came to an end with an agreement.
Leaders of various Unions/Associations extended their support to the agitation particularly Comrades RK, Pattabiraman (TN CS NFTE), P Udayasooriyan (CS AIBSNLOA), S.Lingamurthi (CS FNTO), J Vijayakumar (CS TEPU) and R.Gunasekaran (CS BSNLDEU). Nearly 400 comrades came to the agitation spot and sat all through the two days and supported the agitation. Senior Comrades V.K.Gopalan, K Sabapathy, P Ganapathy and M Munusamy also addressed the meeting which was presided over by Com.M.K.Ramasamy Circle President.
The Main issue of empanelling the reputed hospitals such as BILLROTH, MIOT, M V DIABATICS etc was agreed upon by the Management and within three months the process of empanelment will be completed. The average age of the BSNL employees being 50 years now, there is an urgent need for a very effective medical scheme and reputed hospitals as empanelled hospitals for BSNLMRS. In Tamil Nadu Circle & STR, STP Telecom Circles number of reputed hospitals in Chennai are in the empanelled list. However, these hospitals are not finding a place in the empanelled list of hospitals for Chennai Telephones. This discrimination has to be removed immediately and NFTE Circle union has taken this issue with all sincerity. The Management although recognised more than 70 hospitals in Chennai majority of these hospitals are under payment fecility. The Circle union demanded the inclusion of reputed hospitals in the empanelled list so that our employees not require to pay for their medical treatment in these reputed hospitas and claim reimbursement later.
WE hope the management will implement this agreement within THREE MONTHS so that our employees are not facing acute financial difficulties and financial loss for taking Medical treatment under BSNLMRS.
-NFTE BSNL CHENNAI TELEPHONES  Agreement copy Page 1  Agreement copy Page 2